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The Amazing Race
CBS’s The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race, CBS’s hit game show challenge is now accepting applications for its upcoming 20th season. Here is your opportunity to travel across the world for a chance at a *1 MILLION* dollar grand prize!

The Amazing race is an exciting game show that partners two people with a pre existing relationship in an action packed trek across the world. Millions of fans watch every week as contestants are tasked with several physical and mental challenges at various points on their epic and arduous journey to the fantastic grand prize.

This 12 time Emmy winning show has been on the air since 2001 and is looking for a new batch of smart, fearless adventurers to take on this tremendously difficult, trying and gratifying challenge. CBS is currently accepting applications for upcoming casting calls so leave a comment below and you can go here theamazingracecasting.com/apply for submission information. Don’t delay, your adventure begins now.

Do you have a knack for puzzle solving? A taste for adventure? This is the chance of a lifetime! Grab a friend and take a run at fame and fortune on the hit CBS adventure experience The Amazing Race.

170 thoughts on “The Amazing Race – CBS

  1. im an extremely heavily tattooed extreme personality
    extremely intelligent
    my whole head face and throat are tattooed into a crazy killer clowns mask that i think the world should see and this show would allow a couple of heavily tattooed people can do anything i could win your race ,ive got 100 hour under a tattoo gun i can handle anything. and i'll use the money too finish my tattoo project

  2. I am a 46 y/o prior marine with a bit of a nerd side, holding an MBA and working on a PhD. I come across as sincere, geeky and unassuming—but I have no fears: food, heights, brain teasers, maps, culture—bring it on!

  3. I am a mother(49) of 3 grown children , aan 3 grand children an a good husband. Me an my son would be very good at the Amazing race we enjoy traveling an adventure . I have had cancer 2 times once cervical an the other lung cancer but have survived it all an have had a clean bill of health for 8 years . Me an my 23 year old son would just love to be on your show

  4. My name is Simone Johnson. I am from Charleston, SouthCarolina now residing in Atlanta, Georgia. I am currently in the Sc national Guard, and will be getting out permanent this coming December. My unit just recently returned back from Iraq, and Kuwait this past April 2012. I have a girlfriend, she moved from san francisco to atlanta to be with me. i have never done any type of sporting event besides work out, so i am quit interesting and up for a challenge.

    Weight: 138
    Eye color: brown
    Hair color: black
    Ethnicity: African-American
    Hobby: I’m competitive, and work out every day with a personal trainer. Im training for a physique show for 2013.

  5. I would LVE for this oppurtunity to be able to help my parents out. I am also getting married in June 2013 and soon after that getting deployed to Afghanistan. I would for this oppurtunity.

  6. I am a "tiny" retired NYPD Detective and my husband is a retired NYPD Lieutenant and lawyer. We have been married over 20 years and pretty much hate each other as only apply arrived couples can! Pick us. We r a hoot!

  7. Name: James Stelle
    Race: Caucasian
    Age: 27
    DOB: may 17, 1985
    Height: 6"4
    Weight: 250
    Body Type: Muscular large/sleek
    Hair: brown
    Eyes: blue
    Complexion: Light Tan
    Location: Dallas Texas
    Sports: Jujitsu, Muay Thai, basketball, Wieght traning
    I performed in multiple high school plays. A few of which were a musical called "Lil abner" and a Anton Chekov play. I have helped grip multiple shoots for short films in order to gain a better understanding of the film industry. Even though my experience is shallow I have a commanding presence and a booming voice(often told i sound like a radio announcer). I have also been told that I have a kind looking face and in conjunction with a towering body i have a unique look. I would love to join this production and help make a successful movie. Thank You, James

  8. Please, Please choose me. I believe me and my partner have what it takes to be on amazing race ride. We make a good team, we work well together. We are funny, like to have fun and make the best out of each situation. Good or bad. I do believe the show bring the best out of everybody and that's a great thing. It makes people stronger and get to know themself and their partner a little me. I've been a fan of the show for many years now and it makes me more and more want to be apart of the ride. Want to bring it home to long Island, New York and put it on the map. Plus I would love to have my family not worry anymore about bills and living day to day and just relax alittle just live a worry free life, at least financials go's. Give back my local soup kitchen that I volunteer at is going through some financial problems and I would most def love to give them what god bless should blessed them with. Please pick me. Plesssssssssseeeee pick me I won't let you down cbs.

