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Biggest Loser NEW Season – NBC

Biggest Loser - NBC

NBC’s ‘The Biggest Loser’ is getting ready for a nationwide casting call and audition, 15+-city search for brand new contestants.

New Season Auditions For Teams and individuals of Two to be Held in Salt Lake City, Tampa,, Boston, Detroit, Nashville, Los Angeles, Albuquerque, Oklahoma City, Chicago, New York City , Dallas, New Orleans, Washington, D.C., Phoenix and Portland.

NBC’s popular reality series “The Biggest Loser” is launching a 15-city cross-country search to find new contestants for the next edition of the hit show. Individuals and teams of two who have at least 100 lbs. to lose are encouraged to apply for the new season.

The Casting producers will be looking for charismatic and outgoing and individuals.

While they will try to see everyone, “The Biggest Loser” casting teams will do their best to see the first 500 people in line. People will not be allowed to line up prior to three hours before the start of the open call. Candidates should bring a non-returnable photo of themselves (and their partners if applying as a team)

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  1. Hello my name is Herman. Iam going on 43 years old and weigh 380 plus. Ive been married for 19 years and unfortunally don't have any children. I would love to be thin again like in my early days when I served in the US ARMY. My family has lot of hypertension issues, diabetes, and heart conditions. I would love to get this weight off and will work hard when pushed to do it. Just don't where to start but hopefully I can get a chance on the show and live a much longer life with my signafiant other. Thank you.

  2. Taking my life back!! I need help doing it everyday seems like the same routine and can't stay motivated enough. I want to be the skinny mom not the fat one that can't hardly fit in the seats to watch her son play ball, not the mom that avoids public places and won't stop at the gas station with the most people this fat women has taken over my life and I do not like her!

  3. I am writing on behalf of my wife, Lucy
    . Lucy has fought weight loss most of her life. In 1999 she fell on her knee and needed surgery, however she developed a brutal infection that was not caught until 2 weeks after her knee surgery. Eventually the infection destroyed her knee and had have knee replacement. In 2002 the infection that cured only went dormant and awoke. Lucy had surgery again. In 2011, she broke her left leg which shattered her femur. The same leg her knee was replaced. Lucy had 6 separate surgeries in a 2 yr span to repair her break. She now has one leg shorter than the other and walks with a limp. This has a major impact on cardio exercise. We watch our diet and weigh and measure food, but the weight is difficult to decrease and she gets very discouraged. She also does water aerobics and tries to workout at the gym. I believe with your guidance and expertise in weight loss would help her immensely. Please help us. Thank you for listening, George

  4. The Biggest Loser could help me save my life.I am a 37 yr.old proud single mom of a 9 yr.old daughter.I have diabetes,high cholesterol, hypothyroidism,mild bipolar.I used to have sleep apnea but I lost 15 pds.and no longer have it.I am slowly killing myself.I feel like I have a strong addiction to food and sugar.I desperately need help and feel like it would change my future substatially for the better.I want to see my daughter graduate 8th grade and highschool,and college and get married and see my grandkids.But i'm afraid that won't happen if i don't take control of my diabetes.i see an endocrinologist but i haven't been following through.My sugar last time i went to a an urgent care facility was 500.Lately it's been getting worse.Heart disease runs in my family and so does stroke.Please help me.Unfortunately, I can't afford to make it to one of the audition cities but I really don't want to give up trying.I am hoping and praying that somebody sees this and gives me a chance.I want to be a fit mom,one who is a healthy example for my daughter.I just feel like I need someone like Jillian Michael's to motivate me to get me into shape.I know she's no longer there but I feel like i need that type of trainer.Thankyou so much.Best of luck to all who are trying! 🙂

  5. I want a happy healthy life! I weight 310 pounds and ready to get rid off them after 10 pregnancy and 8miscarriges because of my overweight I have to lovely son's that I want to live for and plenty of sicknesses I want to eliminate or not have pls consider me I think this is my chance to find happiness.

