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Insurgent Auditions
Insurgent Auditions

One of the acting world’s fastest rising stars is set to begin reprising her iconic role in the mega-popular Divergent franchise and a group of aspiring actors could soon be working alongside of her. The producers and casting directors for Insurgent are currently looking for a number of up and coming performers to fill several fantastic roles in the blockbuster science fiction adventure that will have everyone talking.

Insurgent follows directly after the gripping events of the box office smash Divergent and will find our heroine Beatrice Prior confronting the inner demons that lie inside of her, embracing her Divergent gift and fighting against the evil alliance that threatens to extinguish her powers and tear society apart.

Insurgent will star Shailene Woodley (The Fault In Our Stars, The Descendants, The Spectacular Now) along with a huge and hugely talented supporting cast that includes Jai Courtney (A Good Day to Die Hard, I, Frankenstein), Miles Teller (21 & Over, The Fantastic Four), Theo James (Underworld: Awakening, Golden Boy), Ansel Elgort (Carrie, Men, Women & Children), Zoë Kravitz (X-Men: First Class, It’s Kind of a Funny Story), Maggie Q (Nikita, Mission: Impossible III, Academy Award nominee Naomi Watts (King Kong, The Impossible), Ray Stevenson (Thor: The Dark World, The Other Guys), Mekhi Phifer (8 Mile, ER), Oscar winner Octavia Spencer (The Help, Fruitvale Station) and Academy Award winner Kate Winslet (Titanic, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind). The deck is definitely stacked for this one but as with all big budget productions, there are still several roles ready to be filled. This could be your chance to be cast in one of the most watched movies of the year.

Auditions for the next chapter of the Divergent saga, Insurgent are happening now and will be held al the way through the production. Performers can submit themselves today for available roles by sending emails to Mineral.Intelligent@gmail.com. We will be posting more casting and production notes as soon as they are released so stay tuned for more updates and leave a message below and tell us what you think of the series and why you want to be considered for the cast of the epic adventure that is Insurgent.

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  1. My friends just call me DA.
    I love acting, been doing it since the 4th grade and I love the Divergent book series. Would love to be part of this endeavor.

  2. Hi I'm Mackenzie Also I go by Kenzie the most. I feel I'm a grey look for the movie because I have red hair, hazel eyes,and I'm 5'3. I feel I can do this move because I have some gun and recurve bow training also I can fight the style of martial arts I am a green belt. I feel my category would be dauntless.

    Thanks for reading

  3. Hey!
    My name is Jacqueline and I have little experience with acting but I would love to be an extra! When I first read Divergent I thought it was amazing and always dreamed of being apart of it. I'm 15 years old around 5'7 and I play the Trumpet!

  4. my daughter Haylee would love the chance to audition for a role on the movie. she is almost 14 but looks younger. she has light brown hair and blue eyes and 5 foot tall. thanks

  5. Hello, my name is Courtney and I live in Granbury, Texas! I have always dreamed of becoming an actress and I believe that this audition and film will help me get my foot in the door if I make it! It would be amazing to be in this film and even more amazing to work with Shailene:) I am 14 years old! I have blue eyes and blonde hair! I am about 5'3 in height! I also love to act and love doing theater at my school! Thank you so much for this opportunity!

  6. Hello my name is morgin harrie and i want audition for the new chapter insurgent. Im a serious girl that loves to shoot and kill and I have a game that is a shooting game and i I love it so you won't be surprised u Will be inspired please give me a chance and you will be inspired

  7. Hello, i'm Ciaira Jordan Dorsett,
    -im 13 years old
    -i'm a dancer(12 years dancing)
    -i'm a very outgoing and funny person
    -im a singer/songwriter
    -im very athletic
    -i love to act becuase its so much fun
    -i am also a young model in progress
    -i amhalf chilian and bahamian but i was born in the U.S
    -i have curly hair
    -dark brown/light brown(changes color when in sunlight)
    -i have had a tad of expierence in piano and guitar
    -i am also i film maker and make tiny short films with my best friends
    -i am a humble person
    -i would learn alot from the cast of Divergent
    -i am 5'3-5'5
    -i am not a full time actress but when i have time i practice scripts from snow white-alice in wonderland(and we always try every character to practice every mood and emotion)
    -i do take singing lessons online with youtube(i know that is not alot but i cant afford a personal coach)
    -i try very hard to succeed and if i dont get it or dont star in the new movie Insurgent that just tells me to practice more and learn a few tips

    i hope i can get this amazing oppurtunity my mom and younger brother would be so happy for me and i am crossing my fingers because my family really needs the help….

