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Ripping Runways Modeling Search

Ripping Runways Modeling Search
Ripping Runways Modeling Search – Modeling

Attention all aspiring models, your time to make your mark is here. Auditions for one of the worlds foremost modeling troupes are here and producers and casting directors are looking to sign the next superstar beauty. The Ripping Runways Female Model Talent search is here and the search is on for talented up and coming models from all over the country.

The Konscious Money Entertainment Group is proud to present The Ripping Runways Konscious Money Entertainment Group. This coast to coast search is being held to find the next giants of the modeling industry. If you have always dreamt of becoming a major player in the world of print, commercial, high fashion or runway modeling this could be your time to shine. The high profile producing and scouting team for this exciting new project are searching for undiscovered models of any height who are more than just a pretty face. Models with multiple talents are being sought to represent this world renowned modeling group. If you have the looks and are a talented singer, dancer, actor or overall entertainer, you could be just what the people behind Ripping Runways are looking for. If you are interested in an exciting career in the world of fashion modeling and you would like to submit yourself for a casting call for this project the producers are requesting that you send at least 4 head shots and 4 full body shots, a professional bio and video links of you modeling or performing a talent to konsciousmoney@aol.com and you can head here wix.com/konsciousmone1/entertainment to fill out a submission form. Be sure to leave a comment for us below and tell us why you want to become a model and why you are perfect for this audition and stay tuned right here for all of the up to the minute casting updates for The Ripping Runways Modeling Search.

71 thoughts on “Ripping Runways Modeling Search

  1. I've always had random people ask me do I model, so I figured why not give it a shot maybe this is my purpose and I'm just waiting for everything to fall in place I would be a great candidate for the show not only am I beautiful but my personality is amazing, I'm 5'7 123 and beautiful brown skin.

  2. I've been modeling, and acting on and off since I was 6. I am made for this. I'm 5'10", and weigh 129. I'm toned, and Burmese, French, and German.

  3. I'm interested in being apart of 2017 Rip The Runway.. Im 5'9 and weight 135. I feel a I'm beautiful person inside and out.. I grew up doing fashion shows, its something I enjoy doing…

  4. I'm perfect for this because I'm a model who is also a dancer, singer, play different instruments, is a published author and have theatre experience. I'm 161cm 98 pounds and am an athlete, so have a slight but athletic figure. I'm Indian but can pass of easily for Latino, African American and of several other ethnicities. Just like anybody else I dream big and I don't let my failures deter me. I let them push me forward. I let my successes teach me how to never give up. I stand in the spotlight and stare ahead, not defiant, but confident.

  5. Hi 5'8 size 10, I've always wanted to model. My mother took that dream away. I was told as a child know one would ever let you model for them. I was not good enough. It just stuck with me all my life.
    I would love to prove my mother wrong. Just to get that opportunity to Rip the Runway

  6. Hi I'm 5'8 size 10. I've always wanted to model all my life. My mother always say to me, that know one will ever let you model, an that I was not good enough. It's just stuck with me for the rest of my life. I would love to make my dream come true an to prove to my mother she was wrong. I watch Rip The Runway for years an pray one day I can Rip The Run Way.

  7. I should be part because i want to pruve the people that i could be someone more than just a "nerd" with a pretty face.I also wanna know how it feels to walk in the stage like a real model . Im about to be 13 .My height is 5'3 .I wait 120lbs. Im a funny and positive person with style . Also likes to socialize and my smile is straight and white .Thank you

  8. Hello! My names Amanda Walker I feel i can rip the runway this is my chance to rip the runway i have never used my beauty for such thing but i thought i give it a try and get the experience I'm 5'3" weight n/a i always heard i should be a model but never took it serious until now give me a chance i might blow your minds ???

  9. I am writing on behalf of my daughter who has the beauty of a model, bone structure, and height and just does not have enough confidence in herself to tryout for one these shows or even the courage to build a portfolio so that she could show any agencies.
    She is going through so many changes now personal and financial and she could use the boost a modeling career would offer her.
    She is very charming and fun person and whenever she does apply her self to a project she gives her 1000 percent best. I would like her to break out of her shell at least and try it and stop being so darn shy and unconfident about her looks.

  10. My dream is to model. Been modeling since I was 2 years old on and off. The fire never left me. I was born to rip the runway. If I'm not selected that's okay because I will try again and again until I get selected.

