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The Star Next Door – The CW

The Star Next Door - The CW
The Star Next Door

Have you ever dreamt of your favorite singer coming to your town and helping you become the next music star? You don’t have to dream anymore! Producer Queen Latifah is coming this summer to make you The Star Next Door. Auditions are starting soon for the most amazing singing competition show ever and you can be a part of it.

The Star Next Door is not your everyday singing show, instead of driving or flying for miles and waiting in lines for hours on end waiting to sing for a few precious moments to sing this time the auditions come to you. The celebrity judges for TSND include international singing/songwriting superstar Gloria Estefan and country megastar Jon Rich from Big & Rich and they want to come to your town to hear you sing! The Star Next Door will travel across the country looking for the next great undiscovered talent and when they find them they will stay right there in the town to mentor and guide them. Gloria and Jon will be by your side prepare you to give a live televised performance for your town and the millions of viewers at home. The Star Next Door is breaking the mold of singing shows and now is your chance to shine! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to represent your hometown and make your big break in the music industry. Leave a comment below if you want The Star Next Door to come to your town to hold auditions and stay tuned for all of the exciting details.

This is the only television program that brings the show to you. If you have always had singing on your hearty and you just need that one chance this is it. The auditions are coming, are you ready? Show America your town and your talent on The Star Next Door.

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  1. I live in Jackson Ohio . little town got too much of a story to tell. Simple guy just wanting to sing my heart out and touch the hearts of others. I sing modern swing and would love the opportunity to be noticed and work with some amazing folks..

  2. My daughter Bailey is 14 and is an amazing singer. Singing is her passion and she pours her heart into the uplifting songs she sings. She has performed in plays and talent shows locally but would love to spread her wings and sing for larger crowds. We live in LaGrange, Kentucky and would love for you to visit us here so Bailey can be the next Star Next Door.

  3. Hello, my name is Isaiah Rossi
    I love to sing and have been looking to showcase my talent for quite some time now. I don't know if the show is already in progress, if it's not I'd love for you to come visit Klamath Falls where I live so I can have my shot.
    Thanks, Isaiah Rossi

  4. I'm Sylbi Bae and my one and only passion is music. I knew i had the talent for it ever since I saw my baby album. There is this tradition in my culture that is when a baby turns 1 people would gather objects around him/her and whatever he/she picks up… that's what will make them who they are. I picked up several things but among others, a microphone. I know I can be a successful singer I just need to get discovered and I want to work harder than anyone else for it. I'm Charlotte, NC and there aren't any auditions here which is really inconvenient. So I would love it if auditions could be more open to it. I assure you there are MANY SINGERS in Charlotte, it's amazing how much talent gets here.

  5. Hi my name is brianna i'm 13 years old and i have being singing since i was 3 years old my family supports me in all my discussions being a singer to me is a dream come true if you could give me an opportunity it would be amazing im Alamo Tx

  6. Good Afternoon!!!!!!

    My name is Monique Thompson and I love to sing. I don't know the steps in auditioning . I feel like the first step in being a great performer is your sound. I'm sending you my blessings today if you are interested please feel free to contact me.
    Thank you so much for taking the time out to listen. I just wanted you to hear me with no music in the background, so you can really hear me. If you want to hear something else I would be honored! There is plenty of talent here in Rockford Il….I'm waiting for you! I will let everything go for my dreams… Who wouldn't?

    Have a Wonderful Day!!!

  7. hi i'm tyler norris from columbus ohio…. I love to sing it is my whole life…. there is so much talent here including myself….. you have to come and make the people believe in music again. this is my chance and dream

  8. hi i'm tyler norris from columbus ohio…. I love to sing it is my whole life…. there is so much talent here including myself….. you have to come and make the people believe in music again.

  9. This would be an amazing experience! I'm 8 years old and my name is Jadynce. I had my first vocal performance at 6 years old singing the national anthem for a state gymnastics meet. Since then I have sang at many other functions and even been asked and casted in a High school play of Alice in Wonderland. I have performed at a college masters class which was another amazing experience in my life. I sing from the time I get up in the mornings until I go to sleep at night. I do it because I truely love to sing and wouldn't know what to do without it! I also have other talents, last year I won our state gymnastics meet and took 3rd at nationals. I feel like I can do amazing things and want to share my talent with the world!

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