    thank you

  8. Hello I'm Hannah Emison .
    I'm 12 years old .
    I'm Hoping to made my Acting Career Bigger .
    I love the Divergent Books ! To be in Any of the movies , Big Part or Small Part would be Great !
    Hair – Brown
    Eyes – Light Blue / Blue
    Skin – White / Tanish
    Freckles – Of Course !

    I'm up for any Challenge Life throws at me ! I'm also Very active in Acting , School , and Sports . I'm determined to be an Actor and If you give me a Chance ! I won't let you down !

  9. Hello,
    My name is Chloe and I would love to start an acting career! I have read all 3 books of the divergent series and I love them very much. I currently live in Marin California and I am 15 years old. I am aware of the competition is choosing who to pick for acting in roles or extras. I have a wonderful personality and I'm into sports and am physically fit.
    Gender: female
    Grade: 10th
    Hair color: golden brown
    Eye color: brown
    Height: 5'4
    Weight: 115 pounds
    I love expressing emotions in acting but also keeping a straight face is a breeze for me. I know there is a lot of action in the books so I would be perfectly prepared for any running, stunting, jumping, ect. I take things seriously but also have a a comical side and easy going. Even just being and extra would be a dream come true! Thank you so much and I hope to hear from you soon. If more information is need, feel free to email me anytime. Thanks again and I hope you consider me as a thought.

  10. Hello, my name is Tabitha Lockhart. I am 26 years old. I love the series of Divergent and would love to be apart of an extraordinary movie. I believe I can provide excellent and diligent skills. I would love to be an extra or have even a part of something so great. I want to be an action actress. And I believe this will be a great start for me.

  11. I'm Sophie I live in LA ,California I am 11 I am 5'6 have blue gray eyes puffy brown black hair I'm not slim I love to act I've been in a few plays and I am really strong and I can do many expressions

  12. I would like to be in the acting business. I am 23 and am capable of doing all kinds of emotional expressions. I believe that I would be able to be a good aspect in your film if given the chance. I have a lot of talents that could be used in multiple roles.

  13. Hi I'm Anastasia. I'm 11 years old. Dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. When I saw the movie divergent I thought it was amazing and ever since then I've always wanted to be in a movie like that. And now I can be. Please give a chance.

  14. Jed goerke
    Tall/Lean Build
    Maryville, Mo

    I've been in several plays both as lead and background actors, and have attended 2 years of college with a Major in performance art. I took leave due to financial issues. I've been an avid improv performer for several years. I'm an amature film maker with a couple small projects under my belt. There's not many options in the Midwest to pursue my chosen career field, and i'm looking for any opportunity to get my foot in the door. No job is to small. Hard work and dedication is what I bring to the table

  15. Hi I am Brooklyn from Alberta Canada I am 13 years old and have been mistaken for a 16 year old more times than I can count I am 5"5 and have loved acting since I can remember I have read all of the books and even as an extra I would be more than happy

  16. Hi, my name is Kendra Crew, I'm 11 years old.

    I wanted to act since I was 8 years old. It's really hard to get an acting job.

    hair: Brown

    Eyes: blue

    Height: 5'2

    : Female

    I hope you can turn my frown upside down. Hope to here from you soon.

    Your future actriss,

    Kendra Crew

  17. Hi, my name is Kaeleigh Peck. Im 15 with medium length dark brown hair and hazel eyes.Im from Pickering Ontario which is right outside Toronto. It is my dream to find a career acting and singing. It would be a pleasure to work on the set with you guys doing what i love. I have past performing experience through out my school and I have also sung with Shawn Mendes before (because we used to be friends). I really hope you take me into consideration for a role and thank you for taking your time to read this.

