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Sound Alike Singing Competition – MTV

Sound Alike Singing Competition - MTV
Sound Alike Singing Competition – MTV

Attention all vocal artists! A brand new singing competition is on the horizon and it could be your opportunity to take the music world by storm. MTV, televisions leading music channel is ready to bring the first ever singer sound alike competition to the airwaves and now a worldwide search is on for contestants to compete in this one of a kind reality game show series. Casting calls will be held soon for MTV’s Sound Alike singing show and artist of all ages can begin submitting themselves today for their shot at musical fame and glory.

Does your voice strongly resemble one of the world’s famous singers? Do friends and family constantly tell you that you sound just like Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga or Adele? If you recorded yourself singing ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’, ‘Locked Out Of Heaven’ or ‘Baby’ would anyone be able to tell you from Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars or Justin Bieber? Maybe you and your friends sound just like the boys from One Direction or The Wanted – if so, MTV wants to hear you! This is the show that will take karaoke to the next level and possibly make you music’s next great pop icon. The search for the world’s most amazing sound alike singer is on – it’s time for you to get in the game. MTV is accepting contestant applications for this incredible new production now so don’t delay. If you would like to be considered for casting calls this all new competition series you can send emails here soundalikecasting@gmail.com with your name, age, location, contact info and a description of which artist you sound like. More details for this fabulous new music series will becoming soon so keep checking back for all of the audition details and make sure to leave a comment below and let us know who you sound like and why you can win this contest.

MTV’s Sound Alike Competition is coming and so is your chance to shine! Show millions of viewers around the globe what you’ve got as you compete on the year’s most exciting music game show MTV’s Sound Alike.

46 thoughts on “Sound Alike Singing Competition – MTV

  1. I can sing like several stars: Amy Lee, Linda Rhondstadt, ABBA, Debbie Gibson, Christina Aguilera, Allison Krauss, Karen Carpenter, Carrie Underwood, Olivia Newton John, etc. My love is music and I would cherish the chance for an audition.

  2. I have been practicing singing like gwen stefani since 1996. I got to say i think im pretty darn good! Ive sang for some of my friends they say i sound good. And i only karoake gwen!

  3. My name is Brianna and I sound like (Jazmin Sullivan) I believe I will be a perfect contestant for this show because I sing from my heart and singing has always been my dream. And I will bring the fire just like (Jazmin Sullivan) PLEASE give me a shot. I will not disappoint this show !

  4. what im trying do is change my life path and get money to feed and shelter my child i dont give two fucks about anyone opinion not even the bf okay looking for crazy fun and thick action boo boo come to ms. reenie pie right here let me know wassup you never now you might got me as the next singer on the team or show try me try me i use to work at thr fudgery where dru hill started from in baltimore

  5. what im trying do is change my life path and get money to feed and shelter my child i dont give two fucks about anyone opinion not even the bf okay looking for crazy fun and thick action boo boo come to ms. reenie pie right here let me know wassup you never now you might got me as the next member of #WNO

  6. Whitney Houston is my idol !!! I have been told that I am able to Mimick her sounds and soulful belts! I loved her since I was in high school …I can't wait to show off what I learned from listening at her songs …I'm Ron and now 43 … Live in New Jersey and people say I rock Whitney !

  7. Hello,
    My name is Temitope Christianah Adekunle. I am 22 years old. I‎ am presently in Lagos, Nigeria.
     I sound like Demi Lovato. I will be grateful if I can considered for this audition because singing as always and wiill forever be my dream and my passion.

  8. My name is Vernon Johnson Jr. and I'm also known as "Little Hank" by everyone in my community, as I love singing the old country music. I am 17 years old and in the last contest I was in the one of the judges told me he thought he was going to turn around and see Hank Williams Sr. I sing everywhere I get a chance, including church, benefits,and I sing weekly at our local nursing home. I won our local talent contest and I love singing and playing guitar. Thank you for your consideration. You can preview my music on Facebook.

  9. Hi hi hi


    My name is Sara I accidently came across this page because I have ADHD and I love to sing and it's my release from the world and I just so happens that when I sing I sound like Amy Lee I was just looking for sound alike aauditions after trying to aapply for stars in their eyes this wwould be an awesome opportunity although im not gonna big myself up or anything coz it ain't my style I guess somethings are worth enquiring about

  10. hi am kelvin ,am from africa, a good vocalist precisely i just need one moment in time to show case my gift to the world.

