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MTV Spring Break Show
Spring Break Show Casting Calls

It’s almost that time of year again, the time to shake the snow from your shoulders and the book learning from your heads. The time of year to travel somewhere, anywhere off campus, kick back with your friends and get a little wild. Well this year MTV wants to bring some cameras along to capture all of your crazy times.

Are you and your friends taking a unique spring break trip this year ? Doing something a little different than the usual hot spot beach destination vacation? If so, MTV wants to hear about it and maybe even film it for their brand new show. If you are a college student and you and your friends have thought outside the box for this years spring break extravaganza you may be the next star in the mega popular reality TV universe! Just by thinking differently than the typical college guy or girl you have the chance to become the next Situation, Snooki or J-Wow – but classy. MTV has changed the entire landscape of the television universe with their cutting edge and wildly entertaining reality programming and this is your opportunity to be a part of their next groundbreaking hit. Nation and worldwide fame could be at your fingertips and all you have to do is go on vacation with your best friends. This could not be a better deal ! casting is starting soon so if you’ve got a trip that you think is just what MTV is looking for you can go here mtv.com/news/articles/1679851/.jhtml for more information and leave a comment below and let us know about it.

Spring break only comes around once a year, but if you and your friends are chosen to have their unique trip followed by MTV your trip can be captured for a lifetime. Get your friends together, plan an awesomely out there trip and you could be the next MTV Spring Break stars.

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  1. Well heyy when i saw this I got soo excied! My name is Devin or Barbie:) I'm 24. I am newly single, crazy cute, and ready to party. I could give that reality tv show the time of it's life! As well as mine.

  2. PCB spring break;
    Who don't wanna party with a 5'10 blonde, that plans on making her FIRST vaca ever, one to remember ;).. Rented a 10 Person condo, so everyone, come party.

  3. Hellow mtv base crew
    My name is Marcia I am 25 years of age I am very impressed and excited with the opportunity presented to up comming young people out there more especially for me, as I have been trying to get the chance to show my talent to the world as I was made for entertainment. I have lot of talent to bring to you, even if I lack experience but I am a fast dedicated learner having me in your team it wont be a disappointment but an investment

    thank you

  4. Hi! My name is Joy and I truly live up to my name. Im on the tiny side standing at 5"1. Im an African american 18 year old living in Cleveland Ohio. My favorite color is yellow which fits my personality im not a size 0 like most girls im a 4 or 5 but I dont think size is a factor when determining beauty. I have.a bubbly personality and love meeting new people. Im the opposite of shy and can be quite outgoing. I have medium length dark brown hair and big eyes my friends joke that I look like a black anime character (bug eyes and chest) as for my acting experience I honestly don't have much but I'm a fast learner.

  5. Hello I'm Tyler Swinson
    Born in Philadelphia Pennsylvania with my twenty first bday approaching I wanted to become apart of something new. Being a college student with two jobs is boring. I want to have fun and live so I thought it would be cool to try something new.
    I can sing:
    I live for the social life

  6. Hi, I am 19 and of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander background as well as english. I studied drama for 5 years where I had performed many times and also competed in the drama festival in 2009. I also Do modeling and would love to be apart of this amazing opportunity. I am easy to work with and extremely reliable. My personality is fun, bubbly, outgoing, energetic and up for anything.

    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Height: 156cm
    Weight: 48kg
    Body Type: Petite and fit
    Eye colour: Brown
    Hair colour: Blonde
    Skin Tone: Light olive tan
    Experience: 5 years of acting and recent modeling work

    I would love to send you through my portfolio and video reel, if your interested please contact me on my email address

    Please contact me about the details, I look forward to hearing back from you.

    Kind regards,

    Ali Cooper.

  7. my Name is cierra parham Im 18yrs old I'm so interested in this I'm an outgoing down to earth type of person who loves to party and have a good time! I'm a Blast in a Glass 🙂

  8. Hi my name is Linda I'm 25 years old from Provience RI I think I would be great for this show because me and my friend are going to cancun Mexico on for 5 days and its only the two of us and this the frist time I'm going on a trip with her we sometime get along but not all the time but because me and her had the money to go are other friends didn't we like whatever let go together and make the best out of it this would be a thing to remember because now I will see if me and her can get along or we will never go on a trip together again

  9. Hello, my name is Michaela Moyer I'm a Junior at University of Houston Downtown. I'm 23 years old 5'4 dark brown hair, brown eyes and a Fine Arts major. I been dancing,singing and acting since the age of 4.I really would like to have an oppunity to be on this show with my friends and have a great time.

  10. I am light scended half dominican half black. light brown eyes I get comments on them alot. I do not have experience with modeling or acting but I bet you I get the job done I am a party king and I really want this job because how many teens could say they made out of milwaukee the show wold be cool not just because of the cool music and stars but when viewers see me they are not gone to change the channel not once

  11. <b>Height: 5'4
    Weight: 110lbs
    Hair: Dark brown
    Eyes: Dark Brown
    Location: Rhode Island, US
    Modeling/Acting experience, Fast Learner, and outgoing. Hope to hear from you soon! :)</b>

  12. I'm 21 white female with long dark hair down the back.5'3 feet 129 pounds.Pick me because I'm open to try anything to have fun.Maybe find a guy though this experience.Email me and I will get this party started!!

