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Resident Evil 6 – Movie

Resident Evil 6 - Movie
Resident Evil 6 – Movie

The unbelievably popular science fiction film series Resident Evil is gearing up for another action packed installment and that means that several talented actors from around the world will soon have a fantastic opportunity to audition for a role in one of the most successful movie franchises today. Casting calls for supporting, day player and extras roles in Resident Evil 6 will be happening soon. This could be a career making audition chance for a number of aspiring performers of all ages.

What started as a worldwide smash video game series has now become a global film sensation that has been churning out hit after hit for over a decade. With each movie topping the box office gross of the last culminating with 2012’s Resident Evil: Retribution and it’s $237 million worldwide business, it was only a matter of time until a new production was announced and that time is now. Resident Evil 6 will once again find the indestructible Alice Abernathy in an explosive battle with the menacing Umbrella Corporation and her race to stop the world’s destruction at the hands of the Red Queen. Superstar filmmaker Paul W.S. Anderson (AVP: Alien vs. Predator, Death Race starring Jason Statham, The Three Musketeers starring Orlando Bloom) will return to write and direct another incredible RE adventure alongside the series’ muse Milla Jovovich (The Fifth Element, The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc, Dazed and Confused). This is sure to be the biggest and most “Evil” Resident Evil film yet and will just as surely be chock full of fabulous parts for talented actors of all ages. Auditions for every available role are being organized now and will be taking place shortly. For more information on this highly anticipated new big budget blockbuster feature film and to submit yourself for upcoming roles you can visit here centralcasting.org or here facebook.com/centralcasting. More casting updates will be posted right here as soon as they are released so keep checking in and make sure to leave a comment below and tell us why you love this movie series and why you want to be the next soldier cast in the epic battle against The Umbrella Corporation in Resident Evil 6.

138 thoughts on “Resident Evil 6 – Movie

  1. Working along side with mills would b a dream come true. Im a resident evil fan since play station. Killing zombies would b crazy for me. A story that would in b stopped being told. I have all the movies. Plus the original PS game. I'm your man.

  2. I would love to be in this film. I have been in similar ones to this, but this would be the icing on the cake. I would actually like to start off living in this one though. I'm 43, Caucasian, male 225lbs. I have performed some minor stunts and always ready to learn more. I follow direction very well. Lead my last crew of zombie like creatures until the end when we got blown up.

  3. Hi my name is Gino Perez, I am 23 years old Latino Male from Miami, FL. I have elementary, Middle School, and High School Theatre experience. I also work in Law Enforcement. I always wanted to be part of a Zombie Movie as an extra role fighting against zombies.

  4. hello, my name is Jiaoyang,1.72m,50kg Chinese girl,I don't have acting experience, but I like watch this movie.Hope I can see the actress Milla, I am her fan~

  5. Hi, my name is Dakota Hambright,I'm a 15 year old female. And I'm 5'5 with short brown hair and green eyes. I absolutely love the Resident Evil franchise,and wanted to be part of it since the first time i watch it 6 years ago. I'm athletic and cooperate easily. I got acting skills. And i like trying new things and stunts. I parkour regularly. I wouldn't mind being a zombie. I give my all in everything i do. I'd love to have a chance to work with the cast! Thanks, and have a blessed day!

  6. Hello, I'm Alexa Adams and I'm 15 years old. I fell in love with this franchise the first time I watched it. I'm athletic and healthy. I'm flexible. I've got black hair and brown eyes. I cosplay with my friends working on acting skills. I hope I can get a chance at a spot on the franchise.Thanks.

  7. Hi my name is Dakota Hambright and I'm 15 years old. I'm athletic and willing to try new things. I've wanted to be part of the franchise ever since the first movie release. I like meeting new people and doing stunts. I'm femal, 5'5, with very short hair and green eye. I'm willing to try anything you guys have to throw at me.I cooperate very easily. I'd really like to work with this movie series! Have a blessed day!

