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Marvel’s Ant-Man – Movie

Ant-Man - Movie
Ant-Man – Movie

The list of Marvel hit’s grows longer and more distinguished with each installment and now it’s most ambitious and exciting story yet is about to begin shooting. Ant-Man starring the terrific and terrifically inspired one-two team of Paul Rudd (This Is 40, Role Models, Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues) and Academy Award winner Michael Douglas (Wall Street, Falling Down, Behind the Candelabra) has been tapped as the next great comic book property to get the big screen treatment and the producers and casting directors of this huge production are set to begin their search for aspiring acting talents of all ages to fill a variety of available roles.

Ant-Man tells the fascinating story of Dr Hank Pym (Douglas), whose invention of an Ant-Man suit that allows man to shrink in size but increase in strength, is both a technological wonder a highly desired item from evil doers. Now with the help of his con-man friend Scott Lang (Rudd), who wears the suit, Pym must pull of an incredible heist that will save the entire world.

Like all Marvel films, this Ant-Man will feature a talent-laden cast that this time around will include Golden Globe nominee Evangeline Lilly (Lost, The Hurt Locker, The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies), 4-time Primetime Emmy nominee John Slattery (Mad Men, Arrested Development, Iron Man 2), Screen Actors Guild Award winner Michael Peña (American Hustle, The Lincoln Lawyer, Million Dollar Baby), Corey Stoll (House Of Cards, The Bourne Legacy, Midnight in Paris), Judy Greer (Archer, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Two and a Half Men), 2-time Emmy winner Bobby Cannavale (Chef, Boardwalk Empire, The Station Agent) and Academy Award winner Michael Douglas (Wall Street, Falling Down, Behind the Candelabra). This amazing group will be directed by Peyton Reed (Yes Man, The Break-Up, Upright Citizens Brigade) from a screenplay with a most recent pass done by the fabulously talented Adam McKay (Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, The other Guys).

Auditions for Marvel’s latest sure to be monster box office hit are going on right now and performers of all ages dreaming of their shot at a part in a superhero film can apply today by heading here nlc.360works.com/nlc/extra/form.php to fill out the actor’s application. More details will be posted here as they are announced so stay tuned for every wxcitign production update and leave a message below and tell us what you think of this latest Marvel adventure and why you want to be chosen to be a part of Ant-Man starring Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas.

28 thoughts on “Marvel’s Ant-Man – Movie

  1. hi there talented staff at MARVEL (love your work)my name is Gwyn. i am a high honor 6th grader (11 years old to be exact)and i am also training for my black belt. i have loved theater all my life and with an English teacher as a mother you kinda know a lot about English Arts. i am a brown haired girl with brown eyes and Julia Roberts' lips.

    thank you for you time Marvel

    Gwyn 🙂

  2. im 25 but can pass for anywhere between there and 36 have multiple different voices and superheroes are awesome and id be honored to be a part of ant-man.

  3. My name is David Lozada, I am 17 , 5'10 and have Long jet black hair. In Georgia, Puerto Rican and would love to be apart of this film. Never hurts to try something new.

  4. Hi my mane is anders and I would like to do this I am 13 and am 6"1 and would love to do this and it sounded like fun and I would really like to do this

  5. Hello!
    I am currently living in Canada but I am from Perth, Australia.
    I am 19 and my look is tanned, with long brown wavy hair, green eyes and a huge smile!
    I am extremely keen to get into the acting industry and this would be such an amazing break.. When I was in year 7 I was the lead in a musical and during middle school I took drama classes. Around that time I took acting classes from the same lady that taught Gemma Ward acting. I am very eager and a quick learner. I consider myself to have natural talent

  6. Hello, My name is Sierra Collins and I am 13 years old, I am currently in grade 8. I would love to be in this movie because of the following reasons, first of all I can dance, I have been dancing just over 5 years. Secondly I am extremely enthusiastic and am always smiling. Thirdly I have always had a passion for acting and would love to prove to my family I can do it.
    I have long brown/blonde (dirty blonde) hair and brown eyes.
    I am 5' 7 tall.
    I am thin (skinny).

  7. I'm looking at getting my career started as an actor and am looking to develop my skills in the craft. I've never done anything professional but that is why I'd be a good candidate for any open roles ,I haven't developed any bad habits which means you can mold me to what you need.willing to travel and learn . I'm 5'9 180 lbs in great shape. Brown hair blue eyes muscular build and work well with others .

  8. I am versatile, dependable and do take direction well. I can think on my feet and have been in community threatre plays, plus I am physically and mentally fit. I have a website and can be found easily on the web with my bio etc. Are you interested in casting someone that is serious about acting and will give you 100%, get in touch with me as I am your guy.
    C U on set.

    You loose
    I'm ready if you are, been acting for 10 years
    Skin: tan

  10. I believe the acting world is a very complex business. Fans are sometimes fickle about what they like. Actors are sometimes respected or snubbed by their latest film. Some actors start from the bottom, working their way to the top. I think working for a huge production film such as Marvel would be a great experience. Please consider me for an upcoming role.
    Thank you!

