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War On Everyone – Movie

War On Everyone - Movie
War On Everyone – Movie

A hot, award winning writer/director and a stellar cast that combines incredible veteran talent and rising stars? Sounds like the recipe for an outstanding production and a can’t miss audition opportunity. The feature film War On Everyone will be rolling in front of cameras soon and casting opportunities for up and coming actors will soon be up for grabs.

War On Everyone is action-comedy story set in New Mexico that follows a pair of corrupt cops involved in a staggering number of illegal activities. When a new target comes to town and the men attempt to shake him down with one of their scams, they realize that they may have met their crooked match. Only two questions remain – who is the most dangerous and who will make it out alive?

John Michael McDonagh, the brilliant director and writer whose filmography includes the highly regarded Calvary, The Guard and New Kelly, has once again lined up a whip smart story and a cast to match.

Screen Actors Guild Award winner Guy Pearce (Memento, L.A. Confidential, Iron Man 3) has signed on to star alongside Garrett Hedlund (TRON: Legacy, Inside Llewyn Davis, Friday Night Lights) and Screen Actors Guild Award winner Michael Peña (American Hustle, End Of Watch, My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done) in this dynamic new project.

Open auditions for the genre-spanning War On Everyone will be starting up soon. Performers of all ages and types can apply for consideration for open parts today by sending email submissions to kidscasting2015@gmail.com. Auditionsfinder.com will be posting more casting news and information to this post as it is recieved. Stay tuned for more casting call updates and leave a comment in the box below and tell us what you think of this upcoming film and why you would like to be involved in auditions for War On Everyone.

10 thoughts on “War On Everyone – Movie

  1. Hi my name is Amanda Harrison. I live in TN. I have always dreamed of being an actress. My friends and family say I would be awesome at it. Well I now have a 2 year old boy. And I I want to show him it doesn't matter what you have been through you fight to make your dream come true. So that what I'm doing.

  2. My name is Damircale Alexander,and I am 13 years old. I want to be on this show because this is a big opportunity for me.And I would love to learn how to act better.
    Thank you for reading this!

  3. Hola! Hello!

    My name is Aitana Cirauqui, I am 13 and from Spain. I'm currently living there but I wouldn't mind having to travel if I get a chance to experience this marvelous, once in a lifetime opportunity. I am 1,67cm tall, have brown eyes and shoulder lengthed, light brown hair with some natural highlights.

    I would love to finally have a chance to live my dream. Since I was little being an actress has been my secret dream. This means a lot to me and I would do anything to have a chance to participate.

    I have been main character in several school performances. I have experience with performing, as I play piano since I was 5, sing in the choir, done a year of ballet and flamenco and gone to painting classes since I was 6. This gave me a chance to know what I'm capable of. I am determinated and don't give up easily. I put my whole heart in everything I do. I speak four languages; Spanish, French and English. When I want something I try and don't give up until I achieve it. I have facility to learn, I am a quick and independent thinker, I am really active, and I listen carefully to what people tell me but I also like to speak my own mind. I am really cooperative and I like working in team and individually. I am funny, creative and hardworking but I also have a strong character.

    Having a chance to audition for this movie would change my live forever, it would give me a chance to really know if I'm worth it and many more other reasons. One of them is that I am from Spain and there isn't many chances of performing there, it would also give me a chance to start my acting career.

    Another reason is my big cousin wants to be a Singer, my brother a footballer and my other cousin a ballet dancer. I want to show them all, that you can't wait for things to happen you have to make, them happen, I want to show them how to make your dream come true. This would give me a chance to be and actress and live of doing something I love.

    All of those reasons make me a great candidate for getting the chance of auditions for War On Everyone. I am pleasant to work and I am hardworking. I am a teenager, that likes to have a good time but that doesn't mind having to work hard to fulfil her dreams.

    I hope you read and considerate calling me for the auditions if it isn't too late.

