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ANTM – America’s Next Top Model – The CW

America's Next Top Model Auditions
America’s Next Top Model

New Cycle Auditions and Casting Calls are being Announced for America’s Next Top Model!
Television’s most outrageous modeling competition is back again for another exciting season full of catwalks, cat fights and beauty. Tyra Banks and her prestigious group of taste makers will be searching the country once again for the talented undiscovered models to compete for the America’s Next Top Model title and now is your chance to throw your hat in the ANTM ring. Casting calls for the all new season will be happening soon and you can submit yourself today.

Eligibility for the casting call and audition:

For those models interested, stay tuned there will more than likely be announcing the auditions just to make sure they didn’t miss any amazing talent!

Here are some great tips for when they do announce the auditions!


Seriously; if you MUST wear makeup wear as little as possible in order to look as natural as possible; they want to see what rough stone they have to work with, not how much makeup you can wear.

Your Hair should be worn as simple as possible, the best bet is to wear a simple ponytail that can be set loose if needed.

Your Shoes: wear comfy shoes, but bring heels you can walk well in.

Your Clothes: jeans & tee is perfectly acceptable. Be comfortable, but don’t look like a slob. It’s a job interview, remember that.

Swimsuit?: to wear or not to wear? I suggest wearing a flattering swimsuit under your clothes; better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

Other stuff: plenty of water and high-energy compact food (energy bars/peanuts/jerky); something to entertain you but NOT engross you to the point where you miss someone calling your name/number. Oh, yeah; and an empty bladder. No kidding; you don’t want to HAVE to go when you are there; salty snacks are good for this.

Apply today for all new audition events. You can head here cwtv.com/thecw/topmodel-cycle19-Casting for more information. Submit yourself today and you could be the next face of fashion on the all new season of America’s Next Top Model.

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  1. i am trying to figure out how to audition but i havent been successful how can i audition? i would love to have the opportunity to come on and give it my all i wouldnt take it for granted… thankyou so much have a blessed day!

  2. Hi my name is Martina Banks I'm 17 I don't know where to start in becoming a model but I know I have what it takes. I wanna be a model that's so amazingly beautiful and that includes my flaws. My flaws come as a challenge to me but I'm crazy beautiful and I have what it takes to make my mark in the line of beauty and fashion. I'm a mixed girl with a dream and I want this more than I should haha. But all I ask is for a chance to show you something crazy something amazing just by standing out. In a crowd you will see me because I stand out!

  3. I am sooooo excited that the age restriction has been lifted!!! I had just turned 28 the last time I auditioned and I said one day that I would get another chance. All my life I wanted to be a model and everyone has always told me that I should try modeling. I am 6'5, and plus now. But I know that I will kill it with the proper training from the best there is.

  4. I am a young male, will be 16 years old in August 2017, and I'll be a Sophomore in Highschool next year. I'm about 6'2", weigh 160, with very angular features, broad shoulders, 29 inch waist. I love clothes and shoes, I'm a trendsetter, I'm always modeling in front of my mirror at home. Everyone tells me I should be a model, by I'm a bit shy in Public.

  5. Hi ! My name is nancy i'm 19 years old i like models , I want to participe in the casting america's next top model.

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