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Blended Families – Reality TV

Blended Families - Reality TV
Pie Town Productions, the creators of such programs as ‘Joan and Melissa’, ‘House Hunters’ and ‘Downsized, are looking for “Brady Bunch type” families for their all new reality show. Here is your chance for you and your loved ones to tell your story on television and help and entertain millions of people.

Are you a part of or soon to be a part of a blended family?  Then you can have your story heard.

The producers of this exciting new program are looking for fresh families with children that have been brought together by a new relationship or marriage. The program will focus on every aspect that can encompass new arrangements such as these.  How is your life different now than before? Have you experienced a new found bonding and love? Are you having trouble adjusting?

If you would like to be considered for this fantastic new project you can email here reality_casting@pietown.tv. Keep checking back for updates and leave us a comment below and share your story. By telling your story you can help thousands if not millions of people just like you.

44 thoughts on “Blended Families – Reality TV

  1. Boomer and I met in high school but life tore us apart we both married other people have kids with them. He had 3 kids and i had 2 with our exes. We got back together in 4/2011 and we had a child of our own. So that 6 all together. We have faced many challenges in this relationship but we are one big family and would love to be on ypur show and tell the world our story.

  2. Hello!
    My husband and I met two years ago. His wife had passed away and he had two children under 11. I was a divorcee having been on my own for five years, I had three children under 13. We moved in quickly sharing two houses,eventually moving into one. We had five children all with different personalities and issues and two parents who patented completely differently and had their own issues. Both my Husband and I work full time juggling blending/ children and work can be tough. Our relationship is still a work in progress. So far there have been some laughs but many tears. We have both learnt so much and still have so much to learn. We would love the opportunity to share our lives with you. We have many stories that will make you laugh and cry.

  3. Good morning?
    We have a combined family of 10 kids. Our story has some very sad heartbreaking moments, though our story is very interesting? I met Doug April 29, 2016 and he has 7 kids. My name is Brandi and I have 3 kids. We just got engaged July 31,2016 and moved in together August 1, 2016. Our kids range from 2-14 years old and have 1 set of twins. We have a 2, 5, 5, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 12 and 14 year old. The girls are 2,5 and 8.
    Doug's wife was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer at her 6 week baby checkup with little Ellie who is now over 2 1/2. Leslie was told to go home that they couldn't do anything for her. Being the strong, amazing woman and fighter she was, she was able to get treatment and survive almost 2 more years. She passed away at the beginning of January 2016.
    I met Doug on match.com and we had our first message and phone conversation on April 29, 2016. We got engaged July 31st 2016 and have set our wedding date for our 1 year anniversary from the day we first met which will be Saturday, April 29, 2017. We all live together and there is never a dull moment?. 8 kids attend Friends Christian school in Yorba Linda, 2 different campuses. The 2 oldest boys who are 12 and 14 are in Utah getting help at an Academy for getting caught up in the wrong crowds, entitlement, no respect for their dad, out of control behavior and doing very inappropriate things. We anticipate the 14 year old to return home by the summer permanently. He left in June and the 12 year old left in September.
    This whole combining experience has been quite a ride! We have a lot of fun, excitement and of course lots of drama too.?. I was a full time working mom for 20 plus years and now stay home to take care of all the kids. Quite a change for me!!!! I volunteer in the kids classrooms. They all play sports or are signing up for the spring season.
    We do have lots of fun and laugh a lot too.

  4. My name is Jordan and I have a two year old with my husband. What makes us unique is he has joint custody of his 3year old daughter and 9 year old son. Both from different women! We work hard to keep the kids once a week and every other weekend on top of side jobs to support his 9 year olds boxing interests. I personally juggle the schedule with the other 2 moms on where/when/what time to meet for games,sporting events etc. we are a well oiled machine of a blended family, but it works. The other two moms are also remarried and young.
    I'm an accountant and my husband is a performer for the Inflatamaniacs traveling entertainement group and a shipping manager for another company.