  18. Hi, my name is Jesus. I live in Las Vegas, NV and would love to have an opportunity to audition for this series of Divergent. I'd appreciate being contacted for anything. Even if it means being a movie extra or just helping you guys out with anything. All I need is an open door to walk inside too. I give my full thanks if you have at least have read my message. Thank you. Also you can check me out on my Youtube Channel and let me know what you think. Here's the link to one of my video's.
    youtu.be/4qq-r0QdV4c .
    Much appreciated, thanks.

  19. Hello, my name is Courtney and I live in Granbury, Texas! I have always dreamed of becoming an actress and I believe that this audition and film will help me get my foot in the door if I make it! It would be amazing to be in this film and even more amazing to work with Shailene:) I am 13 years old and turn 14 in November 2014 but a lot of people think I am 16! I have blue eyes and blonde hair! I am about 5'3 in height! I also love to act and love doing theater at my school! Thank you so much for this opportunity!

  20. Hi! My name is Maddy Donar. I am a girl and I am 14 years old. I would love to be in Divergent's sequel: Insurgent or, maybe even the 3rd movie Allegiant because Divergent is my favorite series. (And The Hunger Games). I can cry and laugh on command. I play the piano. I have blonde hair. It's a little past my shoulders though. I can either cut it or dye it if I have to. The Divergent cast is an amazing, talented cast. It would be a dream come true. It has been my dream to be in either Insurgent or Allegiant when Divergent came out. Thank you for taking your time to read this. Also, please consider putting me in Insurget or Allegiant. Please email me to let me know. Thanks!
    –Maddy 🙂

  21. Hello, my name is Khadija Bello. I am a high schooler, 15, 5'5 and I would love to be part of this movie because I feel like this would be a good opportunity to show my talents. I been a plays at my school and people who I know and don't know tell me I'm talented. In one way or another. Also I have brown eyes, am African American.:)

  22. i'd love to be apart of this project, my name is lizzie I am 14 years old I can be mistaken for a 16 year old or a 12 year old one persons opinion versus another, I have long dirty blonde/ light brown hair and brown eyes with light brown freckles under my eyes I am 5'7 and have a curvy figure I have a dream to become an actress and am determined to get there little by little. I would love to be apart of this film and be in different footsteps and build up a character thankyou, lizzie mahaffey

  23. Hi. I'm just a girl looking to become an actress. My name is Rachel. I'm 14 years old, I am a brunette, I have either light blue, light green, or light gray eyes. I am 5'3" with and athletic build. I'm a white American with European backgrounds. I would really love to become am actress, and I would be just about any part, plus if I ever got a part in something, I would completely dedicate myself to being the best that I could ever do at being that character. I would love to be in Insurgent. It would be an honor to work with Shailene Woodley. Thank you so much for your time.

  24. Hi,
    my name is Alyssa Haga and I have read the whole Divergent series and fell in love with the series and would love to be in the movie. Please keep me updated.
    School: Chilhowie Middle School
    hair color:light brown
    Eye color:hazel

  25. Hello, My name is Iris. I am 16 years old and I feel that I deserve to be part of the Insurgent Movie because honestly I love the novel and Divergent. I would like to achieve on acting skills and be part. I would love to get a call back.

  26. My names Elias Fuentes
    Age: 22
    Body: average fit
    Ethnic: hispanic
    Skin tone: fair tanned
    Hair: jet black
    Eyes: dark brown
    Please contact me for phone number
    Please&Thank You…

  27. Hey, my name is ofek , I'm fourteen years old. 5.6
    I would really like to be in the "insurgent".
    I would love to be a part of this!!
    My dream is to be an actress!!
    And I have an Israeli accent so maybe it can be good for a part or I can take lessons to work on my accent.
    I used to play in school plays and in plays in the country.
    So hope you are interested in:)
    Hope to get an email or callback:)
    Thank you.

  28. Hey! My name is Summer Hinson. I am 17 years old and 5"1. I have blonde hair and green eyes. I am a senior in high school this year. I have taken all of the theater classes that my high school provides. I have also participated in the play "The Nutcracker" and our school musical for "Once On This Island". I really would like to play a part in this movie because i know i have what it takes. And i would love to meet Shailene Woodley because she is an amazing actress!

