Wipeout - ABC
The Nationwide Casting Search has begun. We need dynamic women and men to be part of a ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY to win a $50,000 PRIZE

The world famous TV producer that brought you Fear Factor and Deal or No Deal, Endemol USA, is casting more reality tv episodes of ABC’s hit WIPEOUT. In every episode, 24 contestants will compete to take home a $50,000 prize while conquering the world’s largest obstacle course.

Remember, you do not need to be an athlete to participate.

• MEN AND WOMEN over 18 years of age.
• Legal residents of the U.S.
• Must be able to swim.
• Fun, strong-willed, outgoing, and have a great sense of humor.

For more information about submitting yourself for WIPEOUT you can head here abc.go.com/site/casting and be sure to leave a comment below and let us know why you would be the next WIPEOUT champion.

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  1. My name is Nikolai, I would be a great contestant beCause I’m funny,competitive,outgoing, fun to be around and have a great personality. In person garenteed you’ll love me.

  2. I think my funny and my lack of money could be great for myslef and wipeout. I have below Ave sense of humor and highly intelligent. What a great mix. Thanks, Danny V

  3. Wipeout is still one of the GREATEST obstacles course show on television. I’ve been watching since I was about 15 and now I’m 20 so I figured why not bring on the balls 🛑. I would bring anyone to shame💪🏾

  4. I am a 41 yr old male and a father of two with one on the way. I am an excellent swimmer and can conquer any obstacle you throw in front if me. I want to show my kids that I still have what it takes to do what I have my mind set to.

  5. 6', 185lbs. I am a husband and father of 2. My youngest is a diabetic and I want to show him we can do anything and still have FUN. In life, I am a Sales Director an on "Stage" all the time. At 38, I'm not what I was but fell I can knock this out. If you ask my staff and coworkers how it is working with me, they always reply, "If you enjoy crazy…".

  6. I've always wanted to go do the course. It looks like so much fun! I'm close to 50 years old, but I know I can conquer those big red balls! Balls to the wall Baby!

  7. dang this has been my favorite show since I was little and it made smile and laugh and now that I'm 19 I want to make other youngins slime and laugh

  8. 40 somethin, short, full of fun life experiences, would love to make conquering Big Red Balls one of my bucketlist tallies… Plus, a chance at winning 50k just having fun…why the hell not.

  9. I see "Big Red Balls"in my future!! I need to be on WipeOut in 2018 it's been too long, and I ain't getting any younger. 40 something, tiny, and full of funnies… Send me the casting application, I wanna win WipeOut Harrrrrd. 💩

  10. I’ve loved watching wipeout ever since it aired, but every episode I wished deep down I could try the wipeout course myself. Now I have the chance! The money would go to my family being on wipeout would be reward enough! 😀

  11. Being on wipeout would be a dream!!! I know i could win and it would be a blast im excellent swimmer but not so much an athlete im 6'4 225 lbs from fayetteville ar please give me the opportunity!

  12. I am Johann and I want to compete on wipeout and you know I already have $4 in my pocket and $50000 is great for me normaly I come from South Africa but I travel the world and you guys are lucky becuse I am turning 18 this year and I'd love to meet John Anderson and John Henson and the show looks like fun and I know I can make it with my swimming and running skills and if I make it I might offer them something all 3 of them so please pick me I am asking you nicely

  13. I like this show I watched it for my life and the show looks like fun and you guys are so lucky becuse I am turning 18 this year and I also like to meet John Anderson and John henson and you know if I win wipeout I will have $54000 in my pocket and I have great swimming skiills to so if you don t belive me I will show you my running skills to I am fast like the SAAB gripen and I will bring my best friend to join me and I know I can make it

  14. Dana and I would be PERFECT for this!! we are super athletic and Love to have fun and joke around! WE ARE CHAMPIONS

  15. I think this show needs an Afghan to try out and I fit the perfect description 22 years old some what athletic great sense of humor .goal is to show em how the big red balls are done

  16. Get this, college student at the University of Central Florida willing to risk the well being of his body to amuse the entire country. Boom that’s me! I’ll have the 2nd largest University in the country tuned in to watch me destroy some balls!

