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Food Fighters – NBC

Food Fighters - NBC
Food Fighters – NBC Auditions

Adam Richman,  the world’s favorite curvaceous culinary carnivore is coming to NBC with televisions most exciting cooking competition ever and you could be a part of it. Food Fighters is set to begin production shortly and the producers and casting directors for this fantastic new reality TV game show are on the lookout for talented everyday food enthusiasts to compete for fabulous cash and prizes. You can submit yourself today for a shot at culinary TV glory.

Food Fighters will give normal, everyday folks a once in a lifetime shot at cooking greatness as they are pitted against some of the best chefs in the world in a no holds barred showdown. Contestants chosen will prepare their one “signature dish” that they have perfected throughout their amateur cooking experiences and face off against professional chefs preparing the same dish in a blind taste test. Contestants who win their battles against the all-star chefs will win fabulous cash and prizes and move further along in this unforgettable competition. Food Fighters will give home cooks the ultimate chance to beat some of the globe’s biggest names in the culinary arts. Hosted by Mr. Richman who has made his name as the presenter of the massive hit Travel Channel series Man Vs. Food and Adam Richman’s Best Sandwich in America, this sensational new series could be one of the years most successful reality TV productions. Auditions for this all new cooking series are happening soon and you can submit yourself for casting calls today. To apply for consideration for competition and for more information you can send emails here nbchomecookshow@gmail.com. We will keep you up to date with every audition detail as they are released so stay tuned right here and be sure to leave a message below and tell us why you want to compete and what you signature dish.

An all new cooking competition is coming to the airwaves and so is your chance for cooking immortality  Apply today for you chance at a spot on NBC’s Food Fighters.

75 thoughts on “Food Fighters – NBC

  1. My name is Laura and I'm a person who loves to be in the kitchen since I was a little girl watching my mother and grandmother cook so now I'm know as chef Laura too all my family and friends, I love hosting events cooking and decorating and entertaining but #1 Cooking I can nerve get out of making my signature Dish Ms Laura's Chicken Salad and I love to grill outdoors and it doesn't take anything away from my skills in the kitchen. I spend most of my free time watching foodnetwork channel and I believe it's time for some competition.

  2. Ever thought about having a Mom/Son combo show?

    If you have my son and I are the peeps you are looking for.

    We both love to cook and have some restaurant training but mainly love cooking the good ole hand me down recipes from the family.

    I would be very interested if this show is still on and holding casting calls.


  3. Longing for a chance to prove myself and my worth to the people who downs me, I think that this Food Fight at NBC's Food Fighters would give me that. I am a home cook that thinks, acts, and critics like a chef from the Philippines. Cooking is my passion and my life, and so is food itself. Cooking and food has helped me even through my worst days. Depression and pressure from the people around me has eaten my soul and my happiness, but my love for food has brought me back up to my feet, standing strong. At only 16, I've handled challenges that even grown-ups couldn't face to understand. I have the looks of a child and the brains of an adult. I've always wanted to expose myself through challenges and food fights to prove and convince myself that I can handle those. And if I proved that I can handle those, then I can have my dream of building my own bakeshop and pizzeria. I also want to join because I wanted to help my parents, for our schooling, especially now that I've entered senior high school and my sister at junior high, and also for the pride of my country. And also, to prove that I have the guts to face and even beat the pros.

  4. I'm ready to show the world my complete" badassery" in the kitchen. I'm a wild personality with killer skills in the kitchen! I love to make sauces from random ingredients and make dishes no one would expect! I love making anything except baking! I'm kind of a loser when it comes to that! I like to make savory dishes that impress and show my personality and love of flavors.

  5. I love to cook and would like a shot at going up against a talented chef! Im competitive and have a love affair with food that started at an early age. I grew up in Georgia but I've lived in five states so my taste buds have grown but I would say comfort food is my all time favorite.
    I'm a food blogger and would be thrilled to audition for food fighters. THX!

  6. I'm a self taught home cook that has been in cooking competitions the past 6 years I have won and competed for Carla Hall, Robert Irvine, Paula Deen, Cat Cora you name it recently came in 2nd place in the world in the seafood competition at the World Food Championships 2015 against professional culinary degree holder chefs, I would rock on your show plus I was part of your casting call last year I would of been filming in LA that day of my jet ski accident if I made it to the end of the casting call 😉

  7. Longing for the chance to show that a home cook, of a certain age, can hang with the youngsters! I have tricks that my momma taught me that have never been revealed.
    I would love to earn some $$$$ to fund my community cooking classes and do my part to restore the American family table.

