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Lincoln – Movie Extras

Steven Spielberg along with Kathleen Kennedy will be casting movie extras for a new film called “Lincoln”. This movie will be set in 1865. It will star Daniel Day-Lewis, Tommy Lee Jones, Sally Field, James Spader, and more. The film will be scheduled to released in late 2012. Shooting will begin this October in Richmond, VA.

Males: Caucasian and African-Americans – Play soldiers, slaves, and citizens in 1865; Caucasian Men Who Play an Orchestral Instrument; African-American Men Who Can Ride a Horse: age 40 or younger; Females: African-American and Caucasian, dress size 6-12, with long hair (longer than shoulder-length), to play slaves and other women in 1865.

Note: All extras must be 18+ only at this call; No children!

Auditions will be held on Thursday Sept. 15, 2011 9 am.-6 pm. @ The Greater Richmond Convention Center, 403 N. 3rd St., Richmond, VA.

Note: The film has also been referred to as “Office Seekers” in other casting calls. Pay is provided for all roles.

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  1. I was an extra in Lincoln in 2011, I was an extra in amc's Turn, Little Micky, and most recently other than turn I was an extra in Mcbeth. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity. Thank you and God bless

  2. I have done a little acting before. I was in a play called mama's house but I got ill and had to stop. I also was an extra for a political show shot in richmond va. at a restaurant called the croaker spot. I only had to walk in and sit at the bar, I was an extra. I was working then also but I got cast as an extra. I have wante to do this all my life and I had no contacts nor did I know what to do.Right now I'm just browsing online.I live here in Petersburg, va.

  3. My name is Maya Morris. I'm 16 years old and I've wanted to become an actress for about 11 years now and although I haven't got much experience in this field I promise I would not let you down. I am hard working. I'm able to play any role thrown my way. Serious, humorous, and even roles specified to catch the attention of children. I'm very talented. My face can also vary in roles because I can play an extremely young girl and an extra mature teenager.  I've been told on numerous occasions that people believe my dreams will come true because  I'm hard working, dedicated, funny, and dramatic. I was created to act and I WILL be and actor. 
    African American
    106 lbs.
    Dark Brown Hair
    Black eyes

  4. Hi, im Matthew Cunningham Id love to have just an extra spot in the show. Being an extra is good enough for me I dont even want to get paid for it. being in the show is reward enough. For in order to get movie experience you gotta do some things for free.

    age: 18
    height: 6’4ft
    weight: 168
    eyes: dark brown
    race; black
    body type: skinny

  5. Name: Jesse Sanchez
    Height: 5'9
    Weight- 172 lbs. ( Very Athletic Build )
    DOB: 03/18/1996
    Current City- Minneapolis, MN 
    Hair: Black – straight when short/ curly when long
    Ethnicity- Puerto Rican/ Mexican/ African American/ and Italian descent
    Singing: I am a tenor 
    Dance: I did ballroom dancing for a time so I know  how to waltz and other classic dancing as well as jitterbug, Ect. and my mother taught me some dancing as well like how to salsa, merengue, and I taught myself basic street dancing as well
    Languages- I speak English and I am fluent in Spanish and some in French and as well as Italian.

    Bio- I have done singing and dancing and as well as acting my whole life I live, breathe, and sleep theatre. I love doing it there's no question to it so when it comes down to this I'm the one you need. And auditioning for this is a great opportunity to come off the stage and onto the small screen of homes and being a role model for children across the world and being able to send a message to people saying believe and it will happen just like this and if you do happen to pick me you can contact me

  6. Hola me llamo inti, vivo en Argentina,tengo 16, soy una chica que me interesa mucho la actuacion porque se que es lo mio, por eso me gustaria formar parte de esta pelicula.. espero su respuesta lo mas antes posible.. saludos 🙂

  7. Hi,my name is miranda arriola and i am fiffteen years old i have dark brown hair and dark brown eyes i live in san antonio texas and i am 5"0. I have done a few auditions but all have required a certain amount of money or to move somewhere and for a family of six it can be really hard to just pick up and move unless it was a steady thing but i would love to be an extra i hope i hear from you email,comment or call me thanks!(:

  8. hi my name is jacqueline some people call me linh im 11 im 5"1" and a half and i dont look 11 more of 14-16 i love to sing dance and act i have lots of experience in dancing and sing a little in acting but im willing to learn ive been in a dance group since 7 years old im not acting just 4 me but i wanna make a difference sayin anybody can act no matter who they are even if ur a kid from a small town wen u be famous who can go back nd be all like to the people who used to make fun of u and say u will never be an actor and say ur wrong cuz look where i am now so plz plz let me atleast have a chance to audition and show u wat i can do plz i just wanna chance

  9. My name is Erika Rodrigues, I'm looking for EXTRAS casting and I'm sure that Lincoln will be casting extras. I'm very interested in this and would love to be an extra for this movie!
    HEIGHT: 5'6
    WEIGHT: 150
    EYES : Hazel
    HAIR: Brown
    AGE: 16

  10. Hi my name is Aaron Astley,
    I am 19 years old, with brown hair and blue eyes. I have always loved entraining people, because I believe that there is no price you can put on making people happy.

    I have prior acting experience as an extra in the movie "The Cider House Rules" (1999) with Michael Caine and Tobey Maguire.
    I am also a Civil War Reenactor, with the 10th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Militia out of Florence, with a huge passion for history that i would love to bring to the set.

    If you would like to consider me, or have further questions please do not hesitate to ask. Thanks.

  11. hola mi nombre es yair trejo marcelo , para mi trabajar con ustedes es mi mas grande sueño mostrar al mundo entero mi gran telento que tengo que corre por mis venas ese talento que tengo y poder mostrarlo , tengo 16 años de edad soy de Perú , mi sueño es formar parte de Disney chanel , soy un chico extrovertido y muy desenvuelto , actuó desde pequeño en obras y la oportunidad que ustedes publican es para mí es una gran oportunidad , bueno yo tendría que ser la estrella porque me considero capaz de hacer todo los retos que me vengas y que me dan y soy muy cómico muchas gracias ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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