  5. My husband and I met online and blended our families after only a few months of dating. Both of our ex spouses cheated but we found each other. Our family is filled with chaos due to attending sport activities for 6 kids!!! Ages 3 (the ours of the bunch), 10, 12, 13,14,15. 3 boys and 3 girls!! Our lives is a constant roller coaster!! Hold on tight for our story!!

  6. We are a huge blended family! Shane and I met 12/31/2014, From there we were together everyday, unfortunately my house nor his house was big enough for us to blend, He had four daughters (full custody of them) ages 14,11,7, and 3, I had three children one girl 11, boy 8, and girl 3 years old, we made the decision this is what we wanted and to purchase our own home all together, we have since had a baby which he is now 8 months old. Its very hard as there is 8 different personality's between the children and its like having a couple sets of twins, we are going to make it official in April and get married 🙂

  7. We are a blended family. We each have two children from our first marriages, I have two boys and he has two girls, we have a son together. There are happy times and difficult struggles, but we love our blended family. The children are 17, 14, 13, 10 and 5. My sons father is dying of cancer; we struggle with this and an overactive ex wife. We go into many different directions trying to get all 5 children to their events and both working full time. We are the updated Verison of the Brady Bunch! We have 3 cats and a dog. We would love to share our world with others, I'm sure it would help people understand how a blended family works.

  8. The best thing about this,would be the fact that my best friend o 26 yrs doesnt know i am doing this.She was married,divorced-had two children-boy & girl,then she had another one-girl by a man who ended up dying from a medical emergency,the ex-husband is still around.She is taking care o her child by the other man who died and so does her new husband.She and her new husband o 4 years now,they have one child-a girl together,still married. She accepted his two sons into their home and the mom–the exwife lives in spain,where the boys lived.So, now, they have 6 kids and her new husband works two full time jobs. Her mother lives with them and her 20 yr old stepson is the father o a baby. They both work at a grocery store and thru trials,they make it.He was an amazing man to step up to the plate and take care o three children that were not even his at such a young age. she is 40 and he is 37 or somewhere in there. She is white,he is spanish and speaks the language and i dont know how she does it.But they always manage to have a date night at least three times a month. She doesnt know i am doing this,how fun.Its cause she deserves it and she found the rght man.they are a very good looking couple.

  9. Hello! I'm very proud to be blended family. I am the latino brady bunch or kate+8. My husband and I recently overnight became the parents of 8 children. 2 already moved out so I am left with 6 kids with very unique needs along with children needs. I also have my hubby which I love but at times also fight for my attention with the kids 🙁 I am a very people person and also know how to set very clear boundaries most of the time. We are still adjusting to our families and face several issues almost daily but we overcome every obstacle regardless of this show or real life! Everyone always tells me I need my own show..I think they are right. I adopted 4 of the children they were my nieces and mentored the older 2 they are from a sibling group of 6. I have my 2 biological sons too. and Im only 28….I have lots of love for all of the kids. We continue to struggle but we always go to sleep happy knowing tomorrow will be a blessed day. You will love the kids! These are the gender and ages of the children living with us at home: Girls: 18, 11, 5, and 3 Boys: 7 & 2. 2 older girls are 21 and 25. I live in Pasadena, ca near Los Angeles,ca.

  10. Certainly have a blended family, came from a blended family. Our children were from two different worlds one of violence torture mental instatutions for two of the children who endured at the hands of a later convicted killer trama, thrown in with two country kids who never even thought about such misery…overcomeing obsticles later to have one die untimely…family has triumps and downfalls but we are still here breaking the cycle of failure in family structure..I could give you truly haliourous to extreme saddness but in the end unity love you must contact us for this story of a life thank you and to all who read this love will keep you together…

