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Jane the Virgin Starring Gina Rodriguez – The CW

Jane the Virgin Starring Gina Rodriguez
Jane the Virgin Starring Gina Rodriguez

From the moment it’s very first frame appeared on television screens it was obvious that Jane the Virgin was unlike anything else on the air – and that’s exactly what has made it so successful. Multiple award nominations and a Golden Globe win later, the shows momentum and audience has only grown larger. New episodes of the hour long delight are being shot now and open auditions for several available roles will be taking place very soon. Apply today for your chance at landing a part on the series that has won over the hearts of critics and fans alike.

Based on a popular Venezuelan telenovela developed for The CW by Jennie Snyder (90210), Jane the Virgin tells the outrageous and emotional story of Jane Villanueva, a bright, young, heavily religious woman working as a hotel waitress in Miami who becomes unexpectedly

(to say the least) pregnant after her doctor accidentally artificially impregnates her. When she finds out the childs father is her new boss things get really interesting. Carrying a truly accidental baby by her boss who is also her teenage crush and who is married while trying to deal with the reactions of her boyfriend and her God-fearing family. Jane has a lot on her plate and the results could not be more entertaining. JTV features an awesome ensemble cast that features both rising young stars and gifted veterans including Gina Rodriguez (Sleeping with the Fishes), Justin Baldoni (Happy Endings), Andrea Navedo (How to Make It in America), Brett Dier (Mr. Young), Yael Grobglas (The Island) and Jaime Camil (Saving Private Perez).

There is a new voice rising in the tv comedy world and it’s being belted by Jane the Virgin. Actors interested in upcoming casting calls for this outstanding CW series can keep checking back for up to the minute updates and head here facebook.com/CentralCastingOnLocation for details. We will be posting all news and updates to this post so be sure to stay tuned and leave a message in the box below and tell us why you love the show and why you would like to be chosen for future auditions for Jane the Virgin starring Gina Rodriguez.

22 thoughts on “Jane the Virgin Starring Gina Rodriguez – The CW

  1. Hi, My name is Mia, I am 12 years old (almost 13), caucasian, and willing to play any role neccecary, including an extra.

  2. Hi my name is Amy Sandoval, I am 19 and as Gina Rodriguez would know and expresses, being hispanic and trying to come out into the acting industry is very hard, im currently attending college and i have taken acting courses throught my semester, I hope that i will have the opportunity to go after an acting career, I have a longing for performing and being able to work on set for Jane The Virgin and possible starring and performing would be am amazing experience, its hard since im from Philadelphia, there are so many people who are also interested in the field of acting but i know that i would definitely work my hardest , i can sing and act and i also have a lot of ambition. I hope to hear from you guys but if not im sure any other person you choose will be great!

  3. This show is amazing!!! I am 16 years old and I love acting and i do many things that could be used for this show, I sing and dance, I am very talkative, I speak Spanish, I am Honduran and I think I would be a good actor on the show!!!!

  4. I would absolutely love to be on Jane The Virgin. I am 18. I am a mom and i am currently writing a romance novel. I know 18 is probably not the age your looking for. I know I am a teen mom. I also know that teen moms are very common now a days. There are not very much shows supporting teen moms. Normally when you think of a teen mom you think of them not knowing what there doing. Which in a way is true as it is for any new mom of any age. You may also think of them as not doing there job without there own parents help. I however have dedicated my life to my son. Me and my Fiance worked hard to get a place of our own and are doing great. I think show the struggles of a teen mom on this inspiring show would be great to add in with the drama and twists. I do have acting experience from High School and am great at what i do. Please consider my offer. Thank you have a good day.

  5. I am an 18 years old and love Jane The virgin. I am a mom so wantching all the babies is great. I know that if I had the chance I would be perfect for the show. I am go with babies and also am currently writing a romance novel. I do have acting experience from high school. If you give me a chance I guarantee I wont let you down.

  6. Projecting forward…. My 4 year old son could play Mateo! Josiah Hernandez is his name…. And he is a doll… With quite the personality! Not sure if flash forwards are in the mix but if they are ???! Also…. Assuming that there will be a season 3 and possibly 4…. Mateo is getting older! My son has a strong resemblance of Mateo though! He is 25% Hispanic and the remainder Caucasian. Dark hair, big brown eyes.

