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Regional TV Commercial Seeking Men

Regional TV Commercial Seeking MenThere is a new opportunity to be in an upcoming regional television commercial. The commercial is for a national trucking company commercial. The shoot will be filming in Greensboro and Kernersville, North Carolina. Casting directors are looking for actors to play business executives, warehouse supervisors etc (B2B Customers).

Imperium Productions is looking to hire five actors to fill these roles. Imperium Productions specializes in regional and national television commercials with an eye for quality, not quantity They are seeking men who are ages 35 to 60 years old for the speaking roles. The filming will be taking place on July 19th and July 20th. They are looking for fit men with pleasant voices and neutral accents. Actors will need to have appropriate attire to fit the roles. Different props such as hard hats will be provided by the production company.

These roles will only shoot for one day so actors should specify which day they are interested and available to shoot. This will most likely be a three to four hour commitment per day per actor. Please send photos and reels to josh@imperiumproductions.com along with preferred pay rate. At minimum they need headshots, full body shots and some sort of voice demo. Full video reels are a plus. If you would like to record a voice audition for this project, you may use the following line of dialogue as a sample: “We’ve got to deliver 50 truckloads by Friday. Who do we know that can do that?” If you would like your chance to be in the upcoming trucking company commercial, then apply today!

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