  11. Hello my name is Jarel I am 20years old and I am an aspiring actor and model. I have some experience in modeling, such as walking on the runway and more. I am currently a studying fitness and exercise. I feel that I would be an excellent candidate for this film because I am a major fan of action movies, I am energetic, athletic , well disciplined, and not afraid to do any stunts or action scenes. I am also friendly, respectful and work well with others.

  12. My name is Tyson Williams and I'm 13 years of age. I'm 5'9'6 and My ethnicity is African American. I'm just another kid in Tulsa, Oklahoma trying to pursue my dream as an actor. I am a huge fan of Marvel Comics and I would love to audition. I don't have as much acting experience, but I would love to start my way from the bottom and then work my way up. Please update me if your choice is 100% A Okay. Thank You

  13. Right now I'm an up and coming actor on YouTube. I'm a second year college student my major is communications. I'm 19 and the oldest child on ten. Me and my college friends have a TV show out called The Real Campus Life. That's airs every Wednesday at 9.I feel like I am ready for the next level. I been acting my whole life. I done a lot of plays and films in high school and college I just want to get on the big screen and show people that I am the next big thing.

  14. I am a Practical Effects Artist as well as Creature & Character Suit Performer. I also act in general and live near LA. If you need any references just check out my resume here.

  15. Hi. I'm just a girl looking to become an actress. My name is Rachel. I'm 14 years old, I am a brunette, I have either light blue, light green, or light gray eyes. I am 5'3" with and athletic build. I'm a white American with European backgrounds. I would really love to become am actress, and I would be just about any part, plus if I ever got a part in something, I would completely dedicate myself to being the best that I could ever do at being that character. I would love to be in The Ant Man. I love superhero movies and superheros in general. Thank you so much for your time.

  16. I want to be chosen for a part because I think it would be a fun movie to be a part of and I went to high school with Paul Rudd. He was a senior when I was a sophomore and was the teachers assistant in my drama class.

  17. hello my name is Jose Estrada i have very little experience but i would be welling to learn i am easy to work with.my dream is too become an actor i love to do stunts such as parkour and I take acting seriously and i think i would be good for any role.


  18. Hello! I'm a 26yo white male with a muscular, athletic build. I'm extremely versatile and professional. I am well versed in dialects and accents. I am a perfect candidate to fill any role you may need filled, no matter the size or scale. I'm your man! I am a die hard marvel fan and would be thrilled to work with you! I have an extremely strong work ethic and will not disappoint you if I am to be chosen for any role at all.

  19. Hello,i'm megan cranford, I have previous acting experience. It has always been a big dream to act in a big movie such as this one to get my start. I am female age 14 ethnicity white I speak mostly English. Please contact me

  20. 5'11 recovering from coma, very well with acting and well work well voice over characters and probably a little physical.weight 150 just looking to get back to use.

  21. Hello My Name Is Alex Garcia, My Dream Career Is To Become An Actor As Well As Later On Becoming A Film Director In The Film Industry. I Go To The Art Institute Of Colorado On Video Production Major Where Im Learning Everything There Is About The Industry So I Would Be More Than Happy To Get A Step Closer To My Future Career. I Been A Fan Of Marvel All My Life So Im Familiar With The Heroes, Characters, And Their Characteristics And Their Moral Backgrounds In Marvel. I Look Foward In Hopes Of Getting A Role For The New Upcoming Movie Ant-Movie. Please Keep Me In Touch. Thank You!
    Name: Alex Garcia
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5’7
    Weight: 150
    Ethnicity: Latino
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Black
    Age: 19

  22. I am 8 years old, dirty blond with hazel eyes. I have a cute freckle on my cheek and a slight cleft chin. I love working in modeling, theater, and film. At four I began my acting classes and immediately picked for my first film auditioning alone for the first time. I was the little boy in Comatose by director Derek Taylor, a winner of many film festival awards. I am a bundle of joy cracking everyone up all the time. Everyone in my small Tennessee town knows and remembers me. I have also been in dance for three years in tap, ballet and jazz. I love the stage. Please think of me for your movie.

  23. Hello
    My name is Natasha González I'm 14 years of age,I know Spanish & English. I don't have much experience in Acting but I took classes in Hollywood live with Adrian r'mante as my teacher and I'm willing to to what ever it takes just let me know.

  24. I think I would be perfect for the super hero rolls because im already doing that with people in my life I help out with what ever I can i have the determination and motivation for acting i already be in stage plays as well as short films if given this chance I can say that you wont regret it im a all around fun and lovable guy with the dreams of doing many good deeds for this world and also the kids of this world our future depends on us as adults to show others that we can change for the better to show love and trust

  25. First of all Michael Douglas is one of the best actors ever I think. Paul has talent from what I've seen.
    Anyway, I'm 27,male, 5'8", 155-160lbs, have long hair and love anything with super heroes.
    I'm going to prove that the Entertainment Industry is only hurting itself by staying on the coasts.

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