  17. I am from spain and I am currently American resident, I would like to demonstrate that we are more than 🐂 fighter,💃, 💤 and 🥘. Wipeout power baby!!!

  18. Love the show, been watching for years

    I'm terrible at swimming which is why I wouldn't fall into the water, but thank god for that life preserver incase worse case scenario I do go down I'll slowly drift over to the ladder

    Hope you pick my entry, no idea how to properly audition, if you're doing a sibling episode, choose myself and my two older brothers. We're here for a good time, not a long time

  19. This is the way to earn money!! Having fun and get beaten up. I can do this! Woot woot I’m so ready. Where is this happening anyway..?

  20. Hello my name is Brionna aka Brii and i think i would be the best wipout competitor. Ive been watching this show since i was young (that and fear factor) and ive always wanted to be apart of those shows. Im very fun and outgoing and i love to swim omg this would be the best thing ever to get a chamce to be on this show

  21. Hi,
    My name is Natalie and I am 2o years old. I think I would be a very entertaining contestant on "Wipeout" I have cat like reflexes and I am so quick on my feet. I also know that I will be the 2018 wipeout champion no doubt about it so BRING IT ONN BIG RED BALLS!!! pls pick me (;

  22. Whole time I was watching this show I was smiling and now it’s time to make other people smile:)))
    Actually I need that money:)))



  24. Wow! What an opportunity. I am 19 years old and would love the chance to be on the show. I find it absolutely hilarious and have been watching this show since I was a kid with my family.

  25. This has always been a wish of mine. I would really love to be on the show. I always like trying new challenges (especially since im short) but i dont let anything stop me. Making people laugh is what makes my day, and this is the perfect way to do it.

  26. I can’t wait to make a complete fool of myself on National TV. I have a 5 year old son and that boy is hilarious!!!! He has totally transformed me and helped my wild and crazy side to be released!!!!!! I don’t want live with and regrets or miss out on an amazing opportunity to have Fun!!!!!!!! I’ve never wanted to be punched in the face so badly bye an obstacle before as I do right now writing this!!!!!! Big Red Balls, I need to bounce on those bad boys!!!!!!

  27. I am 20 years An very athletic and great swimmer and would absolutely love an opportunity to be a part of this show and take on each obstacle an try an win 😂! An got a very great sense of humor I actually got to much of a sense of humor I love this show !

  28. Me & my fiancé would love to be on wipe out! We absolutely love watching the show! It’s so hilarious and we would love for people to watch us complete the challenge!

  29. I defiantly should be on to show everyone how a mom of 7 can kick butt. lol If i got picked i would probably pee my pants! My family and i would be so excited if i were to get picked! pick me please!

  30. Hi! My names Mason Brown I'm 19 years old and I was a kicker in highschool for our football team. I love wipeout, I watch it all the time and I'd love to join the show. I'd also love to join the show for my aunt who was diagnosed with cancer last spring and I'd love to get on so she could see me do the course and have fun

  31. Can’t find anything on how to get on Wipe Out! I’ve loved this show ever since I was 8, I would love to be on it! I’ve applied every year for the last 3 years! It’s one of the things on my lifetime goals.

  32. Hi My name is Jewell. I would be the next wipeout champion because I got skills and good vibes like the Caribbean breeze. I am very athletic, so I think I would be capable

  33. I went to the website and nothing about wipeout came up. I even typed it in. I'd love to be and want to be on wipeout not just for a shot for 50k but to say I did it and to have fun.

  34. My boyfriend and I are very competitive! We always have these arguments about who's better at what or who's going to win. It would be amazing for us to be on this show and compete against each other. I know for a fact I can easily make it farther than he could haha.