  7. Well, everyone sings, that's for sure. Singing is part of being alive. Everyone should do it. Not everyone should necessarily sing into a microphone or record but everyone should sing.

  8. Hi my name is Amanda Jacobsen. I live in Colorado ,and I would be vary interested to be apart of Cast.I am obese 288 and I am 5,4. I have natural blond hair and blue eyes. My birth day is March 7 th 1992 , so I am 23 years old but I look young. I have took theater class all though high school ,and I took in college to at ACC.I hope you give me a chance and am also white. thank you have a good day.

  9. i know im probally not going to get seen as lots of others but i thought id just put it out there this show is amazing im 18 and would love to be apart of it wheather its a small part or big part i entend to go to AMDA college next summer to gain Acting exsperince but could be of great use for jane the virgin…thank you

  10. Hello, I have worked on several projects as a background actor, but would love the opportunity to audition for such an amazing show even if its just for one episode. If you can please send me further details on how and when to submit for this show I that would be wonderful, thank you.

  11. Hiya ! My name is Mya and I watch this show religiously. I am a humorous person, which is definitely included in this series, and I enjoy making other people laugh. I really just want to start somewhere in this type of business and in Jane the virgin would be the perfect start. I'm determined, I take criticism particularly well for a person of age 14, and I'm the perfect candidate for this show. Thanks for even considering to look at this message it means a lot.

  12. I am 17 years old, I went to school for modeling and acting for commercials in Manhattan New York, Then unfortunately I had to move to Florida due to a family matter. I Love being on Camera, I'm very photogenic, and I grew up watching CW TV shows like Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill and others. At this moment I was looking for open casting calls when I came across you guys. I think I should be apart of this audition, I am a hard worker, I take my work very serious even though this isn't a 'desk job'. I'm also a fast learner and I just really enjoy acting. I am very dramatic in everything I do. I went to school in John Robert Powers in Manhattan New York, I'm Hispanic (Puerto Rican) But I don't look spanish at all nor do I sound like it. Well I could sound like a normal English person and I could sound like a normal Spanish person. Whichever is best for the job.

  13. I would love to be able to contribute to one of these great shows just like Jane the Virgin, not much of a socialite but I would love a shot at being an extra.

  14. Name: Alessia Raschella
    Nationality: italian/luxembourgish
    Age: 15 (look like 17)
    Height :1m63 weight : 53 kg
    Brown Hair, Green/brown Eyes, pale skin
    (I can send a pic of my body&face if necessary)
    Languages: English Italian Luxembourgish German French
    I'm modeling in Belgium
    Accent: american
    From: Luxembourg

    I have acting experiences and I would love to play in this movie because I have a wonderful talent in me.Acting is my passion and I really want to play in an american serie/movie , that would be awesome! It's time that I show my talent to the world
    I can play any character you give me, I can make a character alive and you won't be disappointed I promise

    Unfortunately it's difficult to find movie auditions in my country so I decided to do them online and if I get a recall I'm going to take the plane and come to you as soon as possible

    PS: I am funny but serious when I work
    So this is all I have to say ,thank you for your attention and have a nice day!

  15. Hi my name is tracy my dreame is to be In a movie I audtion for a lot of movies I am 15 can you help me love from Tracy willemsee hope will see you

  16. Hello,
    When I saw the first commercial for this show on TV, I became intrigued. This story is one that I have some personal parallels to in my life and I would be honored to add my talents to the collaboration. I am an actress that can play everything from the impulsive college student, to to the enlightened maternal figure, with several ques in between. I look forward to seeing the trials and the triumphs of these characters, and I thank you for your consideration.

  17. Hi there!
    I have recently been an extra on a film set and realized how much I want to be an actress! Its not because of the fame or money but just because I LOVE acting! I have been involved in several plays and have taken many acting classes but I can never find auditions for anything else! Please contact me I know I am what you are looking for! thanks for your time. Oh and I love 90210 so I am sure I will be in love with this production!!!!

  18. Hello
    My name is kiaira,I'm 23 years old. I feel I would be a great help for this flim,simply because I can relate to this story of course I have my own little twists n turns n my story…but I could feel the emotion of the story as I read about it and would love to be apart of this ..im a fun outgoing person ,open minded and hard working,I love to sing and act of course,I'm funny and jus a loving person to others

  19. Hi my dad is a director but there's no rolls for me in his movies so I would like to be in this one. So if u need a 13 year old girl please email me.

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