  9. RECENT HONORABLE DISCHARGED NAVY VETERAN!! Age 34, married, three children 4,6,7. Though my sister who is an Registered Nurse 30 yrs old, single, no children doesn't know that I am doing this. I think this would be an exciting adventure for she and I.

  10. i am from a little desert town in california named phelan. my fiance and i have been together for 2 years and share a 3 month old son. we both love adventure and a good puzzle to rattle our brain, traveling is a dream to both of us. and us small desert folks shouldnt be underestimated, we are two determined and adventurous people. we would be perfect to win! and completely capable.

  11. Hi! As you can see my Name is Carlos Santana
    Weight: 145
    Eye color: brown
    Hair color: black
    Ethnicity: African-American
    I’m single and ready to have some fun on TV. So let’s play so I can win this money!
    Hobby: Basketball and Track
    I’m competitive and love things like this. If you put me on this show, the ratings will go up lol. No, but seriously this will be a lot of fun.

  12. My names anais aiono! My fiances name is fabian flores! Ive been watching this show since i was a little girl and ive always dreame of being on it! I think itll b a great opportunity test n experience for us to b on it! Were different from most couples but similar as well…were funny…unique… n street wise..n WE BELEIVE WE GOT WHAT IT TAKES TO BE ON AND WIN THE NEXT AMAZING RACE! we wanna do this for ourselves eachother and our family!! Hope to hear from u soon!!

  13. My name is Matt,
    I'm ready to go,
    the audience will cheer,
    for me on the show,

    Let's not forget,
    My partner in crime,
    His name is Thomas,
    we're both a good time,

    A couple of Fraternity men,
    some call us bro,
    we'd be the best contestants,
    for this type of show,

    I'm the large funny man,
    he's athletic and sharp,
    I guess you could say,
    he's the string to my harp,

    Turkey or India,
    France or Greece,
    Set us loose,
    like a flock of geese,

    I will dive into challenges,
    Without a thought in mind,
    We'll be the greatest contestants,
    that you'll ever find,

    I just graduated college,
    with no job in sight,
    We both need income,
    a million dollars sounds just right,

    Pick both of us,
    We'll keep things fun,
    CBS get prepared,
    to say Matt and Thomas just won!

    Just saying…think about it.

  14. Hi, I live in NJ. I am a stay at home mom and my husband is a detective sergeant. I have faced some struggles and my husband has always been my rock. We make a great team and would love the chance at this oppurtunity! Thanks!

  15. Hi, I live in NJ. I am a stay at home Mom, my husband is a Detective Sergeant. I have been through some rough times and my husband has always been my rock. We make a great team and would love a chance at this oppurtunity. Thank you!!

  16. Please choose more teams like the Kentucky guys. After they were eliminated, I couldn't cheer for anyone. Do other people enjoy watching couples berate their partner over and over? Belittling, whining, insulting, and then all smiles when they are done. Can't you find competitive teams that aren't obnoxious to watch?

  17. I so love amazing race, not only does it bring people together but you get to travel around the world. I would truly love the opportunity to be able to have this experience once in my lifetime.

  18. Puzzle solving and adventure are what my husband and I are all about. He loves dangerous/adventurous challenges, while I love intellectual and adventurous challenges. We are perfect candidates for this show!

  19. spicy latina college student
    hahaha that sounds like I'm trying to sell myself

    I've recently just started dating a guy at my college and things are getting serious. I have never been happier.

    He knows that I am a spontaneous ball of energy and I would love to surprise him with the opportunity to appear on this show.

    I am a struggling college student from New york city with a few fierce words that come out like spears 😉

    I would treasure and absolutely love the opportunity to change my life by taking part in this.

    Give me a chance, how could it hurt?