  8. I'd like to compete against some of the best chefs in the world, because I'm also one of the best undiscovered chefs in the world, and this show will allow me to show my talent. I cook steaks and fish to perfection.

  9. I want to go to this audition, I want to compete against any of the chefs i really want to do this. I am not going to say anything else dishes will tell all. Thank you.

  10. This is on behalf of my wife who is not only a kicka chef but gorgeous and extremely outgoing. Methinks the audience would eat her up, pardon the pun!

  11. Shoot! A single girl's gotta eat! Whether I am trying to impress the hottie I just met or need a "Girls' Night In", being in the kitchen is like wearing my favorite pair of worn out blue jeans! I am a local cooking instructor and have demo'd for several special culinary events & and grocery stores. Everyone loves to be in the kitchen and my job is to facilitate the FUN and create an experience! PICK ME!

  12. Greetings.

    I would like to be able to compete for my children, my husband, and myself most of all.
    I want to be able to feel like I had accomplished something in my life. While I chose to be a stay at home mom to care for my youngest son, whom is Autistic. I feel as though a very big part of me is missing. I was the head cook for my mom's catering business back on the Island of Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands. But, when I could not find more help for my son on Saipan, My family and I relocated to Dallas in 2012, in hopes of find better resources for my son to speak. And I was right, he not only speaks but sings as well. Thanks to the wonderful and amazing teachers, therapist, and SPED programs here in Dallas. So, now that I had accomplished my main goal for being here, I would like to be able to do the same for myself. I feel like I need to do something for me. And if given the chance to, I would be very humbled and grateful for the opportunity to compete.

    I have several signature dishes that I would like to share. 1) Chamorro Chicken Kelaguin w/titiyas, 2)Chamorro Style Sukiyaki, 3) Filipino Pancit Bihon or Canton 4)Chamorro Bisteak w/ red rice

    Thank you for you time and consideration.

  13. Loved the show last season, big fan, and would be jacked up to be part of it. I love competition and timed cooking, so bring it on. Would be a blast!!!

  14. Hi my name is yolina all my life I have been dreaming with an opportunity like this. I am a mother of three and I am a big fan of Adam Richman.and I would love to be in your show. I love to cook it is one of the things that I am passionate about.thank you

  15. Hi There,

    I am contacting you for my husband John, who is a great cook! I know, I am really lucky to have a guy who loves to cook! He owns his own company, and is a very busy guy, but cooking relaxes him, and he loves to take a recipe and make it his own. He has so many great dishes, that it really would be hard to choose just one! I know he would love an opportunity to cook with some really talented, and fantastic chefs, and I truly believe he would hold his own! It would truly be a blessing if you gave him a chance to be on your show. He is such a wonderful husband, and father, and I can't think of anyone more deserving than him to have something like this happen. He watches cooking shows all the time, and to actually be on one would be a dream come true! Thank you for you time, and consideration!!!

  16. This is an opportunity of a lifetime. I'm just an everyday day who love food. I can talk about food all day. I consider myself a "food snob."
    I've been cooking since I was 10 and is not afraid to try anything in my kitchen!
    I would love the opportunity to compete against some great chefs!

  17. I grew up in the kitchen with my Italian grandmother. I have such a passion for cooking!! It relaxes me when I cook! I would love the opportunity to share my home recipes with everyone and it would solidify to myself that I am capable of cooking with the best. I would love for you to consider me as one of your at home cooks to compete .. I am married with two kids and I have a very busy work schedule which does not allow me to cook as much as I would like to but when I am off, I take every opportunity to prepare the best home cooked meals that I can. Thanking you in advance and I would appreciate the opportunity .

  18. Adam and Team Food Fighters! Cooking is like a symphonic dance. There is the understanding of the ingredients and how and when to bring them into the orchestra of the dish you are making. I live this everyday. Fusion and molecular gastronomy are my deep seeded passions. I have a flare for Mediterranean infusions to our daily continental fares. Thinking outside the box of normal is why I think I would be good for Food Fighters. Pushing the bracket of flavor and development will show why I would be good for Food Fighters. Fighting until the end through food is what will win Food Fighters and I think I have what it takes to show you all some new creative food concepts.

