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Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Witness Protection – Movie

Madea's Witness Protection
Madea’s Witness Protection

Tyler Perry is coming back to theaters everywhere and he’s bringing the character that started it all back to his loyal audience of millions. Madea’s Witness Protection is the latest installment in the heartwarming and hilarious Madea series and Mr. Perry and his team are currently holding casting calls looking for performers of all ages and experience to round out the cast of this highly anticipated new film.

Madea’s Witness Protection will find the Madea and brother Joe alive and well living down south. When a high level New York  Chief Financial Officer is implicated of running  a Ponzi scheme on the mob he and his family is put into the Witness Protection Program – at Madea’s house! This will be yet another hilarious adventure for the fabulous  Madea and Joe with the fish out of water New Yorkers forced to live down south with the Simmons family. Starring alongside Mr. Perry will be Eugene Levy (American Pie), Denise Richards (Scary Movie 3), singing/acting sensation Romeo Miller and possibly you in one of the many supporting and extras roles yet to be filled. Audition notices will be posted soon and you can submit yourself today. You can find more information here  tylerperry.com/auditions/keep-me-posted/ , keep checking in for all of the exciting updates and be sure to leave a comment for us below.

There is no bigger name in film, television and theater production today than Mr. Tyler Perry and now you could be a part of one of his amazing productions. Tyler Perry is truly the voice of a generation and a talented unlike any other. Madea and the gang is coming back for an all new 4th film adventure and it will be filled with colorful and hilarious roles for actors just like you. Submit yourself today to become a cast member of the next Perry classic, Madea’s Witness Protection.

62 thoughts on “Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Witness Protection – Movie

  1. It would be the start of a new career for me. I have followed his plays from the days in NYC. I act and sing in local church productions. I am retiring from my job…the children are adults and I am ready to pursue what I truly have in my heart….theatre and film. I am 62…do not look my age, am energetic, have a quick ability to learn and just feel this is my "time". Hope to hear from you.

  2. hi tyler perry its an honor just talking about you. im a 13 year old about 5'11. I have brown eyes and brown curly hair. im tan and im big for my size. I have seen all your movies and it would be awesome to actually to be in your movie. I have been in four plays and would love to step it up a notch. god bless you tyler perry!

  3. Hello Mr Perry,

    Why should I be your next best Actress on this production? Experience, Wits, Beauty, Brains, Comedic Timing, Stage Presence, Laser Beam focus, Spirit-Led, and Raw Talent. I also Write!

    @MizzJ_Jae on IG


    Jo Anne

  4. Hi my is Duque Merzius,I am from Haiti I would like to be in you're movies.whenever you looking for an Haitian just let me in.thank you and god bless you perry!!!

  5. I am an african woman and would like to be in your show. I have an acting experience. I acted in an african movies, so whenever you're looking for an african accent speaking person or anything about africa, then let it be me.

  6. Hi my name is Laura Romero, I am 23years I was born in Dominican Republic and raised in the U.S. I am Fluent in English and spanish. I am a happy, funny, outgoing,and very honest woman, I have such a passion for actin, and I hope that one day my dream comes true! Why should I be part of this project; because I am a peoples person, I love meeting new people, and I work well with others, I take my job very serious, and I love acting. I would love to be part of this, and work with Tyler Perry!

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  8. Please Pick me . How do I audition. I really need to audition. Pick me, ill really show u that I would do a great job..I won't let u down Tyler Perry..(:

  9. please Pick me. How do I audition. I Reallt need to audition. Pick me, ill show u that I really want to play a part in this movie (: keep me posted.

