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“The Inspectors” on CBS Background Actors

The Inspectors on CBS Background ActorsCBS’s “The Inspectors” need extras for early this upcoming week. The Inspectors is a new scripted dramatic series set in Washington, D.C., inspired by compelling real cases handled by the United States Postal Inspection Service. The show follows a determined teen who is thriving after being paralyzed in a car accident, works as an intern for his U.S. Postal Inspector mom, helping to solve crimes ranging from Internet scams, identity and mail theft, to consumer fraud.

Casting directors are looking for males and females to play JU Board Members and males and females to play students as well as other roles.  The show films in Charleston, South Carolina.  They are looking for people ages 40’s -60’s of all ethnicities. Anyone who wants to apply for this role cannot have already been on the show as an Inspector, Postal Employee or PPO. Actors for this scene will have to wear professional business attire. The actors playing students should be between the ages of 18 and late 20’s of all ethnicities. To apply for either of these roles, you should put either Board Member 04.11 or Student 04.11 in the subject line of the email.

Casting directors are also looking for actors to play Boiler Room Employees, Chris’s Assistant, Library Patrons and Library Employees. Boiler Room Employees should be Males and females, ages late 30s, 40s, or 50s, all ethnicities. Those submitting cannot have been established this season. The subject line of the submission email should be Boiler Room Employee 04.12. Chris’ Assistant- Male, any ethnicity, ages late 20s or 30s. They prefer if those submitting are a new face to the show. The subject line of the email should be Chris’ Assistant. For the Library Patron they are accepting males and females, ages 18-70, all ethnicities. The subject line of the email should be: Lib Patron 04.12. The last roles are for the Library Employees who are male and female ages 30s, 40s or 50s, any ethnicity.The subject line of the email should be Lib Employee 04.12.

Keep in mind, that to work on this show you need to be available for the full days. The shoot days are 8 hours minimum. The pay rate for this show is a guaranteed $115.00 for up to 8 hours and time and a half after 8. If you would like to apply to be on the show, email theinspectorsextras@gmail.com. Be sure to put the correct subject line in the email. The e-mail should include a recent photo (headshot), age, height, weight, wardrobe sizes, location, and contact information.

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  1. I have a friend that i think will be great for this position. She's an awesome singer, actor & she's funny.

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