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How to Get Auditions in Your City

So you’re thinking of breaking into the fun and exciting world of movies, plays, and entertainment? Good for you! The first fundamental that you want to hone in is how your present yourself in your auditions. An audition is the equivalent of job interview and how you present yourself to the casting directors is your resume.


Presenting Yourself

It is important to be prepared. Always make sure to speak clearly, confidently, and with authority. Let the casting crew know that you mean business but make sure to not come off as egotistical. You want to be vocal and always maintain eye-contact when talking to the casting directors and always make sure to let them know that you’re comfortable in your own skin. Don’t be afraid to try new things during your auditions and be willing to take constructive criticism. Many times these auditions last less than 5 minutes so it’s essential that you give the proper image of yourself to your potential employers.


Finding a Talent Agent

Now that we’ve cleared up your presentation, let’s talk about how to actually find auditions. One of the most important people available to you is your agent. There are tons of talent agencies out there with reasonable costs that can help you get your first step in the door for an audition. These agents are often aware of all the auditions going on in a particular town and can often get you auditions for casting calls that haven’t been made aware to the public yet. Finding the right agent can take you from an Average Joe to a Superstar if you find someone that flows with your personality. You relationship with your agent should be more of a friendship than a work relationship in order for it to be successful.


The Lone Wolf Approach

Many successful actors and actresses today have made it big in the business by simply being extremely diligent. This requires 100% effort on your end and needs a certain kind of personality to pull off. You must be aware of all auditions going on in your city and manage your time, money, and relationships every single day. Since you have no agent, you’ll be saving money and fees in the long run. However, if you’re the type of person that has trouble staying on task, the lone wolf approach may not be for you. Your success is measured entirely on will-power.

8 thoughts on “How to Get Auditions in Your City

  1. I know i have the gift for acting .. I have done stand up comedy at the Comedy Club in Hollywood and I loved being on stage making people laugh. I just need that chance at an audition.
    Hope to hear from you soon!

  2. hello, im ciaira dorsett,
    – im 13 years old
    – im a singer/songwriter
    -and dancer for 12 years
    -i am very outgoing and funny and love to make people smile and laugh
    -i have been in my bestfriends music videos her name is Katia Nicole
    -i am half chilian and bahamian but was born in the U.S
    -i dont act on a daily bases but i love to practice with my best friends with all types of scripts going from snow white to alice in wonderland and we love to swap chracters to have a practice in all the different moods and emotions
    – i have had a tad of piano and guitar uses i can play fur elise on the piano but like to make songs on both instruments
    -my dream is to help my family becuase we are in need
    – but i would love to get out in the world and enjoy everything

    i think this would be a great oppurtunity for me and my family and i hope i get casted in something but if i dont that only means to practice more and learn tips.

    thank you…

  3. I am just a small girl in a big city trying too get discovered. I will need a lot of help doing that. I hoping this is the place too start.

  4. Hello i think im someone that was meant to be and actress and I know that I will "wow" the casting crew and directors here are some things im doing in school and some things ive done and a little about myself
    Activities: ive been in choir for 3 years and theater classes for 1 year
    Things ive done: I was an extra in can I live the music video I was an extra in nick cannons home makeover special that was viewed on E! entertainment I did 5 years in gymnastics and 1 year in cheer.
    I hope you will consider giving me a chance and feel free to e-mail me anytime because im always available
    Tierra lindsey

  5. Ever since I was a kid I've always wanted to be the center of attention and be a drama queen. I also want a better life for me and my family and I feel like with the gift of acting I can provide that for then and this would be a dream. To see my face on a movie poster. Acting has and always will be apart of my life and I would low of you gave me this opportunity for a lifetime.

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