  20. Hello. I am 21 years old and I was born and raised in Freetown, Sierra Leone. I came to the United States when I was 12 years old and lived with my Aunt and Uncle. I am currently a Junior pursuing a degree in Bachelor of Science where I am Majoring in Public Health Administration, and Minor in Theatre. I love acting, dancing, and singing. I have been in several plays and one African movie. I am a fast learner and ill love to be on your show, please keep me updated.
    Thank You and God Bless.

  21. CBS!! First of all I love all your network shows!! My husband I are big fans of the show and have always talked about how fun it would be to compete, challenge ourselves and travel the world. We will be married 10 years April 2013 and we have a 10 yr old son. It would be pretty amazing to be chosen for this race and If we won what a great way to celebrate!! 🙂 it would be a lifetime experience for us and our family. I feel we would have a good shot at winning because we're a great couple, great team and have been for years… We will kick butt and give it our all!!!

  22. I would love to be part of this, in the last two years I've lost seven family members three of them brothers so. I know how important it is to live every moment. I would love to do this with my daughter and it would be a real first for me because I have never traveled and never been on a plane. I'm sixty so baby steps

  23. **MOTHERLY LOVE**** I would love to sign my mother in law and myself up!! You guys have never had a winner like this!!! We are your girls!!! Think like a man, race like a lady!!!! Goooooo us, besides my church needs a new home!!

  24. Me and my best friend Danielle have known each other since we grew up in rural Southwest Missouri together. We went to rival high schools, the same college, and are now starting our careers post college. We have had some tension since I came out and I think this would be the perfect chance for us to reconnect and remember why we make such a great team!! Sure we both might be a little prissy, and not the typical "athletic adventurer" that you might expect to apply, but we are both very determined and energetic, and would for sure be an underestimated pair with a great chance of winning!

  25. I'm from Tunisia. I'm funny and intelligent. I wanna be an actor and I feel I’m the right person for this show.
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Height: 172 cm
    Weight: 67 kg
    Hair: black
    Eyes: dark brown
    Skin: tan
    Languages known: French, English.
    Extremely Fast Learner and Great Listener

  26. My husband doesn't know I'm entering him for this but every time we watch the show he says how cool it would be for him and his brother to do this together. So, here I am writing this. He's smart, resourceful and the best at anything he does so I just know he would win the whole shibang! Just give him a chance to show you that he can do it.

  27. I have always said my step-father and I would try out for Fear Factor or the Amazing Race or some kind of tough reality show. We both LOVE challenges and we are both very spontaneous and adventurous. My step-dad married my mom when I was 2 years old. He was the first guy my mom went on a date with that didn't care that she had a child – He even asked her to bring me along! If my dad and I were on the show and were able to win, the first thing I'd purchase would be a truck for him. He has bent over backwards for my family, NEVER expecting anything in return (including driving the same broke-down vehicle for 22 years). I think it would be a great experience for us; and he deserves at least that!

  28. My friend and I would be ideal for the show cuz he is very on the surface and easy to read while i plan and prepare to throw others off course. He is more athletic and would be pushing me( everyone loves to see a heavy guy run! or try to run)to go faster. We both have quick minds and would be an ideal team.

  29. My husband and I would be a great team on this show. We are the most loving disfunctional couple you'll meet, but not matter the circumstances we always pull together and get things done. We love adventure and travel quite often. He is active duty military, so he travels more than i do. He is 6'4 and i am 5'3, but dynamite comes in small packages.

  30. I am 27 years old. A former U.S. Navy, athletically built and in physical shape. Originally from a small country on the West Coast of Africa called Liberia. Being born in Liberia, Everyday was a struggle living. I believe the hard life there and my years in the United States Navy here has prepared me both physically and mentally. My best friend and I are highly competitive and ready to take on any challenges on this great show. Please consider us. Plus, we could really use the money too. Thank you.

  31. Me and my lil bro are super energetic. We are very competitve and eager to show our talents. We come from a poor family and if we won, we would like to help our parents out. I Kale have 2 daughters and would like to make them proud of me.

  32. My girlfriend and I would make great contestants for this show. We are both great thinkers, good under pressure, and physically able to take on any challenges. I play semi pro football, and my girlfriend attends fitness bootcamps regularly. I have scored a 114 on an IQ test. Also, my girlfriend has a Master's degree in Business Administration. Thanks!

