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Tomorrowland Starring George Clooney – Movie

Tomorrowland Starring George Clooney - Movie
Tomorrowland Starring George Clooney – Movie

Walt Disney Pictures is set to team up with one of Hollywood’s most brilliant directors and one of the biggest movie stars of all time for what could be the science fiction film event of the decade and the search will soon be on for performers of all ages to be a part of the magic. Tomorrowland, directed by the incomparable Brad Bird and starring the one and only George Clooney, will be rolling in front of cameras soon and casting calls for several exciting roles will be held shortly. This could be your chance to star in a true Hollywood blockbuster.

Details are scarce thus far on the top secret script written by Damon Lindelof (Lost, Cowboys & Aliens, Star Trek Into Darkness) but what we do know so far is that Tomorrowland will be a tale of a man (Academy Award Winner Clooney, star of Syriana, Good Night, and Good Luck. and The Descendants) who makes contact on earth with an alien race. The title may also give allusions to a Walt Disney documentary that the government commissioned in 1952, the year when the United States Air Force was asked to investigate UFO sightings throughout the country. Oscar Winner Brad Bird (The Incredibles, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, Ratatouille) will be helming this fantastic new project that is being described as being in the spirit of such sci-fi classics as Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, The Day the Earth Stood Still and War of the Worlds and should have millions of films fans around the world lining up to be a part of the phenomenon. Tent pole pictures of this scope with this level of talent behind them do not come around very often and to be cast for a role in Tomorrowland would be an absolute game changer for a performers career. Casting calls for this amazing project will be held soon and you can get a jump start on all of the audition news and information by heading here facebook.com/pages/Kathleen-Chopin-Casting/167650916583562. We will be posting any information given for this epic production as soon as it becomes available so keep checking back for all of the latest updates and be sure to leave a comment in the space provided and tell us why you want to be cast in the George Clooney starring science fiction sensation Tomorrowland.

35 thoughts on “Tomorrowland Starring George Clooney – Movie

  1. Hello! My name is Conner Taylor and I like picnics in the moonlight and long walks on the beach… Or, you know, acting. I have been acting for 4 years now in local and school plays and also dabble in singing. I was born to perform and am looking for my big break. I am a huge disney fan and have been my entire life growing up. So if anyone would ever consider giving me a chance, here is some info about me.

    Name: Conner Taylor
    Age: 13 almost 14
    Height: 5ft 8in
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Hair color: dirty blonde
    (I also have glasses so that must be like and extra 10 points towards my professional points!)

  2. I am half indian, half english, nearly 19, live in London, went to two top performing art schools in London, able to learn accents very quickly. Would love to be invovled and to work with the great George Clooney (my mum is George mad but professional :)) and no doubt a fabulous and talentent cast and crew and DISNEY wow, I have always wanted to be in a Disney movie/tv show and hope to get the opportunity. This will also give me excellent opportunity to learn as much as I can from professionals, both cast and crew. Currently working on a couple of shorts for my showreel, playing lead, I am nearly 19 and can play older and younger roles if required, quick to learn, and can improvise. Regular acting and casting workshops undertaken in London with top agents and actors. Please view my cv and pic on the following link: spotlight.com/0215-0193-9929
    Looking forward to hearing from you and will hold my breath till I do :). Please help to make my dream come true by giving me an opportunity to shine. I look forward to an audition invitation. Willing to travel as I live in London. LaurenH, London

  3. Hi my names Evie and Im 11 years old. Im 5'6 with blond hair that looks like it fades as it gose down. I have greenish grey eyes. You could say Im…diffrent from the outher girls (you wont find anouther girl like me ever) persanality wise anyway. Ive been acting sence I can remeber, no movies though.I wish! Ive been the lead in most of my school plays. I love ficton, because it lets me excape (sorry if i spelled that wrong) from real life. I want to become and actress so i can help out people that dont have anything by doing what I love. I would love to be in your movie for so many diffent resons! Just leave a message saying who you are and that your looking for Evie. ( I know weird Im doing it this way but hey i said i was diffrent! lol) Thank you for reading this i hope this is the one you find strangly awsome!

