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Madea’s Christmas Movie – Tyler Perry

Madea's Christmas Movie - Tyler Perry
Madea’s Christmas Movie – Tyler Perry Auditions

Are you ready for a holiday helping of America’s favorite filmmaker Tyler Perry? Are you ready for another hilarious adventure featuring his iconic character Madea  are you ready for an amazing batch of audition opportunities for the Christmas film of the year? Madea’s Christmas Movie is set to begin production soon and casting calls for several supporting roles of all sizes will be up for grabs for aspiring performers of all ages. This could be your chance to ring in the Christmas season with none other than the madwoman of comedy, Madea.

Madea’s Christmas Movie is based the play A Madea Christmas that was written by Mr. Perry and has played to packed houses and great acclaim throughout the country. The film will tell the uproarious, heartwarming and downright wacky story of what happens when Madea is invited to spend Christmas at the home of the wealthy family that her cousin works for. Millions of faithful Tyler Perry fans will be treated to another hilarious tale filled with lessons on family,  faith and of course Madea’s one of a kind humor. This is a production that is already a proven winner with Perry fans everywhere and will surely be a holiday family treat for many Christmas’ to come. A project like this does not come around everyday – chance to land a role in a holiday classic written and directed by THE Tyler Perry! Madea’s Christmas Movie is set to hit theaters in the new year and production is set to begin very quickly. To submit yourself for upcoming auditions you can send emails here backgroundservices@centralcasting.com. We will update this page as soon as more casting details are available so stay tuned upcoming news and be sure to leave a comment below and tell us why you want to be a part of Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Christmas Movie.

Tyler Perry is ready to put his stamp on Christmas and you could be a part of the magic. Apply today and you could be a part of the cast of Madea’s Christmas Movie.

224 thoughts on “Madea’s Christmas Movie – Tyler Perry

  1. Hello .. My name is Dwayne Vincent Terry I am 21 years old looking to grab my wings and getting the blessing to be in your new movie Mr.Perry It would be a complete honor to even got the opportunity to do so..I rarely got experience but with the fire I have to just give it my all I believe I can do just fine ..I just need that chance thank you Mr. Tyler Perry

  2. I Am Taveion Coleman and Im 18 years old and I Love Tyler Perry's Films. Being Part Of It Would Be Amazing. Seeing Medea In Person Would Be Awesome. Im An Young Actor Who Is At The Beginning Of His Career, Being Part Of This Would Give Me Great Experience. I Live and Love To Entertain

  3. Hi! My name is Niara Carroll and I live in Oceanside,California I am 12 years old and I am very interested in the story plot. and I am very interested in working with Tyler perry because he is so funny and I love how he brings joy to other peoples lives with the character madea. I have had audition and acting experience. I am interested in a role for this film because I am very determined and ambitious and because I can see myself working as a professional actress
    I am 5'2
    African American and
    I can convey all types of emotions
    I hope you consider me for a role in you film thank you for your time!

  4. Hey my name is deneshia sutton in I'm from
    Fort pierce fl. In I enjoy acting I also did school plays when I was young it's my passion that's what makes me happy it's my dream job I'm full joy in I'm also a funny person I like to make others laugh it will be delightful if I get a chance to work with you guys
    Height 5"4 my hair color is black in I'm a female African American in my eyes are dark brown I'm 21 years old
    Good bless

  5. Hello everyone! I have a babygirl Nailee Niveah she is 6 month old, hispanic, If there any character for a hispanic babygirl, please consider my daughter. I try to find a way to find information about casting calls but so far this is the only way, so I'm taking a shot! I want to share something else, that have me a Lil upset I was talking with my friends and they ask me what was my dream ? I answer :my babygirl Nailee Niveah being in a TP movie and they start to laughing at me saying that will never will happen. But even I was a Lil,well honestly I was very upset I believe that can happen and will happen because you know that soft voice inside of you
    whispering you keep trying and be positive it's in my time not yours…that's why I'm here writing down this, because I know her time will come.

