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Prisoners Starring Hugh Jackman – Movie

Prisoners Starring Hugh Jackman – Movie

Hugh Jackman, one of the world’s biggest film stars, the man that has led such box office hits as Real Steal, The Prestige and Van Helsing, the man who brought the iconic comic superhero Wolverine to life is heading back to the big screen with an exciting new action-drama Prisoners and casting for supporting roles is set to begin soon. Aspiring performers of all ages can submit themselves for consideration and a chance to star with Jackman and an incredible supporting cast in one of the hottest productions of the new year.

Prisoners will star Mr. Jackman as Keller Dover, a small town carpenter who takes justice into his own hands when his young daughter and her best friend are kidnapped and the cops fail to locate them. This classic revenge thriller has lined up an amazing supporting cast thus far including Academy Award Nominee Jake Gyllenhaal (Brokeback Mountain, Donnie Darko, October Sky), Academy Award Winners Melissa Leo (The Fighter, Frozen River, Flight) and Viola Davis (The Help, Doubt, It’s Kind of a Funny Story), Paul Dano (There Will Be Blood, Little Miss Sunshine, Cowboys & Aliens) and Maria Bello (A History Of Violence, The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, Permanent Midnight). Prisoners will be directed by rising French visionary Denis Villeneuve who was nominated for BAFTA for his fabulous 2010 breakout film Incendies and is written by Aaron Guzikowski who penned the Mark Wahlberg box office hit Contraband. With an impressive cast and a fantastic script this production will be very different than your average thriller and a perfect project in which to make your big Hollywood break. Casting calls for Prisoners will be starting soon and submissions are being accepted now from performers of all ages. If you are interested in applying for available roles or for more information you can send emails here prisonersresumes@gmail.com. We will keep you updated on every audition detail as they become available so stay tuned and leave a comment for us below and let us know why you want to be a part of the all new action thriller Prisoners.

48 thoughts on “Prisoners Starring Hugh Jackman – Movie

  1. I can't bring adequate of the work out routines. It is quite cool. Desire that they experienced better guides although.


  2. My name is Deborah Forte I have 15 years and since I have four years my life has been movies and never found anything but eh excites me as much as the movies. sincerely cinema is my life and always wanted this type eh opportunities, only ask for atleast consider me to present the audition, whatever your answer after the accedes me just ask a try. I'm just a girl who ah annelated his life show he can do extraordinary things if given the opportunity. My biggest project I did at 8 or 9 years was a play, this to 250 people and it was really satisfying when you finish the work.

  3. I would love to be in this movie. Hugh Jackman is a great actor and one of my favorites, and it would be amazing to be in a movie with him. I am very Albania (Europe). I am 5'8 and 143 pounds. I have a black belt in two different schools. I am well built also. I have done some plays and I think I am a good actor. So thank you for taking your time reading this.

  4. After seeing Hugh Jackman perform in Les Miserables I have gained alot of respect for him as an actor. He has been great in all his roles and would love to work on this film with him. This sounds like a great action drama that would be fun to work on. I am ethnically ambiguous and could fit any role. I am in good physical shape. I speak fluent Spanish and can do many accents as well. Please consider me for a supporting role.
    Thank you and God bless,
    Omar Lagudali

  5. Hello, my name is Cheyenne and I am 12 yrs old although people often say I look about 14. I have mid-length blonde/brown hair and green eyes.
    Acting has always been my passion, and my nickname from family and friends is 'Drama Queen', (Which I am proud of♥).
    I have been scanning the internet for movie roles in the horror/thriller genre that interest me for a while now, and i think i finally found it.
    I have been in a play called 'Which pretty little girl is going to be next', which is a mild horror, and I did extremely well in it (I didn't muck up my lines at all and I was on stage (no script) for 45 mins. I would be honoured to be in the movie 'Prisoners'♥. I am a HUUGE fan of Hugh Jackman movies♥♥♥, Pls consider me?!

