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One Direction TV Series – Nickelodeon

One Direction - Nickelodeon
One Direction TV Show

The world’s hottest boy band is set to take America by storm by starring in their own television show! Millions and millions of fans just can’t get enough of One Direction and their hit music and now Nickelodeon is planning to bring the 1D charm and charisma to television viewers everywhere. Casting calls for what will be the hottest show on TV will be starting soon.

One Direction has burned their amazing talents into the consciousness of English music fans during their second runner-up performance on The British X-Factor and their popularity is now spreading like wildfire. Their hit single “What Makes You Beautiful” is climbing the charts in America and One Direction will head out on a tour across the U.S. this summer to sold out shows. The One Direction sensation is just beginning to grow and Nickelodeon is ready to bring fans what they want – more 1D. Following highly successful appearances on Saturday night Live and iCarly, the group has signed on for their very own Nick sitcom. The show will follow in the tradition of Big Time Rush and the boys will be able to show all of their amazing talents, sharing their music and making America laugh. This has all of the makings of a runaway hit and all that is missing is performers like you.

Imagine performing alongside Liam, Harry, Zayn, Louis and Niall every week on One Direction’s very own show. One direction has taken the pop music world by storm and their next conquest is TV.  Auditions and casting calls for various roles will be held soon so leave a comment below and stay tuned for all of the 1D details!

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  1. Hi, my name is Emily. I'm 10 years old. I'm from C.T. and love to act. I have done some acting classes with Hartford Stage. When I first started acting and doing local plays I realized that acting is my passion and I'm meant to be on stage. I get a feeling when I'm acting. It's not just saying a bunch of lines, it's taking a whole new form. Acting can take you on adventures you couldn't get any other way. One Direction's music is awesome too so it would be great to get a chance to work with them. :] I really hope that you will pick me!!!

  2. Hey! My name is Eleri and im 12 years old i have always loved singing dancing and acting i dance for at least 1 hour everyday and sing for about 3 hours everyday. I have always loved singing and i love one direction they are very nice boys, very funny and have incredible voices. I would love to do this job! I look forward to hearing from you!

  3. Hey! I'm Jullien, Julie for short. I am 12, and from a lonely island called Philippines, but I have connections to California because my grandma lives there. I personally think I could at least take a role in the sitcom, I can sing, dance, and act. By means of acting, I could be an awkward fangirl, a very sassy emo, a mean barbie, an innocent school girl and anything. I will do my best to reach your standards, like, my English isn't that bad, is it?. But anyways, I would appreciate if you pick me 🙂 oh and BTW, if you can't tell, I'm a fan of 1D too 😉

  4. Hello my Name is Valene .I am so perfect to a role in One Direction show because I can play several roles.I can be an outsider , a nerd , a mean girly girl , bad and a normal nice girl.
    I currently live in Germany but I speak fluent English because I was born in Kenya and have a lot of American family members.I also Sing and Rap.I used to do Ju-Juitsu for about 7 years.I do gymnastics since 2006|7 and Cheerleading since 20011.I love sport .School is something really important for me .I am really crazy and sassy.I dress like a mix of Hipster and Girly .I eaithet wear High heels or Sneakers .I love fashion so much. I laugh a lot and I am really funny.
    I have experience in acting from school where I played a mean dress up gymanstic girl , robin hood ,a commissar and a devil .
    Age:15 born in 5.2.1999
    Hight: 5'7
    Weight:70 kg
    You wouldn't regret letting me audition. I always give 101℅
    Thank you

  5. Omg where do I start so I love one direction like I know everything about Harry. 2. I love to sing and act so it would be a privilege and finally it would be meaningful because they would be helpful thank u

  6. Hey I'm a teen from SoCal and my age is 14 years old but I'm going to be 15 in October.
    I think I should be in this show because….
    1)I love One Direction and they are my idol
    2)i believe working with my favorite singers would make my dream come true.
    Last, I'll work hard in this show so the show succeeds.