    Nailee Niveah 6 month old babygirl hispanic(puerto rican) ,medium light brown hair, brown eyes.

  6. Hello,
    My name is Rockshana Desances I am a 5'6 African American athletic built 23 year old female. I have been involved with local theater performances and in peer,college projects. I have taken many drama classes and have had a few roles in small projects. Being in front of a camera with a supporting cast weather is be in a film, dance production, and or any project is my passion and what I enjoy doing each and every day. Mr. Perry I would like nothing more than to be in a film or a stage performance that has been directed by you. I am a very hard worker and take direction and correction very well. I have seen all of the Madea films and have been touched by each and every one of them. To be in a Madea play or film would be a dream come true.

  7. Oh my would I ever LOVE to be participate in a Madea Movie. I am 42, but if you ask me in person I will tell you 22 again, however I am 5'4" and 155 Red hair and Hazel green eyes. I would love to participate in a role with Tyler Perry, I enjoy all of his Madea movies and watch them every time I need a good laugh. Even if I do not receive an invitation to audition please be certain to continue with the antics of what we all love as MADEA.

  8. Hi my name is Lisa Boyer-Greene, I have had a desire to act from childhood, I have done plays in my church and was told I am very good at what I do. I have never gone beyond my church settings but believe there is a time for everything. My children have been taken care of and are now at the ages where I can safely make some of my dreams come through, without neglecting my duties as a mother:) I have a very supportive husband who is ready to watch me succeed. The reason I have chosen Madea's movie is because not only is it personally touching but also has morals my family can respect. I am very excited, you will not regret it if you picked me, I am a mature, beautiful woman who is a team worker and very dedicated to any task given to me. My family is beautiful, talented and funny, one day I hope we can all meet Mr. Perry and the people who entertain us so well, that would be a dream come through. I am excited to know what God has in store for my life. Blessings to all who will be a part of this movie, whether you're in the movie or as usual happily watching Mr. Perry display his gifts. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  9. I made some errors excuse me I was trying to say I'm capable of learning and training . Also I was saying so if you can do dido try me. You won't regret

  10. Hello Mr. Tyler Perry my name is Yolanda Parker and I would love to be a part of any one of your movies. It would be a privilege and a great opportunity for me. I am 48 years old and I have wanted to act since I was a little kid. I've only acted in one play since a teenager but it's still my passion. You inspire me and the whole world, if u can do so can I. I capable of learning and training to be the best at what I do. So if you could give me a chance it would be awesome. Thanks

  11. I'd be honored to be in a movie directed/produced by Tyler Perry. I've watched many of his movies from Madea to Temptations. Honestly, Tyler is one of the most talented directors out there. It would be a huge gift if he had a role for someone like me. My name is Aubrey I am 13 years old. I'm not as funny as Madea but it would be amazing to be in the cast.

  12. My name is Vanessa I live in South Africa I would love to work with tyler perry I've always watched his movies and tyler is an incredible directer his movies are great acting is a my dream to make a reality I would love to be in this movie this will be .my first movie in the industry

  13. Gerald can make anyone laugh. Give him any part and you will be rolling. He is known by everyone for his humorous personality. This guy brings smiles to people where ever he goes.


  15. Hey, Mr. Perry my name is D.Stewart and I have always dreamed of being in one of your plays or movies if I were given the chance I would be honored and make sure I do not let you down. As of now I model and I'm trying to find an acting class in the area to better myself to become the best out there. I believe Dreams will never become reality unless you first try. My motto in life is to think success, do my best, and soar above the rest.

  16. Hello Mr. Tyler Perry
    My name is Dasha'non and I am interested in becoming a member of your team. I don't have any formal acting training however, I believe that I have alot of experience being that I wear multiple hats daily. I would like an opportunity to explore my acting abilities as I believe that it is never to late to go after your dreams.

