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Disney Channel TV Show Casting CallHave you always wanted to be on a Disney Channel TV Show? You are in luck! Teen actor auditions for 2017 are being held for the Disney Channel! The new casting call is searching for males and females who are 18 but who look younger. Actors and models will be playing high school students. Casting directors have not released the name of the series.  Filming will be on March 1st in Culver City, California. The paid acting job will compensate anyone selected the AFTRA CW, Disney lower rate. Both union and non-union submissions are being accepted. The team is looking for people who look very young. Because of this applicants should not have any facial hair or tattoos or visible piercings other than your ears. If you are ready to be on the Disney Channel, don’t miss out on your chance and check out the new casting call below!

Disney Channel TV Show Casting Call 2017

Central Casting is looking for people we can pass off as high school students for a Disney TV show filming on March 1st.
*18tlys, only*
*AFTRA CW, Disney Lower rate*
*Union and nonunion submissions welcome*
*works tomorrow 3/1 in Culver City*

We are looking for people we can pass off as high school students. VERY young looking. Tattoo free, no facial hair, only piercings are in the ears and you cannot be taller than 5’6”. All ethnicities and all genders are welcome to submit.

To be considered call 818-260-3928. To apply you must be registered with Central Casting. If you would like your chance to be on the show and aren’t registered you can register by visiting www.centralcasting.com. Don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity!

29 thoughts on “Disney Channel TV Show

  1. i would like to be on a show on Disney and i lived and grown with Disney and i hope to be there…i am African all natural and brown skinned coloured..i am 13 yrs old

  2. hi my name is Yasmeen savage
    I am 12 years old and I really want a shot in the acting business. I love to act and I love to be dramatic. and one of the mains things u need to know what to do while you're acting is making yourself cry and I can do that. so I hope yall see this and I hope yall will reply back thank you a lot for reading this.

  3. Hi I’m Myriam Dorcin and i love Disney channel I’m 16 I can sing I’m in a choir at ,my church , and i can act I love acting , and singing whenever I’m watching Disney channel i always think that I also belong between those talented young beautiful kids and I just wish one day that my dream will come true , please just give me a chance to audition I’m pretty sure you won’t regret it . And also you can check my one YouTube video that i post it’s a just little video of me singing on karaoke .thank you

  4. Hi my name is Tiffani I'm 10 years old i love andi Mack i love to eat unwanted to mee t Sofia on the show of i m not on andi Mack i want to be in bunked i would love to see ski Jackson

  5. I watch bunked ALL THE TIME. It is my favorite tv show and I think it would really boost my acting career! I would be the happiest person on earth if I could be on that show, or any Disney channel show! I have always wanted to be a famous actress!

  6. Hi, I'm Molly!
    I am 11 years old!
    I love to sing, dance, and read!
    I'm in 5th grade!
    I speak English and a little bit of French!
    I love Tessa Netting (Hazel) and Miranda May (Lou)!
    My YouTube channel name is MOLLZ_MONEY!
    I love the show Bunked!
    I would love to be a star on Disney Channel!

  7. Hello.. My name is Ruth d banda. I am African.. I have a passion for acting and I'd love to be part of the Disney family …..hopefully one day.. But at this moment it seems impossible because am just a poor girl please help…

  8. Hi my name is Ebony, I'm 14 years old and I'm in grade 9. I live in Brisbane, Australia. It would be incredible to star in a show with people that I watched on television when I was younger.

  9. I'm 11 years old
    I love acting and singing!
    I loved Disney Channel since I was very little and now I want to be one of those girls acting. P.S I'm a girl
    I might be young but I will get along with the actors
    I'm in 5th grade and ready to act
    Please I am probably perfect for the show!

  10. My name is Stella
    I love Disney Channel
    I am 12 years old and still look dense with great pleasure
    I really want to become a famous actress in Disney
    I will be the happiest man in the universe

  11. Hi my name is Miracle. I am 15 years old, and I love Disney channel my favorite shows is Austin and Ally. I love it because I also love to sing. I just hope maybe Disney can see my talent and let me live my dream!

  12. Hi my name is Lindon I am 12 years old in 6 grade and i do not have experience with acting bu it would be a dream
    Come true for me and my family and I am a big fan of bunk'd and a big fan of skai Jackson she is funny and cool to me.

  13. My name is Ronnie and I love Disney I’ve been watching it my whole life and now that I’m old enough I could have a shot at it

  14. Hi I am Monica. I live in Wisconsin and would love to be in Disney Channel. It would be a dream come true for me! I love Disney Channel and still watch it and 12 years old!

  15. Mr YouTube name is mr man I love Disney I did an audition for bunkd on YouTube and like I said I love disney and I want to be part of. It

  16. HI my name is Brenda Briseno
    I am 11 years old
    I love to sing, dance , model and act
    I do not have any experience with acting
    I'm in 5th grade
    I speak English and Spanish
    This a big dream of mine so plz make it come true
    this my number call me anytime expect school hours
    plz this is a dream of mine plz make it come true

  17. I am 12 but I have always wanted to be on bunk'd since the day it came on. I feel like I would be right for this role and would really be a good addition to my acting career!

  18. i want to be on bunked and on stuck in the middle. my dream has always been to be on my own show. a lot of my friends say that i would be an awesome actress, i am very friendly. my name is Tianna Quickley.

  19. I love the show bunk'd. I love camps and it looks like a lot of fun. Also its so funny!! Plus I am a HUGE fan of Peyton List and Skai Jackson! To be on it would be a once and a life time opportunity.

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