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2014 Disney Channel Open Auditions

2014 Disney Channel Open Auditions
2014 Disney Channel Open Auditions

The time has come once again for the world’s most watched family network to hit the road and try to find the next crop of dynamite acting, singing and dancing talent and you could be it’s next great Hollywood discovery! The 2014 Disney Channel Open Auditions are here and ready to pluck up and coming talent from all across the country out of obscurity and into the casts of their current and future series and original movies. This could be the casting of the year and it is completely open to all aspiring entertainers. Your first step to stardom starts here.

The 2014 Disney Channel Open Auditions are here and they are bigger and better than ever. Each year the top Disney producers and casting directors choose a city somewhere in the U.S. to gather together and hold the years most incredible casting call. The top decision makers for all of Disney’s television and movie productions train their gifted eyes upon the

most eager and determined undiscovered talent from around the world hoping to find stars to add to such hit Disney Channel and Disney XD series as Jessie, Lab Rats and Dog With A Blog or to build the next great Disney comedy or original movie around. This incredible opportunity only happens once a year so the time is now for you to strike out for entertainment gold. Every aspiring actor, dancer and singer needs to attend this fabulous casting event.

Some of the company’s biggest talent finds have come out of these open calls including worldwide acting and singing phenom Selena Gomez (Wizards Of Waverly Place, Hannah Montana, The Muppets) and now your chance has arrived! This dream casting opportunity will be happening soon and interested performers of all ages can get more information on the event here disneychannel.disney.com/open-call. More details will be released right here as soon as they are known so stay tuned for more updates and leave a comment below and tell us which Disney show or movie you would love to be chosen for and why you want to be a part of The 2014 Disney Channel Open Auditions.

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  1. Hi my name's Miriam I'm 11 years old and I'm 4foot5.im very good at acting and singing I have lots of experience.^_^ i speak Einglesh and Spanish.??

  2. Hi my name is Corrdelia Haenga,and I am 14 years old. I LOVE acting and dancing,it has been my passion ever since i was 5 years old. My favorite Disney show is Wizards of Waverly place. I want to make it big, i want to make my family proud. I have black brownish hair, and dark brown eyes, I live in New Zealand, Auckland. I would love to act in anything that involves in Disney channel, but the thing that lets me down on my dream is my Location, but i wont let anything stop me in for aiming towards my dream. So please give me a chance of showing what i have and what i could bring. Thank you.

  3. Hi my name is Corrdelia Haenga,and I am 14 years old. I LOVE acting and dancing,it has been my passion ever since i was 5 years old. My favorite Disney show is Wizards of Waverly place. I want to make it big, i want to make my family proud. I have black brownish hair, and dark brown eyesI live in New Zealand, Auckland. I would love to act in anything that involves in Disney channel, but the thing that lets me down on my dream is my Location, but i wont let anything stop me in for aiming towards my dream. So please give me a chance of showing what i have and what i could bring. Thank you.

  4. Hi my name is Ashlynn Marie Jaggers and I'm 10 years old. I am an aspiring Model/actress and singer. I love Disney it's my dream to be a Disney girl. I admire them all ready and have always dreamt of being one. People would describe me as being spunky,hilarious,entertaining,polite,spontaneous and I love attention and I wanna be the best at anything I do. This would be the greatest thing ever if I was picked. Thank you Disneys for the opportunity

  5. Hello my name is Juliana and I am 12 years old. I am currently directing my own movie that I wrote myself. I have been two plays and am a major role in one of them. I love acting and I can't wait to try for this opportunity. I have competed in the Junior Olympics for track and field and can play almost any sports. I was born and raised in Texas and am exited to audition. Thank You
    Hair color: red
    Skin color: mixed
    Race: African American
    Eye color: brown
    Height: 5'5
    Freckles: YES

  6. Hi! My name is Dilyla and I'm from Malaysia.

    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'1
    Hair colour: Black
    Eye colour : Dark Brown
    Language: (fluent) English and Malay
    (Intermediate) Spanish and Mandarin
    Skills: Piano, guitar, violin and I can pass being different ethnicity such as Malay, Indonesian, Latina, Indian.