  11. I'm terry aka t-bone and i sound just like kid. rock and brett from poison. i have a 4yr old daughter who i would love nothing more than to do this for her to better her life and give her the life one could only dream of. And would make me very proud for my lil princess to be proud of me. and even proud to call me Daddy. it would change my life. more importantly my daughters life. thank you hope i get the chance to prove myself. God bless.

  12. Its funny because I'm American but I've been told I sound alot like Adele,Rihanna, Erica Badu…. I've been told that I have jazzy set tone in my voice…. I also have a little raspyness in it I can transition from jazz to punk rock to r&b real easily….. I've never had a vocal lesson in my life and people continuously ask me where I learned to sing I just tell them just mastered "mimicry"….

    I'm 19 years old currently in san Marcos Texas about to try and move to new York when I get out of school.

    been singing since I can remember
    just hit me up on Facebook @ Aria Lynn … I'm the black girl with curly hair.

  13. We are located in Alabama. Young teen who has been singing since she could talk. Toni Braxton at age 4 now she can mimic almost any vocalist out there whether it is R&B, Pop, Country, etc. The opportunity would be life changing. Thank You

  14. Hi my name is Cantrell and I love to sing. I am really good at it and it's always been my dream to follow the in the foot steps of justinbieber on becoming a singer. Some people tell me I sound like alicia keys and Taylor swift. I pray every day that I will become a singer and thus can really help me. I am the one in the house that is always singing. I am 11 years old but have a strong good voice and love to sing. I live in Phoenix. I entered a couple competitions ever since I was five and won but this is different and means more to me. Thank you for reading this and I hope I get picked. It will mean the world to me. Please e-mail me.

  15. My name is tasha my parents are elders so i was raised sining all my life in churh on the praise and worship team the choir solos i also direct the childerns choir and also in school talent show chours i was in all city choir singing is my passion and dream if i would get a opportunity to perform for the rest of my life i would drop everything

  16. My daughter Tiana, who is 11 years old, has a beautiful voice and loves to sing. She has been taking private singing lessons and piano lessons for years. She also plays the saxophone as well. Her voice meshes so well with such great singers ike Adele, Rihanna, Bruno Mars, Selena Gomez,Laura Fabian,Demi Lovato and many others. If given the chance I know she will do very well! I have been singing for years myself in choirs and so forth and I am very proud of her already no matter what happens with the direction of her musical talents.

  17. My name is lauren I love to sing it's been a passion of mine for a long time. I love being in front of people and singing and everytime I sing I hear I sound like carrie underwood. I've sang for
    Weddings and many party events and I would absolutely love an opportunity like this!!!'

  18. Hi I'm Julia 25, from Atlantic city nj, one of my favorite bands if No Doubt, and I've been told I sound like the beautiful Gwen Stefani. But that is only because it's something I usually cover. I feel like I relate vocally with Bruno Mars, and I really enjoy singing like Christina Aguilera. I hope you'll consider me. If this link is a problem you should be able to find me easily by searching Julia Rose ukulele on either youtube or soundcloud. Thank you very much. youtube.com/user/volcomchick4989

  19. Hi my name is chris and I have been singing for 10 years now. A lot of people say I sound a lot like billy joe Armstrong from green day, also that I sound a lot like hunter Hayes and Jason mraz. I would love to be able to show the world what I got, and not just sing to the walls in my room. I am a very motivated musician and feel it is what I was put on this earth to do!!

  20. Hello my name is Kenisha Conyers, and I have been singing since I was a little girl. This talent started in church, and now I feel it is time to shine like the star the God wants me to be.

  21. Hi, my name is Doug and I sound like Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top) and Bon Scott (AC/DC) among a few others. Additionally, I play guitar and bass. I am strongly considering auditioning.