  11. I'm 5'4 110lbs with a slim figure. Not only do I have the perfect size body but the features of my face are model material. Big ,alluring ,almond shaped eyes,desirable lips and stunning eye brows. I'm obsessed with all the aspects of fashion especially when it comes to trendy outfits and make up. I used to live in Philadelphia,PA but I have just relocated to Miami, FL to follow my dreams of becoming a model. I have a very fun, outgoing personality but, when it comes to taking care of business in the fashion world I am prepared to slay the competition.

  12. Hi I am submitting this for my granddaughter she is seven years old beautiful curly hair I'm not for sure if you take girls of that age I think it would be wonderful when you're doing fashion age-appropriate outfits,she would be perfect we live near Chicago so if you ever have a casting call could you please email me,this would be so wonderful she would just love it

  13. I'm writing about my daughter Deja she is 5 foot 11 175lb beautiful tall she's always wanted to do some modeling she doesn't know that I am submitting this she is 27 years old I watch rip The run way all the time and I think it is so cool at those models look so great and doing what they always dreamed of doing, my daughter is a Beautiful person inside and out!

  14. Hi! i'd love to be apart of this,I've modeled since I was fifteen and this would be amazing! please contact me if interested! thank you so much!

  15. I am 18 years old. Ecuadorian and Native American. Live in the United States. Have dark brown/ black hair and brown/ yellow eyes. I wear a size 0-1 depending on the fabric of the clothing. I was raised mostly in Ohio and Indiana but I have been here and there also. My bd is 11/27/1997. Born in Dayton, Ohio. Soon to be Mrs. Nadeau! The reason I want to break into this industry is because my passion is makeup, hair, and fashion. Ever since I was a little girl I would walk like I was a model on a Catwalk. And lately people have been complimenting my "glowing aura" and "model-shaped body" etc. After getting asked if I was a model then being repeatedly told to become one, I almost want to do it.

  16. I am a 36 year old fierce fun outgoing women that look 25 years of age that enjoy fashion
    anything black white or retro i love strutting my stuff no matter where i am
    i feel i would be great for hit the runway i was born for it for years iv'e always wanted a tasted of that runway so i can strut my stuff and represent all ages i can do it

  17. Hi Im 58 full figured I love fashion and love Rip the runway show. I would love to be part of this weather it be collabo of plus size fashion or walking the runway I want to be in. Im from Alabama not much fashion opportunity here and would love to part of the fashion world in some kind of way

  18. I use to model for hair salons, I always wanted to runway model, I would love the opportunity to express myself at least one time.

  19. I am 5'7 170lbs curvey but fit, I'm more than just a gorgeous face with a amazing body, I am the jack of all trades. I sing,rap,natural dancer,naturally funny,personality to fit any role,amazing walk with a beautiful smile to match,born and raised in California lived in the south and now live in nyc love being a women but I'm a tomboy at heart. love most sports love animals and the outdoor activities. so when do I start.

  20. I have never walked a runway but I know I can and will rock it!.. I have a lot of spunk,personality and can take directions and constructive criticism very well. . And do it all with a beautiful smile on my face. .. Thank you!

  21. You guys should pick me to be apart of the Show because I will had a extra everything the show , yes I'm inspiring plus size model with attitude, style and poise.I can walk with the best of them and smize my behind off! So pick so you want regret not picking the the next great plus size model! I'm not only a model but I have great leadership skill, great personality and most of all humble enough to learn other craft of the field of entertainment and news.

  22. Love rip the runway since the first ! I will make this the best show ever modeling is everything and more to me. I was that girl picked off the train by model scouts believing in my potential! Me being in this show at this time of my life would be a dream come true!!

  23. I know I will rock the runway if given the opportunity to show you. I have style, charisma, poise and personality, also good looking. I will bring flavor to the runway if given a chance to prove my skills.

  24. As a male model with poise, personality, charmastic and style I know i could rock the runway. Coming from a southern state like Baltimore, Maryland I will bring a different type of flavor, just give me the chance.

  25. I am 25 years of age and modeling is my passion. Even tho my height is a problem sometimes. I do not quick . Jesus has bless me with this gift and I will not stop

  26. Hi I am a current model looking for the big break I need. I'm 5'8.5 .My measurements are 34-25-36. I'm 125 pounds and have previous experience. I love modeling with all my heart and my dream is to be a Victoria's secret angel. Ripp the Runway is my perfect chance and I hope you give me a chance.

  27. Hello my name is Zainab, i'm 15 year old. I love to become runway model because i like to dress up and i think it rock. I'm in year 10 and i live in Australia. Thank you to read is message or comment.

  28. Hi my name Sadie Beach, I'm 23 years old, I'm 5'6, african-american and I'm so in love with modeling it has always been a passion of mine as well as singing. Modeling gives me a feeling of transformation, of becoming whatever i want at that time, its like performing everytime you walk out and snap a picture. I would love to show you all the talents i have and to do something I love which is model.

