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The Locator - WEtv
The Locator, WE’s popular reality show that reunites long lost people is soon to return with another powerful season of reconciliation and they are looking for new participants. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this life changing program.

The Locator is hosted by Troy Dunn who has devoted the last 20 years of his life to the cause of bringing people who have lost connection, or in some cases those who have yet to have connection at all back together to amazing results. This moving WE  program has been on the air since 2008 and has helped many people just like you.

This an opportunity of a lifetime. Do you have someone in your life that you have lost touch with? A birth parent, a family member, a long lost friend? The Locator wants to help. You can leave a comment below and find more info here http://troythelocator.com/ReuniteOnTV.asp.

Be a part of a program that is truly helping people. Fill that aching void that you feel in your heart, help yourself!

53 thoughts on “The Locator – WEtv

  1. Hello, My name is Anissa Cline. I am 24 years old and live in Grafton, Wv. I've been actively looking for my half sister for over a year now with no luck. Her case remains a cold case because no one has figured out where she is or if she's alive. I don't know much about the show but what I do know is that it might help me solve my sister's 14 year cold case. I would love to either meet her or finally figure out if she's been alive or not this whole time. I made this my life mission to figure out what's really happened to her and I don't intend to stop here. I could really use you're guys help.

    Please and thank you.

  2. Hi, Iwon the contest you had and I have lost the email you sent because I had to send my lap to to the manufacturer for repair, Can you send it again PLEASE. Thank You.

    1. Hello I think I did as well. What email did you receive ? Nice to connect with similar people as myself as well 😊✌🏽

  3. I emailed you years ago, looking for a dad and a brother, but you never got back with me. I would love to know where they are and if they are alive and to let them know that I am alive. My heart feels empty not knowing and not knowing that my dad never looked for me is a horrible feeling for a person. I just like to hear his side and no I do not judge him nor my brother.

  4. Hey My name is Judy Locklear and I am in desperate need for your help! When I was 15 years old I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy in New York city. Unfortunately, I was still a minor and my Mother made me give him up for adoption. I have missed him and longed to find him since he was taken out of my arms. I am getting up in age now and I do not know how much time I have left on this Earth. I would love to see my son before I pass! I am not rich and cannot afford to pay someone to find him so I figured It would not hurt to ask you for help. I Lost my baby girl due to cancer in 2011 and it would do my heart good to be reunited with my son. Please help me! Thanks in Advance! Judy

  5. You are good but I don't think you can help me. I feel a part of me missing because I don't know who my grandfather is.

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    1. Hi my name is Cynthia Jones. My brother James Pittman has been out of my life since I was about 7 years old. I am 54 now. We tried the internet,and contacting other family members. My grandmother passed,my sister,and some aunts and uncles. I find it hard to believe that my brother is still alive. I just can't imagine him not showing up for their funerals. My mother is 88,and my father is 83. I would love to find out what happened to my brother before my parents pass. It would mean so much to them! Please help me find my brother.

  7. Troy,
    My name is Jessica and I need your help finding my biological father.
    I know his name is Paul M, Harris. He used to work for British airways around 1986-1987 as a flight attendant living somewhere in London (?). Born around 1959.
    He has no idea i exist. I have done research to end up at a dead end or my pocket is too short.

    My whole life i always wondered what my father was like. Constantly badgering my mother for more information about him.
    Do I look like him? Act like him? Yet she cannot tell me. There is more to this story than i would like to tell.
    I am desperate to find the other half of me. WHO AM I?

    Words can't describe how much it would mean to me if you helped me find my father.
    I am a emotional wreck just writing this letter. You may not respond but at least this is one step closer to saying "My name is Jessica and I am your daughter".