  19. I think I should be on Food Fighters because there isn't a better home cook or chef that can beat my cooking. I love to cook and everyone who tastes my food thinks I could take down any chef. I could use the money to help take the financial burden off my husband for his monthly diabetic supplies which are very expensive and my daughter is graduating from high school and I would love to be able to send her to Wilson College in PA as they want her to play field hockey and since they are a division three school doesn't offer athletic scholarship. Bring me to Hollywood and I will bring it on!

  20. Greetings, Adam! Food Fighters is simply amazing and I'm hoping to audition for the 2015 season. It is an incredible concept and really raises the bar for everyone. I want to take this opportunity to show home cooks everywhere that success is possible. I'm Italian and Sicilian married to a Lebanese Italian and I've got killer recipes sure to please. My husband is battling cancer now for year 7 and I would like to make him extra proud by being on this show. I won't disappoint you!!!

  21. Hello there! What a great show! I'm Jas (48) and I was born in Bosnia. I moved to Germany back in 90's with my then 6 year old daughter because of the civil war in my country. We lived there for 6 years and moved to the States 16 years ago. Growing up I hated food and it wasn't until my mid twenties that my taste buds changed. And boy, did they change! Food is on my mind 24/7 and I blog about it. I'm not trained but am versatile and hope to leave a legacy for my 2 year old granddaughter who loves to help in the kitchen. You can check some of my creations @ all-thats-jas.com/. I would love having the opportunity to challenge your chefs with some traditional Bosnian food!

  22. I'm a daughter who wants to help get her cute old dad on Food Fighters. He's hilarious and always entertaining!! Plus he is the best damn cook our friends and family all agree. Hes getting ready to retire next year has a chest and arms full of old tattoos from the navy and loves his Converse shoe collection especially the ones with the flames on them.

  23. When I was little we didn't have a lot of money and my Mom worked all the time to support is six kids. She was a single parent so my beautiful, sweet, Japanese grandmother stepped in to help.

    My grandmother used cooking to connect with us. It was something fun & exciting that we did together. She used the ingredients available to her to make amazing American & Japanese meals. As well as dishes inspired by many other cultures!

    We shopped a store we called the "brown paper bag store" little did I know that it was a food bank. It was so exciting to get home and open the bag not knowing what was inside. We used those exciting ingredients to create amazing meals.

    Through the years I have developed a love and respect for al types food. I go to restaurants & I can taste the flavors and know how to recreate those flavors & put my own spin on them! And I love it! I love creating and sharing my creations with anyone & everyone!

    Six years ago I found myself in a domestic violence situation & packed my kids up and left. For the next few years as a single mom I struggled a lot. And began shopping once again at the "brown paper bag store" however my children never knew the difference. They were always excited to make creations with mommy.

    I am so thankful for the love and respect of food my grandmother taught me as a child. Now I can pass down this love and respect of food to my three beautiful children who also love to cook with me & for me.

    After all myself & my family have been through cooking has been my therapy and passion. I would love the opportunity to cook against world renown chefs on Food Fighters. And being able to share my recipes & grandmothers recipe with the world would be a dream come true.

    If you choose me I will not only bring the heat but also the flavors of my multicultural background!

  24. Growing up, I learned that food was a way to experience a culture without the air fare. Food is my passion and as a mother of 5 I'm lucky my art coincides with my job. I have spent the last 18 years perfecting my craft and now NEED to prove to myself and my kids that it's never too late to GO FOR IT!!

  25. Hello Adam
    First of all, great fan of Man V Food. I am a single mother of a very active boy. Now, how do I pick my best dish? I would say that this is very hard because I make so many great ones. Cooking is my ultimate passion. I have always loved to make things from scratch. Even from an early age.
    I would greatly love to be on the show. I would love to use the money to open a restaurant in my hometown of Findlay, Ohio. The unique thing about it would be the healthy twist to all of our favorite comfort foods.
    PLEASE pick me for the show!!!!

  26. Hello! Cooking is my love, I am a mother of 4. I have learned so many techniques by watching food network and Top Chef ! My kids and I watch your new show and enjoy it. They always tell me what recipes of mine I should use! It would really be exciting to see how I would fair against professional chefs. Home cooks do not get enough credit by professionals, maybe we didn't attend a culinary school, but pleasing a husband and four kids…plus the friends they always have over , is quite a challenge in itself.