  11. my name is keyana robinson and i have kind of a funny drama family who are always going at it im the youngest child out of 6 kids my parents had and one half sister who lives in new york with our dad while me and my 5 older brothers live in georgia but we're from new york i moved here when i was just starting kindergarten i am very short for my age(4'7) but thats because my parents r short but they're like 5'3 or 5'4 we also have my lil bro but he's not actually my lil bro he's actually my cousin but we took him in cuz his mom's life is all off track but we have guardian ship my brother mark and my brother davein(25 and 19 years old) my lil bro nasir he's 3 turning 4 in may but he is so bad he dont listen and he's really destructive but sometimes funny my brother jordan he the complainer in the fsmily my brother ikey is the annoying one in the family he gets on everyone's nerves all the time my mom she's 48 and she's finna get surgery in february then there's me im the drama queen of the family i always want things and i like to mess with my brothers alot to get on their nerves its so funny XD my brother dashawn just moved out 2 months ago but he lives in the same complex as we do with his girlfriend Amontullah she's musilum but she looks black and acts black all the time she has the most squeekiest voice ever and she is wild as ever she's 19 and my brother's 21 she has a 3 year old child who turns 4 in july so please please please get in contact with me soon and let the world see how funny and intresting my family is and dramatic

  12. We are a blended but divided family. He has three and I have three none together..but we live two very seperate lives with our children under the one roof….it's kinda sad.

  13. Im amanda
    im 5'5
    100 percent ethiopian
    17yrs old
    wavy (natural) hair

    now before you stop reading this, because it may seem like another boring audtion. I would like you to know i just need one chance, i promise when you meet me and see how talented i am you will relize im perfect for the part. ihave a beautiful smile, long natural wavy hair (because im ethipoian i have wavy hair not super curly)and been told i should model. My goal isnt to brag, but obviously you cant see me. my dream is tv i live and breath modeling acting, and making the world a better place. I can do this, and all i ask is for one meeting and you will see. I just need someone to give me a chance. i live in a small town, and ive been told many times i will not make it big anywhere. Let me prove to them their wrong. im clever, witty, funny, out going, in no way shy. thank you so much for this oppertunity

  14. I grew up in a small town called Marlin where I met the man of my dreams. just out of high school we moved to Dallas to go to school. We are not the same race and some how we have to get our families together. Although it's gonna be tough because my family really don't support me. On the other hand my fiance family is always there when I need them.

  15. Hello my name is Brittney Woods. I am apart of not a blended family but a very unique family. My mother and Fatherh have been married for 24 years and they have 7 daughters. we are christian and are aspiring artist trying to sing around the world and the universe in order to spread the love of Christ. I belive we would be great for a show like this because, we all sing and are very entertaining. We sing, dance, write, and act. And all of us together are trying to be the next best ministorial entertaining family.

  16. My family would be perfect for this show. I have 12 brothers and sisters ( 2 full sisters, 6 half sisters, 1 half brother and 3 step brothers). And multiple nieces and nephews. My father has 3 different litter of girls, all around the same age, then my birth mother has me, my two full sisters and 3 other kids all with different fathers. Then my father married another woman who already had 4 kids, also all around the same age (some of us are the same age). Then my father recently remarried again to this younger woman who left him a few months ago when he got cancer. SO all together this is one Father, 4 Mothers and 13 Kids, and about 9 nieces and nephews and counting. Dealing with this has been fantastic and horrible at the same time. Over the years many of us have gotten close well others have become our own enemy. All in all we are just one crazy, loving, dramatic, happy, sad, funny family. Ever since we were kids all we heard from people around us was that we should be on tv. Also since we are a Mixed Family we could bring a great variety to the TV show. I can tell you I grew up on "The Brady Bunch" and oh my we are that times 10x so much more entertaining and exciting. Not a day would go by that we would disappoint our fans! I would put my life on it that you would never make the wrong choice picking us.