  8. Hello my name is Freddy Godoy, i’m 23 years old from delano, ca. Im really interested in being a part of this upcoming film. I know i would make an excellent addition to this cast because ever since this franchise started, its been a great inspiration in my life. I love everything about Resident Evil, i would absolutely love to be in this last film kicking some serious a.

  9. Hi I'm Alejandro, Spaniard
    5'11 24 years old , black hair
    White skin .
    I would love to be in this last film
    I'm a resident evil fan and coming from the director that make us understand the world of mortal combat better, it would be a pleasure.

  10. Hi my name is Brenden and it would be an absolute honor to play in the last resident evil movie.I have seen all of the movies,played all the games,and have a minimum acting exp. but i am determined to work very hard and to please my boss

  11. Hey I'm Dashawn "Fatz" Emory
    20 years old
    I would love to be in this last resident evil, I took karate in middle school and I watch all the movies and played the games so i know much about this please contact me back. I love to act and i can be an extra it dont matter longs i can be in a movie, this will be a dream come true

  12. I'm a big resident evil guy and dedicated actor think I could bring alot to the production. I'm 26 5"11 Italian Mexican. Could play any role and bring my unique acting style.

  13. Hi! My name is Anna Foster. I am a white 13- almost 14 year old girl. I am 5 7'1/2 and weigh 130 pounds. I have long dark brown hair and brown eyes. I have always dreamed of being an actress ever since I was a little girl. I am an extremely hard worker and I have lots of dance and acro skills. I am willing to take any role no matter how big or small. I live in Indiana. You will not regret choosing me. I will not let you down! Thank you for considering me!

  14. My name is Ashley.I'm a 16 year old girl who has been playing the Resident Evil video game franchise since age 4. I never been involved in any movie before but I'm trying to achieve my goals to be a musician and an actress. I would love to play a part in this last movie while there's still time. Please pick me for I am a huge fan of the game, novel and film.

  15. Hello. My name is Luke Martin. I am 13 years old, and I have been a big fan of the Resident Evil franchise since I first saw the movies. I may be young and have a minimal amount of acting experience, but I am hardworking and will not disappoint anyone I work with. Because of my accent, I do not expect to get a big role where I say anything on screen. To me, it would be enough of an honor to be a zombie who gets killed in 10 seconds. Being part of this movie would be a great experience for me, and I strongly hope that I will have the honor to be part of the Resident Evil family. Thank you, and I hope I am lucky enough to be part of this amazing film franchise.

    Please update me through email.
    -Luke Martin

  16. Hello. My name is Luke Martin. I'm thirteen years old, and I have been a huge fan of the Resident Evil franchise since I first saw the movies. Although I'm young and have minimal acting experience, I am a hard worker and will not disappoint whoever I work with. Because of my accent, I do not expect to get a large part, but to me, it would be enough of an honor to be a zombie who dies in ten seconds. I have been wanting to be part of the Resident Evil family since I saw the first movie, but I have just recently discovered this web site. If I were lucky enough to get a part in my favorite zombie film franchise, it would be a great experience for me, along with being an accomplished bucket list item. Thank you, and I strongly hope I will have the honor to be in an installment of the Resident Evil films. Please contact me at my email, and hopefully I will be considered for the casting call. Thanks again.

  17. My name is Zainab Hines
    13 years old
    Brown hair and light brown eyes
    Mixed background (Asian,British,Jamaican,Welsh)
    Light skin
    I would absolutely love to be a part of the new Resident Evil movie, Alice is one of my favourite characters in the movie. I love zombies and lovelovelove horror movies. I have been told by many that I'm talented at acting and it's something would definitely consider as a career. I'm numerous and pretty funny, acting is my life! if I was I'm this movie my dream would come true. I do live in Britiain but if I was told I can get this part then I wouldn't mind going to the US. Thanks.

