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Dolphin Tale 2 – Movie

Dolphin Tale 2 - Movie
Dolphin Tale 2 – Movie

Audiences around the world had a whale of a time when the Warner Brothers film Dolphin Tale came to theaters in 2011 and now it’s time to get excited all over again because the buzzed about sequel Dolphin Tale 2 is set to roll in front of cameras shortly and the producers and casting directors for this sure to be hit sequel are looking for fresh new talent to be a part of the magic. Casting calls for roles in this follow up feature to the incredible based on a true story film will be taking place soon and performers of all ages can apply today for audition consideration.

Dolphin Tale 2 will tell another heartwarming true life tale in the life of Winter, a truly inspirational dolphin who lost her tail after getting caught in a crab trap and then learned to use a prosthetic. Winter’s bravery and strength lifted the hearts of those around her and gave hope to people with physical disabilities who heard her story and followed her journey. Director Charles Martin Smith will return to helm this highly anticipated production and he will once again lead a star-studded cast that includes such talents as Academy Award Morgan Freeman (Million Dollar Baby, The Dark Knight Rises, Bruce Almighty), Golden Globe nominee Ashley Judd (Heat, A Time To Kill, Olympus Has Fallen), Emmy Award winner Harry Connick Jr. (Independence Day, Will & Grace, New in Town) and Oscar nominee Kris Kristofferson (Planet of the Apes, A Star Is Born, Payback). It has also been announced that fellow heroic survivor Bethany Hamilton, the professional surfing champion who lived through a horrific shark attack, will join Winter in her latest story. This film will have it all and you could be a part of it!

Auditions for Dolphin Tale 2 will be happening very soon and actors of all ages can apply today for available roles by emailing a description of themselves along with their contact information here ddtextras@gmail.com. Further casting details for this project will be posted as they are released so stay tuned for more news and information and leave a comment in the space provided and tell us what you think of the story and why you want to audition for Dolphin Tale 2.

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  1. My daughter is Maddie and she will be 10 June she would like to be in movies or TV shows she's about 4'5 and is beautiful.. If u are taking on anymore please let me know thanks white female

  2. hi I am morgan and I love to act in my living room in front of people and it will be a dream come true to be in the movie dolphin tale 2 with you talented people I love to sing to. I am tan and have pretty blue eyes. If you are cozi and you are reading this I love you for who you are not for you being in a movie even though I do love winter and hope also Mandy, but I am also a b honor roll student for reading and writeing.no mater what role I get I will never forget this time and place that I did this if you chose me as your 'gifted actor'. Thank you so much love who you are not what you look like.

  3. im Alicia and I want to audition for your movie because I love animals especially dolphins and im good at looking after animals because I have two cats and one doge so please.

  4. hi I am 11 years old I would love to be in your move because I love animals and also I love to act so I hope I get picted ok

  5. Hi. My name is Aurelia. I love acting writing and reading. I speak English French Italian and Spanish currently. I live in France. I have good grades. That's for the presentation. I would like to act in this movie because acting is my passion tied with inventing stories. To play in this movie is not my "greatest dream" or anything. I just like it and think it would be fun to experience "real" acting and to meet extremely talented people. I also think it would help me in the carrier I wish to do later on. Oh, and I have light brown hair and green eyes.
    Thank you for dedicating 30 seconds of your life to my one in a thousand message.

  6. I would RELISH the opportunity to be in this movie, especially since I love dolphins! I am a confident actress and I am really good at accents! I sing really well, and my dancing is OK!I get into character really quickly. I have a light brown skin, I am of African descent. It takes so long to braid my hair – fortunately, I love wearing wigs in different styles and colours! We presently live in London! I am an only child. I home educated so that I can attend auditions at the drop of a hat! I am enthusiastic and I work well with Directors and cast members. I do not sulk. I am reliable and I always go the extra mile. I am 11 years and 6 months old! PS Have Passport, will travel – anywhere!

  7. Hi I'm Elizabeth my hair is brown my yes are green I'm 9 in fourth grade LOVE TO DANCE AND ACT there my hobbies I always wanted to be in this amazing movie please give me a chance thanks so much ps I can swim too

  8. Hello my name is Shernaria Morris and i am 13 years old and my birthday is on October 5 which means i am turning 14 this year of 2014 and I think i have what it takes to become a cast member of this up coming movie.I love the story of this movie because its touching and it reminds me to never give up no matter what. so i am sending this out because i really want to become an actress it is my biggest dream and i am not shy when it comes down to being in front of a camera because i do videos on YouTube and i love entertaining people by saying jokes, reading poems, dancing and singing it was always my passion and i also play sports like basketball, soccer, and volleyball, and i hope this is an open door for me to pursue my dreams. Thank you.