  17. I am a mother of 5 3girls/2 boys . i came from a family of 12,.so we dealt with alot of drama.my family were talented.they were writing n singing contemporary gospel long before there time. as a group the have won quite a few singing contest even at the mc donald gospelfeast in Westbury.at the Westbury music fair. even had n invite to the sony building in n.y. now ready as ever this self taught singer/songwriter/producer/plays acoustic/keyboards n lyriclly gifted but the drama of living in L.I is hard everybody that knows us always said we need a reality show. in the support of my families dream for our striving artist who did audition for the X factor in chicago she made 3rd rounds but did not make the t.v rounds.been through it this girl has international hits including. i can do anything by Dashi on itunes.call me my 3girls n 2boys thank you

  18. I know that my family would be great for this show! my man and I have 7 children together I have 3 girls for previous relationships and he has 3 girls and 1 boy from his previous relationships as well, at this time he is incarcerated and is awaiting to be released in 10 months, we are a crazy, fun, drama filled family and I know that us being us will keep anyone entertained I know this experience will be something our children will never forget, please give us this oppurtunity to show you are family. Thank you for your time

  19. I have a huge family and at times they love eachother and plan big things together and other times they want to scratch eachothers throats.! We play/laugh togerher, we help eachother out alot, we have major problems, people love us and will love to see us on tv, we always have alot of drama going' . and we all have BIG DREAMS ' we would be perfect for this show.!

  20. heyy there, my names bailey & this family i am entering is not an actual family..
    they are dancers. there is about 20 of them and they are full of drama, fun, laughter, and crazy moments such as falling down the stairs, leapong into trash cans, falling on the air, ect. we have been told to be "quite like the Brady Bunch. just not related by blood. their studio also has been inspected by ghost busters and ghosts claim to live there. so its full of more exciting stuff everyday. they consider themselves to be a "family" but more of a dance family, and they have been suggested to try out for this show. it would be a successful show, thanks!

  21. It would be an awesome experience and to know that you are on tv making people laugh and say I love this show even everybody on it or when is the next season come out I can't wait to see it I think it would be an honor to be on the show this would change my whole life thank you

  22. This would be a great experience to actually be on a Tv show were everybody is going to look and enjoy and say these actors really know what they are doing or when Is season 2 I can't wait any longer I would love to do this for my family and help them out and it will be an honor if you would pick me

  23. I'm a 28yr. Old Woman with 6 children,five boys and 1 girl who is five.My husband is 9yrs. Older than me and my boys are ages 13,9,7,4,and 2month old. My house is full of comedy,action,love we stand together and stick together. I am strong,and loving and my husband coaches a basketball team. Want to kno more?? Come and meet the Cardwell's

  24. I would love to be on this show. because i have an older sister a younger sister a younger brother my mom a grandpa my grandma. and we love to act like the brady bunch but my younger sister doesnt live with me he lives with my dad like some blocks away form my house she 8 and my younger brother is 9 im 13 my older sister is 15 my mom is 33 my granpa is 55 my grandma is 54 and thats us please pick us it will mean the world to us thank you

  25. When I got the email I wasnt sure if I should apply. But my mom and her boyfriend of 16 years have 6 kids all together but of us actually belong to just the two of them. They wach have three. Im the only girl out of five boys but they are all my brothers. We all keep in touch. two married with a baby or one on the way. But this woild be a great opportinity to give america a great laugh from 6 completely different kids and two awesome but goofy parents.

  26. I have the top story for you. I just began a new relationship with a man that has 10 kids. Yes I said 10. He was married for 15 years and had 6 children with his wife. He then started seeing a woman that was 16 years younger than him and had one more. They started having a problems and he met another woman 16 years younger, married and had one with her. They then divorced and he went back to the woman he was with previous to her and had 2 more. I would also like a child of my own some day and I really do see myself with this man in the future. I'm not really sure if we should have children because the woman he just left is absolutely insane and is not making our relationship an easy one and in fact was the reason his second wife and him didn't make it. Let me know if you'd like to know details!!! Thanks!