  27. My adult children and grandchildren insist I could win this show! Love to cook, but do not measure, and never tastes exactly the same! PICK ME!!!

  28. Hello,
    I am a 58 year old professional babysitter and as a home cook my hobby is putting smiles on peoples faces when they taste my food.I have several signature dishes that I would love to share and show these chefs how it's done. Love competition. If I'm chosen, you will not be disappointed. BTW, how many 100% Lithuanian cooks have you had on your show? I'm not just meat and potatoes.

  29. Hi food fighter fanatics,
    This is the one for me. I have been in the restaurant business for over 30 years and have worked in many different places. I watch every cooking show there is and love Gordon ramsey but do not have the culinary expertise to do Hells kitchen but think I might have had a shot on Master chef. Then along came food fighters and thought I can do this. I have been cooking specialty dishes for many years, family recipes and just watching and paying attention to detail in the kitchen. Everything I make is from scratch and I will usually be in the kitchen up to 2 hours each time I cook. Perfection takes a while. Coming from Fla I love to cook with the best , freshest seafood available. Grouper marsala is one of my favorites, also a baked red snapper dish with fresh spinach, tomatoes, parmesan cheese and a red port wine reduction,also mussels and prawns marinara. I make a pretty mean stuffed rolled chix breast with a cream cheese, spinach and prosciutto ham filling wrapped with bacon and rolled in panko, Chicken enchiladas, oysters rockefellar which I love with a side of made from scratch hollandaise, or filet Oscar with fresh asparagus, jumbo lump crab and topped with housemade béarnaise. Pretty good with Italian dishes as well. My husband says my stuffed manicotti with an eggplant sauce is the best. I can name a dozen more but will stop at that. I would love the opportunity to do this as I always like to think Im on some cooking show to begin with. If I could win just one stage that would get me out of my 20 year old car and if I could win more It might help me achieve my life long dream of owning a restaurant and doing what I love,and my passion, cooking for others. thank you for your consideration.

    Stephanie Key

  30. Hello my name is Kim Simpson. Im 56 years old from Goldsboro NC. As a wife,mother,grandma. And great grandma. I love to cook for my family and friends. I have became the town go to person for cook outs. I will love to introduce the world to my southern home cooking. This consent is ideal for me. I am ready to put my skills to the almighty test. GAME ON !!!! Check me out on YouTube @Kimscooks42

  31. Vivian says,
    My husband started out cooking for friends and family many years ago. He began to host small weddings, events and parties at our home. The guests and attendants were so impressed with his signature dishes such as green chile brisket, cherry glazed ribs, pineapple poppers,and his infamous chicken and crab gumbo that his business began to explode! Unfortunately, five years ago, he was stricken with an auto-immune disease which almost cost him his life! Through this experience, he has learned to change his diet to healthier recipes without giving up his creativity and flavor in the kitchen. He would love this opportunity to compete against these chefs and prove to America that healthy eating doesn't have to be bland and tasteless!

  32. I am a serious foodie.. and I make very creative and delicious home cooked meals out of only fresh organic veggies, grass fed or organic meats with fresh herbs and ingredients! Nothing is ever made with processedf or frozen stuff! My specialty is comfort dishes made with organic seasonal veggies and herbs. roasted meats with fresh local veggies, candied root veggies, and my herbed salad/goat cheese with my own one of a kind sweet salad dressing that is to die for! I can make one of the best banana bread that you have tasted! Please pick me.. I have it in me to beat the pros!

  33. Dear Alan Rickman;

    My name is Linda Simmons. I am a wife, mother and grandmother of 6. I have been cooking since I was about 5 years old. I have been told many times that I should have my own restaurant because I cook so well. My cooking experience is well rounded meaning that I can cook many different ethnic foods. I would love to go against your professional chefs to try to win a down payment on a house and to pay off my student loans which are quite hefty. Please consider me for your show. Thank you in advance for any consideration you may give. Sincerely, Linda Simmons

  34. I would love to be part of this show because
    1. I love food
    2. I love competition
    I am a hair stylist and owner of a trendy salon In Tampa Fl Soho district. When I am not creating master pieces in the salon I am creating master pieces in the kitchen.
    I would be very grateful for the chance to be on your show.
    Sincerely yours
    Lisa Malone