  7. Hi my name is karlee Darcy. I'm 13 almost 14 in three months. I am a very athletic girl I love to sing act and more. I live in Bourne Massachusetts and have a passions for singing and acting. I have even singing since I was able to talk. I have been acting since about 10 years old. I have been in 5 plays/musicals.I have also been in vocal lessons for 4 years and i started playing the guitar 2 years ago. I am not a shy person I love beig around people and once you get to know me I am a loud talkative person and loves to make friends. My family says I should be an actress singer or a model. My vocal coach says I have a good chance I making it big one day. So I am hoping I get this audition .I am 5'6 with dark brown hair and brown eyes. I will do anything to act on this tv show. I can be flirty funny sad energetic and more whatever you need me to do I'll do it

  8. Hi, my name is Tatyana Cooke. I'm 14 years young and I would love to audition for this new tv show! It would be such a honor to be in the same room as such talented people like the guys of One Direction. I am very mature for my as my teachers and family say
    I am mixed, dark brown hair, brown eyes and I am 5feet 5inches. Thank you so much for taking time out your busy day to read this.

  9. Hi! My name is Alexis and I am 14 years old, soon to be 15. I have loved singing and dancing all of my life! I recently started acting as well and I fell in love with it! Not only would being a part of this make my dream of meeting one direction come true, but it would also allow me to do the things I love every week!! I am 4'11 but can walk in heels if needed. I have medium length curly hair but have no problem straightening it. I have Olive skin-tone and have dark brown eyes, I wear glasses but I can put contacts in as well. Thank you, and I hope to work with you in the future!

  10. hi my name is jovanna nava im 12 going on 13 ion august 28th i love acting and im very dedicated to what i do i can also dance i can somewhat sing its my dream to be able to make people feel special and inspire i love to make people smile and laugh i have been in a couple of musicals and a play i live in sunny California and im very grateful to have parents like mine that support me and that are willing to make sacrifices i hope that im considered for this job i may take my career seriously but when it comes o pranking and having fun im an immature kid at heart

  11. Hi my name is Fayauna.
    I live in Savannah, Georgia.
    I AM 13 years old.
    I have been performing since the age of 4.
    I can sing and dance just a little
    I would just like to be honest and say that I am shy UNLESS it comes to acting.
    I was recommended by my acting teacher who has worked on Broadway and worked with lots of big actors right now such as Angela Bassett. She has compared my acting to Cicely Tyson, She has recommended that I shoot for higher roles that gets me out more. I like to act because I have so much attitude and personality that I can work with. Acting just takes me to a whole different person and perspective. Anything going on in my life is just thrown away and I put everything into my acting.
    I would just like to say that unlike most girls I'm not obsessed with One direction but I do believe they are an amazing boy band and I do listen to there music.
    I just love to make people happy and lighten up the mood if it's a gloom.
    I'm sassy, a diva, goofy, fun, crazy, funny, outgoing, and very nice. (I can be mean though, I promise. Lol)
    I would just be very grateful and happy to get this. Because it IS part of my dream <3

    Thanks <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  12. Hi My Name Is Andrea Wallace I'm 14 1/2. I Can Sing But Acting I Really Don't Know If I, But Who Said I Can't Try. I'm From Havelock,Nc And I Would Love To Be Part Of 1D Show Cause We All Know Their The Best Band In The World. I Am A Shy Person But Wants I Get To Know You Am A Very Fun Person. I Really Don't Have Much In My Life I Have My Mom But No Dad, Were Always Moving Cause My Mom, Its So Hard Moving Around All The Time. I Sometimes Get Bullied But I Don't Pay It No Mind But If This Does Happen I Hope I'll Make It Not Only To Myself But To Others That I Can Do What I Want To Do And I'm Determine To Push Myself To Help My Family The Best Way I Can. So I Hope This 1D Show Happens And Did I Mentioned I Really Love 1D!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. hi my name is Angelina i love to sing dance act and listen to one direction i love hanging with my family goofing off sometimes and just being myself i have brown hair brown eyes long hair with blond highlights i also am 11 and a half i weigh 90 pounds and idk how tall i am proble 4feet 2 in i also love the boys of 1D but i can't afford it so i just entered a hole bunch of contest that i proble will not win and this show is proble my only chance to meet them and follow my dream this is the most important thing in the world to me i never get to do anything nice like this and i am the #1 directioner this is the only thing i want to do in the world right now it would break my heart if i didnt get the part i also have a youtube channel and i will do anything it takes to get the part i will give it all my might and will please nowone like me ever gets to do stuff like this i never get to do anything this great and i love one direction and acting so why not have a two in one please pick me or this will haunt me for the rest of forever!please give me the part i only can dream of this please make a 11 and a half year old girls dream come true