    I would like to given the chance to audition and act and start a career with Disney… Thank you

  7. Hello, I am looking for auditions for my 8 year old little sister. She is extremely talented. She's hilarious, sings, acts, and is an amazing dancer. Disney Channel is her favorite television show and Zendaya in her words her " best friend " You will not be disappointed in picking her or even giving her a chance to do something she loves.
    Thank you

    Leah Oliver
    Hair color: black
    eye color: brown
    talents: dancing,acting,impersonating ,and any type of sport

  8. Hi, my name is Emma and I am 13 years old. I would love to be a part of Disney Channel because ever since I was 5 or 6 I have always loved shows like Hannah Montana and the High School Musical movies. I also love to sing dance and act.
    Age: 13
    Gender: female
    Height: 5'5
    Hair color: blonde
    Eye color: blue

  9. Hello! My name is Araya, I am 15 years old, and I am a sophomore in high school. I have always been a Disney fan since I can remember. Disney has helped many stars gain confidence, popularity, and respect. I am very greatful to have been given this opportunity to be considered for a part of Disney. Please take a look at me, and give me a chance! Thank you so much! You never know, I could be the new Hannah Montana or the new Alex from Wizards of Waverly Place! Or maybe even a nanny just like Jessie!

  10. MY name is trinity. I love to act, i am 13 years old , im very friendly and focused but love to have fun. This would be amazing if i got the part.

  11. My name is trinity tompkins and i would love to be in the new lab rats ellite force show. i love to act im 13 years old and i love to have fun while i act.And meet new people.I would absolutely be good for a part as a hero. But just getting the chance would be amazing. Hope i get to do it.PLease email me for more info.

  12. Hi my name is Sahara Phoenix Noel, I am ten years old, and I live in Hertfordshire. I've been wanting to be an actress since I was born, as acting means evertything to me. If you don't pick me you'll regret, because I can sing, dance, act, and do creative things. One thing I am very proud of is that I am the fastest girl in my school.

    So if you would consider me with acting roles that would mean the whole world to me. I'm very humorous and active, as you can tell by my message. I also love writing songs and so far I have written two songs called: "Hair in the morning" and "Drifting". I hope to see you soon.

    Wish me luck!


    Gender: Female

    Hair colour: Black

    Eye colour: Dark brown

  13. I am looking for auditions for my 5 year old. She loves to sing, dance, tumble,take pictures, and act. I am looking for auditions in Illinois. Thanks.

  14. I am looking for auditions in the Utah area for my Granddaughter, Aliyah who is 4 1/2 going on 16. She likes to sing, play out activities with her toys that are very detailed and with a lot of imagination. I know that I am one of her biggest supporters and would just like a chance to have her audition.

  15. Hi I am a 13 year old girl. I am athletic, a great singer, andmy mom I'm gorgeous. Plus I'm SUPER humble. I am an experienced singer. I have blonde hair blue eyes, and am 5'3" tall. Please contact me to get more information about me!!! Thanks!

  16. hi my name is chrystal and I was hoping to get on Disney channel because I am a good actress and so far have not found a way to audition to be on tv. I am 12 years old and going to be thirteen in the end of May. if you contact me I will be able to tell a bit more about myself. I have brown hair and hazel eyes. thank you!

  17. I am Alyssa I am a very hard worker. I think positive and try my hardest. I'm open to new things,ideas, and challenges! I am twelve years old and athletic. I have chocolate brown eyes with wavy brown hair. I have been wanting to be an actor and I'm open for the hard and challenging things that would be upcoming in my future. I am very outgoing and love expressing my feelings and dreams out! I am very good at memorizing but also spontaneous. I am 4 foot 10inches. I have been practicing and practicing to be an actor for a while now. I have a great imagination and I can dance.

  18. Hi, i am 11 years old, i am a black, i like to sing dance, act, and i am a very good listener. i am 5 foot 3, i love t get dirty. i am very nice, i never be mean and if u email me i may send u a picher of me. i hope one day i will be on tv and with ur help i might make my dream!!!!!!