  35. I would soooo love to do this!…I started cooking out of necessity, when my Mother left the family when I was 10, in 1979 the women/female child cooked for my father and little brother..Im not sure how I learned how to cook but I think it is a gift..everyone has a inborn talent…mine is Cooking and Math….Now at 45 it is therapeutic!..I work at The Salvation Army in the Accounting Dept. When I have a bad day I cook…when I have a good day I cook…
    It is absolutley my favorite thing to do…When my children were small they used to say I was the bestest and quickest cook ever!..Now my husband say this!…we watch the show all the time and everytime my husband says YOU need to do this!..I cook for enjoyment and for LOVE…doesnt matter how long of a day I have….cooking is NOT an option it is a must!…I have been told for years that I am a great cook!..If I was so blessed to be chosen to audition and have a chance to win against these amazing Chefs, and actually win…WOW…the first thing I would do is donate to the Salvation Army and Help the many many people in need in our GREAT county!!The 2nd thing if possible would be to get my husband and I a newer used car…we both work for The Salvation Army which is very rewarding in many ways.We are Blessed to be a part of Doing the Most Good..But we are driving a 17 yr old Kia which have seen better days!..Thank you for a great show and the possibilty of auditioning!…God Bless!

  36. I'm a Mean Mamma Jamma in the kitchen, I Plate nicely, my Art teacher from College told me a long time ago that when I drew a ham that it looks so real on the paper that he could eat it, he said then, that I should go to culinary school but that was back in 2003 and here we are 2014 I wish I had listen to him, I feel deep down inside that its never too late!

  37. Hello my name is Paul Aguilar. I would love a chance to be a contestant on Food Fighters to go up against professional chefs. I'm watching the show while submitting this audition email. I absolutely love to cook and I enjoy cooking for people. It's my passion and I would love to see it realized on tv. I have a 9 to 5 career but cooking has something I've never let go of. I've always believed in my ability to cook and I'm not afraid to experiment. NBC please make my lifelong dream come true.

  38. I may be really young but I know what tastes good and how to cook. I think it would definitely be a twist to have a 20 year old home cook beat 5 pro's. (;

  39. Hello my name is Brooke , and I work for a company named Blue Martini we have awesome entree's . We have delicious food that we offer but what's really special is my kitchen manager / Chef Javier Borrerra and the things he cooks at work for us employees it's crazy I'm thinking why isn't that on the menu . I just happenned to catch this show for the first time and I am so excited . My manager works so hard so many hours and all if his dishes are amazing that only we share and other employee . I would love to see him shine because I believe in him and I would love to see him on this show. And grow and become better he really is talented and I would love to see his hardwork show off with a reward like this .


  41. Dear Adam Richman
    This show is great
    It puts the drama in cooking
    So I decided
    I wanna be in your show
    I'm a health food chef from Anchorage Alaska
    My menu is black bean burgers
    Bowtie pasta and tomato sauce
    Grilled chicken salad
    Turkey wraps
    And finally my grilled Salmon soft tacos

  42. I think my husband should be picked for this show he is a great cook!!!! He loves to cook various foods and is not afraid to try different things everyone loves his cooking if you gave him a shot you would not be disapointed.he really deserves this.

  43. I would love to see my husband on this show ! He is a wonderful cook. He is an avid hunter and fisherman. He specializes in wild game and fish dishes. Looking for something different this would be an interesting show ! He is self employed and the business is not doing well, having to let go employees. If he could win this challenge he could sell his business and buy a cabin with some acreage and retire and do what he loves to do, fish and hunt .we also have 3 kids and a granddaughter whom all still depend on us.

  44. because i know my recipes will beat all the chefs you can put in front of me that's a guarantee plus i would like to be able to pay my home off and get out of debt so if ya want a winner im your man

  45. My best friend called me to tell me that I needed to try and get on this show to compete against Real Chefs with my home cooking. I am a true foodie!! I would Love to see if what my family and friends really love will make the cut. SPICY IS TASTY!!!!!

  46. I love to cook. I have some interesting foods I have discovered without recipes. everyone I know, knows that I kick -(beep)- in the kitchen without stress. Yes, I am confident in my cooking! I love to eat and enjoy flavor. pick me – I need the cash too!

  47. I love the food fighters show and would love the opportunity to compete against the chefs. I have worked in the field and would like to try!! Keep me posted please

  48. I am a culinary instructor and taught high school and college culinary classes. I am a Doctor of Education student and working on my own private school. This competition would help me raise money for my private culinary program. You can read about my program under YouTube Patrick Gary Powtoon Dissertation Presentation.

