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Disney Live! National and International Tours Auditions

Disney Live! Auditions
Disney Live! Auditions

Are you ready to launch your entertainment career? Are you ready to be a part of one of the most beloved and successful live touring shows in the world? Are you ready to join the one and only Disney family? If you’ve answered yes then the audition opportunity of the year has just arrived for you! The Disney Live! National and International Tours are looking for all new talent to star in their globally acclaimed theatrical shows and open casting calls will be held very soon. This could be your chance to make your mark in the fabulous and exciting world of live touring shows.

Disney Live! brings audiences of all ages from all parts of the world a magical show that incorporates three of their most timeless classics Cinderella, Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs and Beauty And The Beast into one incredible entertainment experience and now the producers and casting directors of this crowd pleasing production are on the lookout for fresh faced talent of all levels of experience to step into some of the most memorable roles in Disney history. This is an opportunity for performers of all disciplines to perform alongside all of Walt Disney’s hall of fame characters including Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Donald in the show that leaves audiences around the globe enchanted each and every night.

If you are an aspiring male or female dancer, tumbler or character performer, Disney wants to see you! Specialty skills such as trampoline, in-line skating, adagio and foreign language abilities are also being sought. Interetsd talent can send emails here stageshowcasting@feldinc.com to recieve more information. More details on these amazing auditions will be posted as they are released so stay tuned for updates and leave a message below and tell us why you want to hit the road with Disney. The time is now for you to take the next step in your entertainment career. Apply today for your shot at a role in Disney Live! National and International Tours.

35 thoughts on “Disney Live! National and International Tours Auditions

  1. My name is Abbey Johnson. I am from Chadds Ford Pennsylvania, 13 (though I look older), and I love to dance. I have danced since I was 3 years old so I'm used to being up on stage. I dance 16 hours a week everyday not including rehearsals. I take ballet, pointe, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, hip hop, musical theatre, and tap. I can also sing pretty well. I have light brown hair, and hazel eyes. I must say that I absolutely love Disney shows and I would love too take part in this performance. If you wouldn't mind replying, I would love to know more details.

  2. Hello,My name is Iryanna Mervilus and I am 12yrs old. my talents are acting,singing,and dancing.My dream is to become apart of the disney family and show people what i can really do.i really would like to get an oppurtunity to get paid for showing off my talents and getting me notice.also to get my face on the big screen.

  3. Hello! My name is Abby Purcell. I would love to be considered for Disney Live! here is a little about myself:

    -14 years old
    -strawberry blonde hair
    -danced for 12 years
    -won many scholarships in dance
    -traveled to different states to perform
    -always been told I have great stage presence
    -love to entertain everyone I meet
    -enjoy making others feel the joy I feel when I am dancing

    I ,again, would love to be considered. thank you so much!

  4. Hello! My name is Maggie Kryspin, and I am 16 years old. I have light brown hair and blue-green eyes. I really want to be part of this experience because all my life I have been dancing! I love doing all kinds of dancing including Afro, ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop and lyrical! I can speak Spanish very well, I started speaking Spanish when I was 9 years old! Anyways, my dream is to become a dancer, and I really want to be in the Disney family. Those are the reasons why I should be a part of Disney Live!

  5. Hi my name is Britney I have been dancing since I was 4. When I dance it builds up this cheerful happiness inside me, it always makes me feel better when I’m upset, it’s also a really pleasing thing to do and I never want to let go of it!! I also had a bit of singing lessons when I was little but my singing teacher left so I haven’t gone back ever since, I want to start again but I just can’t find the time and a teacher just like her. In year 6 I auditioned for role in our end of year show, I was given a main role and I had to sing and dance as well, it was amazing I loved it; it also builds up this joyful exhilaration when I’m acting. It’s been my dream to be in a Disney channel series’ and movies just like all the series’ and movies on Disney channel, I love the shows and movies and when I sit down and watch it takes to a beautiful place, it also takes me on a journey in the show or movie. It’s also been a dream of mine to meet all the amazing and talent young actors and to make my mark as a dancer, actor and singer!! I hope I can land a role in a series or movie because I would loved to make my first mark on a Disney channel series and movies, it would also be anon er to work with all the cast and crew of the shows or movies!