  6. If I was on the show,maybe I could learn to love myself.I hate Mirrors,I cover them up so I can't see myself.I hate getting sick,people think you must have heart problems.I hate taking pictures,so I try to hide,by going to the bathroom.I know I am like any other overweight person.But someday I want a role model for others,learning what is healthy,and unhealthy.Our children need guidance,but don't have it.I didn't have it growing up.Everything was chips,cake,and fast food.

  7. I am probably the heaviest P.E. Teacher in the Country. I know what to do and all the risks that come with being obese but I need help. I love my students and would love to live to be an example for them and my own kids. I am loved and Love them, so I just want to be on this earth a lot longer to make more differences in students lifes. I would love to work hard and succeed in this show. I am 47 time for a change…

  8. My name Mary I'm 46 and have 5 children and 7 grandchildren.I'm 100lbs over I have asthma I love to dance but I need to do this for me.I always said I wouldn't be one of those people and it came back with revenge.I watch the show I've tried the books cooking healthier,but it hasn't worked for me.I would love the chance to get the help I need. Thank you

  9. hello I am 34 years old and about 150 pounds over weight..I am a very happy go lucky kind of guy with a party personality but behind closed doors I am so mad at myself for letting my weight get out of control and I feel like its getting worse with no hope in sight…please be the hope that I need..thank you

  10. I would love the help to loose 100lbs. for three main reasons; health, look and clothing. I woul like not to take medication for diabetes. I would love to find nice close to wear a lot of the stores that sell big size (22-24)are closing and is hard to find nice close at reasonable prices.
    Thank you so much.

  11. Hi my name is martha. I am 19 and weigh 280lbs and im 5'3. i know if i get this chance to be in this next season that would be the motivation to break free from my shell.. i feeel like tht caterpillar stuck trying to break free and be that butterfly people expect me to be. When i was a child i was thin but always sixk hospitalized never healthy as i grew older i became obese i was in middle school weighing over 200 lbs. in middle school I was the laughing stock of everyone all the guys would make fun of me in class and the teacher would not say anything i spend my whole middle school life crying everyday thinking that this year it would be different and that i would show them tht i can be skinny and never happened even my own friends would make fun of me and make me feel worthless. It all went through like this even in high school same people would make fun never stood up everyone had dates to prom except me i had a really emotional experience due to my obesity. Out of high school and now a nurse im going to school to become a doctor. i wanna be fit and show people who made fun of me that the best revenge i can do i by making myself a better person not only personality wise but also physically.. i would love to be the next choosen one to be the person i wanna become and not let anyone ever bring me down because i know i have a heart of gold and no matter how many times people tried to bring me down i will never let anyone change that.

  12. my name is mike riley i havent been able to weigh myself in years becuase scales in stores dont go that high.last time i could i was tippin in at 400 lbs. im 29 used to be a athletic kinda guy, but i started cooking professionaly and the weight just started comin on. ive tried diets and exercise but apperently the wrong ones. id loose weight at first then id start putting it back on. i think that with the right direction i could loose. weight and keep it off. wich would help me sleep better and hopefully kick this horrible snoring habit i have as well.

    thank you for your time and consideration
    mike riley if cape cod

  13. The struggle is real for me, I try to find clothes to fit me, hair do's to out look my body, but in reality all people see is a fat blob. I have always been a big girl, Im 5'6" weighing at 256 pounds. I use to have motivation, but not anymore, I need someone to push me until something happens. I pray that I can get my help.

  14. Hi.
    I'm 12 years old I way over 200lb my whole family is obese. But I want to be that inspiration for them I don't want to be this big for the rest of my life I tried it's hard to mist I've ever lost is about 10 pounds please make this for all ages I really need this not just for me but for my family.
    Thank You.

  15. I am 40 years old and weigh over 200 lbs. I have had cancer as a child and my family has diabetes, heart disease you name it my family has it.I would like to learn how to eat healthy and lose at least 80lbs. I am single and would someday like to get married and have a family.

  16. My name is Diamon I am 24 years old over weight and only 5'3please give me a second chance. Alot of people in my family have diabietes,hypertension,arthritis,lupus,have had a stroke or on dialysis I DON'T WANT ANY OF THAT PLEASE HELP ME.

