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Styled To Rock – Style

Styled To Rock - Style
Styled To Rock – Style Auditions

There may be no hotter performer on the planet than Rihanna. The woman truly has it all – amazing vocal ability, hits galore, and a thriving acting career. Now the Barbadian songstress is set to highlight another of her skills for television and fashion fans everywhere – her impeccable style. Style To Rock an all new fashion reality series produced and hosted by Ri-Ri and broadcast by The Style Network is set to hit the airwaves soon and the search is on for fashion forward contestants to show the world that they have the eye and talent to change the look of the world. Open casting calls are being organized now and you can apply today to be a part of the series that is poised to take the fashion industry by storm.

Styled To Rock is ready to bring the worlds of fashion and music together in a unbelievably exciting way. Rihanna and her team of producers and casting directors are putting a nationwide casting call out for up and coming designers looking to make their mark in the industry. 12 lucky contestants will be chosen to compete for this one of a kind style throwdown. Competitors will be mentored, tested and judged by the  “Diamonds”  singer and a group of three of the biggest names in the fashion industry in a series of challenges wherein they will be given the opportunity to create looks for Rihanna and a collection of her A-list celebrity friends! One final fashion maven will be left standing as the winner of Styled To Rock and the title of America’s next trendsetting designer with amazing exposure and the chance to continue clothing the biggest names in Hollywood, music and the world. Do you think you have the talent to pass the fashion muster with the greatest stars in the universe? If so your chance to prove it starts today. Application for auditions are being accepted now. You can head here styledtorockcasting.com/how-to-apply to submit yourself for consideration. We will post each casting call update as they are available so keep checking back and leave a comment below and tell us why you have what it takes to be the next fashion taste maker in Rihanna’s all new fashion competition series Styled To Rock.

15 thoughts on “Styled To Rock – Style

  1. Hello I'm Tanna Nichole Martin. Modeling is no cake walk everyone thinks it's easy it takes hard work dedication an a strong mindset. I'm very unique everyone always wants to follow the rules of fashion but it's the ones who break out who create new. If we never broke out of the line fashion would be boring an never changing. I enjoy a challenge or werid poses fierce hair. I would ROCK it. I'm almost 5' 9 an weigh 120 I have short cut like rihanna an bleach blonde.

  2. I'm Coco Jade the best dressed and worthy of all praise when it comes to fashion! My style in fashions are described as Street,glamorous, eccentric,dark and very Street! As fashion is concerned it's 2nd nature and I love to dress in all types of clothes! It's not about the names for me but more so the appeal and how it can catch the attention of the world around me! Fashion to me is a natural art that runs in my DNA! I would be a good candidate because number 1, I'm unique in ways of blending colors to collaboration to display myself to the world as a walking art! I take clothing very seriously and I value appearance and beauty above anything! How u dress determines how much u value your individual style which I always celebrate but also about taking risk and executing a look that can create influence amongst the world outside your closet! When it comes to be fashion forward, knowing the ins and outs I'm that what u need! I believe that I have a eye for beauty in various shapes forms and that is my secret weapon when it comes to being a fashionista! I'm the center of attention and what I wear will grab your attention in a captivating wY

  3. I'm Audre, a 23 year old accomplished Apparel and Costume designer. My forward thinking and innovation make my designs grab attention from across any room. I'm at a crossroad in my life and if I was on this show, I would set the competition on fire.

  4. My name is Kim, I am 18. I have the alternative style myself, along with some body modifications. I could be perfect for this.

  5. I have recently designed a fashion item which is also copyrighted at this point. This product would create tremendous sales. There happens to be a line which would fall into a category for famous people such as RiRi. She could make an amazing fashion statement. If you would like to hear more please contact me at the email address. I am hoping to take my product to the next level and your producers may be interested!!
    Thank you, Linda

  6. hi,im amanda from norway,
    and i love modelling and ive done it before, and i love style and have style and create style 😉 just take me in and i`ll show you what i got 😉 i wont let you down, i promise 😉

  7. Hi and Thank you for your time today!

    My name is Brianna Rachel, a walking inspiration of many things.

    My desire to be on your show means business. What I mean by that is simply that when I step on the scene, you can always count on me to be in character performing as I should and always listening for positive criticism. I want this to be remembered as my first stepping stone in my acting career. Thank you. God bless.


  8. Rachel is a 20 year old woman who is currently in her final year of education for a Business Degree. Rachel was a semi-finalist in the Miss Wisconsin U.S.A. 2013 pageant and has created outfits and modeled for Abercrombie and Fitch. Rachel plans one day to be a Jewelry Designer and create the perfect accessories.
    Rachel has been creating outfits since she was three years old and has a natural talent and eye for rockin' an outfit. Rachel's beauty,strength, grace, humor, style,
    and originality will be perfect to take fashion to a new level.
    Grace combined with beauty, color and coordination will assure Rachel as a top contender in Styled to Rock. Bam.

  9. Hi my name is phelesia I'm 23years old I'm a single mother I'm very outgoing I'm a lady at all times you don't Wanna pass up me I love to party

  10. I am a 14 year old lady with such a great sense of style. I would love to be a part of this because well, first off I love Rihanna and I love modeling. I'm a very outgoing person, I love making new friends and meeting new people. I'm 5'4 with short brown curly hair, and big brown eyes, I've taken modeling classes with BARBIZON southwest and I want to make modeling my career and take it a step farther. So please contact me I would love to do this!

  11. I know for what i am born,i just wanna do that,i have the talent that you are looking for,please give me a chance,i will prove it,please its a request,i am very special and there's no one else thats like me

  12. I should be a part of this fashion show because I am fashion… I love fashion, I make fashions, & people love me plus my work and personality. I'm a people person who helps everyone & only ready for reality Tv so I can be seen as a beautiful, great woman from the south in Memphis, TN who is a aspiring model & all American like many say. Thanks for listening and the opportunity.

  13. I am Denisha and I am very interested I love riri she's strong and awesome I would love to b on styled to rock

  14. I am a 25 year old black mother of a handsome 3 year old lil boy. From the dirt streets of Natchez. Ms i have dream of seeing the world and beein of something. Bigger. Than. My. I would. Like. To be on the show to show my son no matter where you are from you can live your dreams

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