  9. I am 8 years old, dirty blond with hazel eyes. I have a cute freckles on my cheek and a slight cleft chin. I love working in modeling, theater, and film. At four I began my acting classes and immediately picked for my first film auditioning alone for the first time. I was the little boy in Comatose by director Derek Taylor, a winner of many film festival awards. I am a bundle of joy cracking everyone up all the time. Everyone in my small Tennessee town knows and remembers me. I have also been in dance for three years in tap, ballet and jazz. I love the stage. Please think of me for your movie.

  10. Daniel Bissonnette – 9 Year Old public Speaker/Activist

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    My first public speech reached over 54,000 on YouTube in 3 months.

    Daniel Bissonnette

  11. Hello. I am Natalie and I thought that the first Dolphin tale was really good. I love to act and I am interested in any part you are willing to give me. If you love to act, it shouldn't matter what part you get. I am 13, 95lbs, and 5'2. I do have braces unfortunately, and I know that most actresses are supposed to have a perfect smile, but at least I'm trying. I get my braces off around the end of this year. Thanks, Natalie

  12. My friend and I want to be in this because we think it would be fun! Since we loved the 1st movie of it. I'm 11 turning 12 very soon. Please contact me

  13. I'm Akosua and I'm 15. I live in Ghana. I love acting. I watched dolphin tale 1 and I loved it I hope I will get the chance to be in the the second one. I really want to show the world what I have when it comes to acting. Thanks

  14. Hello my name is Maggie Harrison, and I am 12 years old. I am an AMTC graduate. I currently live in Minneapolis, but I am willing to travel. I speak fluent Spanish, and am learning Mandarin Chinese. I have long, dark brown hair, but I am willing to have it cut. I am 5'1 and 100 pounds. I also currently take on-camera classes and I have had professional acting and modeling training with AMTC. After I saw the first movie, I was touched by Winter's heartwarming story, I am very exited for the second movie to come out!

  15. Hey, my name is well up above. I'm an 11 year old I have always loved acting. I've been dancing since I was 3 and love doing musical theatre. The main downside is I've never really been in any thing big jut a couple competitions for my studio. Another thing is I've never been in any big acting acting schools or anything. Also living in a small town in SC there aren't many places to do that. I have always wanted to on the big screen and is my dream to be in a movie or on a show!! I hope you pick the best person out there for this role and if it's not me I understand you would want someone with experience and I won't ever give up.

  16. Hi, my name is maddison my dream is to be a actress since i was 8 i have preformed in many plays on stage and i have made a couple movies with my friends. I'm 13. I have blond hair, blueish greenish eyes, I'm 5,5 and I can memorize things very easy and I catch on to things easy I would like any part in this movie because it is really inspiring and heart warming and it would be and honor to be in this film.

  17. Hello my name is Cindy. I am 15 years old and acting is my passion. I have been dreaming of being an actress since I was little and lately I have been making that a reality. I have done most of my work on stage but I would love to expand outside of my comfort zone; as in on camera. My Drama instructor says that I have very good focus, nice depth of character, and great facial expression. I am dedicated, eager to try new challenges, and I work with all ethnic backgrounds.

  18. Hello you can already see my name in the above i am an 11 year old african american girl sorta lighter than mocha but darker than vanilla i am 4'9 and i love to do gymnastics i am also a really flexible girl the downside is that i dont know how to swim so i was hoping i could learn please dont let this be a conflict in my audition this could be my life changing moment please consider me thank you

  19. hi my name is Emily and am 13 years old

    I speak to different language Spanish and English my height is 5'5 I have black hair am a girl and I will love to be in this movie I love the first won it was lovely i will try my best you act if you pick me this is going to be my first movie i ever been to please i just love movies even when i was a little girl i watch all the movies

  20. Hello my name is Tammy

    I am 11yr old and I am African American I am 5'4 and really good at remembering scripts I have dark brown hair w/ black and absoluty love the movie + it would be an honor to be in it no matter what role i'd be able to play just to be in this heart warming movie. contact me please.

