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Millionaire Matchmaker – Bravo

Millionaire Matchmaker Casting
Millionaire Matchmaker – Bravo

Millionaire Matchmaker is searching for serious DATERS!

Doron Ofir Casting is extending the invitation participate in auditions and apply for an all new season of BRAVO’s hot hit series “The Millionaire Matchmaker.” Patti’s millionaire clients are in need of finding their perfect life matches. Will you be the the perfect match? Submissions are being accepted now for reality TV’s richest romance show. Patti Stanger has owned and operated internationally know and Beverly Hills, CA based Millionaire’s Club since 2000. The unique business provides wealthy clients a comfortable and easy way to find romantic partners in these very uncomfortable and uneasy times. Patti and her team of high end cupids scour the globe looking for suitable mates for their extremely wealthy customers. In 2008 Bravo decided to document Patti and the people of the Millionaire’s Club on her quest to find romance and the result is the reality show sensation Millionaire Matchmaker. Each season millions of loyal fans tune in to see both sides of a high profile hookup and learn more about the fascinating Ms. Stanger and her talented staff. Now is your chance to be a part of one of the most watched reality programs of all time. Bravo is casting single males and females both gay and straight for the amazing opportunity to be matched up with some of Patti’s high end clients for an amazing dream date on the new season of “Millionaire Matchmaker.” Auditions will be held soon for this years lucky romantics for more information or to submit yourself for consideration you can head here thecastingfirm.com/millionairematchmaker/.

Romance and dating can be tricky enough, what happens when you throw millions of dollars into the mix? Apply today and find out. You could be next in line for romance! You could be the next star of Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker.

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  1. Single in the OC one decade…work in healthcare & fitness, men here typically date women half their age, looking for someone smarter and successful…midwest girl who lived on the east coast in my twenties and gravitate to that mentality…things that really matter in life…

  2. I'm emailing about my 21 year old son. He is a local rapper and college student. Has never had a serious girlfriend but is a one woman man as he is a libra. My son is ambitious and driven and looking for partner (female) with same qualities. He is also handsome, and I hate to say it, but pretty vulnerable . He'd make a great boyfriend and potential husband.

  3. I'm 25 and a typical southern California girl. I love the beach and skiing and spending time with my friends and family. I love to travel and have lived in many different cities, but always come back to beautiful Orange County. I find it hard to meet new people when I'm working 60 hours a week and get in the habit of spending my down time with my existing awesome friends and family. Just looking for some help with match making and creating introductions!

  4. Hello,
    My name is Alithia . I am 41 years old mother of one. Although I am over 40 I have a young looking face. A little about me, I am on this weight loss path, I own my own online clothing business and I have a published book. I am currently dating, but I am struggling to find quality men. I think your show might offer some of the men that I might be looking for and hopefully I can find love in the process.

  5. I am a 26 year old Emergency Room and Critical Care Nurse. I love my job and helping people is a lifelong passion of mine. I love spending time with family and friends, and hope to have a family of my own some day. I enjoy traveling, playing piano and singing, riding horses, love exercise and weightlifting, live a healthy lifestyle and encourage others to do the same. I am a strong, independent person and love a good adventure when it arises. I am smart, outgoing, caring and loyal. I'd love to find a wonderful man to share my life with.

  6. I am proof that "you cannot judge a book by its cover". Sadly, I am often judged solely on my looks. I am 5'10 and 120 pounds, a traditional "pretty girl" Most ppl assume I am a model or a "dumb blonde" (although I am black lol) However, I'm a 27 year old recent law school graduate who takes pride in working and being independent. I am in the midst of starting a non-profit organization catering to underprivileged youth. I currently spend my free time volunteering as a Court Appointed Child Advocate for children you have been abused or neglected. I want to use my JD to make a difference. I am outgoing and goofy. I love to take chances and have a good life. I may look high maintenance to some, but I am a tomboy at heart. I love sports and I love food! Most guys find me intimidating, if not for my looks, for my profession. I've learned that most guys don't want to date 5'10" lawyers lol. However, I am not looking for most guys. I am looking for that one confident man that can handle a woman like me, a that's not afraid to show love and appreciation for a woman. I want a man who's as ambitious and passionate as I am.

  7. Every one deserves to give and receive love! Who wants to be on this earth alone? No one.. Love is a rare and priceless gift. Love is suppose to never fail. What makes the world go around!!

  8. I am way cool,talented and cute like a mini quiche. I am also a millionaire minus 20 bucks otherwise I would opt to be the man. Seriously my life took a turn and I am searching for directions back. They say imagine how much different life would be by changing just one person in it. Don't ask me who they is.Best wishes to everyone.