  6. Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Height: 5'2"
    Weight: 100lbs
    Hair: Chestnut
    Eyes: Blue/Green
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    I will be famous. Be the reason.

  7. Age: 13
    Height: 5,8
    Weight: 120
    Ethnicity: Caucasion
    Hair Color: Dirty Blonde mix
    Eye Color: Blue/Grey/Green
    Body Type: Normal
    Talents: Actress/Model/Singer

  8. Iam very coachable to do anything, very talented male, brown skin with grey/brown eyes, and athletic. 5'9" 180lbs athletic build with six pack and I recently turned 26 on 11/11/12. I'm also a current college student in Rockford Illinois. Lots more to learn, and I don't mind traveling. Thanks for your time, you won't regret reaching me.

  9. Hey my name is Andrew Reyes I'm 20 yrs old I could play a good guy helping out Hugh find his daughter it would be a great opportunity for me to get my acting up for more projects. Am currently in Mesa Arizona
    Height 5'9
    Weight 195
    Need more info email anytime

  10. Hy mu name is Motlatsi but most call me Mikey I'm a 14 year old boy from South Africa,I love acting much I don't have much of an acting experience but let me assure you I'm really good at it. I'm a huge fan of Hugh Jackson, I just love his boldness and fierceness much simillar to me. Action movies are my thing, I have boldness,fierceness,confidence.I have all the support I need from friends to family. All of my friends can tell how good I am in switching characters and hopefully one day you'll see that about me once you give me a role. I've been doing research for a while now on acting and have'nt found anything, was hoping since South Africa doesn't have a large platform for actors I wanted you to give me this one chance,see what Africans are made of please contact me soon as possible I would like to get started right away.Much love Mikey

  11. Hello. My name is Diane Acosta. I am a 26 yr. old Puerto Rican woman from Brooklyn, N.Y. I would like to be in Prisoners because I can do great improv and im very good at supporting lead roles. I was an extra and supported the lead actress for a project less than a week ago for investigation discovery.

  12. name:natasha
    hair:dark brown
    eyes:dark hazel
    height:5,4 or 5,5
    ive always wanted to act when i was younger and now i have that chance because im in drama so theres some expeirence but i practice all the time and i would realy like a chance to audition for this movie i never give up easily and i always try my hardest at everything when i fail try over and over again to get it right please send me back an email thnk you.

  13. Hi! Let me start of by saying that I haven't had any experience other than on role in a class play. But I can act very well! I am a huge fan of Hugh Jackman! So, that's all:
    Age: 11 can pass off as (11-12)
    Hair: black ( hint of red)
    Eyes: brown
    Skin: tan
    Heritage : Assyrian/ phillipeno

    Thanks- bye!

  14. Hi!
    I'm a 15 year old look like(15-18)
    Hair Color: Auburn
    Eye Color: Hazel
    Height: 5'8
    Weight: 120 lbs
    I have wanted to be in a movie since I was a child! I really think you wouldn't be disappointed in having me in this movie. I have stared in many plays like A Christmas Story to Grease. I know what it takes to be on top and I'm really willing to work for it. I prefer to play a person that is very comical, but I have been placed in a lot of other roles as well and have done great in them. I also think something that sets me apart from someone else is in fact my look. I'm Russian, African-american, Hawaiian, and Caucasian. You will not find another person that even looks similar to me. I appreciate your time for reading this. I have a lot of background with dance also, and I think I could bring something to this production. hope that you will be willing to email me soon. Thanks so much!

  15. Hi, i would love to be part of this film, i would be so exited, i love to act since i was little i did, i was born with it, please just give me this chance you wont regret me, for more info please contact me, i have a lot of inspiration for this since always belive me
    this would be a big step for me to start my career as an actress.

