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How To Rock
How To Rock

How To Rock is Nickelodeons latest sitcom production and with it’s premier date coming soon it is poised to be their next breakout hit. Casting is happening as we speak for this exciting new show.  This is an opportunity for all fans of the mega popular channels other hit series like Big Time Rush, iCarly and Victorious to be a part of an all new TV favorite.

How To Rock stars Cymphonique Miller, the daughter of rap superstar Master P and sister of Romeo (Lil’ Romeo) Miller in her first leading role. Cymphonique  stars as Kacey Simon a beautiful, popular and mean teen girl who loses her cool status when she has to “rock” braces and glasses for a short time. The teasing that Kacey feels from her former friends teaches her the error of her ways and allows her to meet a whole new group of friends who likes her for who she is and not what she looks like. Kacey then decides to take her fresh outlook on life and express it through music by starting a band with her new friends. Laughs abound as Kacey and her new group make their way through school and through a rivalry with another band led by her former friends. How To Rock is based on a series of popular books entitled ‘How To Rock Braces And Glasses’ by Meg Haston, How To rock will have no shortage of funny and fantastic stories to tell. How To Rock is a lock to be one of the most watched shows in the history of Nick! The season is shooting now with the first show set to air on February 4th so leave a comment today and check back for more updates.

This could be your big break. This could be your chance to be the next Nickelodeon star.  Show the world what you’ve got, show everyone How To Rock!

740 thoughts on “How To Rock – Nickelodeon

  1. Hey I am David Munyao from Kenya.I love acting so much.I have in many school plays since I was 9 and now am 17,mostly I featured as the main character .If you pick me It will be a dream come true and also help come to the US since there is no money here in my family.

  2. Hey I am Karmela , a 13 year old Filipino who lives in Canada Sundre, I have been singing basically my whole life and I know I have a small chance of being chosen but its my dream to become a successful artist and I will do what ever it takes to get there

  3. Hi …….am harun from kenya am 19years old. i have always wanted to be an actor i just love acting so how at my school and at home it really makes my little brother happy n i wanna show want i can do to the world plus being the first teen from kenya to act at hollywood it is a dream true..thanks for your time.

  4. Hi my name is J.C. I'm 14 and being apart of how to rock was always my dream or even standing next to Cymphonique Miller, she's my idol. I can sing anyone of her songs. How to rock was a show that taught you how to be yourself no matter what and it showed me how to find my passion which was singing. I was bullied and I made a connection with Kasey(Cymphonique) that made me feel as if I was looking in a mirror and that she's telling me to be myself.

  5. Hi my name is nakyia and im 13 live in chicago illinois. I love watching how to rock my favorite character is cymphonique miller i love her so much so i think you all should pick me because i love acting and singing and i always wanted to be an actress one day now this is the chance to make my dreams finally come true so i hope you all consider me if you dont then ill keep trying and trying until i accomplish what im after of so i hope you all consider me for the part if not then i keep doing what im good at and that is acting and singing. So i hope you all pick me thank you very much for this opportunity.

  6. Hello, my name is Diego Ramirez
    If you give my the blessing of auditioning for you, you will not regret it. I give my very being to what ever is set in front of me. I will do what ever it takes, for example loosing weight, gaining weight. Thank you and good luck with your show.
    Height: 5'8
    Weight: 190
    Body type: muscular and athletic

  7. Hi,guys i come from Macedonia im 15 y old and i realy Want to be acter,im dreamnig about that.I have Brown eyes and Brown curly hair…i hope that dream come true one day.Thank you

  8. Hi I'm Mackenzie although I go by Kenzie most often. I can sing and act. I'm 14 years young 15 in April. I feel with my red hair and 5'2 to 5'3 height I have a great look for your show thank you for reading

    ~Mackezie Campbell~

  9. hi i am ashley i am 12 years old i would love to be apart of this i sing so will and act as if it were my life thank hope i get this

  10. I want to rock I take theatre in school I am a very good actor I watched the show all the time and imagined if I was in it plus I play sing and dance all the time

  11. Hey hey hey
    I WaNT tOoooooo RoCK!!!!
    Am Itzel from California. I moved to south with my family am 9 years old. Most people think am a nerd because I love to read books! I love creepy things and ballet!! I love to sing and dance and play make believe 😉
    I would love to part of a amazing cast!!! It would be experience of a life time!!!