  14. Hi! My name is Madi and I’m 15. I live in Los Angeles California and would love to be apart of the One Direction sitcom. I have been singing and acting since I was little and my dad actually worked with stars like Usher, J Cole, Snoop Dog, Dr Dre, and LA Reid at Island Def Jam. It would be a pleasure to work with you and the boys.

  15. Hi! My name is Kimberly but everyone calls me Kim or Kimmy. I am 17 soon to be 18 and have always dreamed of being an actress/singer. I am a southern girl from a small town looking to expand horizon and start a new chapter in my life. My friends say I funny and fun to be around. I am on the shorter side only being about 5 ft. I would love to be considered for this show. I am kind, considerate, a little weird, and funny. I love singing and people have told me I'm actually good. So please consider me it would mean soo much!

  16. My name is sylvester donerson and i would love to be in your show. I have been acting scince i was about 2. I started in little plays and ar school. After that i have been in 2 playhouse on the square shows. Also if u give me the audition i am sure to win it . You cancontact me

  17. Hi my name is Sabina I am 20 years old. I love acting and I have experience. I speak 3 different languages fluently Russian, Turkish, and English. I am very talented all I am asking you guys to give me a chance to show my talent. Thank you

  18. Hi my name is Martha, I'm 16 years old, and I would like to get a roll in this show because for one I love 1D. It would be a dream come true to see them in person. Im just an ordinary girl that loves the boys, and I love singing, I like making people smile and laugh, just someone that has dreams and hopes for the best.

  19. Hi,my name is Veronica and i am 13 years old. I would love to be on this TV Show. Get a role on your show would be a dream come true.i hope you contact me. 🙂

  20. Although I can't sing, I can act. I've always wanted to do it. I'm also pretty so I don't know if that helps. I prank people all the time and I'm always laughing and I'm just really fun and funny. I'm 15. if you want any further information or need to contact me, just email me!

  21. Hi my name's Kaitlyn I'm a directioner all the way, I have light brown hair, brown eyes, I am 13 years old but look's like I'm 15. I'm from a small town called Milledgville GA and I would love to be on this show I love to both act and sing I've always been told I have a great voice and I can play gutair and piano. when I was little I would put on plays and concerts for my family but my parents split when I was 6 years old. my great grandpa died of cancer 2 months ago. I wouldn't be on the show for just the fame and to meet one direction I would be on it because I'm living the dream my great grandpa always told me to. He told me "no matter what happens in life follow your dreams and don't let no one stop you" and because I'm doing what I love. I sing almost anywhere I'm always that odd kid in class that's singing. ill be walking through town or at the movies and just be singing, and I wasn't trying to make you feel bad about me because of my great grandpa I said it because I want to find a cure for cancer so other people don't have to go through the heartbreak like I did. It would be a dream come true if you choose me. Thanks.:)

  22. Hey,I'm Korah✌ I'm 13 .
    I love to act and sing.
    I have experience in acting but very little singing.I live in Gilbert, Arizona.
    I started acting when I was very young
    I love to make people laugh and smile.
    I think working with one direction would be an honor,I have so much respect for them.

  23. Hello, My Name is Aaliyah and I have a passion for singing and maybe even acting. I'm 14 years old. I live in Georgetown Ky. and I weigh 123 pounds. I've had a passion for singing since I was 8. Whenever I'm going through things or feeling happy, I sing. So, im well enough experienced.. 🙂

  24. Hi, my name is Kentral May. I'm 14 years old. I would love a role in this show because 1D is the best group. This would be a dream comee true!