  49. I think I totally missed my calling! I was supposed to be a chef in another life. Everyone that I come in contact with seems to enjoy my cooking. If I eat something and like it, it is nothing for me to determine the ingredients and make the dish. The dish comes out perfectly. I would be great on the show because I do have what it takes.

  50. My sister is the best Foodie ever!! she will beat any chef and make them cry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bring it!!

  51. I have just discovered cooking in the last several years. Turns out I love to experiment and love to cook for other people. My partner and I live on a right budget and often have to make something from nothing. There is nothing better than thinking "there's nothing for dinner" and turning out a restaurant style dish. Once a week I cook dinner for my family and our best friends… They tell me I need to go on a cooking show. So, it's worth a try…

  52. How do I become part of the dinner party? I love to cook, but I love to eat even more. I would love to help judge delicious food!

  53. I would be perfect for this show. I grew up in a Italian home. Cooking to me is like breathing, it comes natural. I can cook just about anything. My pasta sauce is the best. My meatballs are the bomb. I also bake and do cake decorating. Please pick me this would be the best.

  54. I have Been cooking since I was a child.I owned my own restaurant in Newark Newjersey and sadly for financial reasons had to shut it down..I would love a chance to compete on food fighters..It would be what I need to get over the sadness of loosing my life long dream. .My restaurant. ..

  55. I love food! Since I love food so much, I love to cook. Why? Because there's nothing more disappointing than taking my family of 7 (yes, that's right..my wife and I have 5 kids!!!) out to a restaurant, pay the time of money we'd pay, to find the disappointment that I could have just as easily cooked a much better and enjoyable dish at home. Cooking for the picky eaters at home is one thing but seeing their joy as they feast upon my masterpieces is a delight to me. Anyone who's tasted my food rant and rave about it pleading to learn my secrets and recipes. My specialties include BBQ/grilling, seafood dishes, Italian, Japanese, to good 'ol American holiday homestyle dishes. This show would be a great way to showcase those dishes while giving our family an opportunity for our future. Pick me if your celebrity chefs want a challenge….but if they're too scared…better pick someone else because my dishes will satiate the judges' taste buds with taste sensations they never knew they even had causing any competition's dish to taste bland, dull, and plain like plastic!

  56. Hello!
    I saw your show tonight. What a great idea and my whole family loved it. I am a 47 year old Plastic Surgeon in New Mexico and I love to cook. It is an absolute passion of mine. I would love to take on a real chef with one of my favorite dishes.
    Thanks for the consideration!


  57. I would like to apply for the show. I am good at making Vietnamese food: egg roll, chicken salad, chicken noodle soup ( Pho ), sugar soup…

  58. I so belong on this show. I have several signature dishes that have won recipe/cooking competitions and have recently had a recipe published in a national cooking magazine as the prize for winning a potato salad recipe contest. I have also taped a small segment of an episode of a show on the Cooking Channel. I've been cooking since before high school and can cook for large groups and under time constraints.

  59. I'm a perfect choice to be a contestant. I absolutely LOVE to cook, and have saved all of our family recipes (both sides of family) and can tell you that around here, I'm known for feeding a crowd, especially on college game days and holidays. Right down to my home made Limoncello, I'm old school. I think it's best to start from scratch the way I learned from my mother and the rest of the family. I've also won a few ribbons at the State Fair…..Please choose me! I'd love it!!!

  60. I forgot to mention I'm from Philly! And I call it gravy because my fam grew up in south philly. If it's too late for this season– please please consider me for next 🙂 I will be tuning in on Tuesday either way!

  61. Hello!

    My name is Cristy Bardle and I want to apply for a chance to be on Food Fighters. For as long as I can remember, my family has had gravy every Sunday, and no matter what–whether it was my mom, one of my aunts or uncles, or older cousins, no one could seem to make the gravy as good as my Nan's. With a last name like Zambino– this is something you'd expect. At 24 years old, I was finally given the recipe directly from my Nan, and learned how to make it on my own.. From the meatballs, spare ribs, veal, sausage, or whatever meat surprises we felt like that Sunday, all the way down to perfecting the gravy. This was very exciting to learn for me, and I share my gravy with my boyfriend and any friends that come over on Sunday. I even had a gravy competition with my fellow Italian co-workers, where we got the Irish girl to taste test all of our gravy. The winner was…. Zambino, of course!