  4. Greetings Tomorrowland cast and crew! My new husband, and 4 year old Goldendoodle are ready to take the stage (or set that is.) We live in NSB and are currently unemployed. I am 5'10", 135lbs, brown hair and caucasian… my husband is 6'1", 185 lbs, brown hair and also caucasian. Nacho is a 70 lb white fluff ball that is a trained service dog. He behaves better than most kids! I have prior acting and modeling experience and would be THRILLED for an opportunity in a wonderful Disney film.

  5. Just been filming in ridley scots latest movie the counselor.had great fun and would travel to any place any time any where in the world.live in spain but looking for work in the movie buisness.i am tanned long hair blue eyes and muscular build..contact me.

  6. Im a 45 year male grey hair like mr Clooney,good sense of humor I too can make people laugh 6foot 1 inch 200 pounds of not muscle.I live down the road where this movie will be filmed ive been on location a few times looking real good and its on my friends property,so please give me this once and life time chance to show you what I got thank you.Leslie W L

  7. I would like the opportunity to be cast in this movie once in a life chance to prove to myself that have the ability to become an actor and also I live down the road where this movie is being filmed and also it is on my friends property

  8. Hullo,

    If you're looking for someone to play an alien, call me 😉

    Height: 5'0"
    Eye color: Brown
    Hair color: Brown
    Age: 27
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: Chinese
    Experience: No professional experience. Have mostly done church skits. Also, I don't actually reside in the US, but I would drop whatever I'm doing and BE THERE to audition for this.

    Thank you for your kind consideration and all the best with this film! 🙂

  9. Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Height: 5'5"
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Blue
    Skin: White

    I have been in many musicals and plays – in my high school and in two local acting groups (college and independently produced) but have always wanted an opportunity to be in films. I pour myself into each character I have played, and receive extremely positive feedback on my performances from the directors I've worked under. I very much admire George Clooney's work as he is both professional and talented. It would be an honor to earn the opportunity to work with him and learn from his direction to better my craft. My parents are very supportive and have always helped me pursue acting opportunities in and around my community. A film of this caliber is the next step I would love to make in furthering my acting pursuit – pushing my ability to the next level.

  10. Hi my name is Jayla I am 11 years old have dark brown hair and brown eyes and never afraid to be myself.I love the idea of this movie it seems like it is going to be great, and I would love to have a role in it big or small. Please consider me. Thank You

  11. My name is Hannah and I love to Sing, Dance, and Act. I have been dancing since I was 2 and compete. I haven't been acting for quiet as long but I'm a lead in my school musical this year. I love to act and I am ready to step up to whatever role.
    Age- 13
    Height- 5'8

  12. Name: Angel
    Height: 5'7"
    Eye color: Brown
    Hair color: Extremely dark brown
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Ethnicity: Hispanic
    Experience: Member of Thespian Honor Society, Vice president of my schools theater group, awards given for acting.

  13. Hey! My name is Jill and I live in Texas and im 17. I haven't had that much experience with acting…YET! The only experience I've had is I've taken drama every year since 8th grade. I also did a video tech project film recently where I had the lead role. My teacher and my friends told me that my acting was very good and believable, so it made me think I might actually have a chance at being an actress one day. I've always wanted to be one since I was 13 years old but I never really thought it would've ever worked out. I'm in LOVE with the whole idea of acting and I just LOVE the craft! The love of acting runs in my family. My grandmother always wanted to be in a movie and wished she was Marilyn Monroe, and my mom majored in drama in college but she became a radio DJ instead. I think I would match the description of the role of the teenage girl in this film because i happen to be in the right age limit and I have a naturally pretty look about my face. I have blue eyes, long lashes, strawberry blonde hair with a tint of gold, kind of light skinned, and straight white teeth. I feel like this would be a great opportunity for me to pursue my dreams, and if I don't get the role I will continue to look for other opportunities. The key is to NEVER give up and keep searching! Thank you:)

  14. Hello my name is Helenor (weird name lol) and i am a female i am 13 years old going to be 14 i have blonde hair and my eyes are brown. I would like to be on this film but i dont know where it is lol. if its fine with you could you email me and tell me where it is? Thanks!