  19. i am 13 years old i have multiple talens,i sing,i play piano and flute and also i am in artist i just won in second place from 800 student i am loking for in opportunity to be in actress or a singer and i dance too. thank you so much

  20. I should be part if the disney family because I am a awesome actor. I've been In many plays and M.C'D in events I feel like I could be the N.B.T.

  21. About me:

    well where do I start?
    I am 15 in July. When I am older or even at the age I am at my dream is to become an actress. Ever sins i was small I have sang, danced and been acting. But thats not all i am very ambitious and really hard working, when i put my mind to something I work as hard has i can but I have to have a bit of fun along the way. if not I become quite strest. I have been told I am a "happy young lady " and being the person to cheer people up. I have always loved action films and magical/fantasy movies. My best film is "My Fair Lady" and "Wicked". Thank you!!!!!


    My first experience was rock challage in 2011; I was 11. I was the main dancer and had to go off stage during the show and get changed.Secondly, I was in Matilda in a theatre show for kids and played matilda.Then I was in Oliver playing Nancy again for kids.Then was Annie in school prduction while studing musical theatre. In this I played Duffy. Right now I am putting on 'Thoroughly modern Millie' and playing Miss Dorothy. 'We will rock you' I played a gangster and Hairspray I played Penny.

    Physical details

    under 18 (14/15)

    5 foot 6 inch


    red / ginger




  22. To Disney Channel Hi my name is Sky short for Skyteria and im 9 years old turing 10 im in fourth grade going to fifth and I would love to be on disney channel.If im on Disney Channel I promise I wont do anything stupid like Miley Cyrus after the show Hannah Montana I swear please im begging you I really wanna be on this more than any person in the world plzzz I have always wanted to be a actor an ddo things for people live thats my reason.
    Thank You

  23. Hi!My name is Diana and I am 13 years old.From an early age I learn in musical school,take important part in some musicals,write some songs,sing in small concerts,so I have a good voice.When I was young I was watching some TV shows,such as Hannah Montana,Wizards Of Waverly Place and jonas Brothers.I very very love Miley Cyrus.
    I am by nature a very funny and never afraid to show themselves silly that would rasmeshil my friends, I am always myself. After all, laughter makes us happy. Never stuck with one problem and try not to return as in the past, I look only to the future date. I did not try harder to follow fashion, because it moda- individual style,so I like to experiment and at the moment to look fashionable.my friends say: "you and I have fun." I quickly looking for some new friends and love to chat.
    With 11 years I have a big dream – to become a star of the Disney Channel, watching tours Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers and Selena Gomez performances I was eager that in this life I will become the star of Disney, so I very much love to sing, the music – it most of my life. I'm ready to go to the end of the world, that would go to the audition and get a major role and I think that with your help my dream comes true.
    I am from Russia, but I know the English language very well.
    If you are interested please contact me.
    Only with your help my dream can come true, I'm waiting for your reply.

  24. My name is Mackenzie Horn I am a 12 year old with lits of experience in acting and modeling I would love to be a part of this channel and I would be the right person to choose because I really enjoy acting it is my passion and this would be an amazing start even though I am so young.

  25. Hi, my name is Taiya Bradley and I'm trying to make my big break into acting. I currently have started YouTube but I previously was in drama club, and acting is just a passion of mine. I'm very interested in landing a role. I'm very good at showing emotions and playing different characters. I can play someone nice, quirky, mean, sarcastic, etc. and I'm easy to work with. I'm very serious about wanting act and hopefully you give me the opportunity I've been looking for.
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'3 (might be able to play roles for an age younger or higher than mine.)
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Brown

  26. I would want to be in an audition. I have been looking for where I could get an application to do an audition for disney because I now find acting as my thing to do and what I want to do for disney

  27. My daughter Aubrionna B is 6 years old she is always the attention seeker no matter when or where she is and can act really from sing/happy/cry/drama queen all in snap of a finger she was made to be an actress please

  28. Hi my name is Emely im 10 years old I love my family so much and I really really love acting because is super fun and I acted before and I really like it.i like k.c. undercover and I think I can be on Disney Channel.im never going to give up on my dreams and is being a acter and being on Disney Channel and if I get a roll on Disney Channel thank you so much but if I don't get a roll im not going to cry or anything im going to keep trying and trying.