  21. HARLEY GILSTRAP here again and I wanted to add that I am Blonde and Blue eyed but I have a dark tan. I look like a beachy kinda girl.

  22. This IS Harley Gilstrap!!! I'm 8 years old and a 4 wheeler drivin, river swimming, family loving, fish catchin, good hearted fashionista! I have starred in a movie bumper for SCAD and LOVED every part of it!! if you would like to see it its on YouTube under "Savannah film festival Bumper 2012: Find Your Character" It was a hot, long 10 hours in a teeny tiny attic…but it was SOOOO worth it!!! My favorite part was getting my hair and make up done and dressing up and being able to turn into someone else. It was AWESOME!! I think I would be perfect for Dolphin Tale 2 because I loved the first movie and I'm very photogenic and good in front of a camera and I really love dolphins.(and my daddy knew someone who actually helped make the first fake tail. Pretty cool hua?) Oh I am a natural blonde and have blue eyes. PLEASE< PLEASE<PLEASE I want to be a part of this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Hi,I am 11 and have some acting experience.I participated in all the school plays,(one I created myself with the help of a friend.I have long brownish,blond hair and grayish eyes(sometimes they change to green or blue).I have tan skin depending on the time of year.I am also going into 6th grade.I am great with animals and LOVE to swim.As I said,I have some experience acting.I have been in hyt(heights youth theatre)'s production of Alice In Wonderland.I have been in many skits my friends and I put together.Being in this would be so awesome!It would mean so so so much!!!I will accept any role but it would be great to get a leading role.I have a pretty good memory for remembering lines.All though, I am not certain you will pick me because no one ever does for this kind of thing.But if you can,it would be an awesome way to start my career!Thank you!

  24. Hi my name is dana el Kalazani I am light skinned with both black hair and black eyes .i watched dolphine tale and I thought if these people have the courage to be on tv then so do I I've visited winter and honestly the movie and winter have inspired me and changed my life majorly after my moms death I had zero hope in life but after watching the movie and meeting winter in person I reliezed that life needs to go on and if you have people that care and love they will help you get over life's worst hurdles I hope you guys give me the chance to audition because I would love to be part of this life changing and inspiring movie

  25. My daughter Skye is almost 4 1/2 years old. She has blonde hair blue eyes and her favorite thing to do is play act. She can cry real tears, eyes swollen, nose running red and stop in the middle and say she wants to be on TV I have several of her videos posted on my FB page and if you type in my email and send me a message telling me who you are I will a accept request and you can go watch her do her thing. I promise you will be both amazed and convinced that it is real. Thank you
    M. Storm

  26. Hey I'm perry and will be turning 12 in October and I have brown hair with blue eyes. I want to be able to star in a wonderful movie. I loved the first movie! It was great. Anyways, please contact me with my email. Hope u want me.

  27. Hi there. I'm 16 years old , turning 17 soon. I live In Texas. I have Hazel eyes. I'm 5'2 ft short. Becoming an actor has always been my dream. I have experience. I've been in a commercial and I have taken acting classes. Being an actor in this movie would be a dream come true. I'm good at acting and I know I got what it takes to become an actor. If you have any questions , feel free to email me. I'd be glad to hear more from this.

  28. Love to dance
    Love to act
    New & improve
    Waiting on a chance
    1⃣ God First 2⃣ Family 3⃣ Career
    Name: Kerry aka "D'Arcy"
    Age: 15

  29. Hi, my name is Rose Muthiora and im ready to start my acting career. I am African American and i have dark brown eyes also black hair neck-back level. I love inspirational movies and to be in one would be amazing. I loved dolphin tale even though it came out a long time ago. I am 11 yrs old but will be turning 12 on September 20th. I follow directions well and work good with people. I am good with a major or minor role. I hope you consider me for a role. Thanks!!

  30. Hi my name is Dylan, I live in Duluth Minnesota and I love acting! I'm 14 years old and I have been looking for up coming movies to audition for and I found this one. It sounds like a great movie to be a part of and I would love to be able to audition for it. I can play any role you need me to. Big or small role it dosent matter to me I would just love to be a part of this production. Please get back to me with any information. Thanks so much and god bless!