    Aitana Cirauqui

  4. Hi I'm molly, I have a good amount of acting experience I can sing and act I would love to be in your movie I am outgoing,bubbly,funny and love to perform I have good direction and I am a strong person as well
    I am 12
    I have golden brown hair and eyes
    I would love to work with you!!!!

  5. Name: Kiana
    Age: 14
    I have no acting experience, but I have a big personality and I am passionate about taking chances to make my dreams a reality and I believe to have a role in this big or small I will bring so much life in the character. I would love to work along side such amazing talent.
    Personality: Wild, Lovable, Funny, Sweet, Fiery/Cheeky but only slightly, and I'm tough.
    I hope you would consider me, I don't have much but my dreams of acting is my passion, and I gotta go for that.

  6. Good evening War on Everyone

    I've always had a saying growing up; if I ever become successful I would give back to the community for other to have a chance in life. I'm the only child and has been so unsuccessful being employed with a decent job. This would be my opportunity to excel. My mother is my friend, mother and father. She raised me on her own since I was 13 years old. Mom has seen my pain and frustration I've cried. Leaving in the hood growing up you learned to survive in street life. Mom has struggled hard to be mother and father. Everyone deserves a chance in life. I’m not asking for sympathy just giving you a little back ground of my life growing up. Along can my son who's now 7 years old and is very active in little league football for Loch Raven and basketball for I-9 Sports, which loves and pretty good at it. I would love to have the chance to transition into a new role in acting. I have a unique voice. I've did some modeling for Travis Winkey. I Audition with John Casablancas Modeling & Career Center. They taught me modeling, acting and personal development. I'm quick to adapt, enjoy assisting people, dependable in fulfilling obligations, enjoy reading, friendly and professional, love to dance, respectful, peoples person, love the lord and love to make people laugh. I put on comedian acts for the family and gatherings all the time. I would be grateful to be a part of your cast. Thank you.

  7. Hello War on Everyone

    I come from a family of nine siblings, who I love so dearly. Five siblings are by my mother and the other four are my step siblings. I am the oldest of the five siblings. Our mother passed when I was just seven years old. Our grandmother raised us five. I had to learn at the age of 14 years old to become the mother of us five siblings as my grandmother worked. I act in plays in after school. Which I loved but, I had to stop because of my job as the mother of the family. Family is so important to me. I'm still the mother of my other four siblings. My life story could become episodes. I’ m energetic, enjoy reading, always acting in the mirror at home, love to dance. Detail-oriented, maintain a friendly and professional work environment. I enthusiastic team player with an outgoing, friendly communication style and dependable in fulfilling obligations. Able to deal with high stress challenges. Quick to adapt, enjoy assisting others and multi-tasking in difficult situations. Handles all work with integrity and confidentiality. Looking to transition into a new role to become an actor has always been my passion. I’ve wrote and sent my profile for other auditions but wasn’t successful. I will work so hard and make you pride when I’m selected. I’m claiming this position. I’m 5”4 weighing 157lbs. Look and feel young for my age and it would be an honor having this chance to be a part of your cast. All I need is a chance to prove myself. Thank you for this opportunity to submit why I’m the best candidate to join your cast.

  8. hey, my name is jerrica. I an 11 years old, andI want to be on here because I know how to act and I know alot about her.
    Thank you for reading!

  9. I know this is a long shot but everything starts somewhere right. My names jade im 14 I know you think thats probably too young but I know I want to be an actress because when I do plays or impersonations it makes me feel happy and useful. When I was in first grade i did my fist play i played 3 characters so everyday after school for like 3 hours i would practice my script most kids think that's boring but I didn't i loved it i feel useful. I also do script writings then record them. I know you probably think im a joke but no i dont have an agent or anything im just looking for a very small part even one word would be amazing.

  10. I need to be apart of the War On Everyone because I take acting serious and this would help me iin my career. I just signed with an agency and I would like to get my name out there and be a someone. For example, a Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lawwrence or Scarlett Johanson.

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