    Male 9 Year old African American
    D.O.B. July 24, 2005 Height: 55'' Weight: 60Lbs.
    Hair: Med.length Black (dreads) Eyes:Brown ,Pants: 8 slim
    Shirt/Jacket: 8 Shoe size: 3
    2014-01 ROOTS – #Familysearch, #1 Child / Ancestry.com/Commercial
    2013-12: Children s Miracle Network / Commercial/Nation Wide Model
    Film: 2014-04: Heat – Young kevin, Thru Faith Productions.
    Print: 2013-10, 2013-11: Photo Promotional Stock Model, Rich Vintage Studios,Utah
    Commercial:2010-01:SuperBowl, OverStock.com
    Extra: 2009-04: One Good Man (Father of Israel) , Child in Church Pew || Christian Vuissa (12 hours on set)
    Training: 2010-2013-05 Dance || Group Dance HipHop, Ballet ||
    UP WITH KIDS Musical Theatre Academy, active 2014
    *Actively honing acting and modeling techniques through video/camera practice, reading, Improve and Theatre Academy Training.
    Skills/Talents: Dancing (HipHop,Ballet) Running, Football, Reading, Memorization Proficiency, Excellent Student, Confident, Cooperative and well grounded. Has the "IT" factor!
    We are great at traveling and are prepared to drive or fly anywhere within the United States for paid projects. Skype Auditions Available. Recent HS

  13. Hi.. Im 16 and love to sing, play piano and guitar. My dream is to sing and be a huge role model to all. If I am choosen it would be such a dream come true.

  14. Hi my name is Camila Tarus i would love to audition for this show because am a huge fan i know it's late but if you have another season consider me am from Africa (Nairobi Kenya) am 15years old am 5'1 i have brown eyes, black hair, and am brown in colour i would love audition online if you allow thankyou in advance i'l be waiting for your feedback 🙂

  15. My name is Gustavo Vazquez. I am a 21 year old hispanic male. I could say what everyone else is saying about themselves; outgoing, smart, nice. However, words are just words, so i am humbly asking for an opportunity to showcase my talents. I can act and i can play instruments, which i believe should be a necessity with a show that has the word "rock" in it. I grew up watching Nick, so i know of the expectations one must reach with such a successful studio. I do live in LA, which makes it all the more convenient. Thank you in advance for your consideration in an audition opportunity.

  16. My name is Michelle Andrea Augustine and I am extremely interested in being a part of your team. I have had this dream since I was little to be this professional entertainer. When I say entertainer I mean a number of thing. I dreamed of becoming a dancer, singer, model and actress. However, I cannot choose between them but I feel that acting allows me to do them all. I am a respectable southern young lady whom is extremely talented. I can sing, dance, act and model. I began training at John Casablanca modeling and acting school until the hurricane hit my home town of New Orleans. After that I attended Barbizon Modeling and Acting center. However I could not finish due to finical issues. I have also been in dance class since I was 11. So I am well trained and am continuing to grow.
    I am not your average girl. I like to think of myself as being unique. I’m filled with a bubbly personality, creativity and spunk. I am also a southern belle who is uniquely different. I may throw on a casual sun dress with some chucks and feel comfortable in my skin. I like being myself and inspiring youth to be themselves. I let them know it is okay to not fit in and maybe sometimes that is a good thing. I am also fashionable. One day I dream of creating my own retro vintage clothing line. Lastly, I am a Mardi Gras Indian in New Orleans. This is a tradition that is picked up from generation to generation.
    You should choose me to be part of team because I have a lot to offer and because I am very passionate about this craft. I am hardworking, dedicated and very professional.

  17. Ammaarah Hendricks. I am 12 soon to be 13.My hobbies are acting, singing, swimming, and talking. I live in South Africa, Cape Town . It would mean a lot if I get to be on this show,please it would be a dream come true.

  18. my name is Dhruva and i am an indian

    Eye color- Dark brown
    Hair color- Black or dark brown
    Age- 12
    City- cleveland

    My hobbies are to swim,sing,soccer,dance,act.

    I am in drama club and have been in plays


  20. Greetings (Wow that sounds way too formal). Um.. Hello! That's better.

    Well, my name is Melissa and I am 13 years old. Well, not fully 13 yet as my birthday is on December…complicated? I know. Just kidding. Now I got to be serious.

    I love to act and I really really really really am looking forward to this show because I really think that I got what it takes to be the next Nickelodean actress. I have a passion for singing and acting. What really attracted me about the plotline here is that I could kinda relate this to my life.

  21. Hello producers and casting directors. I am Alexandria and I think that I should be considered for any casting calls because I am a determined and a funny young person that loves to act, dance and sing. i would love to be given an audition for anything Movies, Extras, Commercials, T.V. Shows, Game Shows etc.
    Name: Alexandria Mackey
    Age: 12
    Gender: Female
    Weight: 110 lb.
    Height: 5’3
    Body Type: Slender
    Ethnicity: Bahamian (but I speak proper English)
    Hair color: Dark Brown
    Skin Tone: Dark Brown

    Talents:I can sing, dance, act, and stunt. I also sing in my choir at school.

    Sports: I run at Track-and-Field,I play Softball, Baseball, Volleyball, Soccer and some Tennis.