  29. Hey! I am Emily. I am twelve years old and live in a very small town in Virginia.. I Loved divergent and would love to be in this one! I have been acting and singing since I can remember and it would be AMAZING if I could be in this movie. I would even be an extra LOL.. Thank you so much for considering me! 🙂
    height: 5'3
    hair color: brown and blonde
    eye color: brown

  30. Hi my names Samantha Day, I'm 20 years old and from Kentucky. I have a passion for acting and I'd love to be the next star in this movie. I've read the book Divergent, seen the movie and I've fallen in love with it. I love the action and drama that goes along with it, it's truly exciting. I think what makes me perfect for this movie is I love action, I'm very athletic and after seeing Divergent and watching some of the stunts they do, you obviously have to be flexible and in shape, all of which I am to perform your best. If I have a chance I promise I'll do my best and not dissapoint you all. I really hope to hear from you soon. Thank you 🙂

    Love Samantha<3

  31. I recently turned 21 years old, I am 5'4 and I've loved acting since I was 5 years old. I've been in minor plays as well as written them for years ay school and church. I love the movie Divergent. I love any action type movie but I really love that Trice has standards and heart in this one. My first look at Shailene was on ABC family in The Secret Life of the American teenager and I've loved her since then. I want to be in multiple movies after this and I'm excited for this to be my first one and I know it won't be my last.

  32. Hello,

    I am interested in being a part of the film. I have read the book, and think I will be a great asset to the upcoming feature. 5"4 145 Please advise.

    Warm Regards,

  33. Hi, my name is Mack.
    I'm a 13 year-old boy from MN, that's 4-11 and 90 pounds. I think that I would be great in a movie even if I'm an extra, I've read all three of the divergent books and the book four. Plus I am a great actor, I am small and can play younger parts, I can also cry on command, lie, and keep a straight face when acting. I feel that something that would make me great for a acting career is that when ever I am watching tv or listening to music or singing or playing my trumpet it just makes me want to perform and I love to perform. I also feel like I have a connection with the story, in my free time I like to do weird things like research survival skills like tris uses.

    Adding on to that, I have a very fun and out going personality and make new friends very well. I think any role you have that fits my age and gender I would be perfect for. Thank you for considering make and please let me know any decision you make about me through e-mail.

    -Mack S.

  34. Hi my name is Amber Johnson. I am 21 years old 5'4 average build 140 pounds. I have recently been laid off from my job it was boring & I needed something different anyways! I am a very outgoing person & I love being the center of attention im always full of energy I think I'd be perfect for a movie or acting role I have never done acting before so im interested in trying acting. It would be amazing for me to get a spot in Insurgent. Thank you for your time & consideration.

  35. Hi my name is Wendy, I'm 12 years old. I live in Syracuse, NY and I'm 5'2. I have dark brown eyes and hair. I have joined drama club and my teacher is preparing me to be on tv or on movies. I am in love with the movie Divergent. I have watched it allot of times and I'm half way done reading the book. I know that I may be young to think about my carrier. But I find this as a huge opportunity and it would be a head start for me. I like to sing, dance and act. I mostly like action movies like divergent because you get to do cool things. It would be an honor for me to get an audition. It would be a dream come true if you guys make that happen for me ❤️ Please respond back when you have the chance.

  36. I was raised in a town with one stop-light in FL but I never let that fact douse my ambition to do great things; after graduating valedictorian from my high school I found a love for theatre in college on a whim for something cool in the brink of boredom and found the passion that I would seek to fulfill. I love the outdoors, adventure, laughter, new places, helping others, challenges and riding my motorcycle down the open road. I've been called the rebel by my peers and superiors, I jump at every opportunity to provide a helping hand and believe in putting priorities before necessities. I believe that I have a dream that many people find difficult and foreboding but I take that energy, whatever it may be, and pour it into what I love which is theatre, family and adventure. I'm not afraid to take chances and see where the road goes and I'm ready to fight in order to accomplish what I aspire to be: an actor for life and for people: that smile or that tear are why I'm doing this.

  37. im 12 years old I live in Nebraska I like to sing I have dark brown hair but I recently died the ends blonde. I always dreamed of making it big and I hope I get this opportunity thank you.