    I'd love for a chance to be on the show and know a little bit more information on the entire process.

    I LOVE TO COOK! And I also have a good amount of student loan debt. Pick me !!! 🙂

    Thank you so much,
    Cristy Bardle

  62. I don't cook well, my husband does all the cooking at our house except when it comes to our traditional Christmas of lasagna, sauce, and meatballs. Everyone leaves it to me! I would love to bring my Nana's sauce and Papa's meatballs up against a pro's!

  63. My father is the best home cook you'll ever meet!!! His "experiments" (as he calls them), are amazing… Always something new as well as twists on the traditional…. My pops would never audition on his own because he may act tough but he doesn't think he's good enough…. Everyone who has ever eaten his food has told him to open a restaurant!!! With out the means to do so for him due to my mothers medical problems…. I've sat and watched his talents in his kitchen go to waste (for lack of a better word) when I think him having a cooking show would be perfect…. He's like a wiz with those shows… It's like when it comes to cooking shows he's a genius… He can make and alter whatever meal to his and everyone else's liking…. His favorite dishes to make are seafood and BBQ but my favorite is his Italian dishes!!! Pls have my pops on your show… No one has gone thru more or deserved a chance like this more than my father… He's done so much for everyone else I'd like for once something great to happen for him!!!

  64. I'm am 35 years old owned several food business from the city of brotherly love so I do know the passion and commitment that is required in the food industry just having been so lucky in my businesses mainly because of working capital and the distractions of everyday life but I am definitely the character you will be looking for you get the east coast personality as well as the entertainment and competition I can bring to the show oh and my 12 yr old son is adams biggest fan he loves man vs food he always wanted him to try my Boardboli challenge pick me and I guarantee you won't disappointed that's a promise… thank you hope to her from you soon

  65. My boyfriend, Marlon, will rock your show!! He is from Louisiana and was raised by a Mother who could make a rock and water taste fabulous! This man can cook and has an engaging personality that will make viewers want to keep him coming back. He has several signature dishes. My favorite being some sweet and spicy wings that were deemed "good as shit!" at a corporate event. Ha!! He and his cooking will not disappoint! As a perk, you could get me! We'll give Food Fighters a dose of Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan. We are professional photographers who cater together and do everything with fun and passion.
    You know you want him! I do!

  66. I love that Food Fighters is allowing people who aren't as skilled as the great culinary geniuses a chance in the spotlight. This is the Show I've been waiting for! Please allow me to participate!

  67. I love to cook. I'm told by many friends that my cooking is great and always asked to cook extra to bring to work and feed them. Of course my child thinks I'm the best cook and I've only tried to be so that I'm not feeding my incredibly athletic kid spaghettios, ramen noodles, fast food, and other processed junk. Another reason why I've been teaching myself to cook is sometimes I can't afford to go out and eat the foods from restaurants we really want so I try to find recipes and cook it at home. Ultimately I think my cooking skills are mediocre. But I would like ya'll to be the judge of that because if they are I'd like to be better.

  68. GREAT IDEA —

    Head to Head
    Underdog vs Superman
    David vs Goliath

    Always good drama = Always good TV

    I love to cook and would absolutely be thrilled to take on a CHEF 🙂


  70. Hello NBC!! I'm a huge foodie that can't really cook, well I thought I could but I'm starting to think my friends really love me…. Anywho did I mention my friendly crush on the ever tenacious Adam Richman!! Thanks y'all

  71. I would absolutely love a chance at this show! Oh my gosh it would be the coolest thing ever!

  72. I love any food and I love cash more I'm thee ultimate competitor if you pick me it will be good tv will eat anything

  73. I love food & love to experiment with it everyday! I haven't met anything I didn't like yet or anything I couldn't cook. I would love to have the opportunity to try my hand at competing in anything that involves food! It would be such a pleasure to have a chance to be the unsuspecting mild manner housewife that takes it all!!!!!

  74. I would be great for this contest because , my 7 year old daughter and I pretend as if we are in a competition every morning and night when we cook. She has been asking me to join a cooking show for the past 3 years, and this is a true passion of mine. I feel this would be a great opportunity for me to live out my dreams and my daughters dreams. She is my world and I try my best; as a single mother, to instill in her to work hard at everything and put your heart in what you do to have others fall in love with it.

    PLEASE PICK ME!!!!:-)

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