  10. Hi, I'm Georna Cockrell I'm 5'9 I'm 16 year old and I would like to be in this movie because I Love Tyler Perry movies in I would Love to be in any of his movie because I know I would do good acting in any parts . I love Tyler Perry so much..his movies are wonderful. (:

  11. i love the way adrenaline feels i am a dare devil you can say i only speak english but i can do other accents i am perfect for this part because one i love to act ,two im not afread to act and three i have emotions locked up inside of me form alot of people so i just want to get that out of my system like i can cry and much more i am porter rican i have light brown eyes and brownish black hair with a little red die on the bottom i am 16 i am short 4'11 and i want to do this as much as words cant explain and i cant explain how much i can do this i am a confident girl so i hope you pick me 🙂

  12. I should be in the movie because I am very entertaining to watch. Very dramatic and I have a natural talent for acting. That's what I am always told by my family members. Truth is I've been through a lot and I am ready to give my all to show the world that I have talent. This chance would be a true blessing for me and I will not let you down. I can sing,dance and act. I hope that I will be chosen I feel I've been hiding behind the curtains for to long!

  13. I should be in the movie because I am very entertaining to watch. Very dramatic and I have a natural talent for acting. That's what I am always told by my family members. Truth is I've been through a lot and I am ready to give my all to show the world that I have talent. This chance would be a true blessing for me and I will not let you down. I can sing,dance and act. I hope that I will be chosen I feel I've been hiding behind the curtains for to long! It's my time I'm 21 and I can't let another opportunity like this pass me by. I am a real big fan of Mr. Perry and I feel I would be a perfect fit in his future productions.

  14. Hello, let me start by saying that i am 36 years old and i have always wanted to sing and act, it is my passion, however i chose to raise my two children and of course there was some doubt about weather or not my age would play a part of me being able get a roll, i am ready to try. I love Tyler Perry and i would be honored to be a part of any thing that he has a hand in.

  15. Birthday/age: June 11, 1987
    Gender: Male
    Skin: Brown
    Eyes: Dark Brown
    Hair: Black
    Height: 6'0
    Skills: Acting, Modeling

    Hey its me again and all i want to say is i can do this ive never been in a movie and that sounds bad but i feel something inside of me thats way bigger than me. I just need the chance to shine. I dont want to look like im begging but i just really believe i can perform. Youve already done so much for me and ive never even met you! I really want to be apart of this. I want to be apart of HISTORY!

  16. Hi I'm Jhakyra pronounced ( Jakeria) Marie McKinney , I am 12 years old and I live in Orlando Florida . I love sing dancing and acting . Those three are an important part of me that help me alot . I sing at church and school I act in plays at church , school , and at home with my friends for fun . I used to question if I was ready for something as amazing , exciting and serious like this but as as I have been on auditions and have been practicing and I realized that it is something I love doing and would love to share it with others . I would love to be apart of the movie . Well thanks so much , have a great day

  17. My name is Derrica and I'm 14 years old. I've seen almost all of the original plays and enjoy Mr. Perry's work. It would be amazing to be in one of his movies.
    Exspecially a Madea movie.

  18. Name: JustUs Perkins
    Age: 15
    Gender: female
    Height: 5"4"
    Weight: 118 lbs.
    Hair color: Black
    Hair length:shoulder length
    Eye color: brown
    Skin color: African American/ Lightskinned
    Languages: English,French,Piglatin(lol)
    Perfomance skills: Acting, athletic, can sing,
    Birthday: 11/22/96

    Hi, JustUs Perkins. I'm a 15 year old african american . I have long black hair, and brown eyes. I enjoy acting, dancing and preforming. I am very funny, and love being happy. . Please consider me for this show. I'm ready for any role possible! Thanks!

  19. Dreams, goal oriented and ambition are just a few reason why i should be part of this wonderful film. I have cried, laughed and love all of Tyler Perry's movies. It would be an honor to be able to be apart of this wonderful experience.I have DREAMED of being an actress since i was 3 years old.I am now 15 turning 16 in Noveber.I truly believe that if you want something in life you have to work for it. I believe this is my chance to get what i have been wanting almost all of my life.Having even a small role or even being an extra will be okwith me. BUT thats not what im going to work for. I promise to give 115% and some be be an actress. Im tired of everyone telling me im not going to be anyone or do anything with my life. A role in this mivie will change my life in a major way.I would truely appreciate the opportunity and thank you very much for giving me the time.