  38. HI,
    My name is Stephanie.
    I am 16 going on 17 in December.
    I am 5'2 and a quarter.
    I have black hair and brown eyes.
    I have acting, singing, and dancing experiences.
    I have done 9 High School performances, I have taken a theater course, a dance course, and a choral course. I have plenty of experience and am aspiring to get into the show business. I would love to hear back from you shortly.
    I am a very outgoing person and open minded to just about anything. You'll rarely see me upset, but I can cry on command, however, I am always smiling. I can do multiple accents. I speak fluent English and Arabic, I also speak 2 years worth of French. I am extremely flexible although I have a petite waist but thick thighs. I have middle-eastern features. I get mistaken for a 20 year old all the time but only if I'm wearing make up.

    – two dance shows, including 5 total dance numbers
    – High School main stage production of Stage Door, portraying Linda Shaw
    – a part of two open mic nights
    – High School night of one acts: "Cinderella Wore Compatriots" I portrayed Cinderella
    – I perform with my schools advanced choir, we will soon be performing at Disneyland
    – currently casted in a Murder Mystery Dinner as the murderer
    – currently casted in a High School main stage production of "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamboat"
    – acting courses

    Hope to hear from you soon.


  39. My name is Hollie Barton. I am 18 years old. 5.7' dirty blonde hair. I am an extremely out going person. I love to talk and entertain people. I am a HUGE fan of these books and loved the first movie and I would like to be in the second so if you could read mine and consider me I would be honored. I have not had much acting experience but I am incredibly good at lying. As in I can cry on cue, I can have a straight face no matter whose laughing. I appreciation the opportunity thank you for your consideration.

  40. hey guys!!! my name is Olivia and I'm 16 years old from perth, Australia. i have extensive experience in acting and have been involved in many short films, plays, musicals etc you name it! I've done acting courses with the Nathional academy of Performing arts (NIDA) which is the most prestigious acting school in Australia and have have done film/ stage training all my life. i have also taken singing/piano lessons since a very young age and was a champion gymnast. i am very professional and positive when it comes to my work and hiring me will not be a mistake because i do have the experience and attitude to make you proud!!! 🙂 thanks guys x

  41. HI,

    My name is Tiara Vazquez, and I have come across this email by scrolling through a bio on the movie insurgent. I am taking the chance by emailing you, although I am sure you get millions of emails a day saying the same thing I am saying. But here I go.

    I'm a shy person. I am also a scared person. But I feel as though the people who have these kinds of traits are easy to mold. By mold I mean, easy to learn. I love to learn new things all the time. I have trouble figuring out my major because I want to do everything. I am also not the kind of person to always want the spotlight on me, but I have always dreamed of being an actor, or even just an extra. kind of ironic right. But I like or even just put thought into it because I want to be pushed, I want to be challenged to get outside my comfort zone; even if I will not be considered I will find a place to help me.

    I feel this would be a great opportunity because I will around people with experience and will be able to help me better myself. I can guarantee that I will most likely be nervous and scared and possibly mess up but that's okay because I know that if I was considered, I will get better and I always do when I learn from my mistakes.

    Thank You
    Tiara Vazquez

  42. (I have already sent an email to you so to not repeat myself here's something else…)

    I'm twelve and feel that whatever this opportunity holds it will make my life complete. Everyone says the same but for me acting has stopped being a dream a want it has become a need and a passion. Please consider me for a role as I know that I am ready.

  43. I am 19 Years old
    long brunette hair
    Petite dancers build

    Personal Profile

    My name is Kaitlin Mahony and I am an energetic and professional young woman. I am being trained in classical singing by both Stefan Louw and Jolanda Becker. I have been in both non-professional and semi-professional productions. In regards to non-professional: High School Musical; Fame and Hairspray. In regards to semi-professional: I have just played Rapunzel in the Pretoria Youth Theatre’s production. I also do many competitions both locally and internationally.