    Age: 16 look like 14-15
    Height: 5'6
    Weight: 108 lbs
    Hair: Dark brown
    Ethnicity: American,Latin.
    Eyes: Dark brown
    Acting Experience: Since always i act, and i can do everything, any kind of paper.
    Pd. i hope you respond 🙂
    It would be an honor to act in this production really it would be so wonderful
    Please consider me 😀

  16. I can fill a role in this movie, tattooed, 210 lbs, 6' and athletic. My job puts me on stage all day and I'm ready to prove it.

  17. I am a talented actress who enjoys 'being someone else for a while' and experiencing interesting and different walks of life. I can adapt to any role with ease and am very photogenic.
    I love to make films because simply I love watching them.

  18. My name is Cyana Denby. I am 15 years old with a dream of being a famous actress. I am african American with a bust of 32,waist of 27 and a hips measurement of 31. This will be an amazing expirience for someone like me!


  20. I am looking to break into the acting field. It has always been a dream/want for me, but when I became pregnant that dream had to be put on hold. Now that my son is older, I want to try to get into the field again. I want to bring the drive, dedication, and most of all the compassion to a movie to show what I am capable of. I want to show my son that no matter what hardships you go through in life you can still make it. I think I would be a great candidate for this if given the chance.

  21. Hi! I would love to play a role in "Prisoners"! Because of my dedication and passionate personality, I know I will be great for "Prisoners". I sent an email with a few of my photos attached.I look forward to being a part of your cast! Thanks in advance 🙂

  22. I would like to be in this movie. It has been a dream of mine to be an actress even if its just an extra. I am a dedicated and hard worker and I'm even in theater class so I know a little bit or thing or two. Please consider me. I am a girl 14 almost 15 on December 1st and hope you consider me. To see my picture on instagram my name is a_sm_harvey14.

  23. I would love to be in the same movie as Hugh Jackman and I am 12 I wouldn't mind any part that I would get I could even just be a simple extra

  24. Hello, I am a 17 year old student who has a
    keen interest in being part of an action thriller as I am studying to become an actress. I am interested to apply for any available role.
    Thank you for taking my email into consideration.
    Sincerely yours,
    Redeemera Farrugia

  25. I would love to be a part of a movie with Hugh Jackman… not just because he is so fine but because he is a damn good actor…along with people like viola…iam very dedicated at given my all and iam also a fast learning… even tho i have never been in a movie or done any acting..but if you guys take a chance on me i can guarantee you wont be disappointed and if your not satisfied then you dont have to pay me…i promise…i picked this film because i love the story and feel i would really know how to get into role play on such a dramactic topic concerning his daughter being kidnapped being that i have a daughter of my own…and God knows it would be very crazy..so my imagination is already connected.. any part of this film i know i could be of great use!…thanks so much…hope to hear back but if not best of wishes…

  26. Name: Presley Delacruz
    Age: 13
    Grade: 8
    Ethnicity: Hispanic (Dominican)
    Hair color: dark brown (curly)
    Eye color: dark brown
    Hi my name is Presley Delacruz. This would be a dream come true if I can play a role in this movie . The reason why is because since I as 8 years old I've always wanted to be an actor. Since then I'd always stuck to that. I also keep my hopes up because I say to myself "someday that day would come when some one would give me an opportunity to be on a movie or tv." I think that one of these days my chance would come and have that opportunity. So I still keep my hopes up for when that day comes.
    I also think I should get the part because I am always happy and energetic. I am also always smiling even when the worst things happen. The reason why is because you should always keep a positive attitude. I also will get the job done no matter what it is. This is why I think I should get the role. I hope I hear from you soon. Thank you for taking the time to read this! Bye 😉

  27. Well its always been my dream to be a succesful actress, and i figure what is a better way then something fun and exciting like an action-thriller.. So i hope you consider me nonexperienced and all.

  28. I Should Be Apart Of Prisoners Becouse Its A Open Opportunity For Me And Many People.If Im Picked This Will Help Me Start My Acting Career And Also Help Achieve My Goal.Im A Very Outgoing,Very Smart,Very Confident.My Height:5.11 Weight:167 Black Hair Brown Eyes.Acting Is Something I Really Wanna Do And This Could Be My Opportunity.I Do Have Some Experience In Acting I Was A Movie Extra In We The Party.So I should Be picked Becouse This Is Something I Wanna And This Is My Opportunity To Do It.