  25. Hi my name is Melina Peralez I am 11years old and I would be happy to be part of this show and my dream is to be an actor and a singer if you Pick me for this part I'm going to be the happiest girl on the world and and I'm easy to get along with and I like to be very focused in the part and it could be very fun working with me and I've been acting for the long time and I've been singing for long time and you guys are very talented and you could help me with my future if you pick me for this part and you guys are very talented and I want to be working with you guys and it's going to be fun and I be acting in plays in my school like the nutcracker and I want this part and you guys can make my dream came true and this is going to be the biggest part I ever had and it will be fun I hope you guys pick me for this part bye

  26. Hi I'm Paige O'Dette I'm 20 years old and I've been in plays since pre k and its my dream to be a successful actress. I'm also a huge 1D fan and it would be hugely awesome if I got a part in their new tv show. Looking forward to your reply bye bye

  27. Hi my name is Julija and I really want this role I can sing and act,and I big fan of One Direction since 2012,I'm 16 years old,my height 5.6,my eyes blue,my hair brown.I wish you will pick me up because to an actress and a singer is my biggest dream and of course I want meet One Direction.

  28. Hello, my name is Caitlynn and I'm 13 years old. I live in Atwater, California, it's a very small city, and I have a very strong passion for acting and performing. When I found this I was super excited. I followed One Direction since 2012, when they became super popular in America. I love everything about them. Now more about me. I have brown hair as well as brown eyes. I do in fact have freckles and as for a body type mine is probably medium to large, if you even needed to know that. I'm going into 8th grade and I'd love it if you'd choose me. Thanks and have a nice day!

  29. Hey, My name is Ela Kostic and i'm very interested in being a part of this show! I'm 15 and i love to sing as well as act. Although i want to be a singer, I feel that acting is also my passion and that this could be a great start to my career. I'm a huge fan of the boys as well, so working with them would be so amazing and I would hope that i'd get to sing with them as well. Just thinking about my dream coming true and being a part of this show is making me so excited!!! Thank you for the wonderful opprotunity.

  30. Height-5'6

    Hi my name is Mary Watson and i'm looking for a
    female role in this new T.V. show on Nickelodeon. Please reply to me ASAP!!! :p

  31. I am 13 years old and I love to sing, dance, read, act, I do tumbling, and I am a huge 1d fan. I have sang in churches, at school and many other places. I have always loved singing since I could talk I won second place at the white county fair talent show I have been in chorus for 3 years I would love to be a professional singer it is my life long dream to sing the national anthom at the superbowl and I live in Cookeville tn I also love attention and on a negative note I am a little selfish please read and email me if I have a chance

  32. hi, my name is kaylee weeks I am 13 yrs old and I have brown eyes and brown hair with highlights and I live in Callahan fl,and im in the 8th grade now I love singing and acting I love hanging out with friends and being on my phone. please recommend me and choose me (:

  33. Hey guys! My name is Yvonne i am 18 years old and i really wanted to be an actress since i was a little girl! I've been in a musical 9 years ago and i loved it! Beeing a part of the Show would make me the happiness girl in earth which dreams came true! Also i love to sing i think it would ne good for a show like this and if not doesn't matter i just want to live my dream! Thank you so much for giving is this opportunity.

  34. i wanna sing and act. i love one direction. im a huge fan. and harry styles is my fav. i have his huge pic. im from balitmore md

  35. Height: 5’4
    Weight: 110 lbs
    Age: 19
    Experience: Freshman Year: Minor role. Sophomore Year: Supporting role. Junior role: Evil Stepmother in “Cinderella”. Senior Year: Penny in “You Can’t Take it With You”. College Freshman: Frieda in “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown”.

    Hello, my name is Morgan Cook and I am an aspiring actor. This year, was my first year in college with a major in Art. My plan is to get a degree in the digital art field as a backup plan for the real dream. I have had a lot of experience in acting throughout my life, while also being inspired by my mother who did theatre in her younger days. I have done four years of Musical Theatre and three years of Show Choir in high school. This spring I did my first college production of “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown.” I’m a very bubbly and confident person, love meeting new people, and I get along very well with others. It would be an honor to be able to work along this great group of guys as they entertain the world! Thank you so much for your time!