  17. I know I'm the one mr perry is looking glade I discovervthis cite becuz I was going to purshase a ticket and travel from seattle too ask him for a job I have been told by so many I need to be on TV . Please give me a chance I would be a major asset to tyler production he can play madea and I can play the duchess some say dirty duchess but

  18. Hi Mr. Perry Happy Tuesday, My name is Briana Iam 4 years old. I love to act and become other people. I am funny and I have a personality of my own.I can make you money! I would like to audition for you and you will see how talented I am. I wish I could be a part of one of your movies. I watch Jessie and I love Zuri the actress. I remember some of her lines. What do I need to do to get and audition? You do not know me so I would have to audition in order for you to see what I have to bring to the table. I would love that opportunity to be in the Madea's Christmas Movie because I love Christmas and Madea is funny. I love to laugh and have fun. I look forward to working with you soon!! Thanks!

  19. Hi! my name is Jada I'm 15 years old and I'm really trying to get into the acting industry and I think being in your movie would be great because then I will be able to enjoy being on set and adapting to a new hobby that I have always wanted to do and I have always dreamed of being in your movie and being in this movie would mean a lot to me so I hope to see you soon on set!

    The Amazing ,


  20. Hello Mr. Perry, My name is John. I am 9 years old and I am a great person and I love to be in your movie! I am in the 4th grade I am on a high level of reading. I am a great student I respect people and I love my mom dad and family.I am a only child. I really really want to be a actor and I like to dance and sing and I know I will be the best that I can be in your movie because you are the best!PLEASE PICK ME MR. PERRY THANK YOU FROM JOHN S.

  21. Age : 15
    Weight : 109lbs
    Heights : 5'2
    African American
    Body type : petite
    Hair : dark brown
    Hi my name is Taelor Nelson. I am 15 and soon will be 16 in September and it would be the best
    Gift to be apart of your program. I have been acting in theatre for years and I am ready to get some exposure to real acting on camera. I am very dedicated to anything I get into . Specially If it is a passion of mine such as acting. I hope to get a part in your production, it can be a small part such as just walking in a scene or it can be a talking part whichever , I would play to the best of my abilities I am not shy and I'm very out going and I hope i get the opportunity to be a part of this!!!

  22. Hello , my name is Ma'Laysha ; but most people around here call me Malay for short. I am a graduating senior of the class of 2013-2014. I've been looking into acting in one or two of your plays because I can sing really well and I just love to make people and I'm very humorous. I have done some upstanding comedies at church and family gatherings. I think that I can use to my voice to uplift someone spirits too. I highly believe that I'm the RIGHT person to play a role in one if your plays !

    Yours Truly ,
    Malay ❤

  23. My name is Bianca and I'm a 19 year old of Cuban/Jamaican decent. I would love to have a part in this amazing opportunity!!

    Thank you.

  24. Hi my name is Sean, I am in the 3rd grade, and I am 8 years old. I would LOVE to read one of your scrips and be an your show. I am a funny character, I love to have fun, I love for everyone to have fun, and I'm courageous. Thank you. God Bless!

  25. I am excited, I've had hard times, I'm 15 years of age. I have 3 siblings. All of us is very talented. I would love to model, to get me out of shyness, to incourage other teens there are people out there to help us to succeed without shame. Thank you. God Bless!

  26. I'm a beutiful young lady in God's sight and in my family's eyes. I'm a 5th grader, I'm a honor roll student. I'm ten years of age. I love to read and would love to read a script that I can make great for you! I'm very positive that you would love me when you've met me! Please help me to be a help to my family. Thank you .God Bless!

  27. Hi, My name is Chanda Malone,and i never been in a real play or move i do not have any acting experience.We have our family reuion every year and we do a small play i aways play a part and feel that i am a very good actor. I know that this would be a dream come true for me and would mean a lot to my home town. I live in a small town and not many people get a chance to do anything this big. I have always learned that things do not happen for you if you don't try. Thank you for your time.