  35. Yahoo, it'd b a good TIME if I got on the show, I say a bunch of litty stuff am 18 was on the swim team, plus goin to cali would b neat

  36. My name is Thomas Braxton Jr. I've watched every episode of wipe out including Canada. I would love the opportunity to be a part of it. I hated the fact it ever went off air.

  37. PLEASE consider me as a contestant for Wipeout. My name is Gretchen. I am 2o years old and always wanted to be on this show since I was a teenager. I am a strong swimmer, DETERMINED and punny.

  38. Yes, I believe I am 8 months too late into this application thing for 2017…BUT I am ready to be a champion on wipeout because I actually can land on the foam platforms and STAY on the platform.What? You don't believe me??
    Guess I have to go on the show and prove it since that's the only way to back that statement up.

    I've got gumption-swear.

  39. Hi yall I am a great swimmer lived near the beach and pools in south Florida. I have watched Wipeout since the first episode, fun, energetic, love games, love sports especially types with water, and very competitive.

  40. Hi everyone my name is Lisa, I have watched Wipeout since the first episode. being 48 most would think that people my age would not have the energy nor the excitement to be a contestant. I would love to be a contestant, very energetic and competitive I am a strong swimmer lived near the beach and pools all my life, taught my kids how to swim, looking forward to being a contestant.

  41. Hey, my name's Clay! I'm a college dropout because I believe I was brought into this world to be the best at Wipeout. I have an intense training program that includes watching kung fu panda and all things food network. I'm also a banana, just full of potassium so you know those darn cramps won't get in the way when I'm crushing your course. I'm also super tall and lanky and people say I run real funny like. if I won I would probably go to college, my mom says that's a good goal to have in life.


  43. It's a really great opportunity for laborious & smart players (man &woman). I'm a player and want to join and player this game with own risk.

  44. It's a really great opportunity for laborious & smart players (man & woman).i'm a player and want to join and play with own risk.

  45. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? WHO WOULDN'T WANT TO BE ON WIPEOUT! Hi, Y'all my name is Taylor and ! would be an EXCELLENT choice as a contestant on Wipeout! I'm 20 years old and as SPUNKY as ever! I watch Wipeout all the time and I know i would make a perfect fit. WHY?! because I'm full of ENERGY a good sport and have an incredible sense of humor! I'm a strong swimmer and in fact I played water polo in high school! I am very COMPETITIVE and I can crack some pretty funny jokes(;

  46. Hey I'm kohle (Cole) me and my friends want to do this very badly, it would be hilarious to watch each other wipe out we are all 18 please help us complete a bucket list item

  47. Hello my name is Andrew Rodriguez and I'm 18 years old. There is no show if there is no Andrew in it. I would be a perfect contestant for this show cause I have the strength of a bull, the intellect of a dolphin and the speed of a cheetah. I have a god built body and I would be a tough one to beat. I enjoy watching wipeout and wish to be on it and feel the experience. I want to tell my kids that I was on a show called wipeout. I'm a very warm hearted person and I love interacting with people. I'm mostly known for my dorky impressions and my sense of humor. You will not regret it if you choose me as your contestant. To be blunt with you; I just want to try something crazy and fun in my life and make every moment count! I would crap my pants if I get picked to be on this show lol

  48. Hi!
    My name is Kaina Liverpool, I am 20 years old and I want to be on WipeOut! I have a very outgoing personality, I am optimistic and energetic. Although I am an optimistic person, I am also very competitive when I need to be. I have always loved games that involve water, I don't know if it's because of my sign, but I just love playing in water. I love to laugh and tend to laugh at myself a lot, especially since I am clumsy(which I am commonly known to be). I hope I get chosen because I am a happy person and feel that my personality can brighten up the show.

  49. Oh man this would be too cool! I'm a 22 year old athletic male with great people skills. I'm currently the opening manager of tjs but I would love the chance to prove that I'm not all work and no play I can take whatever you can throw at me.I can be the next wipeout champion!