  33. Hi! My name is Sara and I live in Rome. I'm passionate for film and everything that surrounds him. I would be willing to travel the world to join the cast, really do. I only had experience of acting for theater and summer only, but it's my biggest dream. Please let me know as soon. xoxo.

  34. *********************Consider ME!****************************

    Excited about the project. Comedic personality, great for television. Committed 4 year relationship with many years to come.

    Quintez Rashad
    22 years old.
    6'2". Male.
    Mixed Race: Dominican, Black, Indian.

    Experienced in television, stage plays, musicals, and dance productions. You WON'T regret this casting! 😉

  35. HEY CBS!!! LOOK HERE!!
    My name is Jessica Rollins, I am a High School Senior and my mother is a college student! We work together on everything (even with our arguments) and we have the two brains that mesh into one!!! August 25,2011 i was in a devestating car crash, it totaled my car and left me with a very broken and very dislocated ankle, and also a knee that will never have feeling by touch again. my mother, doing the best she could to take care of me in this time, was fired from her job because sh echanged the schedule so she could be with me. then shortly after that my parents had a very harsh divorce, leaving my mother and I, with the addition of my two brothers, with nothing. we live from day to day, eating sandwiches and dollar general pizzas. ever since my mother's being fired from work i have felt like i needed to pay her back somehow, and by nominating us to be on our show!!!! we watch the show religiously, we even make sure it is recording on DVR, please give us this chance!!!

  36. My brother and I would be just what you need for Emmy number 13. WE ARE THE TEAM 2 BEAT! We are a collaboratively, funny, hard working, entertaining twosome. Pick us for this chance of a lifetime!

  37. I'm the "Nice Guy" that finishes 1st… Along with my lifelong best friend Shaun those chumps better be coming with their A, B, & C Game. Southern gentlemen who will not be outshined in any challenge, but we welcome ALL challengers.

  38. Hello prouducer of cbs amazing race my name is Daniel aviles, ive watch your show since its been on air and iv love the physical and mental challenges you put contest threw. Something i would love to try. I live in chicago the windy city in humboldt ppark area. Its a struggle out here trying to work hard and take care of my t3 girls I am a single father and try my best to keep them happy. Times are getting hard though my job has been cutting my hours and from the looks of it i might be getting laid off soon, I would love to try out for your show just so i can give my baby girls the life they deserve and maybe finaly get out of this ghetto we live in. I'd love the chance at this me and my best pal will make this season rock.. ty and take care

  39. I have been in the aviation/propulsion field for 25+ years. I have always wanted for my son to experience a world outside Texas.
    I believe together we would make an entertaining and formidable team.
    I lost my job last May and have been struggling to start a company from the ground up. Competing and winning would ensure a good start for the company, as well as being able to provide several good paying jobs as well.

  40. After 5 1/2 years of dating, my boyfriend and I would be perfect for this show. We love traveling, been to about 6 different countries, and we always do the extreme from zip-lining, white-water rafting, camping, and much more. We are an amazing couple to win the amazing race!!

  41. My boss and I would be great. She is a principal and I am the assistant principal in urban Houston, TX. She is from the city and I am from the country. We talk to each other like we are sisters (if you know what I mean). We are the mommas around campus. We dance with the kids one day, hug them the next, drag them out of the car to come to school, and send them home when we have to. If we can manage a school of 800, we can manage The Amazing Race! But we can't give her the GPS bc she can't read a map and we would be soooo lost! Make sure I'm in charge of that!

  42. I would like to participate in this with my coworker he is a lacross player and i am just a recepitionist but we work well with each other and i am 31 he is 24 and i feel we would be a good team and people as well as viewers would route for us i am 5'1 he is 6'2

  43. My husband and I have been through just about everything together from miscarriage, birth, poverty, prosperity, death, addiction, almost divorce … But we always seem to bounce back. In the end, we do make a great team. We are very competitive and head-strong. This would be a great opportunity for us.