  29. My name is Kimorah I'am 5 years old but models like a teen,no joke! Currently I'm signed with Cosmo Magazine I've done local commercials and lots of photo shoots but I'm a country girl living in a small town not much opportunities here. Fashion is my life, I breathe and sleep fashion. I would like to be a fashion designer, actress and model when I grow up. Please let me show you my talents all I need is a chance. I can do cat walk and good at photo shoots. I have many talents which is great for a model, I'm taking hip hip, ballet, tap and piano lessons so I know how to move and use my body. This is something I that came natural to me, "beauty" I'm gorgeous and I know it, I'm sweet, sassy, and fun! Give me a chance to "wow" you, you'll be glad to have me at you're shoots…let me prove it.

  30. Hi, my name is Sofija. I'm 14 turning 15, 5 foot 7, blonde, green-eyed, and have a bit of a Germanic look. My measurements are 36-25-36, and I live in Arvada, Colorado. I'm a singer/actress/dancer, and I weigh 130 pounds. True, I am a bit on the curvier side, but it has always been my dream to be a model and get my face out there, and this seems like a great chance to do that. I really hope that you'll consider me.

  31. I have got the looks,i adore fashion since i was five my grand father used to say 2 me catch your dreams until he passed away bt still i'm not giving up i want this opportunity so badly,i've got the looks,the walks and what it takes to be one confidence,mature-ness are all mine..i'm in cape town roll with me i'll take you to high limits try me please,i've got what it takes

  32. hello my name is Seleste B. i am a 17 year female who is 5'0 and i weight ~160 with moderate acne but that hasnt stopped me from wanting to become a runway model. i love playing dress up and walking down the hallway in my home as if i were on a actual runway. i would love to be onth is show to prove to girls my size that skinny isnt all what we all should be

  33. Hi my name is ileana sarai flota gongora my height is 5'2 i like to play modeling and i love dancing and acting this is a big chance for me i'm mexican i consider my self a average girl except for my body i would like to model it would be a great change in life for me im 16 years old my birthday is on april 28 1998. please contact me

  34. Hi my name is Joi. im a highly motivated 19yr old who has just compleated Marine Corp Boot Camp Training. I also hold the Title of Miss 2014 Overall Photogenic of Washington/Balitmore. Modeling is not just a hobby for me its a passion, I would love the opportuniy to Ripp the Runway.

  35. I would love this opportunity for the world to get to know me better. I love working and meeting new people. I am easy to work with, follow direcrions still being a leader and I want to inspire others never to give up on your dreams. I love to make wow impressions, leaving people saying nothing but the best about my genuine attitude. Please give me a chance to show and prove.

  36. I know I have what it takes to RIP the runway. I’m an 18 year old college freshmen African American with a flawless face. I’ll bring something different to the show which is I will be the first semi-plus model's that can stand up toe to toe with an average runway model I’m very full of life and very fashion forward and fierce I will bring the action and dedication needed. On this show, i'm a full out entertainer i dance rap and I do a little acting im really what you need

  37. hi my name is nichel'e
    im 24yrs
    im 4' 8
    im cuban,dominican and black
    and im a fashion designer from philadelphia
    ive been drawing,makin shoes,sewing and tailoring clothes since i was 15yrs.
    I love high fashion i trend for all ages… i just would like a shot….

  38. I am 42 but I look younger. I am a size 1X but I look smaller. I have mid-waist dark brown hair with medium brown eyes. I would love to be in another movie and I would love to be on a t.v. show! I can speak English fluently and I can speak some Spanish, Italian & Brazilian Portuguese. I also know some American Sign Language. In addition, I can speak with the spoken language accents. I have some background extra experience in a movie "Won't Back Down " , "Out of the Furnace", a Budweiser Girl and a Pittsburgh Penguins Gatorade commercial. I love sports, trivia, cooking, baking and photography. My childhood dreams included acting, singing, modeling and teaching. I have worked in the following occupational fields: entertainment, medical, educational and volunteering.

  39. Hey, my name is Faith! I love to model. I am 5'10, blonde hair, blue eyes. I just got my braces off and also weigh 125 pounds. I think I would be perfect, and would love to have the opportunity to show what I can bring to the table. Thanks.

  40. Hi….my name is nakita I am a 5"6 slim build African American female I am interested In ripping the runway please email more info if you have any castings near Spartanburg South Carolina

  41. I know i have what it take for the RIP, IM very talented i love to dance..and show my fashion..ive been in local fashion show..also I know this will be a great opportunity for me. in ready to bring this indiana fashion to rip way.

