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The Singing Bee – CMT

The Singing Bee - CMT
CMT is casting and holding auditions for their hit show “Singing Bee”

Here we go again! “The Singing Bee” is back again! CMT is currently looking ofr males and females, all ethnicities that know the lyrics and are not scared to sing them out nation wide on TV. They are search for all types of singers… the good, the bad, and even the tone deaf.

You just have to know the lyrics from various musical genres including COUNTRY and know them well. If this is you, we’d love to see you audition. Please submit and let us know why you could rock this game show and take home the BIG MONEY!

About: The Singing Bee is a karaoke type game show. It was originally on NBC but is now airing on CMT. It combines both karaoke singing and a spelling bee-style competition. The game show features contestants trying to remember the lyrics to popular songs. Originally slated to begin with a six episode series during the fall of 2007, it launched early in reaction to FOX’s competing Don’t Forget the Lyrics!

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  1. Music is my theropy..I have been trying to get on this show what seems like forever..I know I could win a lot of money and I need to win a,large amount not only for things such as dental work but money to put in a nest egg for my children and grandson..please pick me to be a contestant.44 yrs old from Sanford NC

  2. I know more lyrics than anyone on earth!!!! I know I can win the big money and I'll go for it all the way!

  3. Hi I'm shelby I love to be on your show but I very was on a video shows I be sing in my bed room on the time I love to be on your sing in be

  4. Hello my name is Destiny Jacqueline Noyes I am 13 years old. I love singing, Please give me a chance of a life time, my life has been really hard. When I was 6 years old I had Sinece Surgery, It was really bad the doctuer said that if I had been a day later I would have been gone. When I was 7 years old my last Grandpa died, I read his obituary, I remember his last words, they were "Yes it is a beautiful day outside Destiny". I have a neckless he gave me, and an ankle bracelet he gave my mom. When I was 8 years old, my mom and dad separated. When I was 9 years old I moved to Vermont with my dad. And I have been singing a lot of songs that mainly go with my life. I have been bullied a lot too. My class yells at me and don't believe in me. But I dont care I love singing its who I am. So please pick me.

  5. i love to sing!!! ever since i was a kid, i always play with my family and friends about music – just like singing bee – we will guess the name of the song or guess and sing the lyrics.. i know a lot of songs and as a challenge for me, i currently have amnesia (which started in 2007).. i remember everything from the past (before my brain surgery) but after the surgery, i always forget everything. i have anterograde amnesia since 2007 but it has improved a lot. i still know a lot of songs and i really love to join the singing bee!!! in fact, i auditioned last time but unfortunately, i didn't get the spot so i am trying again now. i hope i will be one of the lucky auditionees!!! thank you very much!!!

  6. I sing all day at my job. No matter what station is on i seem to know almost every song. Multiple people have asked me if i ever heard of the show and i say of course. They said i should try out. I have lyme disease so the only thing that usually helps keep my mind off of the pain is singing. Thank you for this opportunity. I hope i get chose.

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