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The Amazing Race
CBS’s The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race, CBS’s hit game show challenge is now accepting applications for its upcoming 20th season. Here is your opportunity to travel across the world for a chance at a *1 MILLION* dollar grand prize!

The Amazing race is an exciting game show that partners two people with a pre existing relationship in an action packed trek across the world. Millions of fans watch every week as contestants are tasked with several physical and mental challenges at various points on their epic and arduous journey to the fantastic grand prize.

This 12 time Emmy winning show has been on the air since 2001 and is looking for a new batch of smart, fearless adventurers to take on this tremendously difficult, trying and gratifying challenge. CBS is currently accepting applications for upcoming casting calls so leave a comment below and you can go here theamazingracecasting.com/apply for submission information. Don’t delay, your adventure begins now.

Do you have a knack for puzzle solving? A taste for adventure? This is the chance of a lifetime! Grab a friend and take a run at fame and fortune on the hit CBS adventure experience The Amazing Race.

170 thoughts on “The Amazing Race – CBS

  1. It would be my pleasure to appear on the show, i will show you i am up and ready for anything but where is the location this year

  2. My husband is a huge reality tv show fan. He “knows everything”. We would be an entertaining team to watch beacause my eyes would be rolling out of my head. Winning the amazing would be his dream come true. Do we get to eat?

  3. i would love to be on this show with my husband. We spend a lot of time apart because my husbands work requires him to work in other states . Working together could prove to be very interesting giving the fact that the majority of the time we have to live apart from each other . we have 3 adopted children who I stay home with well he works out of state . We are both like to have control so I really would love to see how well we could adjust and come together and truly rely on each other

  4. Hello,

    I am an 18 year old female who lives in Pennsylvania.
    I grew up in a family of eleven kids, all who were homeschooled.
    I am an equestrian competitor and trainer.
    I've trained in multiple sports and love a good challenge.
    I believe I would bring forth a unique dynamic to the show with my background and competitive personality.
    My partner would be my brother Ashton, who is 21. We have been there for each other through the thick and thin, this show would give us the opportunity to put our individual selves and our sibling bond to the test by testing its limits.
    Thank you for your consideration.

  5. This show rocks, and so do we! My hubby and I are both former military and are dying to prove we can get along through the tough times to git 'er done! Great things come in small packages: we are 5'4" and fit in our forties ;). Communication can sometimes be a challenge for us, but hey…makes for entertainment for others lol! I looove puzzles, but suck at nav. Luckily, my hubby is good at nav. Please email us :)!!! I'm Korean in case you need to meet some quota HAHA

  6. My girlfriend and I are extremely interested in being competitors on this show . We are up for the challenge to become victorious

  7. Hello my name is brandy, I am 24 years old. My fiance Cecil, also 24. We have Bern together 3 years and make the best team around. We are both students studying business. I work full time customer service. He works for a local restaurant. We would love a chance at The Amazing Race. Upon graduation,the prize would allow us to be able to live our dream of starting a business and getting married. We love trying new things and want to have one great adventure while we are still young. I hope to hear from you soon.


  8. My husband and I are interested in being on this show. We are highschool sweethearts and are up for the challenge. Thank you and feel free to contact me anytime.

  9. My friend and i would offer the a "beauty" and "beast" duo. she is a mother of 4 and a grandma of 3 at only 36, and i am a father of 4 all under the age 8 at 40. both of us have many years experience working with various social cultures that would give us an edge on the communicating aspect of the show. we are an odd couple as far as friends go, which could make for an interesting show.


  11. My best friend and I would love the opportunity to be on this amazing show to prove to ourselves and our friends that we are more than just girly girls. We have what it takes to push our way to the end and would love to be picked to prove to ourselves and everybody else out there that females are just as strong!

  12. My girlfriend (Paige) and I are two happy go lucky young adults looking for some fun and adventure. The travel alone would be worth it, even without winning it all. Hopefully we get a chance to be on the show.

  13. Husband / Wife team parents of 4 children…outdoors, physical activites, differing opinions and both are sure we are always the one who is right. Live in southern California and are real people, not cookie cutter wanna be actors. Just love the adventure and challenge the show provides.

  14. Brother/sister twin duo. Kentucky natives. Professional basketball player and residential business owner & health care technician. 25. CrossFit athletes. Gay and straight. Battles of opinion. Outdoor enthusiasts. Beer connoisseurs. Competitive. An opportunity of a lifetime to showcase our passion for life and our dediction to strengthening our relationship through an AMAZING RACE.

  15. I have always been good a problem solving. and love to travel. I feel that given the chance one of my eight siblings and I could win this kind of a race

  16. My girlfriend is a supermodel and I am a fitness and multi sports athlete. I grew up in the mountains of Alaska and was a guide for 10 years before becoming an Orthopedic specialist. We would love to be a part of the promotion of your awesome show. The viewers will love watching us grind to win!!

  17. Rolla is a Paramedic & Marine & Firefighter-in-waiting & I am his 5'3"Marine Mom! I am a former teacher & I may look harmless but I raised a Marine!!! We think we would make The Perfect Team & WIN!!!

  18. If you are looking for a team that gets it done despite their differences and stubborness, we prove Yankees and Rebels can get along, well almost, but even if we are waging Civil WAr, we Still Get the Job Done no matter what it takes. No fitness gurus, or atheletes here just refusal to quit and refusal to fail.

  19. Hi, I have been wanting to enter "The Amazing Race" for the last four years. This is a great opportunity to show me who I am inside and out, mentally and physically. Everyday is a challenge and a test to see how far one can run the race. The Amazing Race would be the race I would love to run.

  20. I am from a small town in alabama. I am 23. My husband and i watch all the game shows. We are both athletic and always dreamed of competing to win money on this show. I think we would go far. Not alot of people from our area ever get a big opportunity for something like this. It would really be an honor.

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