  27. wow, perfect opportunity, I am 26 handsome male, with a great personality and sense of humor there is 6 of us, based out of Detroit. we are all adults now but we all are close besides the 1 bad apple, I we are a very funny family who go through everyday drama. We fight but yet love each other. There is know doubt that America would pick us has the favorite but not perfect family. Besides me being a work of art person to deal with. I already feel like I am a star in the family. I party hard while my family do other things.One of my brothers is college coaching at 24, I have a older brother in and out of prison. would be the perfect opportunity for him to get better and reunite with the rest of the family.

  28. Hi my name is Kayla Campbell. I am 21 years old and from Sweet Home Alabama! My mom got engaged several months ago and we recently moved in with her fiance. He has two kids(one in high school and one in middle school)..Lets just say they are the exact opposite of us and its really funny. My mom has 5 kids in middle school,elementary school,intermiate school,and me who was in college for a while.. Now the house has seven kids and is quiet crazy! Theres always people running around screaming about something that went on at school,arguing because katherine and jack(my moms fiances kids are just so different),the animals messing the house up,or her fiance and my brother not getting along because my brother is nine and doesnt want to give her up,my sister with her boyfriend..They havent had time to get married because they have just been so busy getting us all settled and I know that bothers my mom. Its quiet hilarious with the diversity and now craziness.. we all joke about what a great tv show we would make..and how we would get so many more viewers then the Kardashians!! Thanks!

  29. I think that my family and extended new family would be prefect for this show. I have an 11 year old daughter Mikayla from a previous relationship and got married to a wonderful woman with a 23 year old son so there's a interesting relationship there, and my daughters mother is just now engaged to a man with a 16 year old daughter. So my daughter has 2 separate step siblings. But the good news is we all get along for the most part. Would be honored to be on this show.

  30. My husband and I have five children together and he has one previous child.I know our family will be perfect for your show pick the Dean's.

  31. There is more to this story..like my future stepdads bababymomma drama. There is morre than you think. I cant really express it in this paragraphs..thank you I have so many cousibs from my dads side. N from my previous stepdads side. Trust me if we had our own show you would not regret it I can promise you that.

  32. Im 18 yes old high school graduate, no job but looking, ok long story short my family moved to indiana went to school there came back beacuse my bro was injured to the point where he was on cardiac arrest.a coma life support removal of his skull numerous surgeries..my mom adpoted my older sis wen she was about 17 shes 20 now I have 5 sisters 3 bros 2neices one nephew on the way. My other older sis is prego by her bf..heres the twist my mom n my sisters baby daddys dad is to b married next year, my neices have godparents which we call family, their goddad passd away recently to to a shooting incident. I
    want to do modeling but im gonna wait till next year to strt..oh yea n my nephew grandpas 2 sons live here as well,we like to go out party have fun like a normal family..

  33. well my hole family is crazy too tell you the truth ive allways had of hard time since i was yung and til now im 22 years old and im still going through hell like never before sometime i want to pull out my hair but i wont ill just stay far from them so i dont say nothin ill just keep it to myself but most time i will tell them off i dont care who it is cause sometime i think my family dont understand at all its hard dealing with family even though you love you try very had yo love them and talk to them but you know aint nobody going to get alone even when its time to party we have to pay just to get in and party with the family what kinda sh** is that that upset me i mean be foreal now we are of family that love eath other sometime we hate each other and gossips about each other but we allways suck it up and move on and just get alone but sometime you got to cut of family off cause they put you though so much hell you just dont wont them near you nothin is wroug with that

  34. My name is Marshona Sultan and my husband is Karriem Sultan; we have been married for a year, (November 19). I have two daughters from previous relationships, (15 and 11), my husband has an 8 year old daughter, and we have an 11 month old son together. My husband was raised Muslim and I was raised Christian. We sometimes clash when it comes to disciplining our children; one reason is being his daughter visits and mines live with us so sometimes I feel that he's a little biased; and his daughter knows this, lol. My 15 year old still misses her old friends because we moved and my 11 year old deals with seeing her sisters spend time with their fathers and hers is absent, so sometimes she acts out. At the end of the day, after we have voiced our opinion, (and believe me, I will be heard), we work it out…because the love is definitely there. Way too much to explain in a paragraph so we hope to hear from you soon!