  36. The name's Phillips. Wesley Phillips. That sounds so corny! Darn! Yeah. My names Wesley Phillips and I really want a part in this show.I have dreamed of being an actor ever since I could speak. This would be a dream come true if you let me audition. It would be great if I could be on a show with my favorite band. Don't shoot my request just because I am a male. This also may be my only chance before I join the military in about 4 and a half years. I can guarantee that if you let me audition that you will not be disappointed at what you see. If you have time, contact me with details of where and when the auditions are. Thank you for your time and have a grand day. It would also make my mum and dad proud that I am following my dream if I audition for a part. 😀

  37. Yo yo yo ! what's up ? Yeah lame .. I know aha . Anyway my name is Destiny and I'm an inspired young actress whose always wanted to be discovered . Acting isn't just my goal , its my life long dream . Soooo I figured I would comment and see what happens .My fingers and toes (can't forget about the toes) are crossed ! Thank you . (:

  38. Hi, my name is Destiny Hoffman
    I would like to part of this Disney production because i would like to expand my knowledge and experience for my future acting career. I just need one Tv show or movie to give me the big break i am looking for, and i have my fingers crossed this Production could give me that.
    Here is some information about me:
    Gender: Female
    Age: 12
    Date of Birth: November 5 ,2001
    Eye colour: Green
    Hair colour: Blonde
    Likes: Magcon,music,learning new things
    Talents:acting State:Arizona Skin: Golden tanned
    Personality traits: outgoing.bubbly person,willing to try new things
    .I always have a smile on my face and I guarantee I will make you have your smile on your face .I look up to Selena Gomez,Peyton List and Zendya . They inspire me to do so much more in life.They inspired me to go out in try to catch my dreams.If you could possibly have maybe any role me it would mean the worlds !
    Hope to hear from you soon,
    Thank You,
    Sincerely ,Destiny

  39. Hi, my name is Sandra Ali
    I would like to part of this Disney production because i would like to expand my knowledge and experience for my future acting career. I just need one Tv show or movie to give me the big break i am looking for, and i have my fingers crossed this Production could give me that.
    Here is some information about me:
    Gender: Female
    Age: 9
    Date of Birth: August 20 2004
    Eye colour: Brown
    Hair colour: Dark brown
    Experience: I have been in 2 class plays, one as the lead role and another as just a supporting character
    Siblings: I have a 7 year old sister and 17 year old brother
    Likes: Reading,swimming
    Talents: singing,acting
    Personality traits: bookworm,clever,quiet
    I Can do a British accent (but I’m not very good)
    Please contact me by my email if you need a photo or if I got the part.
    Hope to hear from you soon,

    Sandra Ali

    I❤️ 1D

  40. Hi my name is Ammaarah Hendricks. I am 12 soon to be 13 years of age . I live in South Africa, Cape Town. It would be a dream come true to be on the 1D show.One Direction is my favourite boy band . I am a very loud and talk able person, so I am a active person.I hope you get a chance to read this and pick me to play this huge role.So p l ease I really really like to be a part of this.

  41. Hey my name is Meagan and I knew I wanted to be an actress ever since I was little. I'm fifteen years old and have had acting experience with many school plays.I am a fast learner and work hard at the things I love doing. I love acting and I am a good singer as well. I would love to be able to live my dream and be an actress. Also I am interested in this show and would love working with the talented one direction.

  42. Hi I'm Marina. I've been a big fan of One Direction since they became a group , thanks to Simon. Anyways , I've always dreamed of working with the boys. I even dreamed of writing songs and singing with them. I'm 14. I love to sing and dance. I take guitar lessons. And I would like to audition because being an actress and singer has always been a dream to me. I would do anything to accomplish my dreams. And I don't really take acting that serious. I would like to have some fun times with the boys also. But I'm not like a crazed fan who tries to rip off their clothes or anything. Thanks . -Marina