  13. For spring break where going to 3 concerts throughout Arizona where my girlfriend Tylaish Rayford who's 21 will be preforming with The BiZnEzZz (her mom). All of our friends from the O.G. (Olive Garden) crew Sierra Vista will be attempting to go and help support her in breaking out of the stage fright which has plagued her from taking her vocal talents from the booth to the preforming stage. They will be opening for Waka Flaka Flame in sierra vista area, Too-Short in Tucson, and Bonethugs in Tempie. Its going to be the most fun filled spring break ever. For specific dates and more info please feel free to contact me at the email provided.

  14. My name is Emily Pye and this feels like it would be a once in a lifetime opportunity for me! It would be a great experience and I feel like it is my ticket out of this one horse town I've been stuck in and around my whole life. I'm currently a sophomore at Georgia Southern University and I honestly have no idea what I'm going to major in but just am trying to have fun while I'm here! Our Spring Break starts in two weeks and I am BEYOND excited!! My friend, Lindsay, and I are going with some people to Panama City for the first part of the week and then leave and go to my lake house to enjoy some crazy fun on the water!! We have so much planned and I cannot wait! It should definitely be a memorable Spring Break because you only live once so LIVE IT UP!! 🙂 Another reason I'm crossing my fingers I get to be a part of this new reality show!

  15. Hey guys, my name is Lindsay Mills! I'm from a very small town in Georgia where we only have one red light and everybody knows everybody. I currently moved one town over to the big city of Statesboro, where they have a couple more red lights and the famous Georgia Southern University where I am a sophomore. I feel like this would be a great experience for me because it is a great opportunity to try new things, meet new people and maybe it will help me get out of this town – who knows?! Our Spring Break is this upcoming week and my friend, Emily, and I are going down to Panama City for the beginning portion and then heading up to the lake to enjoy some fun on the water the rest of the break! We have several beaches, bars and tiki huts to go to and plan to make this one a Spring Break to remember now that I am officially LEGAL!! 🙂

  16. Hey, I'm Emily. I think this would be a once in a lifetime experience and I feel like it is my ticket out of this one horse town I've been stuck in and around my entire life. I'm a sophomore, upcoming junior at Georgia Southern University and honestly I have no idea what I want to do with my college career except have fun while I'm here. I'm 20 and turning 21 this upcoming September so of course I'm in my prime, I'm young and I'm READY! 🙂 My Spring Break 2012 starts in two days actually and my friend, Lindsay, and I are heading down to Panama City to get a little crazy until Wednesday then going up to my lake house for the rest of the week to have a little fun on the water! 🙂 It should be one long and hellacious week but I'm excited!! It would be AMAZING if you gave me this opportunity to broaden my horizons, get out of this small Georgia town, and be a part of the new reality show!!! 🙂

  17. Hello my name is Aaron Jackson im 14 years old and i would love to be on this show because my friends and I are planning a spring break that EVERYONE DREAMS OF!!! We will do things that wont only shock everyone but it will really make them laugh. My friends have a "Tradition" that we follow and in that tradition there is a rule that we follow and that rule is that "go hard and have fun or go home and suck, have as much fun even if it kills you" we will always live by that rule and if we get the chance to be on this show then we will times that rule by the largest number in the world (infinity). Our last spring break me and my friends took a video of our entire trip. On that trip we went skydiving over the beach, went scuba diving with the sharks, rode in a huge limo to a teen club and after the party we went back to the house and ordered a total of 200 dollers off of the room service menu that made my parents mad!

  18. Hello. My name is Aaliya Chatman and I would love to be on this show because this is my senior year here in Jackson, Mississppi at Provine High School and my friends and I wants to do someting spontaneous and just have fun. My friends and I think that this would be the best way for us to hang out and enjoy spring break.

  19. Well I'm not taking a spring break trip this year to anywhere big, but i would love to star In someone else's, lol why because I'm unique, different and love acting sooo much ive been working so hard and doing auditions, trying to make it in the acting industry. People tell me all the time that I'm funny and can act etc, I'm a great listener, well direction follower, can take a boring script and make it live. I just be myself , acting is a way for me to release anger etc. I'm tall about 5'11 , darkskin, fit, haircut low, 17 yrs old, and my personality is just beyond great. Hope you read this thanks and bye!

  20. Name: Anjannette Jansen
    DOB: 12-10-93
    Age: 18
    Country: The United States 
    State: California 
    Language: English
    Ethnicity: White/Chinese/Mexican 
    Height: 5'2"
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Brown with some blonde, short, straight and shaved side
    I have a fun going personality and I enjoy doing exciting new things. I have a twin sister, Im teaching myself to play the guitar, I have no experience in acting but I'm a quick learner. I have always wanted to act or just even be an extra. 

    Thank you, hope to hear back soon. 

  21. Precious Thomas
    I am a model & actress at Barbizon Modeling school in Illinois.
    I would love to be on this show because me & my bestfriend was just talking about how we need to get away from this crazy Chicago weather! and plan a trip to MIAMI. I would love to be considered. Thank you and have a nice day.

  22. My names julie from methuen mass i am fun loving and wild 🙂 i am 4 feet 11 inch i have brown eyes and wavy black hair i do what i want and i love to just live life as if it was my last i always get the party started

  23. Hey i knw acting n dancing. My height is 5"4'. M a bengali n vry fair wid hazel eyes. Plz cntct me. M intrstd in participatng

  24. ShaQuille Brown
    Dark Brown Eyes
    Black Hair
    No Acting or Modeling Experience
    Extremely Fast Learner and Great Listener
    Goshen, NY

  25. Hi my name is Antonio Hudson and I feel I should be on the show and thats cause I have talent such as singing,acting,dancin &,also rapin so if you think im ready to shine then I hope I get picked thank you.

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