  29. Hi my name is Georgia I'm 11 years old acting has always been my dream I can sing I love my mom dad and I'm very sweet I love ant farm one of my favorite TV shows in I'm from Chicago Illinois I really think I have what it takes to be on disney channel we

    Thank you☺☺☺

  30. hi im d.mikaela and i am turning 15 years old.i am from south Africa from a city called Durban. i am 1.5 meters tall. i have brown hair and eyes. i weigh about 40, 45 kg and am half coloured half Indian just luv luv luv Disney and luv acting and singing.i do have experience with singing and acting and have auditioned for some plays. i wud really luv it if you make my dream come true. oh ya i also play the piano :D. i doesnt matter if you dont choose me and choose someone else. i will always try again.

  31. Hi my name is Angela and I am 12 years old, nearly 13 and would love to be apart of something as great as a Disney opportunity.I am a bubbly character but can be serious when necessary. I am from Portugal but am living London and have been for nearly 7 years now.I have brown hair hazel eyes and am a Caucasian female. I have recently applied for Sylvia Young and am on the waiting list, I also have accounts on starnow and famestreet please do check them out, the links will be at the bottom of this comment. At the moment I do not have proper acting experience other than unpaid speaking roles in school productions. I really do hope you will condider me as i think i will put alot of effort into it.


  32. Hi Disney my name is Lwandile , I'm from South Africa I live in a township called Madadeni in Newcastle. The reason why I want to be part of this show is because I love acting , singing and dancing and I can do those things perfectly . Disney please make my dream come true.I hope you will contact me soon

  33. Kate is 11 years old and has been acting in local theater shows for years and is currently taking acting classes at Acting Studio Chicago. She has blonde hair and blue eyes and has a great personality. She loves to dance and sing and act. The Disney Channel is her favorite and it would be a dream come true to be on one of the shows!!

  34. My name is Hallie im 13 and i would love to act!!! I really want to be on disney but idk where to go so i am hoping you can help me!

  35. Hi my name is britney and I am 11 years old. And wanting to be an actress on Disney channel but sadly I cannot find the number in which I should contact y'all.My parents gave me there approval to go to Dallas Fort Worth and audition to be on tv. But since I did nog find the number i found this page online and decided to leave a reply so I hope that y'all will contact me soon .

  36. Hey I am LaDerrious I have been watching Disney channel since I was 2 years old I can sing dance and of course act actin so I hop u see this

  37. My daughter, Alayna, who is now 6 months would be a perfect Disney baby. Please inform me more details about the audition. Thanks.

  38. Hey! I want To Be An Actor I Want To Get A Chance To Do Big Things In My Life. I Want To Be An Actor Because I Like Being Able To Change My Mood And Character Every Show I Watch I Asked Myself Was It Easy To Do That Roll Or Even Get To Where They Were At.I'm 11 years old And I Also Want To Be A Young Actor. All I'm Saying is I Want To Do Big. Please Contact Me

  39. Hi my name is Enayah and I can sing and kind of dance and I would love to be on Disney I have been watching it since I was at least 3 I hope you guy will consider please

  40. I am 14 years old. acting is my most prized possession to do. if they pick me I will show them what I got. I also like to dance and sing. I live in west Africa but I am a British

  41. Hi my name is Malika and I'm 12 years old. Brown hair and brown eyes. I love acting I take it seriously but I have fun doing it. I don't act for fame I act because I love it. I'm in a play in my school I memmorized my script very fast . Please I love acting I would love to be in Disney channel it has always been my dream and I'm going to make it come true. IM smart and I don't care about haters. Please give me a try you won't be disappointed.