    Academics: I have been on the Honor Roll since First Grade and have never gotten lower than a 3.8 on a report card.

    Personality: I am an outgoing, friendly, nice, smart, talented, and an enthusiastic person when you get to know me.
    I have been told on several occasions that I have a natural comedic personality that should be on broadway and television.

    Have a nice day. Thank You

  22. I am 18 years old i live in Charlotte North Carolina for right now. I sing and also dance i have performance experience. I would really love to be apart of this song just because of the background and the concept of it about being yourself and i went thru that phase for awhile and i succeed and i love who i am. so this would be a great chance for me to show my talent to the world and other teens just be who you are and dream big. thank you .:)

  23. Age : 15
    Weight : 109lbs
    Heights : 5'2
    African American
    Body type : petite
    Hair : dark brown
    Hi my name is Taelor Nelson. I am 15 and soon will be 16 in September and it would be the best
    Gift to be apart of your program. I have been acting in theatre for years and I am ready to get some exposure to real acting on camera. I am very dedicated to anything I get into . Specially If it is a passion of mine such as acting. I hope to get a part in your production, it can be a small part such as just walking in a scene or it can be a talking part whichever , I would play to the best of my abilities I am not shy and I'm very out going and I hope i get the opportunity to be a part of this!!!

  24. I'm 19, but can pass for 16+, I'm 5'3 , mixed race with short brown hair and brown eyes, I have no experience in acting but am itching to get into the industry . I'm very mature and have a very professional attitude towards everything I undertake .

  25. Name:Deja Danielle Wright
    Hair:between long and short
    Hair color:dark brown

    Hi, I think I would be good for this cause I'm an good actor, I'm sweet and I. Take work serious. Thank you! 🙂 😀 😉

  26. Hi my name is Ellie I love singing I never stop I always want to get noticed I never get pick for a show this is the first time I have every been outing my self forward to a tv program I always auditors for shows

  27. Name : Arber Istrefi (Male)
    Age :14
    Hair: Short
    Haircolor : Brown
    Eyes : Brown
    Hobbies: acting , sing ,learn and football

    Hi I think Im good for this because I was 4 years in a theatre group in my old school I can travel anywhere to make my dreams true

    Thanks for reading

    Arber Istrefi

  28. Name : Arber Istrefi ( Male)
    Age : 14
    Hair : Short
    Haircolor : Brown
    Eyes : Brown

    Hi I' m from Albania but I live in Germany I think I'm good for this because I was 4 years in a theatre group in my school I can travel anywhere to make my dreams true

    Thanks for reading

    Arber Istrefi

  29. Hi my name is Arber Istrefi and i love acting im a teenager I think I would be great for this because I love acting and I was 4 years in a theatre group where I have learned how I stay in front of the camera and I think I ' m good because I can Sing

    Thanks for reading

  30. Hi there. I'm Jaris. A 17 year old living in TX, I honestly have no experience in this business but I will work hard at anything thrown at me. I'm a hard worker, respectful, responsible. I'm a fun person to be around with. I believe everyone has a shot at doing something amazing as this. I believe we all have an opportunity and that's why I'm here. I hope you take me under consideration. Very much appreciate it. If anything, please email me. If interested or needed in any other information, please email me as well. Thank you!

  31. im 13 years old i may not be the best singer in the world but i can sing i can also play the guitar the piano and i can dance act and write music i will love to be in a picture like how to rock but i live in barbados my dream is to be on tv one day even though people say it is imposible but i will not give up my on my dream even if i dont get an chance to be on this great serie i will just like to thank you for reading my note

  32. Hi my name is winny and I love music and acting im a teenager and very easy going person I think I would be great for this because there's not a day were people say winny your too dramatic or winny your going to go death if you do give your ears a break and i think that my life goal to become an actress or musician or singer suit this
    Thank you for reading this

  33. Hi Im Frankie Gomez Im 14 years old I am a girl and I want to be on the show because I have been dreaming about this. And I think this will show everyone who I really am and who I want to be in life, Bye.

  34. I'm a fourteen year old singer/dancer who lives in Los Angeles. I've been singing ever since I was three years of age, but any part in this show would make my day. My dream is to become a perfessional performer, and this would be a huge step forward for me. Thankyou

  35. I am 13 years old ..and LOVE to SiNg AnD dAnCe !! So I really would appreciate if you would give me any part in this show!!

  36. hi my name is rakim huff and i am a 12 year old boy who is an intelligent and educated boy who has been an actor ever since the age of 8 years old . my passion is to become a sucessful actor and make an achivement ive been waiting for. please send back thaNK YOU FOR YOUR TIME HAVE A WONDERFUL THANKS GIVING

  37. i have been singing since i could talk and i love acting i think this show would be great to work on and i'm 12 years of age please contact me when you can

  38. Name:Breanna Winbush
    Weight:85 pounds
    DOB : 04/17/00
    Race: mixed
    Well hello I am breanna but I like to be call bre I sing dance and act

  39. Hello I am Fane Lapa I love to sing and dancing I am 10 years old and I am Hawaiian,Tongan Thous are my main Blood line hope to hear back.