    Please help me or at least point me in the right direction. I would greatly appreciate it,

  8. Dear troy I had a son named Shawn Lee camp Nov the 19th 1977 in Charleston sc I was married to Dewayne Lee camp he was in the us navy in Charleston sc shortly after me and Dewayne got married a month later in Feb I found out I was pregnant with Shawn I told Dewayne I was pregnant he then told me he didn't want no kids so turmoil set in Shawn was born 9 months later the love of my life my reason for living Dewayne's parents came to Charleston to see Shawn but they came to kidnap my son they paid a doctor to lie and say I tried to hurt my son I loved my son I wouldn't ever hurt him then DSS stepped in and placed my son in foster care till we went to court 3months went by we finally went to court DSS dropped their charges against me I was awarded custody by judge mallard the judge gave the camps 10 days visitation they took my son to tx and never returned him to me he's 37 and don't no the truth about what happen only what he's been told please help me reunite with him

  9. Hello, this is for my wife a beautiful woman who has one big missing void in her life. We both have spent countless hours trying to find her father who was a Puerto Rican serving in the American Military in Germany. Her mother (A drunk) has been no help and has been hiding information from us and her for years. Her last memory of him was when she was three or four when he was pushing her in a swing. She has one photo of him pushing her and the swing and it continues to haunt her to this day. She is now forty and has no clue that I am doing this, however if he has died she would still be blessed to have found a brother, sister, aunt, uncle, to help fill that missing void. Thank you for your time.


    Jamie Drake

  10. Dear Troy, I had a son in 1982 and had to put him up for adoption as my parents were going through a divorce and I was 16 when I became pregnant. I wrote him a letter and I actually picked his parents through a pregnancy counselor. When he was a year old I went through my lawyer to see if I could get a picture of him and their lawyer said he didn't know where they were anymore. I have always wanted to leave it up to him as I didn't want to intrude in his life, but my own children have always known about him and have encouraged me to try to find him. I love him and I have always wanted to know where he was, how he is and if I made the right choice. I pray about him always and he is always on my mind and in my heart. Please, help me to find him. One way or another I need to know and my children need to know. Maybe he would be glad to find out he has a brother and a sister. Thank you for all you and your team do for people, Troy. You all are a blessing to so many. I watch your show and it touches me so much. God bless you all.

  11. Hello,
    My name is Hilda Im 23 yrs and I was adopted when I was 2 days born by 2 amazing people not only did they adopt me they also adopted my biologiolical brother he was 2 yrs old at that time now 25 yrs and then 2 years later adopted my biological sister when she was 2 weeks old now shes 21years old but me and my sister have a empty hole we want to fill and its finding our half sister that we never met all I have is her birth certificate we been wanting to find her for yearsbut been waiting till she turns 18 yrs and shes about to turn 19 yrs I always wonder if she knows about me and even though we havent met I love her and would love to me her and be part of her life so please help me find her 🙂

  12. In high school we were called the three musketeers. Lorna, Dottie, and Val. Dottie and I have found each other after fifty years apart. Now we are trying to locate Lorna. Any help will be appreciated.

  13. My name is Cheryl. I am 47 y/o and 3yrs I found that I have a twin sister that was put up for adoption. I have searched but found dead end road. Any help you can give me will be appreciated.

  14. To Whom it my Concern,, my name is Christine Roberts,, my maiden name is Eichhorn , I'm looking for some help in locating my father. His name is John Samuel Eichhorn ,, I hadn't seen my father since I was 9 years old. I'm now 44 years old. Sometime in 2011 I recieved a phone call from my mother telling me that my father had found my brother his name is also John Samuel Eichhorn on on the computer one day ,, and my mother said he was going to give me a call will to make a long story short I haven't seen my father since I was 9 years old I am now 44yrs. He decides to come back into my life after 30 years or more to only see me I think maybe 3 or 4 times Gd came to see me and my brother,, it is a truly a little bit of a long story but my brother doesn't want anything to do with my father but I wanted something to do with my father,, I went through a lot of things when I was a child that I know No child should have to go through ,, And I grew up without my father in my life and I don't understand why he chose to come back after all those years just to see me 3 times or whatever and to leave and not come back again. I haven't heard from him , I haven't seen him ,,he wont accept me as a friend on Facebook . if he even still has Facebook. I mean he posted the picture of when he took me and my husband to Alcatraz and he's got those posted on Facebook as photos,, so I don't understand why you didn't accept me as a friend , I just don't understand I lost his phone number when I messed up my phone, I know that he lives somewhere in the San Diego area and I live in West Sacramento California so I don't think that we're that far away but I have no means to get him,, I just want to know what I did to make him not want to come back and see me again ,, I don't understand I mean he saw me 3 * at all these years it hurts my feelings just because my brother doesn't want anything to do with him it doesn't mean I don't I want something do with my father ,, I want to know why he stopped coming back around. I want to know why he came back after all those years. I never got a chance to ask him questions. I have a 26 year old daughter he never even got to meet and a 17 year old daughter he never got to meet they were visiting my mother . He Never got to meet my children so I would like for him to meet my daughters.. so I'm sorry I made it so long . Could you please please help me please find my father so I can ask those questions I need to know.. I mean he doesn't even know that I was raped and molested as a child I mean Its not something that you want to tell everybody but I haven't had anybody to talk to you about it , I haven't had any counseling or anything . and I mean I really did want to tell my father about it but I decided not to. I need help please. I just really need somebody to help me find my father,, I'm So glad I found this show on TV so I could do this. if you can help me I would really appreciate it.. Thank you very much

