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Fashion Star Casting Calls
Fashion Star

Have you always wanted to be a fashion designer? Are you constantly being complemented on your amazing sense of style? Do you love creating your own unique looks for yourself and friends? If so, NBC’s Fashion Star is the show for you. Casting calls for designers, models, and musicians are going on right now for the most exciting fashion design show ever.

This show will be unlike any other ever on television with so many ways for talented people just like you to get in on the action. Hosted by world renowned supermodel Elle Macpherson and starring celebrity mentors Jessica Simpson, Nicole Ritchie, and John Varvatos, Fashion Star will pit 14 up and coming fashion designers against each other over the course of the season with the final winner receiving a multi million dollar launch of their own clothing line at Macy’s, H&M and Saks Fifth Avenue! In addition to the season long competition and mentoring, every week the designers will be judged by three giants of the retail world – H&M’s Nicole Christie, Macy’s Caprice Willard and Saks Fifth Avenue’s Terron E. Schaefer with the three of them choosing one winner to have their design of the week sold in one of their stores.

This show truly has it all – cutting edge designing, fashion shows, music, modeling and celebrities. This is your chance to be a part of the fashion world, have your clothing sold in the biggest stores in America and be watched by millions of people worldwide every week. If this sounds like something that you were born to do you can send an email here fashionstarnowcasting@gmail.com also, be sure toΒ leave a comment below and as always we will keep you posted on all of the updates. Stay tuned, you may just be America’s next FASHION STAR.

Fashion Star is about to take the world by storm and the producers are looking for people like you to be a part of it!

198 thoughts on “Fashion Star – NBC

  1. HELLO!!!
    I'm excited to introduce my style and brand to the world via Fashion Star!! With industry experience and a business plan to boot I am locked and loaded to impress the celebrity judges. My flashy presence & outspoken personality with a stroke of humility will bode well for my candidacy as cast member. The blond bob and fit physique are tv friendly as well;). Understanding the biz of fashion will be feather in my cap and a catylist to Victory!! Given the opportunity, I will shine as 2015's Fashion Star!!!

  2. My name is Zakeria Goggins, and I always wanted to be a fashion designer. I like to try new things. But my whole life I wanted to be a fashion designer. If you pick me, my dream would come true. I love to wear clothes that I put together myself.

  3. My name is Designer Lashan Goodwin luxury app real designer for women. My cod ruins have been featured in High fashion magazines such as Vogue, brides, Glamour etc. I have a bridal collection, swim as well as evening red carpet wear. I have worked hard on the success I have so fas and I live for fashion every single day. It doesn't seem like my job because I love it so much. I feel that my chance to be on the show will just enhance my brand to another level. I have people that believe in me because I believe in myself. Thank you

  4. Hello my name is Kenisha Conyers I am a hair stylest, cake artist, singer, fashion designer, nail artist, crafter, and I also make jewelry and design rooms in homes.I have been designing since I was 15 and over the years I have sketched over 700 designs. I love everything about fashion and designing. I am currently attending college for fashion design at American Intercontinental University, and I love what I do. Also I would love to show the world what I have to offer.

  5. Eljoy Designs (Eljoy)International couture designs are one of a kind and off the chain. Pick me and get style, fashion passion, and unique views that are sensational. I have been solicited to show my designs in Paris, Dubai, Canada, New York, Jersey City and other places but I want Fashion Star. If you are ready for me, Holla

  6. I'd love an opportunity to be a part of fashion star! I've designed in the fashion industry for 21yrs and always love a challenge. It's time for a FASHION STAR to shake things up a bit. Looking forward to hearing from you!

  7. Hello:

    I would like an opportunity to show the talant I have and the creativity for dessigning some designs.I gave do it all from designing

  8. Hello. I auditioned for Season 2 in Maimi, the judges seemed to like me,though picked another woman from Latin America. I would like another chance to audition. I'm based in Houston and am in development of men's accessory items for local boutiques.

    Please add my information to your list.

    Thank you.

  9. Hi I would like to know if there will be a third season of Fashion Star and if so how and when do I audition.Let me know.
    B Well.


  10. Hello, Is there going to be a Fashion Star Season 3? I have sent emails, checked all social networks, tried to contact NBC, and not getting any response. If so, hopefully you can let me know on this site the dates and so on for Auditions. Thanks so much and Happy 4th Everyone:)

  11. I would like to be notified when the date is set for the 2013 designer castings for Fashion Star. I think I have a passion for ready-to-wear.