  43. Hi my Name is whitney paca im from germany but my parents moved from angola it in african. Im 14, i have 2 siblings(milton 21 and jennifer 17).
    My heigt is :5"6
    Eye colour:Brown
    Hair colour:Brown
    Langues that i can speak german, englisch and portoguese
    I realy realy want this cast because
    I to acting and i love one direction.
    When i was 9 i got my First cast in a theater.im realy crazy somtimes im singing in the street very loud

  44. hello my name is tamara cedillo but my nickname is tammy.I would like to be part of the one direction show because One direction is my favorite band. ive been a fan for 3 1/2 years but ive never gotten to meet them nor go to one of their concerts so i think it would be amazing to be on a tv show with them.here are some facts about me….
    HEIGHT: 5 ft 3 1/2
    TALENTS:danceing and acting and kinda singing
    EYE COLOR:brown
    those are some facts about me. Ive always been acting since i was 5. its my passion other than dancing and singing because i love music too. I just cant live without music.I really hope you see this because it would be amazing if you could contact me. i know i always ask for this.haha i probably have like 5 of these now but thats how much i would really love to do this, being on a tv show with my idols.

  45. Hello. My name is Mercedes and I've been a couple of school plays and things like that, I've got long natural blonde hair and blue eyes. I live in Minnesota. I would love to have this job, Thank you!!!!

  46. HI my name is Dhruva and i am interested in this

    I am an Indian
    Eye color is dark brown
    Hair color is black or dark brown

    My hobbies are

    I am in drama club. I have been in plays for my city.

    I hope you will contact me

  47. Hi I am Emma and I'm 11 years Old and have been singing since I was 3 years old and I have been in chori for two years. I also do dance I am in my second year.in the summer I was in a native American Cinderella play.I love one direction and it would be an honor to be in this show. I hope you chose me and thank you for your time! 🙂

  48. Hi I'm 17 years old and will be 18 month on the 16th. I have always wanted to meet one direction but would never really get a chance. My family is a one income family and after bills are paid we don't really have money for tickets for their shows. Also I always wanted to be an actress and its my dream job and I also think I can sing pretty well. Also work very hard and almost always get things done when they need to be. PLEASE GIVE ME A CHANCE I'LL DO ANYTHING.

  49. Hi I'm 14 years old turning 15 in October. I really want I I believe to be part of this show because I want to experience how it feels like to work with One Direction.
    ::::::5'5 height
    Long hairs
    Dark brown eyes/hairs
    Live in CA~OC
    I believe working with 1D is gift for anyone and I would love to take it I think Ome Direction and I will form a good team and find a way to succeed.

  50. Hello my name is Tamara Cedillo. I'm 12 years old and it live in a small town in New Mexico. I've been acting since I was 5. And I've been in plays but never on a tv show or on a HUGE stage. I've also been a "dedicated" fan on One Direction for about 3 1/2 years. I have never met the band or been to a concert but I think it would be fun to be on a tv show with them. Here are some facts about me:
    Race: Mexican,American
    Birthdate: 3/20/02
    Height: 5ft 31/2
    Talents/abilities: dancer,actress,singer (kinda but not much),athletic (kinda)
    That's pretty much it.I really hope you can contact me with my email it would mean so much to me thank you ! ;)xx

  51. Hi, my name is Emily and I'm 12 years old. I currently live in the UK and LOVE 1D!! It would be amazing to be on a show with them! I can act, sing and dance (Grade 5 RAD Ballet). I try to get involved in as much as possible as the performing arts is my passion!! Please consider me for the show, or anything else that comes up! Thanks, bye!

  52. Age= 14 turning 15 in October,2014
    Height= 5.5
    Eyes=Dark brown
    hairs= long/dark brown &brown (natural)
    State= CA
    In my opinion I believe I should be considered for One Direction Show because i'm an on going person who tries to find ways to succeed and makes other happy.
    In addition, I huge fan of One Direction and would happily like to work with them with my fully attention and effort.
    I enjoy running ,playing sports,like basketball and others too. efforse I love to hear One Direction song.
    Also, everyday I spend time thinking about them like make a movie with the and more. i know i'm little to think about it but its just a hope. Which might come true if i get a chance to work with them.
    I know we will work as one to make this show the best

  53. Hello my name is Amanda and I am 13 years old. I have been singing for 8 years and I have acted in community and school plays for 4 years. One Direction has been a major inspiration in my life. I have blonde hair and blue eyes and I am very funny but I can be serious too. I look forward to working with you. I know we will make a great team.