  42. My name is Aminah I am a young phenominal 21yr old, i love fashion and modeling! I am a talented black 5'9inch woman that weighs 135pds, i have experience in runway modeling and i am determined to be the Best!

  43. I also have some experience in runway, I have been doing a lot of local fashion shows and I am featured on a few websites. I think, no I know this will be a great opportunity for me and it will help me advance and make a name for myself in this industry.

  44. I will be great for this show because I have a great walk thats like no other, I love fashion, plus I want to bring some KANSAS CITY style to the show and RIP THE RUNWAY!!!!

  45. I Think Im Good For This Situation Because Im Talented & Really Know How To R.I.P The Runway . I Love To Model & Would Get SomeWhere With My Career and Im Only 15 (;

  46. Hi, Im Desaray B.. And modeling is my world. I love trying on clothes I love shopping. I was in a fashion show two or three time in Conway, Arkansas I was in 2nd place both times. I love doing new things & I'm really looking foward to this. If you can you please email me. Thanks
    Desaray Butler

  47. Female
    18 yrs old
    I need to be a part of this movie because ACTING IS MY LIFE!
    Ive been in 3 productions at my school and I performed at the Freddy Awards that aired on WFMZ 69news. Also I was selected as a State Finalist to become Miss Pennsylvania. Im in love with the arts… Im a very diverse actress.. I DARE you to throw anything (emotions/scenario) at me and I GUARANTEE you that I will NAIL it!! Ive had some acting training with Desales University (Shakespearean Festival) ,The Freddy Awards, My high school drama club directors, and former Pageant Queens. Ive been dancing my entire life:Hip hop; STEP;Cheerleading;modern; a little lyrical. I AM 18 AND IM READY!! please Email me.

  48. Name: Amanda M
    Birth Date:1990
    State/City:Wv, Princeton
    Weight:135 Lbs
    Ethnicty: Filipino/American

    I have some expierences in modeling but would love the opportunity for higher fashion and new critisim to build me as a model and a person. I am on model mayhem under AJANE. I'm not afraid of change.

  49. Ripping the runway is my dream and passion. My drive sets me apart from the rest. I have a great personality and I'm willing to do anything to accomplish my dreams.

  50. I have modeled in Ca and TX and am pursuring a career in high fashion runway modeling I am tall and slim it is up to you to make the decisions but you wont be disapponted in me

  51. Hello,
    My name is Nikki B. I'm really interested in this call. If you have a spot for me i would be more than happy to take it.

  52. I have always wanted to be a model since i can remember…have been trained on the runway and have experience…I am tall and slim and will not let you down

  53. I am a 14 year old girl. It has always, since I was even smaller, been a dream of mine to model. I am willing to take on any form of modeling I am very open. I can connect well with others. I feel confident enough to even do runway. I will definitely submit an application as well. Thank you for your consideration!

  54. I should be chose because ive been wanting too model since i was 5 . Its been a long term dream for me … Pleasepick me i really wanna do this

  55. I have been interwsted in modeling since i was a little girl. I love being in pictures and i am photogenic. I would love to have the opportunity to have an audition to be a model i am 5'8 blue eyes brown hair and i weigh 120. Thanks!

  56. Name: Brittany M
    Birth Date:98
    Weight:100 Lbs

    Hello I'm Brittany McCall. I live in Montgomery, AL. I'm 13 years old.I'm African American. I enjoy singing,dancing,acting, and modeling. I would love to model for you. I love skirts and tutu's. I would love to hear back from you. Thank you!

  57. Hi, my name is luisa l, im 16 years old and am interested in modeling and acting. Im 5'5 , light skinned and have light brown medium length hair. I have a great potential to be a model. Everyone says i have a unique look to myself, Hopefully you give me a chance and see for yourself 🙂

  58. Hello, I'm highly interested in being apart of Rip the Runway Show. I'm a beautiful person inside and out, and will be my honors to be apart of the show. Please pick me and I promise I will Rip the Runway….

  59. I am right for this position because I'm very photogenic and the camera loves me although its my first time doing runway but I can manage . Im very unique and my personality is one that is intelligent and smart something to look forward to (:

  60. I am right for this position because I'm very photogenic and the camera lives me . Im very unique and my personality is one that is intelligent and smart something to look forward to (:

  61. I'm kind of a new model and this would be the perfect experience for me to get more work done! Also I'm so tiny and everyone says I should model more so i'd love to be apart of this! please contact me by email 🙂 I would love to show you what I have to offer!

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