  35. We would be the perfect family for this show since my husband and I were just married 3 years ago & together we have 7 children. 6 girls 1 boy, boy 19yrs,girl 19 yrs,girl 18 yrs,girl 17 yrs,girl 13 yrs,girl 11 yrs,girl 10 yrs. 5 daughters are mine, 1 boy 1 girl his, and they are complete opposites from they way we brought them up prior to meeting to the way we parent now. My ex husband does not pay child support and is over 25,000.00 behind, my teenage daughters do not want to work, do not help do any daily chores in the house , the oldest daughter has quit high school and refuses to get her G.E.D., both older daughters have moved out because they did not like the house rules when their new step father moved in , but have already moved back home cause they could not make it alone. There are daily drama's, conflicts, and times of closeness with all 9 of us. The house is complete kaos from the time we get up in the mornings to the time we go to bed at night. We are always running from work to some type of practice & my husband and I both work a full time job and a part time job just to make week to week checks last. We would love to tell our story to the world and help others prepare for the good and bad to come as they go down the same paths we have just recently went down. Please give us an opportunity to tell our story to others and show how we have survived this 3 years in disfunction.

  36. Hi I think I should be in your show because I have 1 sister and 1 brother. My brothers 2 1/2 and my sisters 13.im 11.my moms currently pregenant.and we live with my grandma in a very tiny house.my mom had my sister when she was only 14 and shes the one mostly providing for all of us.my mom and dad are split up.my mom is now happily married.another reason we should be on your show is because my family is drama all the time and were not afraid of a challenge.

  37. Omgggggg, just the thought of me having a reality show is just out of this world. My life is fun, sad, dramatic and over the top. I have a family like the kardashians or especially just like the reality show"Toya A Family Affair". I rap, sing, act, and I do sports. My life is interesting and something people need to see. We have drama (fights), sad times, happy times, and even times were your like, "did they just do that". My name is christian collins, I am 14 years old, my birthday is march 4,1997, I am also in the process of writing and filming my own show, that would be interesting to watch. I also audition for movies and tv shows.

  38. by the way, none of my friends no about my family situation. we dont really look like we are going through this hard time. we try to keep our heads up and not let anybody know what is going on. okay thats it. (: kbye

  39. Hello, im a mexican-american, 15 years old daughter. My family has went through a horrible period in 2007 especial after Hurricane Katrina. It was hard to even fix our house back to the way it was, but then getting ripped off by loads of people that said they would help but they were fraud. To make things worst, my dad cheated and left the state shortly after us finding out that he did. He quit his job and moved to Texas. He is no help what so ever. He has proble put in up to $300 or more over the past 5yrs. With my mom singlely handling our house morgage, no over time at work, 2boys and 1 daughter and 1 other boy that has already moved out with his girlfriend, and all the school and out of school activities that we have for sports and clubs are very hard for my mom. It has been up to 6yrs and our house is still not fixed. 2 of my older brothers, Matthew and Micheal, has hemophilia and me and matthew has asthma. Im pretty sure that i can saftly say that our family is doing way worst than the family on DownSize right now. If you need any more details on our family, please feel free to email me…my mom doesnt know i did this.

  40. I would love to be on this show. I actually got married a little more than a year ago, and am currently pregnant. My husband and I are both 20, and we come from two totally different backgrounds. My family (all 10 of them that I know), is very out there, loud, funny, and completely dysfunctional. My husband's family is very large on his mother and father's side. I've met about 75-100 people in his family and I keep being told that's only the half of it! My family isn't much of a 'family'. My mom and my siblings, of course, I love them; but with my extended family I definitely don't feel it. All of his family, and I mean ALL of them love everybody. It's intimidating and I'm still trying to get used to this change. There's so much more to this situation than can be put into a paragraph 🙂 This experience would be life changing. Thank you.

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