  20. Acting has always been my dream, but I have never pursued it until now. The reason being is because I strongly believe in giving my best to anything I have a passion for and after becoming pregnant at an early age, my passion became being a mother. Even though my role as a mother never ceases, now that she is of age to care for herself, it gives me a chance to pursue and give my all to acting; and with a spirit of excellence. I simply adore Mr. Tyler Perry, his tremendous talent, his humble character and his hard work reminds me so much of me and the natural talent we both share is simply epic. With this opportunity, I can show the world the great gift that God has bestowed upon and I'm quite sure God would be pleased with me showcasing my talents in a positive light! Oh and Mr. Perry, I'm quite confident you will be pleased with my acting talent as well.

  21. honestly it would be a dream come true. I have a career now but for my whole life ive yearned to be on the big screen giving my all into something i love dearly. It would be more than just a opportunity it would be life changing!!!

    AGE:16 AS OF 2012

  23. Love a chance to work with an amazing man like tyler perry. Im 32 yrs old and noone will give me a chance because I have no experience. My mother wouldnt let me complete my dream of acting she wantes me to work. I would just like a chance to see if I have any hope or talent. Im hard working, dedicated, honest. Thank u

  24. Name: Janeane Jones
    Birthday/age: August 12, 1998
    Gender: Female
    Skin: Brown
    eyes: Dark Brown
    Hair: Jet Black
    Height: 5'5
    Skills: Acting, Singing, Modeling, Dancing
    Description: I love to sing, act model and dance. Did 2 schools and both got lead singing roles. I dance for 5 years and model for 2, so im very photogenic. Hope you let me show you what i got. Thanks for your time.

  25. Name:Doenisha Forrester
    Age: 14
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Texture/ Length of hair: Curly/ Long
    Skin Color: Tan
    Ethnicity: African American/ White

    I am a resent graduate of Actors,
    Models,& Talent for Christ.I have been intensively trained in the entertainment industry,I have had several private singing lessons as well as group singing lessons, and also have been trained in On Stage Acting.
    The types of acting I have been trained for are:
    On Camera
    Product Endorsment
    Scene Read
    & Cold Read

    I would love to serve your TV station in any way. Thank you for considering me.

  26. My name is Larry Charles Donehue II. I am 31 years old, 5ft 7inches 209pds. I am an aspiring comedian orignally from Atlanta, Ga but presently living in New Jersey with my wife of three years whom i relocated temporaily for. I am described as silly, funny, stupid (in a good way, a great husband, father, God fearing, risk taker, etc. I believe I would be an asset to this movie or any other Tyler Perry film. I also and willing to learn from this experience and use it to better myself and achieve my goals of becoming a comedian/actor.

  27. I would like 2 be in this movie because I Love Tyler Perry movies in I would Love 2 be in any of his movie because they have a lesson in every movie in they are very funny ..
    I'm 16 I have brown hair in brown eye in I'm about 5'4 in would Love 2 be in on of his movies ..!!

  28. My name is Ana Cristina Ruiz
    age: 22
    hair: brunette / blonde by choice
    eyes: blue
    height: 5'2
    weight: 118
    body type: athletic/tone
    best physical feature: eyes and smile

  29. Hi, i'm brittney and i'm 14. I love Tyler Parry movies and l would very much like the oppertunity to be in an Tyler Parry movie. Also I love acting to the extreme. I would be very honored if I got an chance like this.

  30. hello my name is Melissa and i should be apart of this movie because i would love to work with TYLER PERRY its always been my dream im aspiring actress this would be a good start for acting is my passion

  31. Im very interested in doing a film like this love tyler perry films and would be ecstatic to be in such a film acting is a passion of mine not a hobby please consider me soon as possible:)

  32. My name is Jasmine and im 15 years old. i live in Georgia and my birthday is December 28. First of all I am a Big fan of Madea. Gooo Madea. Lol, she's entertainment to me and my family, Watching her is so funny. I would like to have a part in this movie because I love to act and most of all, i would love to be able to have the chance to act beside Madea !