    I’m also delightful and amusing person when I’m around people and I crack the weirdest jokes. All my friends and family say I’m satisfying to be around.
    Thank you

  6. hi,im amanda from norway, and would love to be in a disney show, i can dancce, sing and act, and i`ve been actressing in many plays in norway, and i can 3 languages, so if any directers or any produsers can recocnize me it would be very very awesome, and i can be in any movie, just take me in and i`ll show you what i got 😉 i wont let you down, i promise 😉

  7. Hey, I'm Lauryn Smith and I'm 13. I have always had a dream of being on a Disney tv show and I thought that this would be perfect. When I read the summary above I thought that this was the audition for me. I love the Disney channel. I like to sing, act, play sports, and hang out with friends. I'm a cheerleader so I am a tumbler. I'm a hard worker and I love to have fun. I'm ready to turn my dream into a reality and I think this is the perfect start. Please consider me. Thank you!

  8. hi im alexias and im 14 years old and all my life i wanted to be on a dance show or be on disney. i love to dance break dance do the liqid and dubstep. i been dancing since i was 2 my mom had help me with my flexibility. i was born double jointed. i use to dance at scott academy of dance and i was on the competition team i won miss junior odyssey when i was 11 i went to a arts academy school ljalleman and i had study dance i was also on the dance team now im on the colorguard team at lafayette high. i love sports and video games and im a tomboy and i love to sing i also study singing too. im a busy girl. my dad teaches me boxing. imvery good runner my coaches wanted me on the team. but i couldnt cause i had so much stuff to do. im known as missfierce or beast or pretzle stick. and one day i hope i can dance with cameron boyce

  9. Hi, I'm Taylor Lanick. An 18 year old college student from Pennsylvania. I've been acting since I was little and I truly love it. I can take on any role very easily and get into character in seconds. Acting is my dream and passion. I can do anything that I out my mind to, and once I do there's no stopping me. I want to be one of those people on the small screen, even just in the background would be fun. I won't be cocky and say "Yeah, choose me. I'll be the best!" No. That's not who I am. I'll try everything and anything once and try my best and fight my hardest. I'm a determined, smart, edgy girl. I'm an open book, I've had a lot of unpleasant things happen in my past, and I'm ready to start fresh and be happy again. This is my life, and I'll make what I want of it! Thank you for considering me!

  10. hi! my name is azearia. I was born Scottsdale, Arizona. but I was raised in Albany, New York. Some of my passions are acting singing and drawing. you should pick me because I have a one of a kind personality that you wont find any where else. if you pick me I will give you my all each and every day.

  11. Hi, im Nora i am 14 and i have been acting since i was little. I have a big presonality and a big smile. In Norway i go to acting school and I take high school english. And i've been told i have a big talent in acting.
    Height: 5'5
    Weight: 100pounds
    Haircolor: brown
    Eyecolor: Green/brown
    Spechial futures: Dimples
    Live: Norway/Scotland

  12. Hi, I'm 15 and from Minnesota. I love dancing more than anything in the entire world! I train 5 days a week and take ballet, pointe, jazz, and modern. I have also taken hip hop, competition, ballroom, and flamenco classes. This would mean so much to me and I would cherish it for the rest of my life! All I ever wanted since I was little is to dance! Thank you so much, Jacqui ❤️

  13. HI there!!! My name is Joseph Taylor and I am interested in auditioning for Disney Live!!! I've had many years of experience with performance, modeling and acting. Here's some stuff about me you may want to know:

    I am 16 yrs old

    Skin color: mixed/light skinned male

    Height: 5'11

    Weight: 162 (athletic build)

    Hair: curly dark brown

    Eye color: Brownish

    Region Residing: DC Metropolitan/Loudoun County

    I sing, I competitively dance+perform in many styles such as ballet, hip hop, jazz, musical theatre, and play numerous instruments

    I have had experience performing and being in front of a crowd due to my experience competing for dance and singing

    I'm most definitely not shy XD

    I love performing regardless of the role

    I'm devoted

    Don't mind travel

    Have performed in numerous musicals and am a member of All State Acapella

    Most of all am willing to do anything for an audition!

    Hope to here from you soon!

  14. Chantz Austin is my name.
    Weight: 200 IB.
    Height: 5'10.
    Talents: Acting, Singing, Beatboxing, Song Writing, and Photography.
    This has been my dreams since I was 8. I would love an opportunity to be apart of it.

  15. Hi Disney! I am Zoe Kelly . I Live in Greece and i want play in tv series or movie . I love arts. I love to dancing and i love acting too! Im 21 years old! Thank you for your attention . Have a nice day . Greetings from Greece !

  16. My name is Abrar Rahman, I am nineteen years old, 5'11", 180 lbs, somewhat muscular, black hair and brown eyes. I have been in many talent shows, hosting and acting in many plays at my school. I don't have much experience in taking acting classes but I was always told I belonged on a television show. I can work very well with people and act at any profile. It would be an honour to hear from you soon. Thank you.