  9. Hello Patti

    I enjoy your show very much. I am 55 years old and widowed. I have residences in Mississippi LA and
    Maui. I lived a fairy tale life with my husband traveling the world. Been single for 19 years now. Can't find anyone eccentric enough for me. I compose music. I am into
    Spiritualism -communicating with the deceased and
    animal rights and rescue. I live by the law of
    "As a man deals with animals, so shall he be
    dealt with by the forces of life in general".

  10. I am 54 years old and recently divorced. I have two grown sons. I live in a small town in Georgia. I'm outgoing and love living life to the fullest. I'm very career oriented and have been at my current job for 25 years. I'm just a good southern Georgia girl! Go Georgia Bulldogs!! My family and friends mean the world to me. I'm open and honest sometimes to a fault! Just looking for someone down to earth like myself to share my life with!

  11. Good Afternoon, I believe that everyone deserves a chance. I only see women (and men) from humble beginnings receive fairy-tale and dream opportunities in movies. I would love to see something new and have a chance to say "I came, I conquered, I am 'The One'". Life is unexpected, so I vow to do all I can while I can for everybody I can, while I can and that includes doing for myself as well. ~Blessings

  12. Hey… I figure, if I want to get something I never had before, I'm going to have to do something I've never done before. I'm happy, I'm very independent, I'm a people person and I only want to be around other happy people. Men I've dated in the past, seem to get a bit jealous of my career. I need a man who understands hard work and who will not become jealous of my career or my people person ness. One who will allow me to be me, love me for who I am and not for who they want me to be! I'm a mom of two grown boys 21 & 26 and a NaNa of one little really cute girl. I need a significant other to come home to. I've got all the skills necessary; great cooker, cleaner, lover, singer and I just won't go on. 🙂

  13. I am an upbeat petite blond. I Live in Sarasota Florida.
    I am looking for a relationship with a great man. A MAN who is serious about life and himself, but serious only to the extent that it applies to making a life for the two of us that will be special and lasting. And of course it goes without saying that he should be able to make me laugh more than anyone in else in the world
    I am an LPGA teaching golf professional, SCUBA diver love tennis and bicycle riding … I have several business ventures.
    Most important I love having a good time with the person I care about. Dancing is one of my favorite past times and would be ecstatic to be able to find a man who loves to dance.
    My husband passed away several years ago and I am so lost without one special person in my life Who can help me move on to the next journey that will take us both on to an unbelievable future together.

  14. I am 24 y/o woman, soon to be 25 on 3/25. I am 5'4 and African american. I should be selected because I am from a small town in Virginia. I would love to know what it feels like to see the world. I would love to find someone who loves to travel. I have my bachelors in Accounting and love to read. I enjoy being outside and attenting plays and concerts.

  15. Cheers! Life is meant to be shared and enjoyed with others, and I am now looking for a very special someone to share everything with. I am a happy and confident 51 y/o with 2 grown (fantastic)kids who live out of state. I have happily and willingly put others needs and wants before my own and now is a great time for me to grab all the excitement and joy out of life that I can. Writing this response was a leap for me, but as the saying goes…Get busy living or get busy dying. I choose living! Namaste…

  16. I should be a part of Millionaire Match maker because I am a character, love life and laughs. Ready for what ever comes my way easy going, very friendly, and not bad looking either. haha <3

  17. Hello Patti. I enjoy your show and your dating tips. I am 45 single mom with two incredible kids, Emily 13 and Michael 11. Since my divorce 7 years ago, I have struggled to find true love. I am a successful executive and enjoy my career and profession. But even moreso, I an a fun gal but wanting to be serious with the right man. I am completely independent and don't need to be swept off my feet, but want a companion and partner. Someone to enjoy my life, my kids, outdoors and a great friendship. I really want to not only have a lover but a best friend.

  18. Hello, Patti.

    I am vivacious and live every day as if it were my last on earth. I have a wonderful, life and great career. However, I am single after having been married for twenty-years to an emotionally abusive man and finally free to be loved and love in return. And, while I am alone, I do not yet feel lonely and am praying that I meet the right gentleman for me so I never have to experience heartbreaking loneliness. Can you help me?

  19. Hello Patti, and team. My name is Sue. I am from Vancouver,BC. Canada. I'm a attractive 33 year old woman looking for a long term relationship. Tired of men approaching me for all the wrong reasons. I'm very caring and have a lot of heart and laughs to share. I have worked with adults with mental illnesses for 10 years. I love the outdoors and staying active to dressing up for a dinner nite out. I have lots of pictures of myself I can send to you. You all are so good at what u do and would love your help! This caring, fun woman would make a great catch for one of your clients I'm sure! Look forward to hearing from you.


