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Silent Library – MTV

Silent Library - MTV
MTV is holding auditions for their hit game show “Silent Library”

They are search for younger outgoing teams of males or teams of females from the ages of 18-28 to join the new season of MTV’s Silent Library! Every episode will have six male or females working as a group to win the cash. Every new round the six members will play a game of chance and one will be picked to do a dare. If they complete the dare without the contestant or his teammates laughing they get the CASH!

MTV is looking for people, who are fun and have a good sense of humor. If you have a team of six already, that’s a HUGE plus!

616 thoughts on “Silent Library – MTV

  1. I have 4 brother and we all are joker and my best friend is out of this world bring it on anytime

  2. I loved this show I been watching this since I was a child me and my siblings love making people laugh this game show is hilarious I watching it right now

  3. I always watch the show I have five others that would like to play in the show I’ve been watching since I found out about it

  4. This is a family show for my family we literally watched every episode. It will be amazing and something speacial if we was on the show for 2018. It would be 4 sisters and a bestfriend. We are capable of winning it all. Thank you

  5. My friends and I are very comical and we would love to be on the show! We have watched this show ever since it was first aired in 2009! We love the show and never miss an episode! We would love for you to consider us on your show, it would be a very fun experience for me and my friends.


  6. hi name is roland moya and I have 5 friends who are too funny and we always do crazy things like silent library. we always watch this show since we were teenagers and still do. it would be an honor to be part of the show and cast, we hope we get a chance to do it. we are young and wild and we will do any challenges that we have to do. we always do reckless things and silent library is something we live for. I hope we can get a contact from you guys and make it happen!!

  7. Me and my friends watch this show all of the time and we just sit and laugh at the contestants because this show is by far one of the funniest shows I know. to be on this show would be amazing! we are all funny and class clowns together so to just see each other do ridiculous things is what we do on a daily. we would love an opportunity to do this show.

  8. Hi, I'm from Bellflower California and I have the perfect set of 5 to entertain. Me and my friends have been long time fans of the show and we'd be honored to partake. Choose us!

  9. ME and My Friends are up for trying anything, and it would be a great bonding experience also it can help us in a long run to learn self – control but in a nut shell it would an awesome experience to be on silent library and having fun ..it would a day to remember. Just because ..Pick me

  10. Me and my 5 friends are halarious . We are the class clowns of every scene! Choose us and ya will not regret it lmao.. everyone always tell us we need our own t.v show 😂😂🤣🤣

  11. i wanna sign me up and me and friends for audtions for silent library i think it will be fun memorable experience for us and i think you guys will enjoy having us on the show were pretty fun people and crazy too

  12. Me and my friends love this show and have always wanted to be on this show! We love to laugh and love a challenge also it would be great to win some money for my college education. Picking us to be on silent library would be such a blessing.

  13. Im interested in Auditioning, I have the perfect friends. How can we Audition ? Where can we send a Audition Video

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