  15. My mother had always told me that my father died before I was born.i am 42 and have found out my father is very much alive and I have a half sister I would love to meet. I have very little family on my mom's side and have had no contact with my mother in 13 years. Please help me contact and find my half sister.

  16. Hi my name is Jeanette, I am 34 yrs old, my mother had past away when I was only 5yrs old Ive never met any of my relatives from her side. I have 3 brothers so my father couldnt care for me the way he wanted to so he shipped me off to his brothers house it was to save me but what I went through under his care wasnt plesant.Ive been threw so much in my life & ive always felt so empty I do beleive it is because im missing that side of my family my mother past away in Brooklyn NY. I have so many questions & no one on my fathers side wants to answer them for me. can you please please help me find my other half so they can answer my ?? about my mother. I really want to know what she was like & what my family is like.

  17. Dear Troy, i am a 66 yr old former foster child who never met my biological father-I do not know if he is still alive. My bio mother died in 1995 in the Nsg Home I worked , as an RN Supv. I have had a good life so far but need to find this critical piece. I am the only survivor of the four offspring of this union of my mother and father. I tried many years ago to locate him without success. The Catholic Home Bureau (NYC)is the agency for foster care–they will not give me any information and I believe in you and the efforts I have seen on the TV program. I do not think they were married by ceremony–more can be told of what I know from my birth certificate. I have three adult children and 8 grands. Please assist me in my efforts to complete this cycle. May you be blessed for your life work.

  18. Dear troy I need your help 21 years ago when I was 16 year old I gave birh to a baby girl name darlyne at that time I couldnt give her the life she wanted so I force to gave her up for adoption that was the biggest decision I ever had to make.i am asking for you to help me please to locate her for me please I have try to to find her but have no luck at all I do not have the people who adopted her name or last name no one willing to help me at all I do not know what to do who can I ask for help,but you I really need to find her please help me you are my only help no one else cant do it but you god bless your heart and thank you anvance truly merana noel

  19. My brother passed away in October of 2012, and I've been trying to find my brother that my mother gave up for adoption in 1980.It would mean the world to me for me to find my brother, that I so despreatly need in my life at this time. I've been looking for him sence I was 13years old. I started looking the day I new anything about him. But it means sooo much more now that I've lost another brother. It would mean more then anything else in the world to me to have my brother in my life. Please help me and my family…..

  20. i would love to be on this show, i was taken away by social services at age 3 months here in chicago illinois in 1984 and placed with foster parents who later adopted me at age 2. And now that i have my own child i have been searching for my birth family. even though i do not know the exact circumstances except a few, i believe in change. So i have decided to begin my own search only to hit a brick wall after my adoptive family gave me knowledge of my biological birth parents names and adresses.

  21. Dear Troy,
    I am writing on behalf of my friend, John Myer. John was married and adopted a son from Guatemala approximately 15 years ago. When his marriage ended he had visitation with his son but arrived one day to find that his ex-wife had moved and left no forwarding information. Despite his efforts at the time, John was unable to locate his son. He tried to have the adoption records released to him but they were sealed (in Delaware County, PA). Johnny would likely be in his early to mid-twenties now.
    John isn't sure what his son, Johnny, has been told about him. Has Johnny been trying to find his father or has his mind been poisoned against John by his mother and her new husband? John would love to reconnect with his son. It eats away at him to think that this child who he loved so dearly has disappeared from his life. He is a loving and sensitive man who so misses having this child in his life.
    At the time of the adoption John had no financial issues, however he has suffered severe financial losses in recent years and lives solely on social security. John also suffers from traumatic brain injury which makes it difficult for him to remember the exact dates the above transpired but the fact of Johnny's adoption are accurate. He told me that if he had the money he would hire a private investigator to try to find Johnny.
    Any help you can provide will deeply appreciated.
    Thank you for your time in reading John's story.