  28. Christmas has never been Christmas for me.
    I lost my mother to alcoholism as a teenager, which she was never there when she was alive but she was my mom and I do miss her. My dad wasn't there either but I remember seeing him at Christmas time and that's about it. I now have three children of my own but were struggling. I want to make them happy one day and give them the childhood and adulthood I never had.

  29. Hi Mr. Perry, My name is Apiffany, 24 years of age, I am a strong minded women with plenty of character. I have been through alot. I have always loved music since I was a child as well as acting and I find my self in the house repeating the lines of a movie as well as practicing the moves, my family just laugh. I find my self always trying to pull my entire family together and I'm just now realizing how to keep faith also how to live for myself and create a foundation for my family. I was the first one to graduate from highschool, now if I can make it,they can make it. And this role seems just right for me, if I am wrong I can take it but all I ask for is a chance, I strive for the best and always dreamed of a way out something led me down this path and I think it is faith.

  30. I am a black Polock who wasn't parented. I'm mixed but I'm not mixed up, thanks to God. Christmas for me, was never Christmas. I had a grandmother that took care of me but I never felt accepted. I never got a chance to know what a Merry Christmas is. I'm still searching for this joy and I believe my dream to act and sing will lead me there.

  31. my name is shanika it's my dream and prays hopin that one day i can get involved and be a part of the tyler perry family/production i have a great sence of human love to make people day brighter and etc.. im 26 i livin in a rual area in eastman ga i stand 5'3 weight 145 brown eyes… plz make my dream come true i come from a family that didnt have much my life story is somewhat the same as your story

  32. Im very ecstatic about this opportunity.I have always wanted to act and model I modeled for LA studios hair and beauty and was signed with Eula Talent. Im in school and working now and my dream is to act and provide the best life for my family.

  33. Hello, My name is Amonda Tindall, I'm 14 years old, I'm 4'7, 75lbs, brown eyes, and brown hair, I am confident, detail oriented, a quick learner, and passionate about acting I like reading, dancing, talking to people. I've done plays, Director and Assistance Director for the News Broadcast Team, Wrote Articles for the Middle School News Paper, News reporter. Thank you

  34. Hi my name is Dorothy Haarris,I have the most talented grandbaby in the whole wide world,she is truly a great gift from GOD,IF you let her audition for you one time,i promise you,she will not disspoint you.She is 11yrs.old.When God made her he broke the mold,thank you so much,continue to be blessed.

  35. Tyler I first want to thank God for your courageous attitude, it has truly inspired me to do things that I've never done, achieve things that I thought were impossible to achieve, but God!!! I can do all things through christ who strengthens me. I'm wanting the opportunity to do something that I've never done, it would be a honor to work for you.May God continue to Bless you above all you could ever ask or think. Love Sister Talisha

  36. My name is Victoris Ferguson, I'm applying for my fiance. He changed his life around. He came out the streets, he's now in church EVERY SUNDAY, singing his heart out for our heavenly FATHER above. He helps with his children, he has them all in the choir, he's in the adult choir. He is from New Orleans, La. His mother as well. We call her Big Mammma, Tyler Perry keeps that happy spirit around. I pray for him to see the amazing Blessings God has in store for him living and walking by God. He wants so badly to one day mmake his own gospel cd. To work with Tyler Perry, would be a great inspiraational experience, that would be Blessing from the Lord. He is also funny, and makes people laugh, Tyler Perry movies already being life lessons learned, and hilarious. It would be amazing for our family, we have 6 children, he has 6 in New Orleans, thats 12 in all. The lesson they could all learn from just their father having the oppurtunity. Tha amount of lives changed. An oppurtunity of a lifetime, we talkin about Tyler Perry. Please In JESUS NAME WE PRAY. AMEN

  37. Hi Im Tia Williams. I always wanted to be an actress I'm 13 years of age , I am an African American teenage mostly known in my community for academics and athletics, i gave dark brown hair and brown eyes. I would defiantly say I'm an good actress I get along with basically anybody or thing include animals I would live to audition better yet act in one of your movies please accept this info and thank you for your time.