  17. My name is dominick Mautino.

    Hair color:dark blonde
    Eye color:green
    Born:April 28th 2003

    I am an English boy who is 11 in 2months and 5 days and I am not wealthy and I love Disney and Disney Xd.i love scary movies I know millions of actors. I love all of the Disney and Disney Xd shows/movies. I'm a sweet boy and very responsible and care for others like family and friends all the time. This is what I wrote.

    Thank you

  18. My name is lauren I am 22 years old I'm in school to be a nurse and i have a music degree. I'm an aspiring singer and I would love an opportunity like this

  19. Hello! I'm Karma and I am a female aspiring actor and would love to play a character. I will soon be 16 years old and am a dancer in musical theater also and I love to dance! So please pick me! Thanks for reading!

  20. Hi I'm Angie! I'm 24 years old and I'm originally from Peru but I have lived in the states for about 22yrs. I would love to be part of this show . I study acting, dancing, and singing so I'm definitely all about this industry. I would love the opportunity to be part of such a great project and I can assure you that I will be the best at it. Some stats about myself: 5' 3" weight: 130 age: 24 Hispanic. If I've been compared to any known movie star, it's Roselyn Sanchez. I actually audition a couple of times before and I was told that I could be her daughter or younger version of her. I would love a chance to make it big. Please please please, pick me! Thank you.

  21. Hi my name is Nylecia Newman. I am 11 years old (the same as Skai Jackson) and I live in New York. I am a real Disney fan. I enjoy watching JESSIE, Dog With A Blog, Liv and Maddie Austin and Ally. I have been a Disney fan since I was 3. I love to sing and act. I really want this I would even consider moving to a different state leaving all my friends behind just to start my career. I would be pleasd if you would email back for Further information. XOXOXO

  22. Hello my name is Christal Ciqueiros im 14 years old and im 4'10 . I have dark brown , wavy hair down to my back . I have dark brown eyes . I love Disney channel I've watched this channel since i was 8 yeas old . I would love if i can be on this show ! I have been on 25+ plays . Ive done them in big theaters ! Stage isn't like my home it sis MY home . Once im on stage im imediatley that character. I am good at following directions im almost a starigh A+ student i have only two B's but its still good i love being on stage its amazing ! i sing , dance and act ! Please Write Me c: or email me c: !

  23. Nicholas – ( At age 23) Born in Brooklyn, NY in March 1990, Nick started his acting career at age eight where he was on the PBS kids Bernie and friends while living in Memphis, TN. The nephew of a aunt and uncle he and his family live in Whitehaven where Nick when to school and toke his place on the Hillcrest high school performing art drama club of October 2006 of 2010 where he founded a acting studio call Lilyroze and get training from them and have been in several shows and films and Nick would like to thank God his family and friends for all the support.

  24. Hi my name is Jack and I would love to be able to be a part of the Disney family!! I am 11 yrs old, I have blonde hair, blue eyes and big dimples!! I am a huge people person and love to act. Please consider me! Thanks, Jack : )

  25. Hi my name is Kryslyn and i am 14 years old. Being on TV and becoming a star has always been dream of mine as well as my life goal. Disney is my absolute favourite channel to watch! Im very good at listening and following directions. Performing is a passion of mine as well as dance, modelling, acting, etc. I have dirty blonde/light brown hair and blue eyes. My height is 5'5" and i weigh about 90 lbs. I am outgoing and have a great personality. I speak English and some French and willing to learn others. I am from Manitoba,Canada and have been searching day after day for acting opportunities and i hope i am one of your choices for Disney's tour!

  26. Hi i am Talyna I'm a dancer I do hip hop I have performed at the gold cost show and in competition and in other places I know what it is like and I'm up for it

  27. hi my name is tyra I would love to hit the road with Disney ive got a little moves ya know why not it probably would be fun oh and im very talented and tall

  28. Hi, i would be so exited, i love to act since i was little i did,

    Age: 16 look like 14-15
    Height: 5'6
    Weight: 108 lbs
    Hair: Dark brown
    Ethnicity: American,Latin.
    Eyes: Dark brown
    Acting Experience: Since always i act, and i can do everything, any kind of paper.

  29. Please write to me I would have come to casting but i am in other continent :(. Please answer. 🙂

  30. Hi my name is Makia Rainey I like to be on stage alot because I am a singer and actor I sing when I am in the car and house I act alot in school when I was in elementary school I got a and bs.that is why I want to be apart of the Disneyfamily

    Location:Sc,Columbia Leesburg rd 29061


  31. Hi! I am Karina and i want play in movie or tv series i am very good at this. I have natural gold blond hair and blue-green eyes. I am very slim 😉 Please write to me ;* I can play (actor), sing, draw i am very good in school. I am clever i speak polish and english.

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