  15. Gender: Female
    Height 5'6"
    Hair: Dark brown
    Weight: 142
    Eyes: Hazel

    I grew up performing and I believe this would be a great opportunity. My background includes vocal performance, musicals and dance. I have so much to offer and Tomorrowland could greatly benefit from casting me. Thank you for your consideration.
    -Lacy Eberle

  16. I am insanely interested and enthuastic to be in this!!! I am eleven, 5'2, light brown hair, and happy!!!!! Lol i will tone it down if I get annoying. C'mon dudes!!! Georgie?? My mom thinks your handsome if it matters? Im a girl if you couldnt tell by my name

  17. Hello, my name is Annie. I am 17, it is funny because I look like 15… I have brown hair and dark brown eyes. I am a great singer, but I am also a good dancer. And surprisingly I am not a bad actress, too.

  18. Hi! I would to be in your movie.
    I am 15 years old
    I am 5'5
    I am small I have black and brown hair.
    I have a little experience with acting and modeling. I would make a wonderful actress please consider me. Thank you for reading this.

  19. Hi im Madison im 5"2 1/2 i have green eyes and dirty blonde hair im willing to do anything to be in this film it has a great plot and theme and just to be able to be with a actor like george would be a dream come true i hope you guys contact me soon i would love to be apart of this amazing film.

  20. Hello, my name is Kaylene I'm 11 years old and would live to be in a movie. I have lots of experience. I've been in broadway for 3 years and I love singing but I could never sing in front of someone alone but when it comes to acting I'm totally enthusiastic and outgoing.

  21. Gender: Female
    Age: 20
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: chest length, brown
    Location: Greece
    wihgt: 58kg
    hihgt: 5’7”
    Talents: acting, singing, dancing, Creative Writing, fashion designer, styling

  22. My name is August. I have black hair and brown eyes. I have tan skin. I'm 12 years old. I am a great actor, and I want to start my acting career. I'm 55 inches tall (I think!). Please consider me, for I know I'd be great. Thanks!

  23. Name: Amber Santos
    Age: 20 years old
    Height: 5'3
    Nationality: Irish & Italian
    Skin: White
    Hair: Long straight auburn hair
    Language: English
    I was in a commercial when I was younger and have been acting for 10 years and modeling.

    Thank you,

  24. Hello,
    My name is Hannah Berkowitz and I am 12 years old. I would like to apply for "1952" starring George Clooney. I am unaware of the location and date of the audition and I would really appreciate if someone would tell me some information on it.


  25. ..George My Name Is Zach..And I Would Love To Be In Your Movie…I Am 5 Years Old…And Very Handsome Like You…

  26. Hi, i would love to be part of this film, i would be so exited, i love to act since i was little i did, i was born with it, please just give me this chance you wont regret me, for more info please contact me, i have a lot of inspiration for this since always belive me
    this would be a big step for me to start my career as an actress.

    Age: 16 look like 14-15
    Height: 5'6
    Weight: 108 lbs
    Hair: Dark brown
    Ethnicity: American,Latin.
    Eyes: Dark brown
    Acting Experience: Since always i act, and i can do everything, any kind of paper.
    Pd. i hope you respond 🙂
    It would be an honor to act in this production really it would be so wonderful
    Please consider me!

  27. It is my dream to become a movie star and I moved out from Los Angeles last year devoting my life to acting. Training all last year and submitting myself to auditions and casting calls some of the time, but mostly training. I am 110% dedicated to make this dream come true and my dreams are what I live for.

  28. I am very interested in being a part of it
    Of just one chance it would mean world to me please contact me of casting calls for anything

  29. I believe it would truly be "awesome" to have an uncommon opportunity to work with Mr. Handsome. I don't use that word, because I never felt it, but to work with George Clooney, that would be "heaven on earth", and a moment I've been waiting on for a very loooooong time. I'll even work as an extra.

  30. Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 130

    Brown hair & eyes

    Who wouldn't be interested in young talent like myself for this film! I am hard worker willing to work! I am interested in the supernatural.

  31. hello, i am really looking into being a part of this film. but as i do not know where it is or when i am just looking to see if you could email me back… thanks alot

  32. I love the concept and i like that the movie is something different. I would like to be giving the opportunity to audition for this role because i think it would be an amazing experience and i hope im considered.

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