  44. Russian who is American, who obviously has some cultural experience with his broken english and funny attitude- would definitely bring some interest to this one! (Speaking perfect Russian and fluent in English.) Me and my best friend (who is definitely an adventure seeker as well) will be perfect for this job! До скорой встречи!!!

  45. Hi! As you can see my Name is Ni'Yeria Barr
    Eye color:red just kidding my contacts are red my eye color is dark brown
    Hair color:dark brown in bright light it looks like sandy brown
    My Ethnicity:African-American/white/Native american
    DOB: September 16,1996
    color of skin: light skin
    city:kingstree, South Carolina 29556
    I am a virgo and a rat. My hair is shoulder length.I love asian things special asian people. i'm bright, strongwilled, funloving, caring, smart, sensitive,analyzing, love to take pictures, a little harsh, special when it comes to my work.I love gothic/emo things, eventhough I'm girly, I love boyish soft. I love dancing,sing,and having fun. I plan on getting married most likely an asin man and have kids. I plan on going to college for music and for premed. If I can't pay I will go in to Nationlal Guard.
    Talent: i CAN PLAY THE VIOLA, LEARNING how to play the violin,paino and lead gutiar.
    I've been playing the viola seen 5th grade. I love animals, bright colors and advantures.
    favorite colors: neon blue, and green
    I am a female, i Can speak english, learning how to speak korean, french, and spanish
    I think me and my mother would make a good team for this show.

  46. My girlfriend and I love the show. I'm living in Atlanta, she's in Birmingham Alabama in nursing school. Being on the amazing race would be a great experience. We're 25.

  47. Hi,I'm a young, healthy and fit 20 year old and I know my boyfriend and would win this competition. We'll take on any challenge against any person. Bring it on!

  48. My husband and I would be great for this show because we are both ultra competitive and dramatic. Throw competition into a situation and we will argue like feral cats. So we would make good TV. However, we dont really give much weight to those spats so we make up quick. We are both very athletic and the argueing usually turns up great results.

  49. I am from Puerto Rico and i would like to part of this with my father of the same name,both resident of Ponce,Puerto Rico…I am bilingual of my part…This is a chance i dont want to let pass on…thank you

  50. Name: Vernon Forrest Jr
    Age: 14
    Birthday: Augstu 4
    Race: African-american
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Brown
    Height: 5'9
    Home Town: Hapeville,Ga
    location: Williamson,Ga
    Performance acting,raping
    I would love to be in your show. It would be a fun experience for me and my family. Please keep me updated.

  51. I would love to be on this show. I am young and up for any challenge. I will not give up and I will always be positive regardless of the circumstances.

  52. I'm about to turn 30 (Yeek!) and my wife is 29. We have been married for almost 6 years. We have been trying to have a kid for 5 years…well, she has been trying for 5, I steered clear of the "danger days" up until 3 years ago but we recently found out that we have slim to none chances of getting pregnant. It has been a soul-crushing period for us. We both work for a charity that opens schools for kids in poverty areas here in the US and in Mexico and Liberia. She is highly educated but has zero streetsmarts but she is gorgeous so it is not too irritating until she asks a stranger to hold her passport while she looks at a map. I don't have any doctor degrees but I know that I could safely get my wife and I through anything as long as she's with me. My favorite thing to do on this planet is to make her laugh. No matter where we are.

  53. Ok, so CBS are you tired of all the rest? And ready to see the best!!!! My husband and I are the best couple for the JOB. We are two U.S. Army soldiers, very energetic and highly motivated Hooah. I would like to give this as a gift to my husband who's getting ready to retire in August of 2012 after 29 years of service. We funny and odd inter-rational couple. Come CBS Let's get on. This entire family rocks, both of our son's are also in the military: one is in the Navy, and the other is in the Air force.

  54. wE love a good challenge..Me and my fiance would be great competitors.Born and raised in Texas, always wanted to travel, this would be a great opportunity for us to both participate in an adventure and travel, that we couldnt possibly afford on our own..Did someone say competition? Bring IT..

  55. My husband and I would be great contestants on the show. I am a 34 year old Zumba and AFAA Group Fitness Instructor. My husband is a 37 year old black belt martial artist. We own our own fitness business and are always looking for an opportunity to try something new. We are adventurous, crazy (at times), and ultra- competitive! There isn't a challenge that either of us would say no to. We would love the opportunity to0 audition for the show!