  29. Hello, I'm Natally. I'm wonderful for any role of this movie. I'm a quick leaner and out going. I could do just about any role. I'm 15 years old, black hair and brown eyes. So if you pick me for any role of the movie, I promise you I won't let you down.

  30. Wow, if this movie is like I think it is, it will be amazing!! It already has an excellent cast and I am looking forward to seeing it on the big screen whether I'm in it or not. Though … I would truly love to audition for a part! I live to act and I believe I would prevail in a movie such as this. I deserve a chance because I work hard, take direction well, and I am always up for a challenge. And even though I'm serious about acting, I love laughing, having fun, and working with people who share my passion. . . My motto is, "I am not just anybody, I am THAT SOMEBODY!". I may just be the girl you're looking for!

    •15 years old
    •5ft 9in (I seem older than I am)
    •African American
    •Other talents: horse riding ( western and english style), volley ball, (previous)dancing, singing

    -Thank you

  31. Hi Iam a great actor and very funny. Iam very determined to audition for this film and maybe for Nickleodeon. Hope you can get back to me. Swag.

  32. Hi, i would love to be part of this film, i would be so exited, i love to act since i was little i did, i was born with it, please just give me this chance you wont regret me, for more info please contact me, i have a lot of inspiration for this since always belive me
    this would be a big step for me to start my career as an actress.

    Age: 16 look like 14-15
    Height: 5'6
    Weight: 108 lbs
    Hair: Dark brown
    Ethnicity: American,Latin.
    Eyes: Dark brown
    Acting Experience: Since always i act, and i can do everything, any kind of paper.
    Pd. i hope you respond 🙂
    It would be an honor to act in this production really it would be so wonderful
    Please consider me 😀

  33. Name is Hein. I am 21years old, born and raised South African.

    I have been studying in the USA since 2010 and have previously starred in "Sons and Fathers" feature film soon to release as well as done commercials and acting back in South Africa. So, I have experience and I am really great at learning and playing the part, any part.

  34. I have three years of law enforcement experience. I have been a volunteer firefighter for six years. I am a commercially licensed pilot. I feel I could bring my real world experience to a character to make that character more “believable” for those watching who may actually be in similar professions.

  35. Hello My Name Is Anthony
    I Am 21 Years Old
    My Height Is About 5'5
    I Am Interested In A Role For This Movie Because I Think It Would Be A Great Experience And Not Only Do I Think I Myself Would Enjoy it,I Believe You Would Enjoy Having Me.
    I Am Good With Direction,Handle Criticism Well, And I'm A Friendly Outgoing Guy Looking For That One Opportunity To Open A Door For Me.

  36. Sorry! Pressed the button too early! Anyway, I would like to be in your movie Prisoners because I believe with your help I can become a better actor.

  37. my name is monroe jermany i would love to be apart of this team, i think me Jason Statham would be good partner for this movie i would love a chance i would work for free just to get in this movie i work out and i love action movies thank you.

  38. I have been both crew and cast on several productions. I was an extra in Black Sun and Disneys' Oz The Great and Powerful. I Graduated Sumu Cum Latte from Maccomb Community College with a degree in Digital Video Production.
    22 years old
    brown hair
    brown eyes

  39. my name is rakim huff and im a 12 year old intelligent and educated boy who wants to become an actor and movie director ever since the age of 8 years old and i make veryu own films of my own but their not real but in an pertend way and i write them down on paper write trailers and tv spots so please place me on the movie prisoners and you will give a gerat life changing expirence in sucess and in life thanks rakimhuff

  40. hello my name is kayla gonzalez and i'd love to be apart of your cast.ive been waiting for a oppertunity like this for a really long time and i think now at the age of 12 its time to take it.it would mean an honor.please contact me and i promise i wont let you down.

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