  17. Hi. I am a 338 lb single mom of 4 boys. I have struggled with weight my whole life. I need to make this change or my boys will have no one. I have been going to the gym and using a personal trainer but it doesnt seem to be helping. I need to learn how to live so that I can live for myself and my boys. When will you be in Portland?

  18. Hello I have been obse since I was 10 years old I am not 36 I have lost in the pass 218lb from 412 which was my highest weight. I am a single mother working hard to keep up but it hard because my weight is holding me back. It hard when my daughter wants to play and I don't have the engergy to play it makes me feel so sad for her. I would like bob to into shape so I can play with my daughter fall in love and live happy ever after please pick me you won't regret it


  20. Hello guys I'm ready for some good ol fashion a kicken let's get busy slap you n da face don't give me no lip back talk yo ancestors work out I'm 156 pounds fat!!! And I would love to make the next biggest looser just because I got a lot to offer my 3 sons would love to c me healthy again but I said I don't think Juliann can break me I never give up and I love a good fight so come on and let's have a go I promise to b nice hehehe I'm not reality I'm acuality lol I'm the next big looser !!!

  21. I have always been a dedicated veiwer of the show. The contestants gave/give me ongoing hope and never ceased to amaze me with their drastic makeovers and weight loss. I always told myself I was going to change how I looked and do something about my weight, but after 20+ years of being the chubby, tall girl that everyone believed didnt weigh as much as she claimed, I have only roller coastered up and down. At 6'1" and 340 pounds, I am far from a productive individual! Now, the proud mother of a 10 month old (after 6 unsuccessful years of trying), I know I am in dire need of permanent change. A lifestyle makeover, per say, one that will help me learn and in turn teach my child valuable and healthy lessons throughout both of our lives. My fear is not being here to raise her because of my own stupidity and selfish, uncontrolled habits. I always longed to audition for the show, but I always told myself there was no way I would be chosen. This, however, is the year! I am breaking free of the chains of negativity and I will be attending an open casting call regardless of how far away it is. I need help on my journey and for once, I am not afraid to admit it. Biggest Loser Casting Team…. look out…. here I come!!!

  22. I am a 27yrs I Been on every diet that is out there. Iam a mother of 3 beautiful kids i want to be her for a long time i tryed a gym i need a trainer that will help out i don't have money to pay for them its not that iam lazy I couch for mi kids I walk all the time iam always on the go I love to do different things I been wanting to do bl but scared and know iam ready I want to be the biggest loser I help when people are down and sad this will be so great for me instead of doing the surgery I want this so bad I want to be able to show my kids no matter what or when or why You can be what you want I am doing this for my self and also my kids please give me a try and you will be happy

  23. Hello, my name is Jill Mahan I currently 150lbs over weight and I really need a push to get stronger for myself so I am able to play with my grandkids. I would love to be an extra if you will have me.
    thank you
    jill mahan

  24. I am 43 years old and weigh 220. I am sitting here watching the Biggest Loser finale. Tears are rolling down my face. I cry a lot and my emotions are a roller coaster. I have my life stories just like soo many. I don't like to feel so I eat to mask all this stuff. I am scared to admit that I need this help. I want to do the scariest thing ever and take myself on.

  25. Hi I am a 260Ib food service director for a school district in Iowa. I know I should set the pace for the kids I provide a healthy lunch for every day but I guess it is that old saying do as I say not as I do. I am a 43 year old mom of 4. I have been to 2 other casting calls one in CHGO and one in Pheonix Az. I guess I did not stand out there but I just keep on trying. I have gone through all the steps to have bypass surg. but just didn't follow through. I have a very loving husband of 2 years. He was my first love after 24 years and a very abusive past we came back into each others life 3 years ago and married 2 years ago. I want to do this so I can be the outgoing, fun person I know is on the inside. My health concerns are the same as everyone else high chol, high blood presure and diabetes. I would give anything to have this chance. I will just keep going until someone sees my potental and the person I know is under all this fat. Keep hope alive.