  54. Hello,I'm Cynthia ,i am 13 years old.In fact I always dreamed of being in a shiw with 1D. I do hope you take the time in reading this. I'm a very active person, Im easy going, fun to be with, and I love meeting new people as well as trying new things everyday and having a chance in doing new things This would be a great experience where my knowledge will increase. I am willing to do anything and do the best that I can to achieve this dream of mine.

  55. As an aspiring actress and college arriving just around the corner, an opportunity such as this would be a miracle. I am attempting to prove to my parents that acting is the only thing that will make me happy in life. I want a career not a job. In the past several years I have been in numerous stage productions (leads, supporting roles, and extras). I have also been in classmates' short films, and (fake) commercials for school projects.Now throughout this summer I will be trying my absolute hardest to convince them that I will not have it any other way. My physical appearance is as follows:
    – 5' 6"
    – long blonde hair (willing to dye)
    – green/blue/grey eyes
    – 110 pounds
    – slim body type
    – 16 (can physically portray anywhere from 15-24)
    Willing to send head-shots or audition videos if requested. Again this would be a wonderful break for me. Thank you!

  56. Hi,my name is Nicole Romero and I am 12 years old.I live in California.I would love to have a role in the tv series of one direction.I was born on March 6,2001.It will give me the opportunity to start off with a acting career.If I don't get the role I will be happy for the person who gets it.If I do get the role it will be my first time to be on tv.It has always been my dream to be on tv or an actress so it will help me accomplish my dream.

  57. Hey,my name is Jezabel Romero.I am from Adelanto,California.I am 15 years old.I would not only love having a part but it will help me get started in my acting career.My dream is to be an actress.Everybody tells me that I should be an actress.I'm a very loveable person.This would be a great experience for me so hopefully I get a role to play.

  58. Hello! I am a female amateur singer and I dream to turn it into a career. I don't have experience with acting but I am in choir at my high school. I am currently 15 and I am a big fan of One Direction. Although I don't fan girl much, I love their music and feel I would have fun working alongside with the boys. I would love to give acting a shot and I hope you will have me on the show! I have a bubbly personality most of the time and love making things fun. I enjoy bringing joy to people's faces and making people laugh. Please contact me if you have any news at all about auditions.

  59. Hi, my name is Tahlia Anderson and I am a 15 year old Aussie girl. I have many experiences with acting as I have done lessons and workshops with the Australian Thetre For Youth. I also got to the last stage of the audition for the roll of one of the Sisters in the film Mental. I have auburn hair, freckles and green eyes. My height is around 5'3 and I am quite handy with playing the piano. I've had braces and my teeth are perfectly inline now which has made me much more confident as I have received many sweet compliments on my smile. It would be an honour and amazing opportunity to play a part in the show as I am very focused when it comes to acting because I enjoy it a lot and try to try as much as I can. I try and stay positive as much as possible and try and lift up the life in the room to make everyone happy and make them look at the perks of everything. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope to hear from you, kind regards Tahlia

  60. Hello I know you probably wont see mine or pick me but this is my dream cause I want to show people that I can do something great and wont be shy to my family and friends you guys are.the best and great if you pick me though I wont let you down im 12 years old love to dance sing sports soccer and football I love to make people laugh and im out going I have brown hair im tall ajd btw I love all you guys song so it will be great if you pick me

  61. Hello , I'm Danielle Chavez , I'm an aspiring actress , I am not a professional or signed with anyone but who said acting has to be spot on correct . You just gotta put your self out there . Top -Billing Actors and Actress's take chances everyday. You have to chase your dreams and never second guess just prove to yourself and everyone else you've got it , Let me show you I have what it takes to be the actress you are looking for , promise you won't be disappointed .