  31. Hi I'm citlalli I'm 11 and black hair I am really good at acting if you pick me you won't regret it

  32. Hi my name is Kylie and I love acting! And I think I would be great in this movie it's my dream to become a famous actress and dancer I also love many sports lacrosse , surfing,surfing,soccer,basketball and swimming I'm 11 years old I have blond hair and blue eyes I have been in many plays Annie, rainbow fish honey bees etc. also I'm very good when it comes to crying or being dramatic Just email me if you have questions thank you so much for reading and if I got a part it would be the best thing ever cause I loved the first dolphin tale and I would try my best to do the best I can !!!!:)

  33. Hello. I would really like the opportunity for my sisters and I to audition for this movie. We watched the first movie, and it was great. My sisters and I have been in many plays, and we really enjoy singing.
    We are between the ages 7-14, African American, and have lots of spirit. Thank you for reading.

  34. My granddaughter Kabriana Lee is a natural you will not regret meeting her. Her imagination is naturally, different and real there is none like her. We as her family are still tring to figure Kami out. One of a kind. Give her a chance and you will not regret it. She naturally thinks out of the box. Open and ready, at the age of 4 she rode from Ohio to North Carolina and never stop talking. And that's just the beginning Now do you see what I mean. Love Her Grandma

  35. Oh my gosh. I can't believe they're having a second Dolphin Tale! I cried watching the first one. I remembered almost all of the words from that movie. It would be an honor to have a role in this movie!

  36. Hello I am Brittany. I would love to audition because all my life I have been an actress. I fit any situation and I am not shy! I do what is neccessary to get my job done!!

  37. My name is Emerson Groves and I am 8 years old. I LOVE this movie! I have been working very hard learning acting and modeling with jcasablancas in NC, for the past year, and would love to have an opportunity to audition for you! I will email my headshots and resume. I know I would do a great job for you. I am focused and take direction very well. Thank You.

  38. My name is Belle Beynon and I am 8 years old. I love the first Dolphin Tale and even watched it with all my friends at my birthday party! I swam with dolphins this year and dream of one day being able to work with them. Please consider me for the movie! I am 4'6" , have blue/green eyes, light brown hair, and work really hard at everything I do! Can't wait too hear from you! Thanks!

  39. And just to warn you I live in Montana and we are kind poor so we mite not be able to make it but I do want a chance I do

  40. I weight 131 pounds and im 5'3" I have reddish brownish hair and brown eyes, my sis has red hair light brown eyes is 126 pounds and is either 5" or 5'1"

  41. I loved dolphin tale and I would love to be part of number 2. I 13 and I am really good at acting. I always wanted to be an actress when I grew up and I think this will get me ready. I love animals of all sorts and adore dolphins the most. So please give me a chance and I won't let you down, also I think my sister might want to do it to, her name is katelyn but every body calls her kitty. She.is.turning 12 and she is.also a good actress thank please give us.a chance.

  42. Hi, I am from London and would love to be a part of this movie, I am half-indian and half-english and can adapt from looking French to South American. I have a licence to scuba dive, when I was very young I swam with Dolphins and since then I just love them and this would be fantastic opportunity to requaint with them again. I have studied at two top performing art schools in London and are now looking to work with top actors and crew alike. I have recently been working with Ridly Scott and Kenneth Brannah and just finish 2 short movies playing lead (yet to be released. My ambition is to be a fantastic actress, this can be achieved by working with the right people and right scripts. As I am able to adapt my look I would be perfect for a part in this show because I am easy to work with, I can play a younger and or older parts, improvse really really well. Just looking for that 'one' part. Hope you will get back to me, will travel if necessary. I attach my office Spotlight link including CV and pics. Thank you. Lauren

  43. Hi my name Is Jacob. I love the movie dolphin tale ! It's very touching and teaches u all that no matter who you are or what you are if someone believes in you and you believe in you then you can do anything . I would love to be in dolphin tale 2 . I am 10 yrs old
    Weight: 98lbs
    Height: 5"
    Race: white
    Hair color: dark brown
    Eyes : hazel
    Please consider me for any part.

  44. Hi, my name is Jeremy. I'm 18, a senior in high school, 6 ft. tall, 150lbs. with brown hair. I love to act and do comedy for people. Ever since middle school,I have been told by people that they think I could be a comedian or actor. I have taken speech and acting courses. I watched the first movie in this series and really enjoyed it. When someone showed me this casting call, I knew I really wanted to try out.

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