  33. Dreams, goal oriented and ambition are just a few reason why i should be part of this wonderful film. I have cried, laughed and love all of Tyler Perry's movies. They all have a true meaning and in some way relate to the viewers. It would be an honor to be able to be part of this wonderful experience. Although i may not have much experience i do give it my all and perform at 110%. This is my dream my passion to be able to perform. Not only would this be for myself but also for my beautiful parents so that they can finally rest and it can be my turn to take care of them and enjoy their life. If chosen, you will not regret it. Thanks for your time.

  34. I think I should be apart of the film because I love Tyler Perry and I love MADEA!!! And I love Tyler Perry's Christian messages he sends through all of his films! 🙂

  35. Hello!
    My name is Ashanti. I am 20 years old and I happen to be a MAJOR Tyler Perry fan. I am a very creative and enthusiastic person. I am 5"0 short for my age, yet I have a huge personality. I can be very dramatic but that's who I am. I express myself through dramatic expression, which includes: Acting in skits, stage plays, writing, and drawing. I am looking forward to being a person apart of this movie and if given the audition, I can assure you, I WILL have you remembering me!! Thank you.

  36. my name is Aniya I love to act and very good at acting and I am good at singing. the reason why I think I should be in it because I love acting that is one of my favorite things and I have done acting before.

  37. I'm Havilah Driver and I'm an aspiring actress. Acting has always been a passion of mine. During high school, I had the pleasure of acting in small productions. I have a very outgoing personality and free-spirited. I can do several impersonations, as well as sing and dance. I had the opportunity to write, direct and produce two short films. Furthermore, I had the opportunity to play the lead in What Goes Around, a short film. I would love to audition to be a part of your production. Essentially, I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to showcase my talent.

    Thank you for your time.

  38. I think I should be apart of this movie, because I'm a really good actor and I love Tyler Perry's movies. I also love to act crazy just like Madea!!

  39. Hi im Breonnah Kinchen im 17 and i think that i should be apart of the movie because i love to watch and act out scenes from all tyler perrys movie i can say that i deserve it well over anyone whos experienced but i know i wouldnt disappoint if i was apart it would be a magical experience for me

  40. Our Name's Are
    Lakesha Andd Nivea
    Age: 14
    I Have Lotts Of Enegy
    I Want To Be Apart Of This Movie Because I Play To Have Fun Alott But I Must Admit Im Shy And Around SomeKids…,
    But My Grandma Always Tells Me Should Be A(n) Actor…So I Wanted To Try And Be On This Movie To Give It A Shot And See If She's Right…
    Age: 14
    Im Enegetic/Athletic
    I Play BasketBall Im Very Good And Im Smart Iv Been On Track Andd I Would Love To Be N This Movie Because I Love Comedy And I Dont Want My Sister By Herself In This… :)..

  41. I am very interested in being a part of this production! I am 21 years young with a vibrant and outgoing personality. I am very talented, easy to work with and a quick learner. Please contact soon.

  42. I want to start off by sayng I am a huge fan of tyler perry films. I find it impressive how he uses everyday life and gives you a natural understanding of the positive message behind the story being told. I feel like I can be a great asset to his company. I have that million dollar smile every producer/director looks for. I can take direct criticism very well and use it at my advantage. keep me posted

  43. I think I would do good for the part because I have been trying to act my whole life. This has been a dream for me and I feel auditioning for Tyler Perry would be the best way to make my skills better. I know that he will make me work hard, and that is EXACTLY what I am looking for. PLEASE CONSIDER ME. Thank you and have a wonderful day.