  22. Hi…I was singing one night and a girl asked me to do a Willie Nelson song because my voice was like his…I did it and brought the house down. I'm known around the local bay area now for doing it. People come up to me in stores or wherever telling me "that is phenomenal!!" I'd love the opportunity to give it a shot. I'm auditioning for America's Got Talent in Jan. '14. Thank you much for any consideration….. Lynn

  23. I'm 18. I don't sound like anyone. Nor do I want to compare myself to other famous people. My voice is individualistic and and unique… Isn't that why all the famous people are famous … Because they have something special. All I know is that I just want to sing and be heard. I can't tell you why i should be in the competition, but i can tell you Is that i want to be in this competition.

  24. Im 24 years old and im an Enrique Iglesias soundalike. In 2004 at the age of 14 I appeared on tv on Itv's Stars in their eyes kids. I Also appeared on the tv show ministry of mayhem as Enrique Iglesias. He has been my idol since I was 11 years old and I would love the chance to appear on your show to impersonate my favourite star. Many thanx for your time dan

  25. Hi my name is Wayne "Ediie Kain" Lynch. I have been singing since I was 14 years old. many family and friends say I sound like several celebrity singers. I have been told I sound like R-Kelly, Sam Cook, David Ruffin, Marvin Sapp and the list goes on. These singers are very Powerful singers. All my Performances has been Acapulco. If You pick me for the show you will be AMAZED!!!

  26. Hi!!!
    I am from Poland. I haven't amazing voice but my voice is very very good. I love old music as Alphaville <3 I am 12,5. I am very slim. I have 156cm. I have long blond hair. And blue eyes i am very wise. I am very strong. I spek polish english germany. I play guitar. Please anserw to me please is very important to me. Please, Please. <33

  27. Hi, my name is Taylor. I absolutely love to sing!! It has always been my dream to become famous <3 I love One Direction. They are such an inspiration. I want to be an inspiration to other people. Thank You 🙂

  28. Name : Arber Istrefi (Male)
    Age :14
    Hair: Short
    Haircolor : Brown
    Eyes : Brown
    Hobbies: acting , sing ,learn and football

    Hi I think Im good for this because I can sing I was in school for that I can travel anywhere to make my dreams true

    Thanks for reading

    Arber Istrefi

  29. I sing and play piano..im also good at sounding like Adele, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Shania Twain, Celine Dion, Cher, Toni Braxton, Whitney Houston, Mariah Xarey, Bruno Mars, Justin Beiber,..and many others…i think i would be great at having a shot at this. Thankyou for your time and i hope to hear back from you!

  30. Im 13. I DONT have all dat money for American idol or the voice. I've been chasing dis dream since 3. Idk , What else to do at this point. My Icon(s) is Whitney Houston ,&& Michael Jackson. But My Idols Are Beyonce && Aaliyah && Alicia Keys && Justin Bieber && Usher && Selena Q. && Quincy Jones && Last but not least , Aretha Franklin. I Get Always " You Sound Like A " Baby Aaliyah With A Attitude Of Beyonce ". My Dreams Are Just To Be Legend. I Dont Wanna Be A Commercial Success Like Most. I Will Actually Work My A Off For Dis Life/Career. Greatness Is Patience , I Know But Im Tired If Waiting. There Are No Competitions.Or Local Talent Shows Atleast I Can't Find One. Please Help Me.

  31. I have a lot of cover songs on YouTube

    Musiq soulchild . Tyrese. Jagged edge . And I have a nice country or alternative rock voice.

  32. Hello i really honestly believe i sound like chris brown…. were talking someone who sounds like this guy…that would be me..i shall win and try my best

  33. my name is Alani Paascha i have been singing since i was five years old i would love to be in this competition i am 35 years old and i sing alot of madonna music.Singing is my passion and for the most part ive had alot of compliments on my singing and i have had many people tell me they like the way i sing to madonna and yes i do believe i sound alot like her i have been practicing her music for many, many years.

  34. My interest is mainly in singing and I would like to know about various auditions regarding commercial jingles, and T.V. and movie productions looking for singing talent. Thank you

  35. i can sing just like loretta lynn. im from eastern ky. and live about thirty miles from butcher holler, my dad was originally from there and i have been told i sound just like her. i can also do terri clark and sara evans to name a few.

  36. My name is meatta Hayes
    I am 15
    I live in Ga
    My friends and family say I sound like Adele and Bruno mars
    Thank you for reading

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