  22. I am 32 With 2 children WHO have never met their grandmother. We dont know if she is still Alive. We Would Love to Find ger & just find out why she left? Last time I SAS ger was when I took My daughter to visit her when she was in jail and she never evenemang looked at her just asked me if I could sneak her à cigarette in somehow! Plz help me find her. I stillcry myself to sleep @ night iver her. Plz help

  23. I am looking for my daughter. She was put into a mental health facility by her father while he had custody of her and now she is 18 and I miss her so much. She has a lot of difficulties in life but I cry every day for her…She is a good person, she just needs someone to love her. I am afraid she may become homeless and have no where to go. He won't tell me anything about her but I want to be a part of her life so bad it's killing me. I just need to find her to let her know she always has a place to call home and that not a day goes by that I don't think about her and wonder if she is eating or has clothes or a roof over her head…please help me find my child.

  24. My Father is a loving man that raised five natural Kids and adoped three.He devoted his life to children by being a Teacher and in the school system till his retirment.My Dad was left at the Childerns Home as a Baby were he lived untill at seventeen he joined to serve in WW2. Through the years he teyed to locate his parents to no success. It would be good to know that he has siblings at (eighty nine years old). There is not much to go on even the birth certificate had the rong last name from Muller to Miller. I love my Dad very much and would like to give hem some closer at this time in his life.

  25. My husband is 54 and has stage 4 cancer. He was adopted as an infant, his adopted father died when he was 10, his adopted mother died in 1986. He was in the Navy until 1987 and has lost touch with any of his adoptive relatives. He has always felt alone, as if he didn't belong anywhere. I think it would help him if he could connect with adoptive relatives, or find out about his biological parents. My family has fully accepted him into the family but so many times during this process when they would ask about his medical history, he would get a hurt look in his eyes and say "I have no idea, I'm adopted." I would like him to have this peace of knowing.

  26. I am looking for my sister. my mother put her up for adoption after my father was released from prison. She was not his child but she is still my sister. I have tried to find her for a long time. Her name was Dawn Marie Chase at birth. I was 17 at the time of adoption and about to be married at the time of her adoption. I would have taken her as my own but was told I could not by the case worker. I just want to find her.

  27. My husband and I have been trying to find my mother in laws birth mother. Her adoptive mother and aunt swear they dont know anything. But we have letters, and telegrams explaining how the adoption would go, where, and when. But never why or who. Some one knows, they are just not telling us. So we are at a wall, a big wall. My mother in law was born dec. 17th 1962 in Biddeford maine. My husband also wants to know where he comes from. He feels half of him and his mother has been missing. They need peace of mind of just knowing and stop being lied too. Thanks.

  28. Hi Troy,
    I was born and raised in England and moved to the states in 1964 with my ex-husband and oldest child.
    I went back home in 1967 when my mom was diagnosed with cancer, she died less than a year later at the age of 52.
    My elder sister did not want my two younger sisters. My sister Linda was old enough to move into her own apartment,but my younger sister was only 9 years old and was placed in foster care.
    I promised my mom that I would watch over them, because she knew my older sister did not want them. It broke my heart to think my sister would do something like that?
    I worked with the English child welfare dept. to have my younger sister come live with me and my family. Everything was all set to go and week before she was due to come, she changed her mind. Her foster father was dying of cancer and she didn't want to leave her foster mother.
    I respected her decision, even though I was very disappointed.
    I took my youngest son to England for his college graduation present and he got to meet some of my family members.
    After we got back I wrote back and forth and called on the phone, then we lost touch.
    For the last 4 years I've tried everything to locate my 2 younger sisters, but it always ends up in a dead end.
    I don't know if you can help, but I watch your show everyday and think how lucky some of those people are to reconnect with loved ones.

    Thank-you for reading my story and I hope I hear back from you.