  50. My name is Ayman and I would be the next wipeout champion because i was personally trained by Yoda and My last name is skywalker 🙂

  51. Hello, my name is Ariel and I would love to be a part of my favorite show growing up! I'm an 18 years old college student college student studying Information Technology but, I enjoy challenging myself as well with working out. This once in a lifetime opportunity would make me so happy!
    Plus it would be hysterical to see myself struggle.

  52. I watch the show when ever i can. I have more energy then most.or all i'm a show off or clown, class clown I Have a skills when it comes to outdoors sports i rise to the challenge 24/7.. now can u dig it!!!!?????????

  53. My name is kaci Malicoat I live in Guthrie oklahoma I'm 20 years old I love making people laugh being competitive and just having a good time I do know how to swim I'm funny outgoing and not afraid to get dirty pick me and the whole world will be laughing!(: BIG RED BALLS IM COMING FOR YA! pick me!

  54. I'm a 19 year old in the army and I've always loved Wipeout and have always wanted to try it… I blow stuff up and jump out of airplanes so I'm all about doing insane stuff!!!

  55. I just turned 18 and I've been watching wipeout since it's been on TV! I've always wanted to go on wipeout and now that I've turned 18 in ready. I play rugby at my school and we've won 5 Minnesota state championships in a row and going for 6 this year. I'm very outgoing and always have energy radiating off of me. I'm ready to take on this challenge and win!

  56. I am an 18 year old female . natural klutz . I'm trying to raise money for my own place . I have a great sense of humor . very athletic . quick on my feet . and am up to do anything . once someone tells me I cant do it , I will do it !

  57. Hi wipeout, Im from Australia have a mate called Rody and his 33 and got a bit of go about him. To be honest he would be great entertainment and challenger/ competitor in your Amazing obstacle Course for 2017/18 .plz I'm dieing just to see him try 😉

  58. Mate, I'm Aussie and would slam everyone on this show. I've won every competition I've entered into and know I would just dominate in this. I've watched these geasers in the past play and they've got nothing on my hand eye coordination and timing. So chuck us in the show for a laugh. It would be the best thing you ever did

  59. Mate, I'm Aussie, and would smash this show. I win every competition I have ever entered into and know I would dominate in this. It would be a walk in the park. I've watched these geasers from past episodes play and they have nothing on me with my hand eye coordination skills and timing. I've always wanted a chance to show how good I am at this so chuck us on for a laugh. It would be the best thing you ever did.

  60. I want to be in Wipeout because I have watched it my whole life and for this whole time I want to compete in it and meet the John Hension and John Anderson. I also want to either be with my Dad or go against him.

  61. This is one of the best shows ever! I am running the ROC RACE New England this year just to live my dream of being on this show!

  62. Dear Wipeout,
    I'm a 20 year old girl from Northern Ca that has always LOVED wipeout! I love water and being active. I recently hiked Half Dome, complete the SD Rock n Roll Marathon and love to waterski! I also love cats, Jesus, traveling, public speaking, unicycling, painting and photography. I would LOVE to be on your show by myself, or as a sibling edition with my 18 year old brother. We love binge watching Wipeout and it's been our dream for a long time to be on the show together! He is an aspiring drummer with a huge blonde curly fro! If you are doing a family episode, both my parents are physically active and up for the challenge! My dad is a jet ski racer and small business owner and my mom is a whole foods/health queen, has run 3 marathons, loves waterskiing as well, and has a great sense of humor! Thank you for taking the time to get to know our family and I hope we you will give us a shot! WE LOVE YOU WIPEOUT! <3

  63. I'm a 23 year old free spirit from Boston living in San Diego that just started getting into fitness. I decided I needed a new goal and I've always wanted to be on wipeout! I would be super excited and honored to be on the show!

  64. Hello,

    I am an 18 year old female who lives in Pennsylvania.
    I grew up in a family of eleven kids, all who were homeschooled.
    I am an equestrian competitor and trainer.
    I've trained in multiple sports and love a good challenge.
    I believe I would bring forth a unique dynamic to the show with my background and competitive personality.
    Thank you for your consideration.

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