  20. Hi Patti I am 5'7 130 pounds blonde hair. In the past 2 years I have been working my butt of working and earning myself a 2 yr degree in surgical technology also during that time I have been a single mother of a now 2 1/2 year old! I would really love to find happiness. I have learned a lot after working so hard. I appreciate things more and just want to share my life with someone.

  21. Hello Patti. I am 48 years young, originally from New England and now residing in Florida. I have a successful career in medical sales. I am slim and keep in shape at 5'8" 130lbs. Golden brown hair, hazel eyes. Sophisticated, classy, intelligent, good sense of humor. Just as comfortable in an evening gown/cocktail dress as I am in t-shirt/jeans. Love many outdoor activities from skiing to boating to horseback riding and world travel. I do not have any children. A true romantic, I do believe my soul mate/best friend/life partner does exist on this beautiful earth and "timing" is everything in life.

  22. Hello, my name is Celeste , I'm 45years old . I have been in a Dental Hygienist for 26 years . I live in Las Vegas and have a grown daughter in law school . I enjoy meeting new people and sharing a great experience ong the way . I enjoy golf , tennis and working out daily . I would definitely like to meet a quality man to welcome in my life . Im 5"4 petite and a have great look ( classy )I would love the opportunity to be on the show.

  23. Hello, My name is Leona. I'm a single black female age 54, 5'7", long hair, nice body, attractive and looking for love. A mother of three grown children, 7 grandchildren. Employed for 25 years with 5 years to retirement. Would love to meet someone to spend the rest of my life with. My passion is traveling and people. Please contact.

  24. Hi,My name is Maggie. I am 50 but look 40 they say,lol. I am a single mom. My children are grown. I am attractive,petite. I am a civil servant. I work for the city in a male dominated department. I am 2 yrs short of retirement. I am looking to enjoy the rest of my years with someone who enjoys life and is happy and secure with who they are. Futher info upon request.

  25. Hi there!
    I am a 50 something Registered Nurse! I have 2 grown children and 2 wonderful granddaughters! We are all very close! My kids would love for me to have someone special in my life! I have been taking care of others it seems like 4 ever!, Now it's time for me to have someone that I can love and take care of and they can love me too! I am very outgoing, organized, smart and most of all giving! I love the finer things in life and love to give my special someone the finest in life! Thank u!

  26. I am a 24 old female, I have been a Dental Assistant for four years and just received certification in the Permanent Cosmetic industry. I just moved from Arizona to Michigan in August, 2013. I am looking for love and companionship. I want a serious and long lasting relationship.

  27. I am a40 year old young women tire of dating dead beat men im looking for something real in my life and a serious relationship in my life i think tat this would be a great opportunity i like to have fun im down to earth and ver spontaneous

  28. Hello Patti, I am a 30yr old single woman who is still in search of that right guy for me. I was born and raised in Peru until I was 12 and then came to San Diego which I love very much. My job is working in Accounting and I just recently got into doing makeup as a side thing. I love the outdoors, being active, staying in shape and spending time with family. I hope you would give me a chance to maybe meet a man who has his head on straight and it's ready for something real.


  30. Hi….Well, I guess this will be a little different… You see I am a mother of 2 grown children. I am not writing for myself.. but for them. (they will be so mad if they new I was doing this)LOL! My children are wonderful…. They are looking for the 1 person who can complete them. My son Nicholas is 31 years old successful Salon owner…and very good looking, Dark hair brown eyes…He is quite the Romantic! My daughter Samantha is a successful Hairstylist owns her own home since shes 24 years old . Very attractive, long brown hair green eyes.. and is a petite girl. They are both hard working indivisuals Both of my children have no problem meeting people.. its finding the right person whom they can share the rest of there lives with. They are both outgoing and wonderful personalities and grounded. We are an American Italian Family with strong family values. Original from NY but resident in South Florida. My children are looking for what my husband and I have…Love, Respect, strong sense of family and someone who gets them… Can you please help a mom out and find someone wonderful for my children. I promise you won't be disappointed. Just a mom who loves her children and wants them to find that someone… to share the rest of there lives with!

  31. I am a 44 yr. old female, 5'2" with green eyes and auburn hair. I work shift work and tend to be on the shy side initially so it's hard to meet people.

  32. I'm 42, 5'7" – 120 lbs, blonde, gorgeous, and a have a great rack. 😉 I'm also witty, intelligent, and have been told I have a beautiful smile, great teeth, and pretty eyes.
    I'd love to be on your show. I live in West L.A. and the men here are the worst! Help!!!

  33. Hello Im india I am 20 and looking for someone who can sweep me off my feet, I love to laugh, dress up, I ride horses as well I am in currently learning how to build homes. I come off as shy but as soon as you get to know me I am a great person with a warm heart. I would one day love to travel the world as well as have a big family someday.

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