    Claire P. Morris

  29. Dear Troy, I am 49 years old. I was adopted when I was 3 months old. I had a loving home,however both of my adopted parents have past and there is a longing to complete the void in my life. My adopted mother's wish was to meet my birth mother/father and say thank you to them for me. Unfortunately.my search has led me absolutely no where. The agency that arranged the adoption told me that her name was Irene or Eileen. When I was 10 I was diagonisised with toxoplasmisis of the eye. I have been battleing with that for all of my life. I was born with it. I would like to find either of my birth parents before anything else happens with my sight. I do have 2 boys and I raised them primarily by myself. It has been a rough road and if nothing else I do need something good in my life. I hope that you take this case to finally complete my life. Thank you for your time

  30. Hi my name is Quinton Hunt from buffalo ny I have several stories one for my mom an myself I am 33 yrs I have a little brother on my father side I haven't seen since he was 3 an I was 13 I love my little brother but because my dad wasent always there for either one of us his mom moved away an I never saw him again now this happened in anniston ala where I'm originally from. The other story is my mom my mom has many many brothers an sisters from her dad side she never met. My grandfather had close to 30 children an I had the privalidge of meetin a few many yrs ago. My mother has a sister named geroldine who is identical to my mom they look so much alike u would think they were twiins but they never met I would love for my mom to at least meet 1 out of the 30 siblings she have on her dad side. Thank u

  31. My brother, two years older than I, has never known his dad, our mother died when I was 15 and he 17. Mom and my brother had had a very short conversation when he was 16 revealing he is half Japanese heritage. And that they, the father and our mother, lived together in Vancouver BC, Canada. She told him they would talk again and she would let him know who it was. Her death came sudden and unexpected, so sadly, this conversation did not take place. He may have a dad who does not even know of him and even possibly siblIings. Not knowing his dad has left a hole in his life all these years and maybe there is a hole in his dads heart too, so I thought maybe you can help! If not thanks for your time!

  32. Hello! I am looking for my brother, Iam an only child, Ive never met him, all I know is his name is Jean Luke and he was given up for adoption by his birth mother because our birth father is a convicted child maulestor,I think about him often and would love to show him, just because our father was a monster, doesnt mean we are!

  33. My Biggest thing is to find my Birth Mother I know nothing except I was adopted from Bulgaria I have no Idea where to start. I have no idea where to begin and I have no Means of figuring out how to start if the folks on this show could somehow help that would be amazing. However even if the folks on this show could at least let me know how to start on my own that would be great too. Please Please consider me It would be greatly appreciated and I would truly be able to come to terms with my past. There is a long story behind this and I would love the opportunity to be able to live this dream out

  34. Hi, I have been on a lifetime search for my biological mom ad possibly my dad…I was adopted before I was born and I have lost both my adopted parents who were in their 50's when they adopted me. I now have no parents to share my life..and two gorgeous boys….I am desperately seeking my biological mom and praying that I find her in time….befoe she leaves this earth….I have always wanted to see my mom and possbly meet my dad….even if it was for just one second….I need this healing in my heart and would love to establish a relationship with my mother..if she is willing…I have always wondered if I have brothers or sisters too and have passed many people on the street wondering if we were related!! I need this and am asking for some help…please help me….I watch the show all the time and think that could be me…I am prepared for whatever God brings my way….please help me find my mom…I have her name and some infrmation but not enough to do it on my own!! I would love to have a grandmother for my kids and my biological history to pass down to my kids generation…I cry every time I talk about finding my mom….I have dreams about it…thank u troy for what you do and for we tv for allowing people the opportunity to bring families and friend together!!

  35. Hi, my name is shylettia wilson and I would like to get to know my father I meet him one time when I was 5yrs old and I miss him so much I never really know him. Yet I love him so much I don't know maybe its a girl love for her father I am 23 now I have 2kids that I love to death and one of my kids have special needs he is yhe joy of world I love him like any normal kid I would just like for my father to meet my kids to see how special they are I have been thought so much I would like to think that if I had my father I my life would it be differnt i would I better I better person then I am now my family tell me why do you care about him he is maybe a boom or dead you shouldn't care and my family want join me in the schearch to find my father I just me by self and I have been tryin wit little or no money I wish that troy would put me on this show so that I can meet my father no matter if he lives in card board box I don't. Care I need my dad in my life the person that took care of me as child which I my grandma who pass away would love to see with my father once again I would to know that he would to see me to please help me

  36. Hi,My name is Lawanda,I would Love, Love to find my Brother.. My Mother had my Brother when she was 18 years Old. Back then it was very hard for them to be pregnant,@ not be married. My Grandfather, Kick my mother out of the house. Being nine months pregnant,With no where to Live. She did not have a choice but to put the baby up for adoption. My mother die in 1994. I told my mother one we will find him. My sisters and I would Love to see him. There is a missing piece in our lives. Help us find this piece.