    Career and Achievements to date
    1994 – present

    • Extra in High School Musical
    • Understudy and extra in Fame
    • Amber von Tussle in Hairspray
    (both singing and dancing)
    • Flyer Hand Outs
    • Cricket T20 promotions – Promotional work
    • Feature in commercial for Grandpa
    • Commercial for Capitec bank
    • Britain’s Got Talent S7 only through to regionals
    • Stefan Louw – Vocal Coach
    • Jolanda Becker –Vocal Coach
    • IMTA New York 2013 – second overall for ‘Singer of the Year’; third overall in duet category as well as placing for acting
    • Performer Corner Ambassador for 2014
    • Rapunzel in The Pretoria Youth Theatre’s 2014 production of Rapunzel
    • Featured Extra in the new teen adventure film Scars


    • Primary School
    • Cambridge Certificate (2006 and 2007)
    • High School Grade 9 CTA’s
    • High School NSC matric
    • Busy with grade 8 Trinity Musical Theatre
    • Busy learning Piano with Merinda Fourie
    • Busy with Udemy Music Theory
    • Busy with Dance Plug
    • Busy learning Italian

    Skills and key competencies

    • Good leader
    • Professional and the ability to stay professional within difficult situations
    • Classical training in singing with Stefan Louw
    • Singing and singing examinations with Jolanda Becker
    • Music and piano with Merinda Fourie
    • Ability to do many accents
    • Acting at the Performance Academy
    • Huge ability to do accents: English (esp. South and London but also more common accent); American (esp. LA and New York); South African (all)
    • Fluent in English
    • Speak Afrikaans and learning Italian
    • Diplomatic and able to calmly deal with situations
    • Able to work with anyone and everyone
    • Good understanding of technology and music technology


    Stefan Louw Reference:

    To whom it may concern

    Katie Tracy Mahony has been a singing student of mine for several years now. From the first moment I met her, I recognised a single-minded purpose in her to be on stage, singing. Her commitment towards bettering herself is always commendable, and one of her many strong points.
    Over the past few years, this commitment has manifested itself in several productions while in school already and after school. The most recent was the title role in “Rapunzel” a Pretoria Youth Theatre production.
    In 2013 she was a finalist in the IMTA model/talent search, and she placed second overall as singer of the year.
    2014 was no different, her hard work cumulating in getting roles in professional productions and producing her own concerts.
    I have no doubt in my mind that this young lady will make a success of whatever she puts her mind to, possessing the will to succeed, not to mention the looks and voice.
    I declare this to be my truthful and honest opinion.

    Stéfan Louw

  44. Hello, My name is Darrian DeMatto. I am an 18 year old, college student. The major I am pursuing is Performing Arts. I understand there are millions of people that dream of being on the big screen.. I am infact one of them myself. I have no professional acting experience but I have done many plays when I was in high school and I also participated in a show called "Harmony Scholars" at my school. Harmony Scholars basically consisted of dancing, lip syncing, and of course acting. I am very out going, and I feel that I have a bubbly personality. I am also very determined and what ever task it would be giving, whether it were to be an extra or to be in the actual cast, I would put forth all of my efforts and be the best I could possibly be. I am an aspiring actress and even the smallest part or just the interaction with the cast and film, I feel could help make me a better actress and teach me better skills. Especially when it would be apart of this amazing movie. Divergent was such an amazing, well thought out movie. And I know that the sequel is going to be better than ever. This is why I would love to be considered to be part of the cast. Thank you so much. Darrian

  45. My name is Kendra Taylor, I am 16 and have always wanted to be a actor, especially in Divergent. I have read all the books and I have watched Divergen around 20 times. That's why I want to be in the next Divergent movie coming out. I hope you will give me the chance to live my dream.

  46. Hi my name is Crystal Castillo and I always have wanted to be an actor ever since I was small I would do plays and I still do. I'm a senior in high school now an I want to start pursuing my dream I can start and do any part u would like me to. Please thank u

  47. Hi, my name is Catalina, but I usually go by Cat. I am 16 years old, 17 in November. I have quite a bit of experience and I am willing to do whatever it takes to get a role. I can look older or younger than I am, based on how I do my makeup. I would love to hear back from you! 🙂

  48. My name is Mason and I know that's an odd name for a girl. I have wanted to be an actor since I was 6 years old and I am 13 now. I loved DIVERGENT it was incredible I am 5'3 and can certainly play an older or younger person. I have done many plays onstage here in my hometown such as 101 Dalmatians, The little mermaid, The sound of music, Charlie and the chocolate factory, The wind in the willows etc. I am Caucasian, and my hair is naturally brown although I dyed it last summer to ginger. My eyes are bright blue. I love singing and I have won 2nd and 3rd place in talent shows, and karaoke contest. If I am not right for a part in this particular movie if you know any agency's that might have any auditions will you please contact me.