  38. Why I feel I should be a part of this wonderful and talented project; is because Tyler Perry is a wonderful person. It is very obvious that he has a special connection for people, that he is and has open up his gift(blessings)of fame to assist others to nourish and cultivate their talents and most importantly, return that talent to other coming along the way. To share the stage/set with Tyler Perry, observe and learn his comical humor is the next best thang to hanging with Jesus. I should be on this set and let the comedy roll all down hillin Jesus name.

  39. hi i am a 12 yearold girl who is 5 feet tall i know you probably wont need little teenage actors but i am in love with madea!!!!

  40. Name: Angel
    Height: 5'7"
    Eye color: Brown
    Hair color: Extremely dark brown
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Ethnicity: Hispanic
    Experience: Member of Thespian Honor Society, Vice president of my schools theater program, awards given for acting.

  41. Hi, I am Jazmen Smith and I am 20 years old. I live in Al. Music is my passion and I would love to be in Tyler's upcoming plays and movies. I have videos singing summertime and other songs with choirs. It would be an honor to work with the Tyler Perry family and I pray that I will hear from you guys soon!

  42. Hello, my name is Levette and I live in South Carolina. Im a single mother of three and grandparent of three. I have always dreamed of acting in a movie.LOL.. u know we all have big dreams. I am 44 years old and love to be seen.:-). I love to take pictures and dress nice. I wish I could pursue my dreams to become reality.

    Height: 5'9'
    Eyes: black
    Body: slim
    Ethnicity: African American
    Hair: What ever the occasion calls for

    give me a chance, u may be amazed.

  43. Nicole browning ,19 yrs old .. Please consider me for this casting, I have previously did some modeling

    African American
    102 lbs

  44. Hello my name is Rhianna , I'm 10 yrs old I watch all of your movies and plays I did a little modeling and auditioned for Annie broadway play.. Please consider me to audition thank you

  45. hey im kell im from louisiana and i love to act im very experience and qould love to be a part of this movie im 20 years olds and i would love to audition for this movie im 5'1 136 african american…. would love audition information

  46. Name:Destiny
    Age: 13
    Race: African American
    Height: 5'10
    Hair: Dark Brown
    Eyes: Brown
    Body: Skinny

    Please consider me love your work and may God bless you.

  47. Hello, I would like to be apart of this great production because I am passionate about the importance of family and displaying the positive qualities of my community.

    I am an aspiring actress and I have a passion for the arts. I have had the opportunity to be apart of a few productions and I am eager to be apart of this cast as well. I am determined, dedicated, loyal, and hardworking person. I will pour everything that I have into my character to ensure that the part is played as best as possible. I am able to travel extensively and my information is listed below. I look forward to participating in this production.

    Female; Age: 27; Height:5'6"; Weight: 160lbs; Hair: Dark Brown; Eyes: Dark Brown; Ethnicity: African-American and West Indian; Location: Rochester, New York

  48. Hello, Im JoshMaCc the greatest individual the world has yet to see(PERIOD). I can go on and on all day about what I feel I have to offer, but I'd rather show you. I've submitted head shots to a previous casting call, and I didn't hear anything back. If given the chance to express my God given gift you WILL NOT regret sharing your time with me.

  49. Hi, Im just a simple and elegant young lady that has been auditioning for many competitions and unfortunately have not been chosen. Once was because they chose a lady that was handicapped over me, or it was told i was too advanced, or too skilled. I just want the opportunity to share my gift with the world and not be dismissed because of some silly reason.. i love singing, im a people person, and i have a very unique personality.. i hope and pray to hear from you soon..be blessed.