  42. Hi. My name is nicolette thelen. Am going to be 13 in a week. I don't really have acting experience. But everyone says I'm dramatic, and I practice lines of my own because I would like to act one day.I live in gurnee IL and I would really love it if my dreams came true! Have a wonderful day!
    -nicolette thelen

  43. Hi my name is MacKenzie Lea Campbell. I am 14 years old and I really love acting. I feel that if given the opportunity to addition for Disney channel I could learn alot. I feel that I am a great age for any show and also im young and spunky. If actually given the opportunity to addition well that would honestly be a dream come true and I believe that if you set your mind to it you can do anything. To add to a few reasons I can also be serious and at the same time be fun because I feel that if the project I was on was serious I could be serious and if the project is comical I can be comical.

    Thank You,
    MacKenzie Lea Campbell

  44. Charley here i just wanna be famous and i already know 3 or less years from now someones gonna be saying that charley is a determined little girl and when she said she was gonna be famouse she wasn't lying anyways PLEASE contact me to make that true and not just a dream

  45. How many comments are on these things? Wow, do you do background checks on these people? That could take a while. Well, if you want to make your job easier, just remember one person, 16 year old Cooper Tribett! Here for all of your clean comical needs! Oh… You haven't heard of me before? Well this is your lucky day! Send me an email!

  46. Hi.My name is Andreea.I'm 13 years old.I really love acting i'm acting since i was 8.And I also love singing.I got brown hair and blue-green eyes i'm shy at first but when i'm getting used to a person/place i'm funny and confident.I live in Ireland with my family.I also love reading and i'm singing every day.Hope you're gonna notice me and make my dream true.Cheers,Andreea❤

  47. Hi im 15 I am from Norway and I love disney so much I have almost wachd disney all my lire and then I saw dove cameron and I begun acting at once and thats and I have dreamd all my life about going to disney and I wish that you guys I disney se this

  48. Hi! My name is Will Guastella and I would LOVE a role on Disney Channel! I've been acting since 2nd grade when I had the lead in my school play. I loved entertaining everyone and making them laugh so I've been pursuing acting ever since! I've been in an acting camp called Standing Ovations for 3 years, auditioned for Bak Middle School of the Arts (made it but had to move), have been in numerous plays, and am currently taking acting and musical theatre classes. I'm 12, by the way and am in 7th grade. I'm fun-loving, energetic, always smiling, I can easily make people laugh, I'm really nice and kind, and I'm an all A+ student. I have brown hair, Hazel eyes, tan skin, I have braces, and I'm 5ft tall. I really hope you'll consider me, as this will be the perfect way to start off my acting career. 🙂

  49. Hi I am Lucy burgess I am 22 from Blackpool I love the show I really want a role on victorous I am good dancer I go to performing arts college in preston I love to sing and acting I will love to play becks girlfriend I think you is cut I like his hair

  50. I am Brittany farley I am 14 years old and I love austin and ally and I really to be on the show so plz put me in the show because I love the show and I love to sing for my family and my friends at school and I just to be in the show austin and ally on YouTube.com just look up had me @hello cover by Brittany Lee and I have a sparkle tap top on and I am singing with my best friend so plz put be in the show austin and ally plz just call my mom And my mom will talk to u and u can say u would like what u want to say. Call my mom. Or email me
    Ok bye see u soon and I love austin and ally and I love austin moon so much

  51. Hi I am Mikayla. I am 16 and I love to act!
    I have always wanted to be an actress on TV. It has been my age since a very young age. I constantly tell my parents that it is my dream to act. I know for a fact I can do it, because I talk to just about everyone. I am not shy I love to talk and I know that is one of the strengths in order to become an actor!
    If I could get this it would be such an amazing accomplishment for me.
    I do everything I can to become better, like joining school plays or even skits. So getting this would just be amazing.

