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CBS Baking Show - CBS
CBS Baking Show – CBS Auditions

Do you love all things sweet and delicious? Do you find yourself happiest manning the oven and creating new and delectable things for your friends, family and yourself to enjoy? Can you see yourself as the next Betty Crocker, Martha Stewart or Rachel Ray? CBS is ready to give the finest up and coming bakers in the country a shot at greatness with their all new CBS Baking Show. Auditions are being organized now to be held at locations around the country and you can submit yourself today. Put on your oven mitts and bake your way to immortality!

The CBS Baking Show is ready to take the reality cooking competition genre to the next level. Producers and casting directors are scanning the U.S. for aspiring bakers of all ages to compete for this exciting all new series. This production promises to be the Top Chef of desserts and an amazing platform for talented bakers to make their mark in the food world. If you have mastered the cake, conquered the ultimate tart or perfected the fine art of bread baking CBS Baking Show wants to taste it and make you a star!  No matter you walk of life if you’ve got the itch to bake this could be your ticket to an incredible new life. Casting calls around the country are being set up now and you can go to the show’s official website here cbsbakingshow.com/ for more information and to submit yourself for the most exciting cooking competition in television history. We will be sure to post more audition updates as soon as they become available so keep checking back right here and leave a comment below and tell us what your special baked good is and why you want to compete to be the champion of the CBS Baking Show.

Be the champion of confections, the baller of breads, the king (or queen) of cupcakes! Apply today to compete on the all new CBS Baking Show.

17 thoughts on “CBS Baking Show – CBS

  1. I am The Crazy Baking Realtor Lady of Marco Island/Naples, FL. I love making cakes, cookies, pies, tarts, Breads, pastas and more.. When I advertise an Open House for one of my listings, I announce weather or not there will be homemade cookies. Sometimes cooked at the unit, sometimes I bring them. I have developed a cult following just for the cookies.

    Now, since I have developed weird food allergies, I have had to modify my cooking so that I can enjoy the treats also. Know one knows the difference. The modifications are subtle.

    I have been asked to decorate cakes professionally, but, selling Real Estate in my area pays better. Also, making delights for my family and friends is very special to me.

    I have started a food blog on facebook called" OMG I now have Food Allergies" where I modify recipes to meet my allergies and talk about the different challenges of living with a food allergy. Also, I post my awesome carved cakes on Facebook or Pinterest. So, my cooking is out there. I can forward pictures.

    I am fiercely competitive, so challenges just make me work harder. I would look forward to hearing from you.

  2. My friend Alina is a BAKING SENSATION! We work together and there isn't a week that goes by that she doesn't bring in some INCREDIBLE concoction. Whether it be a gingerbread haunted house, marshmallows made from scratch, or one of her many MANY themed birthday cakes. To top it all off, Alina is one of the loveliest girls I've ever met – with a heart of pure gold. You would be CRAZY to not cast her. Let's make this girl the baking star she was meant to be!

  3. I'm a 37 yearr old stay at home mom. I love being in the kitchen. whether I'm cooking or baking. I'm up for any challenge. I've Baked breads, cookies, cakes of all shapes and sizes, pastries and more. I would love a chance to be on your show.

  4. This sounds like so much fun! I love making all kinds of desserts. I make cupcakes, pies,& macaroons basically anything sweet.

  5. Wow… so exciting! I have been a pastry chef in Ky for close to 10 years. It would be a dream to be able to compete with the best of the best!!!!!

  6. I almost was cast in the first season of this GREAT show! Baking has always been my forte and I have only gotten better with age. Turn me loose on any group of bakers and I will rise to the top like a great souffle!
    We senior citizens, who were taught at home, can hold our own with all the youngsters.

  7. Hello, MY name is Kyla. I love baking all sorts of things. Im very creative when in the kitchen. I can think up anything. I think I would be perfect for this show because im very outgoing and I am a people person. I will not let you down.

  8. I find myself Smiling and so happy when im baking or cooking.I love decortaing cakes and i started making them so people.

  9. My name is Kirby, I am a 24 year old stay at home mom from Texas. I am completely self taught and started out making my sons 2nd birthday cake and sisters birthday cake when people started asking me to make and decorate cakes for them. I bake cupcakes, cookies, cakes, cheesecakes, anything and everything and have come up with my own recipes that always get rave reviews. I have a Facebook site for my baking with pictures of what I have done.

  10. I Love baking and creating food! It is such a joy to do and to share it with friends and family. I would love a chance at this show.

  11. Hello, I dream of pastries day and night. I have a deep love for baking and a heart for learning.

    I am a competitor but have the respect for others skills.


    Audrey Lewis

  12. Hi my name is Joseph Vano and I would like to inform you guy about my sister Stella Vano Reggio she is one of the best bakers in Newyork. She's 32 yrs old Amd Italian she speaks Italian and she's unbelievable when it comes to various bakin techniques she has an 8yr old son and her dream is to become a bakery owner thank you

  13. Hello i am a old school italian baker i learned from my father who owned 4 bakeries i am very outgoing and get along with people very well i would love a shot at your show i promise i will not disapoint you i have very many special recipes and would be willing to teach and share them. thank you
    angelo villareale

  14. i love cooking and bakeing i can bake cups cake and home made cake. cookies kids would love to do for there family

  15. Wow Awesome Is Not The Word I Love Sweets & Specially Backing Cakes Cookies For My daghter & nieces They Love Some aunti Aka Tia's Sweets 😉 Well Im Alyson & Im 36 Petite 5'3 110 pounds

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