    Thank You,
    Mason Alexis Moran 🙂

  49. Ok before I being I'm 13 african and Jamaican I really want a role in this movie I I'm very out going always ready for new things always up for meeting new peoples I want a role cuz I would love to be seeing in a movie with someone that inspire me I love all of your movies…….XD

  50. My name is Emily Graham. I love acting and hope to pursue this as a future career. I have reddish brown hair, green eyes, 5ft. 6in, 17 years old, and a senior in high school with a 4.2 GPA(weighted). I have mainly done stage acting but I was hoping to expand into film acting. I played the role as Bell in Beauty and the Beast and mrs. Tv on Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory in my high school plays. My love to sing and in the future hope to have a career in both! I love in the Villages and sing on our town squares monthly, I have also sang in different theaters and amphitheater all around Florida, Georgia, and Alabama! I would love to learn more information about when casting calls and auditions are, where they will be held, and any other information that you will be needing just let me know! Thank you! I hope I will be able to experience this awesome opportunity and audition for a role Insurgent!

  51. Hi,
    My Name is Gabrielle and I am an aspiring entertainer. I am 5'5" and of African American descent. My talents include singing, dancing, acting, and modeling. I would be grateful for the opportunity to just auditions for a chance to be a part of this great project. I am an avid reader and i have read the series so I would be honored to be apart of it.

  52. well first of all I love movies like this.the excitement and everything.I go to an arts school.and I've being looking up ways to act better.and I'm 14 but you yet I'm so determined.I live in a place were dreams are hopeless.I want to accomplish my dream. I want to do this.I'm young so what.I'm black.so

  53. i would love to be part of the insurgent movie i am 12 years old and a female i am not afraid of anything i am not rich but i am big hearts i live in hamilton OH, it will be a dream come true

  54. Hey! Im Sri Peck, I am 12 years old and live in America Minnesota, I am 4 11" and though I am younger, I could fill in as one of the extras, and such. I am currently reading the books and just LOVED the first movie. Tris is amazing! Though, I do not have as much experience as other kids out there, I have been in a play. I am half Asian, Half American and would love to be in this movie, even if it was just for a split second. Thank you so much for your time, though the auditions might be closed already.

  55. I have read all the books in the Divergent trilogy and I loved it from the first chapter of the first book. I would be so proud to be apart of this movie. Even a part as an extra who dies is an amazing part to have. I love to act also and to show my skills in a movie based on a book that I love would be life fulfilling. Thank you for your time.

  56. I would love to get a part in this. I am 14 years old and absolutely love acting!! Please keep me updated! Thank you so much!

  57. I love acting and I love the divergent series its amazing it would mean the world to me to be casted in this amazing movie.

  58. Hi my name is Keymia I have dark brown hair and brown eyes and I'm about 4foot 8 inches and 12 years old. I loved divergent and I read the book I also read Insurgent and there one of my favorite books. I also love to act and it would be an honor to be in Insurgent. Thanks.

  59. Hello I'm Natasha González I'm 14
    I haven't really have much experience but I took classes in hollywood live with Adrian r'mante. I speak Spanish & English. Let me know if anything comes up
    Thank you

  60. I would love to audition for a small part or even an extra in the film. Please keep me updated on when the auditions will be held. Thank you

  61. I would love to be a part of Insurgent Ive read the books and I think it could really help me with portraying a character

  62. Hi my name is Alana justice. I am 17 years old and I am 5'6 and three quarters. Haha. I am really interested in acting. I act all the time. Mainly at night before I go to bed or if I go to the bathroom. It's kind of weird because if I'm in school and no one is in the bathroom I will just start acting. I am so excited because I have finally taught my self how to cry with real tears and actually get emotional but I am not a master at it but I can only get better! I really have huge interest in auditioning for this movie. I have been to an audition before and I made the call back. It was the best day of my life. Until they started asking for thousands of dollars. I really hope I can achieve in having another audition for this movie.

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