  50. First of all I would like to say congratulations on all of your success and may God continue to bless you with many more to come. I have two daughters 11 and 5 that are seriously and currently pursuing their modeling and acting dreams/careers. It would be an honor working with you to enhance their talents. My 11 years old daughter is petite, intelligent, and work hard. My 5 year old daughter is very out going, and smart. They are African American Beautiful, bold, lovely kids. Please give them a chance. Love you Tyler Perry!

  51. Hi my name is Frank I would really like to be part of the movie I am a very hard worker and great at everything that I do. Im 5 10 lean I Box/Cage fight dont want it to be my job but Im good at it. From the south side of Chicago, everything that i have been through an seen has made me want to do what no hasnt. I will be the one for this movie.

  52. Hi Mr Perry my name is Dorothy Jones I am 15 years old and I am from Michigan.I know that everybody have there own story just waiting to be told but acting is my life and if you would allow me to be in one of your plays and movies it would change me and my family's life forever you are my role model I love you so much you inspired me to be who I am today. Thank you for taking the time to read my letter please write back soon your biggest fan ever Dorothy Jones.

    Height: 5'6
    ethnicity: African American

  53. To begin with, I'm Tyler Michelle Henderson, I'm 14 about to be 15. I honestly feel that acting is a calling for me. I love all your movies, I react the script in your movie. I just think God gives everyone an opportunity, and I stronger feel like this is one. Thank you.

  54. Hi Mr. Tyler Perry I love your movies every last one im really a big fan. I think im very funny I can make anybody laugh including you, if given the chance to meet you, you would love my personality. Im a fast lerner and a hard worker I really take pride in everything I do. Im hoping some day we can meet so I can show you what I have to offer.

  55. heyy all im ariel
    im 5'4
    im 18
    african america
    black hair willing to dye it
    brown eyes
    im really enthusiatic and ready to work
    i look like im a teenager but can pass as an adult

  56. Well hey ! I'm Sarah I'm 16 African American short and hilarious! Getting a chance to play in Madea's Christmas Movie would be an honor. Personally I can relate to Tyler Perry's movies because the of life style, attitude, and beliefs. For example, my mamma is hardcore yet loving, full of disapline and full of experiences just like Madea! So I'm use to it and I know how to react to it.
    I'm such a character; making people laugh is what I love to do. But I'm not just funny off of jokes, it's how I carry myself, body jesters, facial expression; just an outgoing person whos just naturally fun! Close friends, teachers and random people I run into, would tell me that I NEED to be in movies and I agree !

  57. my names matthew gill, 16, from ga and im your typical teenager! im 5'7 with blonde hair and blue eyes! im the funniest out of all my friends and i know how ups and downs are. i have many hobbies that i have a huge passion and love for! If you have ever heard of vanilla skates, there a brand of rollar skates. I am a jamskater and i represent them, and i also have a passion of motocross! anything you throw at me i can handle it with 110% all the way! this would be a really good opertunity for me. i absolutly love the madea movies and basically anything tyler perry makes!

  58. There comes a time in a person's life when they need a good man, especially around the holidays. Madea,is always running around getting in everybody business.She needs to have a man like me, someone to tame that tiger in her. My looks says it all. I'm a dedicated hard working person.

  59. hi my name is kadisha im a black girl im not very black im more of a light brown skin brown eyes dark brown hair im 5`4 im 19years of age but i can pass for 16years all the way up to 25years of age im a hard worker im also very very funny very good listener and i have no problem changeing my self to fit the roll thank you for your time i really hope to hear from you working with tyler perry is my life dream you can reach me at my EMAIL

  60. Hey guys, My name is David I'm from the great island of Cuba, Acting has always being a passion for me, love to pursue my dreams. I'm 22 years old as of 2012.

    I would love to be in a movie of any kind to build up my resume.