  12. My fashion speaks for it's self and I would love to show Fashion Star just how a southern lady puts fashion to work. Lets go

  13. Hello, I am Tracey L. Wilson. I have a fabulous scenes of fashion and style. I live in the moment and my fashion is over the top. I create my brand with shapes and textiles. I would love to show the world what I can create which will lead me to be a name NBC Fashion Star.

  14. Hi my name is Julienne pasteur I am 23 years old .I would like to be a fashion and a run way model at show.please I would appreciate if you are giving me chance. You can contact me in my email. Thank you

  15. Hi. My name is Julia born in United States and my nationality is Dominican , from my parents side.I'm just a simple women that just want to show everybody that you could make it anywhere , when you always try your best on any passion work you always have desired in your life. Therefor I have also knowledge myself in accomplice my dream to become a model , this is my passion since I was little. I model for any kind of position. Face's , Body (Not nude) , and for designers. Hope to heard for you soon. Good bye.

  16. I am a fashion design major student who has passion for fashion. I would like to have the opportunity to be in this show that way I will be able to demonstrate my creativity in the fashion industry. One of my biggest inspirations was Alexander McQueen (R.I.P) and I have always seen myself as being the next Alexander McQueen. πŸ™‚

  17. Hi, My name is Renee' Rodgers, more commonly known in the yarn industry as Crochet Renee'. I have been involved in the yarn industry for six years now as a freelance crochet designer. I have also done some knit design, and plan on expanding in that area in the coming year. I have a following of fans of my crochet design work, which consists of designing wearable apparel and accessories. I currently make my living as a physical therapis, but I would love to be able to make a living doing design work. So much has changed in my life lately, including having my husband lose his business, then him leaving me, and I just lost my father on October 1st. I NEED a change in my life, and I have worked really hard the last six years with any spare minute of time I could find to expand my fan base. I would love a chance to compete on the Fashion Star and show America what I can do. Thank you for your consideration.

  18. Hi my name is Julia Johnson I am a natural born designer I've been designing and sewing since in my teens everyone thinks the world should see my creations please give me a chance to do so

  19. Hi my name is Natasha Johnson I'm 23 years old and I'm a professional runway model I should be on the show because I am confident in myself and I'm high fashion model also want to gain exposure.

  20. I so need to be on this show. I have been designing in my head for so long. I have no background in design other than a life filled with amazing design ideas. The fashion world so needs me. I see what's out there….the same thing in a different color. i love to combine textures and lines. Since I don't have any design education, I believe my canvas has no rules or restraints or images to get in the way. My eyes are wide open!!!

  21. I would love to be in this fashion designing contest. I've started designing in 6th grade and I'm going into 8th grade this year. Even though I may be younger than the others, I know I have what it takes. My inspiration usually comes from the past, mostly from Japan. I absolutely love their Kimonos! I am going to try and bring Japan to America through my designs. It's tradition with a twist of modern!

  22. Hi I have been in the beauty industry for over 25yrs working primarily as a hair loss and hair replacment specialist. As i love fashion as much as hair I have been able to make a lucritive career from both. I love this show and what it has to offer and i'm looking forward to become apart of such a wonderful experience.

  23. Hi my name is Sharee moye'- Chew and i love this show. I've been in the beauty business for over twenty yrsas a hair loss and replacement specialist. Although fashion has always been a gift. I'm ready to reinvent Sharee and show the rest of the world my other expertise-Fashion that is. looking forward to becoming a contestant on the next Fashion Star.

  24. Rachel is the name, I'm 20, I was born JULY 25,1991. In the city of Los angeles, I'm a FASHION DESIGNER, STYLIST, & MODEL. I have a CREATIVE SOUL, MIND of FASHION and art. From the TOP of my HEAD to the tip of my FINGER NAILS, Form SKETCHING to SEWING I give my toughness CREATIVE MIND TO THE FASHION WORLD.