  40. I am 16 years old.i love music. i'm an actor, singer, dancer,song writer. i love nick since i was a little girl. its been my dream to go on it and show what i got my 100% effort to make kids laugh and cry and feel silly. i would really love and enjoy working on nickelodeon.

  41. Brown eyes
    Black hair
    Skin= a lighter tan
    I am 9 years old and I love nickelodeon.I am a good singer,actor and i am so so at modeling.Im pretty and I love Chymphonique!My birthday is Febuary,12.I am pretty and can show a little sass when i want too.I am really smart I skipped 2nd grade.Im recently in 5th grade and my teach might send me to Sprately gifted center. I really love how to rock and would love to be on the show!thx

  42. hi im monica im 16 years old. I love Music. I'm an actor, singer,dancer,song written.i want this role to show my talent. i love the show and all of nickelodeon shows since i was little it been my dream to be on there.
    I amm
    Brown eyes
    dark brown hair
    african american

  43. I have been acting and singing since i was three. i originaly was casted for a disney show when i was 9 but the show didnt get picked up. i am curently in acting and voice lessons to improve! i am 5 9" and im puerto rican german and black. I hope to contact you soon.

  44. Name: Ashlee Terrell
    age: 21
    Height: 5"4
    Weight: 155
    Hair : red
    Eyes: brown
    Ethnicity : african american
    Build: athletic

    I have always been acting since i was young but getting a big break is hard when there are so many scams. I went to an acting school John Robert powers from 13-17. I am outgoing and a bit of a jokester. I love to have fun but I am serious about my acting. I really hope I am considered for a role. I love the show. It is so funny. I live in Chicago Illinois.
    thank you (:
    -ashlee terrell

  45. Hi, my name is Pascale, I am 19 years old and I sing and play the guitar since I was 6 years old. For me, singing and acting is the way to express myself and I want to share that with the world.

    gender: female
    height: 5'5
    hair: brown
    eyes: green
    ethnicity: European

    I would love to hear from you!

  46. Hi my name is Zaakirah Smith and some people call me Zee. I would like to cast or be an extra i n your show either is fine for me. Just straight up i like to act and dance. I'm not a perfect singer but I can sing so it would be real legit and all if you pick me. By the way, I'm 17, black, 5'6, female, and I have a little chunky tummy. So I don't know what other info you need but yeah soo thank you for your time!

  47. Hello am gift
    AGE: 12
    DATE OF BIRTH: 12 JUNE 2000

    I LOV nickelodeon SO MUCH

  48. hello my name is vanessa. My lifelong dream was always to become an actress, im a very outgoing person.I would be willing to be on this show.I would love to be an extra on this tv show. thankyou.

  49. name: Bram joey brandon Myo
    Age: 17
    Height: 6,0
    enthicity: caccasian/native american.
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Black

    hi my name is bram myo, im 17, im very outgoin i like to meet new faces an i like to experiance new things im a very har worker and i love to sing an dance theres not a day that goes by where i dont sing and dance an it would be a pleasure for me to star on "How to Rock". if u need to know more plz email me back.

    sincerly, Bram myo <3

  50. name:bram joey brandon Myo
    Height: 6`0
    Age: 17
    Ethnicity: Caccaian/native american
    Eyes: Brown
    hair: black

    hi my name is bram, im very outgoing, i love meeting new faces, i like to experiance new things, i am a very hard worker. I love to sing and dance a day never goes by wer i dont sing i sing everyday.
    an i would be an amazing oppertunity if i could star on the show. tanks for ur time if u need to know anymore plz email me back.

  51. Name: Angel-Cathleen
    Last: Cabrera
    Height: 5'3''
    Age: 14 (15 in March 2013)
    Ethnicity: Asian/Pacific Islander
    Eyes/Hair: DrkBrown

    Hi, My name is Angel-Cathleen. I am a very outgoing girl. I love getting the chance to meet new people. I love getting to experience new things. I have a great memory and am a hard working girl. I am a very energetic girl (: I LOOVE to sing, dance, play the piano, AND the ukulele.
    I've been singing, and playing the piano since I was 3. I would LOVE the opportunity to be on this show. I watch Nickelodeon ALL the time, and to be on it would be AMAZING.
    Thank you again for this opportunity & Please email me for anything else(:


  53. I am eleven years old, I have blonde hair and hazel eyes!! I love the How To Rock show!!! I also love to preform physically and musically!!! I love singing and I love nickelodeon!!! It's the best!!! I love the show!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consider me if not recommend me to a better fitted audition!!

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