  44. I'm a 23 years old female from UK. I believe I should be given a part in this movie because I believe I have what it takes. I am hard working dedicated and very ambitious. I have always wanted to becomes an actor/director/screenwriter since I was 15. I've always enjoyed drama and enjoy acting. I have a background with the Meisner technique and have been in a few plays. I believe I have what it takes to do this but I just need to be given a chance to prove that. I am a very diverse actress who can do New Yorkers accent, Southerner accent, British accent. I am able to adapt to any character I am giving and obtain in depth research in order to play the character accurately.

  45. I love all of Tyler Perry's movies and plays. I'd love to be a part of it. I'm a model trying to venture off into acting. I played an extra on the upcoming film featuring Eva Marcille, "The Cheater's Club". But I'd like to land a speaking role.

  46. I am interested in auditioning! I am an actress in Philadelphia and would love this opportunity!! Thank you in advance.

  47. Hello my name is Dawnia Simmons and I've been a fan of Tyler Perry for years as in wanting to be in Tyler Perry's movie… I think I should get picked to be in the movie because I've always wanted to be an actor I've been wanting to act since I was a kid I'm 25 years old and I'm a single parent chasing my dream and actin is one of them I always told myself if I had an opportunity to be able to audition for one of Tyler Perry's movie I will make him proud please pick me please thank you!!!!!!mauh!!!!!;)

  48. Hello im 25 years old with a baby face i think u everyone deserve a chance just give me a scrip and i promise u i will nell it on my son please give me a chance

  49. Hello i think i should be apart of this movie because everyone deserve a chance i come from a deep struggle and i justwanna become something big and nd not only that its prefect for me i would do great

  50. Hi my name is Tiffaney Pendleton and I know that I would be great in this Madea film because I am a very sweet girl with a sassy attitude. Raised by my grandmother whom acts exactly like Madea I have some of those crazy traits aswell. I have been looking for a way to get into the movie industry but its not easy at all, I know that Mr.Perry will be pleased with my innocent face with the east coast flare. I promise I will not let you down.

  51. I wanna get my acting career off the ground, its been a dream of mines since I was a young girl, I really wish for the opportunity to get info about auditioning for the Tyler Perry Movie & will do everything in my power to make it there & make the best of it all with my heart & soul. I haven't had the chance to get my foot in the door or resources to get started but I'm more ready then ever & no better way to start than with the Mr. Tyler Perry… his talent, his work, his abilty to do the things he does inspires me & keeps me motivated to believe. I know I have the talent I just need a chance to show that I have what it takes… THANK YOU 🙂

  52. Tyler perry's movies are wonderful and inspirational and I love that he is and gratefully declares himself as a christian and I would love the opportunity to act in his movies. I love acting so much and always have since I was little. I think I have a lot of aspects that I could offer not just the movie but to the people I could work with.

  53. I know it would be an dream and a honor to work with and for mr perry all his movies send positive messages and motivate you to change your situation so i would love to be a part even if it small in his movie..Thanks in advance and I will keep supporting your movies.

  54. I'm an awesome singer and entertainer… I'm in love with the lord and also a very fast leaner I have also act in a play (you better be glad I'm saved).. Just give me a chance and I will not let you down.. Thanks God blessed.

  55. I believe that I should be apart of Tyler Perrys new movie because I am I huge fan. I love his work and everything that he is doing for the African American community. He has opened doors & have made it possible for more African American faces to grace the television screen. Tyler is truly an amazing & talented person & and I will be honored to have the opportunity to work with him.

    On a professional note, I am an aspiring actress. I studied Theatre while in high school, but acting has been a passion of mine since I was a little girl. I am 21 years old now and that desire to act has not gone away. I may not have much field experience, but I did star in and helped write a play my senior year called ”High School for Dummies”. I was told I did great. I am a fast learner and I know I will be perfect for this movie.

  56. Oh my goodness! (In my Shanae Nae voice) I would be a good supporting actress in this movie. I love to make people laugh! Being a part of this movie would mean a lot to me…Thank you!

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