  37. I am a foster child my name is shatiera and all my life i wanted the chance to meet my father..i am 19 years old and i feel incomplete not knowing who my father is. i want a chance to learn who he is and wat he looks like…please help me out thank you

  38. I was adopted at an early age…. my birth parents were so great ….they let us know so early that I do not even know ….my friends always asked.."when did you know you were adopted"…I always said I don't remember….they have been they best…I love them….they are my parents…however…I have always felt I wanted to feel I wanted to meet my birth parents but I have not wanted to hurt my birth parents!…They Are my birth parents!
    It was a closed adoption, I have tried to put my name out on the internet for her on adoption websites because I would like to know if I even have brothers or sisters or anything…I feel there is just something I have always been missing, but I do not want my adoptive parents to know that in fear of hurting them….I also have an older brother who was also adopted who has no want or need to find his birth parents…but I think men are different….also there is the medical aspect…I am a nurse and you never know what their health history is? If you could help it would be great, thank you.

  39. I found out I was adopted at birth when I turned 22, I'm 32 right now. My aunt told me. I approached my mom and she denied adopting me. She doesn't want to help me nor does her family. So I'd really like to find my birth parents. She has no faith in me finding my parents so this is very important to me. I know this may sound strange but I really think I was taken at birth.

  40. My name is Nekoda I am 21 years old , and I was adopted at birth. I have been looking for years now for my birth parents, and would love to connect with them.I started looking for my birth parents every since my adopted parents both passed away.

  41. FRAUD ALERT! hey everyone, this is Troy Dunn, AKA 'The Locator' and this post is bogus. There is no 2012 Locator show planned. I don't know why someone has posted this but it is untrue. Please don't be fooled by this posting. We do have a new tv show in the works but it is not affiliated with WE TV and it will not be called 'The Locator'. If you are seeking assistance in your search you may connect with me and the team directly at www.LocatorClub.com.
    God bless!
    Troy Dunn
    'The Locator'

  42. I grew up with my mother and grandmother and my sister my mother died of cancer when I was 17. A few years later I lost my grandmother. My family never had anything to do with us. So when I lost my mother and grandmother I felt as is my life has been
    Erased. No one to tell child hood stories nothing. I know I can't bring back my mother and because it was so unexpected and fast paced I never really got any info on my father. I might have a name if my memory serves me right but that's about it. He does not even know I exist. My mom said they were friends. She got pregnant and never told him, then moved away. I feel he is a missing part of me and I just want him to know I exist. This is an almost an impossible case I know. It doesn't hurt to try.

  43. Hi my name is Lauran Morgan and I am looking for my fathers son. He was giving up for adoption at birth in 1954. The birth mother looked for him until she was sickened with alzheimers and passed away back in 2009 at the age of 75. My father is still living and is in a nursing home and doing well. I have been looking for my brother for the both of them for about 15 years. Please help me find him and mend my fathers broken heart.

  44. Hello I lost contact with my Father that lives in the same state,ever sense he remarried he changed his name and stop being a father to me and my brothers. I forgive him and would love to reunite with him before he dies of lung cancer.



  45. Hi my name is Rayshalljackson my family and i have been missing of our love ones for about 23 years now.It was a family of 5 my aunt was jus released from prison about 2 years ago her and the boy friend killed my baby cousin who was 9 months old they beat him badly and the oldest child found him in the towlet the next morning he was beatn burn and they tryd to flush him. But the courts wouldnt give the rest of the kids to a family they just took them an we never seen them again so im asking for yall to please help us find them please. Thank you Rayshalljackson

  46. I am looking for my long lost ex boyfriend Jeremy. We got separated during high school. I really miss him and I want him back. I believe that God sent him to me and he doesnt know that I still love him. I want to be reconnected with him to know if he still feels the same way about me or to at least get clouser. Please reconnect me with who I believe is the love of my life. Thank you for your time.

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