  18. Hi! I'm Edrian R. Libunao.
    I'm 18.
    5'6 in height.
    I live in the Philippines.
    Eye color is brown.

    But first of all, I'd like to ask if the casting call is possible internationally. I really love Resident Evil- both the games and the movies. Everything about it. And as a fan, I'd love to have an exposure on how the movie is done. I'm so adventurous and would do everything I could If I became one of the casts in it. My acting skill is good as far as I'm concerned. And I could be counted on in all sort of things. It would be better if I could have a longer role like one of Alice's gang but of course, I know that that's very impossible so I was just hoping somehow to be like one of the civilians who'd be victim , got infected by the t-virus and infect other people and get killed by Alice! 😀

  19. Hi my is Carmen I am 19 years old. Height: 5.1 Hair color: Brown Eye color:Brown. I am a big of Milla Jovovich. I love her roll playing alice. I want to be part of the movie because I love zombies and video games and I like to be part of this film because I love action, Sci-fic, and horror movies. I always wanted to be part of this action movie ever since I seen the first one. I even like to use imagination to killed zombies or any other thing like playing with my niece and nephews I pretend with them like if I was in a movie. I always say I want to be in the movies. This movie inspire me to be in this movie or any other type of movie. I think I could be part of this movie even though I can't fight but I do stunts well I don't know am saying that because I like jumping on trampoline
    Carmen Borjas

  20. My name is Matthew Ragland
    I live in Farmville, VA
    I'm thirteen years old and turning fourteen this month
    Blonde/Brown hair
    Green/Blue eyes
    I'm 100% okay with eye contacts
    I like weapons of all sorts
    The "Resident Evil" series is the absolute best ever!!!!
    I like running and sports
    Willing to work to get into shape for a certain role
    (That would be for the best XD)
    Willing to play any role
    I have some experience with After Effects but not movie level
    (Adobe After Effects)
    I am also willing to do stunts just not fire
    (I caught on fire once, did not like it.)
    Acting is one of my biggest dreams and especially among the cast of the "Resident Evil" series

  21. Hi, my name is Kagiso Rathebe. I am a 22 year old South African male, I have been acting since I was a kid. Recently completed my diploma in theatre, and have also been accepted to the New York Film Academy. I am currently still staying in South Africa which I find to be perfect considering RE:6 will be shot here next year.I am a die hard fan of the franchise, and would love any role what so ever just to be apart of it.

  22. My name is Roxanne Dage, I am 18 years old, 5 foot 6, blue eyes, blond hair and I am from Canada

    Resident evil is the very first series I have felt in love with. Milla Jovovich is my biggest inspiration and I would do anything to be a part of this movie. I love zombies, there are almost as amazing as those movies!

    I had some dramas classes in high school. I earn a trophy when I was 13 for best perfomance and participation in my acting class.

    This is such a great franchise! I would love so much to be a part of it!

  23. My name is Joshua Martin I am 24 year old African American male. I would consider it a honor to be apart of this film. I have always been a fan of the Resident Evil Franchise. I believe I would fit perfectly for this movie. I have a military background and minor acting experience. Being apart of this film would be an extraordinary and promising experience for me.

  24. Well ive been acting since the age of 6, mainly performing arts at One of the biggest and renowned Theaters in South Africa 9 Baxter Theater. I loved every bit of resident Evil from the very beginning and ave watched it a 100 times. I would love nothing more to be part of such a brilliant movie being the center piece and final of all chapters. please consider me to part take in an audition to prove myself. If not i will wish you guys well either way =)). excited for the final chapter.

  25. Hello my name is Babetta Nigh I am 19 years old and I am Represented by Barbizon Southwest and I have loved the Resident evil series going all the way back to the beginning please let me come and audition it would be my dream.

  26. I'm 22 and have been apart of the production of a few plays and was a paid extra for High School, the movie shot at Parker High School in Howell Michigan a few years ago. I love resident evil and everything to do with the zombie apocalypse. Acting or being a crew member of movies is a dream for me. Whatever is asked of me by those in charge i do. i follow directions well and know alot about stage direction and blocking and props and other stage stuff as i had a few drama classes back in school by a very well informed teacher, who as normally the director for the plays that were held at school.