  25. Hi, fashion star, this is my second time writing to you, I have an arts background, in which I am an artist, cartoonist, etc, I put all my insperations on paper, I love me designs, I have been sewing about ten yrs old, my style is classy, edgy, chic, one of a kinds, wearables, I love having a variety from small children,s wear to teens , woman, I just need that small chance to be discovered and show my stuff! I am your next design str, and want to get right in there and compete against all of you!!!!Im ready to rock and roll

  26. Fashion has been apart of my life since I was young… I believe I should be on Fashion Star because I want to share with the world what I can do and inspire others to be themselves and be unique and stand. I love my unique style. I have the talent and skill that I want to show everyone and give them the same passion that I have. πŸ™‚

  27. I should be on fashion star because the world needs to see the ideals I have my passion is fashion no one can bring nothing better than me everyone needs to see these awesome ideals I have in store put my on fashion star & I guarantee this 20 year old WILL BRING IT!!! Like u have never seen before

  28. Fashion Star is a genius show that has found a way to allow the designers to design and not getting caught up in construction, as well as design artistically and emotionally for mass market appeal. It's amazing to get the instant feedback from not only the judges, but the buyers and the consumers who have the opportunity to instantly purchase the garments. The sheer perfection of the show's format is the reason I want to be on Fashion Star. I started my own web based tailor made clothing line and a line of couture made-to-measure clothing and I ready to show the world what I've got. I've used my years as a Broadway Actor, Model, a student of Brown Univeristy & FIT and my love for fashion to continue to grow into the designer that I am today. I am ready for more growth.

  29. Hey…its me the next fashion design star…I,be been sewing, designing since I was eleven..I've got he right stuff to make it happen..I'm am an individual, re

    Creative, unique,one of a kinds. That I'm proud. To call my own..so bring it on…show me what. You've. Got. And let me audition. For. The challenge. To be the best,

  30. Hello, I writting this for my mom that is 49 years old. We watched Fahion star this your and really enjoyed it. Fashion star inspired my mom to desgine more and more. Jan(mom) loves to sew and desgine anything. Eventhough we joke about her fashion sence she really does have one. She can always find something that is popular or will become popular. She is a stay home mom, and does so much for my sister and I. She may not say she thinks that she can do it but she knows that she can. She may joke about it you can tell she wants this and knows that she can do this. This is why I think that my mom is the next fashion star!(and yes she is aware that I have sent this and she approves, because she thinks that she does not have a chance, but we think that she does) Thanks for your Time

  31. I turned my phone sideways so I'd feel cool leaving this comment.

    The name's Grishby.
    I almost won a spelling bee.
    I almost lost my life.
    And I almost gave up,

    this time there won't be an 'almost.'

    I AM the next FASHION STAR and I plan to demolish. First name Jay, last name Grishby. Remember it.
    That's Jay then Grishby.

  32. Aloha! My name is Randy Leano, 35 yrs old and a fashion designer from Honolulu, Hawaii. I am immigrant from the Philippines since 2010 but i have been an established designer in my home country. I have what it takes to be on the show because of my unique and extremely creative talent in making garments. I have 14 years of experience in the fashion business and i look forward to devote myself in exploring fashion for the rest of my life. I love making clothes both for men and women. I do this by myself from designing to pattern drafting and sewing. i work fast and efficient. I worked all my life to improve my craft because i believe i can make big in the fashion industry considering my talents and skills in design. aside from being a designer, i am also a make-up artist/stylist, production set designer, choreographer, singer and a dancer.

  33. Hi mi name is jasmine knox. this show would be a great experience for me because I am a designer, musician and a model. Mostly fashion is my passion and I want to be a designer. i am still in high school but I know that I definitely have what it takes.

  34. Well I am waiting for moderation and I always have more reasons to be N.B.C.s next Fashion Star.When your creations turn heads,make the wearer feel a little more confidant then I know that my job is done.To be able to pull out things from prior seasons and mix,match ,accessorize differently,and still look HOT.That is what my goal is for all 3 retailers.

  35. Please update me on the auditions for The Next Fashion Star. I am a Designer,Stylist,Trend Spotter,Fashion Magazine Creator,Editor-in-Chief,Buyer,Model,Commercial Actor. I have spent my life living and breathing the fashion industry. I would love to be apart of this dynamic combination of celebrity mentors, prime TV and designers bringing new fresh fashions to the masses at the retail giants. America is ready and so am I!
    Designer, Sara Lee

  36. Hello Fashion Star,my name is April, and I feel that I should be a part of this audition because I can see and hear the fashion forward call of the fashion industry.I have that fashion forward mind and insight for the industry and the love of it.I also would love to be able to have my brand on the market as well, or be a part of a design team.I am a local fashion designer here in Florida.My label is Chateau de Curb Gear.I design and construct all of my designs for men women and children.I can't afford to outsource so I do everything myself including marketing myself boutique to boutique.I have participated in many local fashion shows and will be presenting my swimwear line in a June 9th swimwear show.I have longed for this type of opportunity and I have not and will not give up on my talent or my dreams.I have got to go further now and that is why I would LOVE to audition for Fashion Star. "YEA-A-A"