  56. Myself and my bro a from new zealand just like your host phil.. it woulr be a good idea to put some international flavour on your show

  57. If you are looking for a hilarious duo of female best friends look no further we are here. Samantha and Tahmineh from sunny San Diego, 23 & 24 year old college students. Not scared to tell each other how it is, very competitive, love to laugh, make others laugh, and sacrafice our mind bod and souls for this amazing show ! Avid volleyball players and all around well rounded ladies ready to kick anyone's butt who so deems to challenge us! Thanks!

  58. My wife and I would be perfect for the Amazing Race. You see, I'm a kidney transplant patient and she is the person that donated my kidney. We're in our fifties, intelligent and just good looking enough not to scare away viewers!

  59. My husband and I would be AWESOME : ) We are both adventurous, athletic, and we compensate for all of each other's shortcomings. I really think we could take on the world, and I KNOW we could use the money! It took us 3 weeks to know we were meant to be, but we never had the means to take a honeymoon! This would be our chance to travel and have some excitement to look forward to : )

  60. My dad and I are like the best of friends. We work together through everything. He is a truck driver over the road so with him having this career I only get to see him a couple days every 3 months. This opportunity would allow us to spend this time bonding more while also being able to compete. We both enjoy adventuring new places. This would be a great opportunity for us.

  61. I enjoy your show. I would like to appear on your show with my older sister. It would be a dream come true to accomplish something with my sister. She would be entertaining to see her get frustrated with her little sister.

  62. Hello,
    If you are looking for a hot powerful couple you have found the right people for your show. We have been toghether for 10yrs and have 3 girls. We work toghter, sleep together ,and do about everthying else together. So why not win $1 million toghether. We are always looking for new adventures inorder to keep learning from one another. We have passion and modivation to take any challenge and grow as a couple. I really hope we get the chance to meet. thanks:)

  63. I am a 53 year old retired/disabled construction worker. i was diagnosed with osteoatrhritis in 2004 and had total knee replacement surgery in both knees in the past year. I am a 3rd generation Eagle Scout my son Tony who I will run the race with is one of very few 4th generation Eagle Scouts in the country. Being Eagle Scouts we know how to use a map,know how to use our scout skills in everyday life.We would be able to use out scouting skills on the show as well. You have never had father and son Eagle Scouts on the show. That might be something people would want to see PLUS it would promote the scouting program not only in America but in the whole world. Plus being father and son we know how to communicate and have a bond like no other. I hope you at least give us an audition. Thanks

  64. My fiance and I would be perfect, he takes direction very good and me NOT AT ALL, so it would be very intresting how me make out. when we watch we are also commenting the things we each would and would not be good at. we are both competitive and hate to lose

  65. When me in my friend win where going to help the homless for being homeless so please pick us(: we got this in a bag

  66. Ha me in my friend got this in a bag 1million here i come right now plase pick me and my friend to go please pick us we have what it takes!

  67. My brother and I would be perfect for this show. But be warned he kinda freaks out if we lose at anything Haha.

  68. I am 23, 185cm, with slim body, Indian, i like your show, when i was seeing your show i was thinking is i will be next in your show, but this all is depend on my audition, so please give a chance to audition. thanks

  69. Iam ah kid that loves to travel and see the wonders of the world learn new things ans see new things like history and the world for what it really is i always wanted to get away and be free but life is hard when your in the hood and want to leave but cant this would be ah dream come true for me

  70. We have been best friends since Junior High and are like night and day. Needless to say everything we do is a challenge! We are a lot of fun and I know we can do this!!

  71. HEYYYOOOOO!! My bff and I are bout to rock the world one country at a time ;)we are the best friends in this entire world so yea thats all thanks!

  72. I come from a very poor family that has never had anything. A few years ago my baby brother was murder and left behind a son. I would love the opportunity to do something that would be able to help him and the rest of my family to survive. I myself have a 22 year old son and two grand daughters, and would really like too accomplish something with my life too make them proud of me.

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