  27. Hi my name is Angelo I'm 22 yrs old African American with no acting experience I once had and acting agent but I didn't have a car at the time

  28. Hi I am fifteen years old, and I am a big fan of the Resident Evil movies. I have played in a school play, and find acting very interesting and fun. I have seen all the Resident Evil movies several times and I have bought all of them. I had taken martial arts for three years and loved it. I love all the action in the film and it gets me very pumped up to see all the action all the characters do especially Alice. My favorite part ever is in Resident Evil: Apocalypse where Alice,Jill,Peyton, and Terri were all in the grave yard fighting zombies and then Alice pauses and then she does the awesome back kick. It would be amazing and an honoir of I got to be in the new movie.

  29. Hello
    My name is Alex I'm 13 but I'll be 14 next month, I live in New York.
    I would really love to be a part of the ending movie because ever since I was 6 or 7 years old I first got into resident evil due to my best friend who first started playing. Ever since I've gotten into the game my dad knew I enjoyed the games so he got me the first three movies because those were the only ones out at the time and I watched them at least more than 20 times. Then I went to the theaters to see Afterlife and Retribution. I've always dreamt about becoming like Milla. She was and still is my idol. I have all of the games and movies. Including some action figures and posters. It would be an honor to be on the movie. Also I've took drama and acting. I even write fanfiction on Wattpad if that proves I'm obsessed with resident evil. Also my screen savers are resident evil.. So I'll stop naming everything haha. Just I really hope I get the role. Please update. Thank you.

  30. I am 15 years old and have watched all of the Resident Evil and a big fan. I dreamed to be an actress, but there are very few opportunities here in my place. I really love acting. I don’t have many acting experiences, but I love a challenge and you won't regret it. I wonder to myself i want to try acting because you get to work with talented people and learn from them. All i want is to make my parents proud that i can do anything . I been shy all my life and i want to step out and discover myself. I have no experience at all but i’m willing to try my best and i really want a difference in my life have adventures try new things and figure what i want to do reality is a struggle. I hope i get a chance to be part of this movie. I would appreciate it a lot if you would give me this opportunity. Thank you!

  31. my name is christopher john, i am a 29 year old caucasian male living in wales U.K… i am a big fan of the movie franchise and i am actually watching my favourite one now resident evil apocalypse as i type this.
    i am game for anything i have been in front of the camera modelling as a extra in doctor who and i have been in audiences for talk shows. i would love this opportunity to be in one of my favourite apocalyptic film franchises. you can dress me up kill me off i have always wanted to be thrown through a window! don't know what that is about and also it would be a chance of a life time to work with such a talented team of make up artiest actors and actresses crew and so on. i do have a limited amount of fighting skills through training i had a few years back in self defence/ kick boxing classes. i also have knowledge of guns crossbows bow and arrow which may be used in the film. i also work part time so am very flexible when it comes to travel and filming.
    so hopefully i would make a good candidate for a small role in your film.
    kind regards
    christopher john

  32. Hi,
    I'm Ronnie
    I am 14 years old
    I would love to be a part of Resident evil 6 because I have been in plays acting camps and other acting related programs and I have always loved the resident evil franchise I have watched all of the movies and would love take part in production as to me any position would be great. Because of my experience I do not have stage fright and I am very cooperative and I will try my best to impress you so please consider me to take part in the audition.

  33. A reason why I should be in resident evil 6 is because we'll am insanely a giant fan for the series and the games! I may be young but I loved them since I was young as I could remember always playing and watching them best movie and game series ever! As so as I turn 18 I want a tatoo of resident evil saying property of umberlla cooperation and the logo and says resident evil! I would be more and so honored to be in a great franchise !

  34. Hi,
    I'm candice
    I'm 13 years old
    About 5'6
    Brown hair and blue eyes
    A female
    I am white, British
    I would love to be in resident evil 6, in primary school I always loved acting in plays and in little acts during classes when I left I got a big award for being best drama student now in high school I always take every opportunity and later this year/next year I will be doing drama and performing arts as a GCSE option I would love to star in this film even as a zombie every position counts it has always been my dream to act out and I definitely don't get stage fright and am a confident young lady, I work well with other people and I am fully 100% co-operative and always give my best at everything I would love to get a part in this film please consider me as an audition I am such a big fan of the film!

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