    Contact me by email . Hope to hear from you soon

  62. My name is Hannah Russell i'm from Fostoria Ohio i'm 16 years old I have Brown hair and Brown eyes
    I believe this would be a good start for my acting carrier I am random and bubbly. I also love to experiences new things and push my comfort zone Nickelodeon is one of my biggest dreams to be apart of. I have dreamed of my dreams coming true for the longest time and this is me going out to catch them…

  63. I would love to be part of this project I am a big fan of 1-D. I am a Directioner as soon as I hear that they will have their show. I would love to be on it.. I love to act sing and model. I take acting lessons and now I am in modeling classes. This would be one of my dreams come true..

  64. I don't think I'm perfect for this, since I'm not obsessed with One Direction and I'm not an amazing singer. I love acting, and I love making music too though, I also respect One Direction and enjoy the music they've helped make. I have an awkward sense of humor and I make weird faces at the worst of times. I guess I can dance, depending on your definition of 'dancing', but no one's been hospitalized yet. If anything, working with a channel that young kids/teenagers watch and become a role model for them would be amazing for me. I would love helping inspire young people into being true to themselves and just generally being a good person that they can be proud of. All in all, I just think it would be pretty awesome to at least get the chance to do whatever it is that will happen here. Thanks for reading this whole block of letters- Callie. 19 years old, hasn't made anyone sick from my looks yet. 😀

  65. My name is Tyjonnay Mcferrin and I am a BIG fan of One Direction. I'm 11 years old but im currently 5"7" and I look up to 16 years old I am very tall for my age im actually the tallest in my grade my birthday is march 11 2002 and I really want to be in a tv series with one direction i've always wanted to be a singer and an actress.I've been wanting to be in a show on Nickelodeon and to one day meet ONE DIRECTION so when I saw this I could not believe it and im still having a hard time believing it

  66. I would love to be chosen for this role. I love to sing, dance, and act. I'm dirty blond about 5"1 and about 120 pounds and I have hazel eyes. I would love to work with one direction not just because I love one direction but because this may help me with my career.

  67. hello am 13 years old and I love the art world and would like to participate in this fabulous new project because I like to dance, sing and act now I'm concentrating on that but still my course studies, I hope I take into account in this wonderful series that I know will be a great project

  68. Hi my name is Alejandra and I love acting and singing! I am from Santa Ana California and I am 14 years old! I would love to be part of this new show! I feel like any part is perfect for me!! Also it would give me a chance to experience new thing!!

  69. OMG I would love to be on 1D own tv show I have always wanted to be an actress since I was 4 years old. My name is Dominique but I go by Nique I am 18 years old from Phoenix Arizona.

  70. Hi! My name is Sara and i live in California! I am 18 years old and I feel as if I won't be distracted by the fact that I will be working alongside One Direction. Any script available, I will act out with the best of my potential. My skin color is beige. I am brunette, usually with long wavy hair and I am 5 foot 5 almost 5 foot 6! I weigh 120 pounds, and I have a very outgoing personality! I can be very serious and other times very comedic! Thank you, hope to hear back from you!

  71. Hello,I'm Samantha Nieto,i am 13 years old.I would love to be a part of this new nickelodeon TV series. It would mean a lot to me. In fact I always dreamed of being part of a Nickelodeon member. I do hope you take the time in reading this. I have experienced performing in front of audience. I'm currently taking modeling and acting classes in fact I'm currently taking theatre classes at my school. I sing as well, I've been in competitions where I have won. I'm a very active person, Im easy going, fun to be with, and I love meeting new people as well as trying new things everyday and having a chance in doing new things everyday.My dream is to one day be part of the nickelodeon. This would be a great experience where my knowledge will increase. I am willing to do anything and do the best that I can to achieve this dream of mine, which is being part of the nickelodeon show. I really do hope to here from you soon. Thank you for your time and kindness in reading this. Thank you(:

  72. Hello. My name is Sierra Whiticker. I'm from Gallatin, Tennessee and I am currently fifteen years old. The reason why this audition caught my attention is because I happen to be a fan of One Direction. I also plan to pursue a career in acting, and I assume this would be a fun, exciting, adventurous way to start it off. Although I don't have much experience, I believe I could learn from this opportunity and better myself.

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