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Nickelodeon's iCarly
Have you been dreaming of being on a hit show like iCarly, True Jackson VP, Big Time Rush or even the upcoming Victorious? Well we have your chance to audition for the upcoming casting calls!

Nickelodeon is having a multi-city open auditions and casting call to find and create untapped talent. The nationwide search will being in Atlanta, Georgia and continue across the USA. Boys and girls, ages 12 – 18, can audition for the chance of a life time to appear on television nationwide.

Other cities Nickelodeon will goto is: Austin, Texas and Miami, Florida. Other cities will be announced soon!

Leave a comment below to let us know you are interested!

4,378 thoughts on “iCarly – Nickelodeon

  1. Hi am Allan im 13 i have a passion for music i sing and rap and am a great actor my mom tries to get me into nickelodeon but we find auditon s when its to late please i beg you cinsider me

  2. Hi,am Hephzibah frank and am 15. I have always loved nickelodeon right from when I was little. I am a Nigerian. I have always dreamed of acting and wished to be on t.v one day. I am talented in acting and that has led me to write a movie titled "pop star". I will gratefully accept any part given to me to act and my performance will blow your mind. Below are my details
    Age -15
    Height -5.0
    weight -40
    Hair color -light brown
    Hobbies – Singing, Acting, Dancing and writing
    languages – English and Akwa ibom
    Personalities-funny,energetic,tolerant and outgoing.
    I will be grateful if am given the opportunity not only to be a partner with nickelodeon but also to prove that we can do things together and as a team.

  3. Hi, am Hephzibah frank and am 15. I live in rivers ,Nigeria. I have always loved nickelodeon right from when I was little and wished that one day I will be given the opportunity to be on t.v. Wait a minute,won't it be great to mix Nigerian teenagers with the whites in nickelodeon. Please come and audition in Nigeria. I am very good at acting and am writing a movie titled pop star. I have good grades too. I will be very grateful if this is done. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be on tv

  4. My name is Zeke I am 12 years old I love to act my life long dream is to become a actor and I am going to follow it and I am good at comedy and stunts and acting please reply all my friends say I should be on Nickelodeon and I know how to code and I am good with technology I could be the tech producer like Freddie To. Icarly and the crew

  5. My name is Jasmine I am 14 years old, I believe that me and Carly have the same problem, we have both have silly siblings.

  6. I'm 13 years old. I love acting,singing and reading.My dream it's to be an actress and i think i'm talented ? I'm shy at first but when i'm getting used with the place(the people .

  7. Hi 🙂 my name is Xi fei I am 9 years old and I would love to get a role on icarly,I have been watching icarly for so long that I wanted to be in the show! I have experienced in drama,dance,singing and acting I am active and smart and one of my biggest dreams are to get a role on a TV show. I am confident and strong and cute.i have done lots of musical theatre productions and I now live in London but I do have a Asian face, thank you for your time,

  8. My name is Nasir Holloman I would love to be on icarly for the first time ever I just love you guys so much I am 13 ys.old my gender is a male I live in Philadelphia,Pennsylvania I just love you guys I love you guys so much is some times wanna make me cry I just joking I watch you guys a lot on tv I watch icarly every time it comes on and I record it a lot too love you guys I really want to be on your show a lot

  9. My name is Nasir Holloman I am 13 ys. Old I live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania I love icarly I been acting since I was in kindergarten my gender is a male I have record icarly lots of times icarly is my number one for all time tv shows when I was seven ys.old I used to play this game it was called tv tag you had to name the tv show before you get tag I always choosed icarly I really want to be on your show for my first time.

  10. Hi my name is Elaina. I am 14 almost 15. I'm very energetic. And I love to have funny. I'm not shy at all. I am a cheerleader for the Lamar warriors. I have long straight brown hair. My eyes a brown. I would love to audition for icarly. I am very good in front of a camera. I have watched every episode of icarly. I'm not afraid to be weird I front of people.

  11. Hi I'm am Destine I am good at sports I run fast and I am female and I will loved to be in upcoming icarly I am 11 and about to be 12

  12. Hi, I am Rebecca B. and I am 13 years old. I am about 5'3 and 8-85 lbs. I have blue eyes, brown hair, and I am caucasian. I love to sing, dance, and act. I was on my school dance team and we got first in hip hop at regionals. I also come from a very long line of singers. My mom happened to be a music major and she was also a great voice teacher! I also did gymnastics for a while. I made it into IMEA(Illinois Music Education Association). I also got first at a music contest against the whole Illinois school districts My real focus though i have to admit is acting. I love it so much and I hope I get an opportunity to be on a show! I also get a lot of headshots done and photo shoots. I hope I am available for a role in something. I hope I am a convenience.

  13. Hi, my name is Emilyanne and I am 15 years old. I have just recently began to aggressively to pursue my dream, with the help of my mom. My dream is to be an actress, I love performing whether acting or singing, since I was about 5 years old. I live in the Philadelphia area and I am home schooled. I would like to thank you for considering me for any part in your show.

    Emilyanne Cusato

  14. Hello I'm Jose Cruz, I will love to be in a nickelodeon show. Anyway I live in Freeport TX. And I have brown hair. It has always been a dream of mine to act. Even In school plays. Please do not hesitate to call me. I Very Over Excited AND Lovable To Others. I will love an acting job. Thank you for your time☺

  15. Hi I hope I am not wasting your time . I am trying to become an actress. I live in Ireland I know right yr not gonna pick a girl that lives in Ireland. But I might as well try to get yr attention. Maybe not this show but if you have anything I can act in please email me. I am 12 13 in Nov. Blue eyes brown hair dyed red(fading away) tall . funny and lovable weird. My skills would be acting drawing singing . I hope you consider me in anything. I love icarly its hilarious

  16. Hello,I'm from Ireland I'm 13 now and I was always was interested in become an actor for Nickelodeon it was my dream since I was very young. I always loved the incredible work and acting what Nickelodeon did to make remarkable shows such as The Haunted Hathaways, The Thundermans and Icarly I would love to be apart of the remarkable shows whether there's is robots to dinosaurs in it. It's been my dream to act and I think this is the career I want. Thanks ✌️

  17. Hi. My name is Daniela and i`m 12. I always wanted to be an actress and i have experience. I can sing and dancing very good.I`m beauty, with dark brown eyes and brown hair. I LOVE THIS SHOW

  18. Hello!
    I am Molly and I am 14 years old and I live in the UK. I have always dreamed to be on telly and to be able to share my tallent with the world! I know I maybe English but I can do an American accent and for a new story you could make the next UK girl coming in. Please please please give me the chance to try! X

    1. Hey Im perphect and age 16 an Im a good singer,dancer,and actor. For a very long time Ive been showing off my voice. and hoped get the best of someone telling would you like to be a star. So far nun but, I still prey my dream will come true.

  19. Hi.My name is Andreea.I'm 13 years old.Ilove acting,singing and reading.My dream it's to be an actress and i think i'm talented 🙂 I'm shy at first but when i'm getting used with the place(the people) i'm talking a lot.I have brown hair and blue-green eyes 🙂 Looking for an answer on my email. And i'm living in Ireland 🙂

  20. My name is Michael Laarendi and I am 15 years old. March is my birthday. I have been through two Dramatic Arts classes. I feel like you should come to South New Jersey or give me a ticket to get to the closest auditions around because I am very dedicated to this. I love acting and to be on a show like this will fit my acting abilities.

  21. Hi my name is irfan I am 14 years old good looking handsome my parents are trying to chance me in nickelodeon channel plz plz

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