  37. Hi, My name is Nash Iorg, Im 21, & I AM THE NEXT FASHION STAR one way or another. I have loved clothing and style sense a kid, always wanted something different than everybody else. I am passionate about life and am ready to give fashion my life. I have so much love and passion for clothing and fashion styles. When i saw this show on TV i was in love. I currently have launched my own clothing line. where im taking street style clothing and making it custom and different than anything else out there. Every shirt i sale i give one away to someone in need, through charities and homeless shelters. I would absolutely love the chance to show the world what i have to offer and to get style out in the world. If i get on fashion star i am going to put my life, love and passion in to fashion star and give it everything i have.

    Thank you very much for reading,

    Nash Merrill Iorg

  38. I havent seen my submission on here yet so ,Like everything in life,I am persistant!I could be THE NEXT FASHION STAR.I have the goods to achieve it.I am blessed to be able to do mens,womens and leather,very well,Iam a visionary ,dont follow the crowd but dance to my own ,timeless ,chic and elegant beat,with a twist that separates me from the rest.I would be honoured and humbled gratly to be part of the next season of this great formated and fair show.Thank you again.

  39. Hi I'm Tharon I'm 25yrsold engaged and a mother of a 16 1/2 month old. Well I would love to be on Fashion Star. I've been wanting to be a fashion designer since I was 12yrsold. I love sketching clothing. Right now I'm making my daughter a summer dress. I love sewing, I love making stuff. I love fashion star. It's inspiring to me. I really would love to be on this show.

  40. I am a 36 year old orthodox Jewish mother of 5 who began my professional career in high school as a custom eveningwear designer.I continued my education at FIT, but my fashion foward sense of style and flare is what brought me my following. After many years of working in the fashion industry, I continued to pursue other ventures through color and texture by opening my own interior design firm where I use my creative talents to design and decorate homes. Although I am currently an interior designer, my true passion always was and continues to be in creating original garments to be worn by all. They call me the "creator of things people don't even know they want yet".I hope that you will give me the opportunity to show you,the buyers, and the world what I have to offer!

  41. Hi! My name id Michelle Camper and I am 26 years old. I should be on Fashion Star because becoming a fashion designer has been my dream since high school. In high school I took clothing construction for three years. Now I am a junior at the International Academy of Design and Technology. I am earning my Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design and Merchandising. I have skills in sketching, pattern making, draping and etc. I have been designing for seven years and I have over 600 designs in my portfolio. I have an interesting eye for fashion as well as choosing fabrics for garments. Some of my instructors noticed my talent and encouraged me to sign up for Fashion Star. I have extraordinary talent just lack financial backing. By being on Fashion Star it would give me a chance to show the world my design skills. I was told to pick a career that I will love and for the past seven years I have put my time and effort into succeeding in the fashion industry. Being on Fashion Star would be a dream come true as well as a blessing for me to know that I would be one step closer to my dream.

  42. Hello, my name is Michelle Camper. I am 26 uears old. I'm currently a junior at the International Academy of Design and Technology. I am currently earning my Bachelor's degree for Fashion Design and Merchandising. I should be on Fashion Star because I have an excellent eye for design. I have been designing for the past seven years and have been attending college for the past three years. I have skills in sketching, pattermaking, draping etc. I mainly design women's apparel and I amm slowly branching out to design for men's apparel. I know I have what it takes all I need is one chance to show the world what I am made of. I have been blessed with an amazing talent and I would like to share it. My main reason for designing clothes is too make people feel good about themselves no matter their shape, size, etc. I love what I do and I was told to pick a career that I love and fashion speaks to me in many ways.

  43. I dont know if the other 2 went through so here goes it again.Barbie was my friend, My moms old furs and leathers were transformed into clothing when I was 12,my sister worwe them and was selling sketches all over of my work. I have what it takes to be Americas next fashion star.I am great at building collections for men and women,I love working in leather and do different things with it,I am humble but I have been blessed with an incredible gift and even after surviving a head on collision ,it seems to have grown.America needs some retail excitement always to keep folks coming back and I truely belieive that I can make a serious contribution to it..Timeless yet different,luxurious,yet edgy.THATS Me.Plus I can look Elle in her gorgeous face,I am 6ft 5 and look like a pro baller versus someone who can drape silk souffle'.

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