    Height: 6'0
    Eyes: brown
    Hair: Black
    Body: Lean
    Ethnicity: Latino

    Please consider me I would love to do it Please!!!!!

  61. Hello!!! My name is Stevee A. (im a girl 😉 I am 23 years old and I was born and raised in Atlanta (Grady baby, lol!). I am in LOVE with all of your plays and movies! I especially love them because I am extremely familiar with about 98% of the places where you shoot your films 🙂 I am college educated and an attractive black female! I would love to be apart of your work! Even if I am just in the audience.. I would just love to witness the magic in the making. Please feel free to contact me anytime!

  62. I would like to be in a Tyler Perry movie because of the messages that his movies send. I have no experience with acting. I've been singing since I was 8 years old. I'm 23 and I'm from Petersburg, Virginia. A small town where everyone knows everyone. I'm very outgoing and open minded. I'm African American 5'4. I would love to be considered for an audition.

  63. im a huge fan of tyler perry and have all his movies and plays. ive also done some extra work on the movie mean girls 2. i enjoy doing extra work. im also in the mcdonough area where some filming will be held. please email me if you are interested in me as an extra on your set. i am 5'1 112 pounds, long blonde hair brown eyes i am 21 years old but look around 15 years old so i am verstile. i was used as a young child type extra in mean girls 2.

  64. Hi im michal davy im 11 years old and intrested in being in one of your films.ihave been to amtc and that was a wonderful experience i have broen hair with brown eyes.please consider me for one of your films

  65. Hello I would love to be a part of any of Tyler Perry's movie because of the positive message he sends in all of his films and because they are so well done and so funny.
    Please consider me. I am ethnically ambiguous and can fit any role. I speak fluent Spanish and can do many accents. I am also in good physical shape. Hope to hear from you soon.
    Thank you and God bless,
    Omar Lagudali

  66. Hello. My name is Alondra and I am very interested to be in this film! My age is 15. Height is 5'2. Skin color is light brown and hair color is dark brown. I feel that I have the skills to take part in this film. Others have told me I have the skills of acting and this has pushed my dreams into becoming an actress. Since I was a child I would act out parts of a film, and my family would enjoy watching me act. I would like to put my acting to a test in this film and prove to myself and others that I can participate in this beautiful film. Thank you so much!

  67. Just being able to leave this comment is a blessing. To be in a Tyler Perry Movie would be one of my dreams coming true. I been blessed with an anointed voice of singing, and I would humbly appreciate a chance to show what My God had done with me. God had given me a testimony of deliverance that is shared thru Singing. In Jesus Name…..amen

    Annie Ward

  68. im 19 hispanic. i would play a great role in this movie acting or as i call it being an awsome drama queen is natural for me and i am confident that i would make a good part of this film. im well driven and ready to reach my goals. i took drama in high school 2years and 6plays. so i would love an opportunity to be a character in this movie!!!! 😀

  69. Mariel Suarez
    Age 12
    Height 5'0"
    Nationality: Black PuertoRican
    Hair Color: Light Brown
    Eyes: Dark Brown
    Light Skinned (High Yella)
    I'm CRAAAZY CRAY CRAY, black honeyboo boo child with mad talent looking for a chance to show my acting SKEEELZ. Love to act and make movies – pleeease pleeease let me make my momma proud. 🙂

  70. Name: Dillon Belisle
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Gender: Male
    Location: NC
    Age: 17
    Height: 6'7
    Weight: 255
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Blue

    My name is Dillon Belisle, it's my dream and it's also on my bucket list to be involved and a part of a Tyler Perry Production. I have some acting experience in skits, school made movies for teachers and little kids; I love to make people laugh and smile at the same time. I am trustworthy, I can get stuff done in a flash of speed and I'm very resourceful I am very interested for any role (e.g. Main role, Supporting role or walk on) in the movie just make me involved in is film it's my dream come true you'll be glad you did
    Thanks and have a God Bless 2013 🙂

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