  52. Name-Juliana
    Age-14( can pull of 15)
    Height- 5'1.25
    Weight-118(will lose as much as needed)
    Hair- Straight, long black hair(can cut)
    I wear glasses, put I can see without them
    Hello, I have always loved disney and always dreamed of just being part of any TV show. I love this channel. I am reasonably flexible, and have some gymnastics experience(basics),karate(basics), ice skating(basic), and rock climbing(a bit above basic). I am willing to learn anything, and I really want to be on disney. I've never been to a formal audition, but I always try my best and do the best that I can be. I always try to put 110% of my effort into things, and I hope that will shine through. I think I would do a good job of portraying ditzy characters, sweet characters and I can and will put my best into any other character. As I already said I'm willing to learn anything, sports, more skills and I really hope you consider me for a part, and I would be really happy with anything.

  53. My name is Tiffany Feagiai. I am Samoan, Chinese, German, Maori(New Zealand). I am 19 years old. I am originally from Honolulu, Hawaii , but I am currently living in Seattle, Washington. I have a 1 year old daughter her name is Aaliyah-Moana( Like princess Moana). I Love singing. Singing is my passion, I grew up with singing, I sing to my daughter everyday. It has been my dream to be on Disney Channel or a Disney Movie. Since I was 2 my mom would put on Disney movies and I would just sit there and watch then all of a sudden my mom hears me talking by the tv and I'm reciting the whole script for the movie "Mulan". I basically grew up watching Disney my whole life.

  54. Hey my name is Anya and im 13 years old.
    Hair: Dark Brown, A little less curly than Madison Pettis on Lab Rats.
    Eye: Brown
    Race: Purto Rican(mom)/ White(dad)
    I have a very stylish sense of fashion. I can act AMAZINGLY. I love being sarcastic. I am selfless and love Disney Channel. I am Homeschooled and in 7th grade. This would be a great oppertunity to proceed in my career. Thank you so Much.
    Love ya

  55. Hello my name is morgin and i love to sing and act……. I want to audition for "jessie" and i think i would be perfect… Im not afraid to show who i am and i luv to interact with kids and older people…. And maybe the new child should be the popular one in the family and she would be Bertramss favorite one and the new girl should have all the children's personality so like zuri shes sassy so the New girl will be sassy and ravi is smart so the New girl will be smart and luke can dance so the new girl can dance and emma is fashion so The new girl will have fashion…. Please take my advice and it will be the best season of all

  56. I want my message to stand out so I will try my best. I am 13 years old, I have brown eyes, dark ginger/brown hair, average height and weight for a 13 years old girl. I have an incredible singing voice, I have performed on stage many times, and I am not shy, I feel very confident on stage and I love being in the spotlight, it doesn't make me nervous, it makes me feel alive just like acting, I can't imagine myself living as anything other than an actress/singer. I love living someone else's life, like I'm giving life to a character, I love recreating those moments, it just completes me to act and sing. I also play the piano and I dance well enough. I have been told that I am beautiful (not only by my friends, honest people who don't care about hurting my feelings, ahaha) and I am already ''famous'' in my school (7th grade), people walk up to me and they're lime ''omg you're that girk who sings super well and does improve! '' oh did I mention I do improve? I do and I am very funny and creative, I am never out of ideas. I am also not afraid of being ridiculous, I love making people smile, if it is by making them laugh with my improve or by singing a sweet melody for them. I feel like it's my place. It's where I belong, singing and acting is my life, please give me a chance. I cry every night because I am not where I should be, please make me happy and I promise I will make everyone who watches me on tv, happy. (I speak french and english, forgot to mention) thank you so much for taking time to read this and hopefully, answer me…

  57. Hi my name is Humayra,
    I am 14 years old and turning 15 in April. I live in the uk and would love to be on Dianey Channel. I went to a visual and performing art school for 3 years.mat that school i was chosen to become an arts mentor so i would help out during major productions like blood brothers. By being an arts mentor i have devoted all my time and effort in to the art of acting i have had to help out dfor a total of 8-9 hors a day and then come in during the holidays for rehersals.
    I would love to be on Disney channel because i am very passionate about the arts and i have alot of hidden talents such as singing and dancing
    I hope you give me a chance to shine.

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