  26. Hello I'm 300lbs+ i need HELP losing weight. i have a very hard time walking and had 9 doctors tell me to lose it. It's the most difficult thing i have ever tried to do.

  27. I own and operate a sports and gaming card shop which I opened at the age of 16. Im now 30 years old and I weigh over 425 pounds. I have always been a large man and I have also had perfect health all of my life. I was an acomplished high school athlete. My mother had a stroke a year ago which has changed my life completely. I have a disabled brother for whom I will be responsible for in the future and I fear that if I don't change the way that I'm living my life I won't be around to provide for him. My father and wife is willing to run my busisness for me to make this change. Ive never had this kind of an opportunity to dedicate all of my time to loosing weight and I believe that if I did I would be a very motivational person to watch. I will be auditioning in 2013.

  28. I'm 20 years old and tipping the scales at 210 pounds, at only 5'1". I have struggled throughout my entire life with my weight, and I hate who I've become. During my high school years, I finally did something about my weight, but not in a good way. I was anorexic, bulimic, and lived off of diet soda and laxatives. When I had went into my doctor for my physical, I was told if I didn't change, I would have kidney, liver, and heart failure. From that moment, I overindulged in EVERYTHING I ate, going from a measly 75 pounds, to 195. I've since then, ballooned to 210 pounds. I have tried every diet, from Atkins, to the grapefruit diet, and working out. I've been at this for a year and a half, and NOTHING has happened. I have given up. I'm tired of having no self esteem. I recently became engaged, and I'm going to school for nursing, and I want to be fit, thin, and beautiful on my graduation and wedding day. Please consider me for the new season…it would truly make the the happiest person. I'm willing to give everything up just to make this opportunity happen.

  29. Hello, I am 46trs old 2 years ago i lost 88 pounds ,I have been able to maintain . I have resently gained 7 pounds . I got married in may also changed to diffrent area at my job.haven't got back to working out. still try to eat healthy . would love the oppratunity to be part of biggest losser to get me back on track and get me motavated. i did way 298 lbs now 217.my goal waight is 125

  30. I have an Idea for Season 15 show. Biggest 2 time losers. The concept is built on two angels. 1) Audition people like myself whom have had a Gastric Bypass and have regained 1/2 or more of ther lost lbs. Gastricbypass surgery is life changing thing in many ways. This would open a door to bring in people whom have had the surgery and thier battels with it, Doctors whom advise for and or against this method. Nutritionist to comment on the long term committment to bypass. 2) add to the show some of the early losers whom have gained there lost wieght during the show back if not more. which reforetfies the committment side of the task of losing weight and the maintance of after any level of achievement. I have gained back half or more of my 225 lbs lost in 12 months after my bypass in 1996 I have other concepts to add to this programing idea and would love to be a contestant and or any other part of this concept.

  31. i have been over weight now for nearly 15 yrs i lost my dad to a massive heart attack two years ago and recently was left by my husband to do it all for me and my children stress and nerves caused me to lose 40 pounds quickly but i want to change for me for my kids i want a new life to look and feel pretty again to know how to keep this weight in control i have tried so many things but i want to do this right and learn how to keep it off i know i would be a great person because i am a fighter ive proven that to myself and others in this past year im to differnt to same the same thanks so much for reading my post ….love the show its so inspiring just to watch could only imagine being in the mist of the change

  32. Hello my name is florine L. I am sick of myself looking like this, overweight,low self esteem. and all i do is eat more i don't know how to stop and control my eating can't afford real healthy eating so i just try to get the healthyness out of what i eat.i feel active but i am not. i drink energy drinks but no energy. Help me to understand that i have to eat to live , not live to eat , i cant separate the difference i really need your help. please consider me on an episode on your show this year thank you.

  33. When I was 14 I lost my father to heart disease, he also had diabetes. my mother has high blood pressure, and COPD. I have three children and weigh 233 pounds, and I'm scared that I will end up getting heart disease if i dont change my diet. I don't get alot of exercise, because I have a son with a disability and it makes it alot harder to get the time to workout. Please help me and consider me for the new season I would love the chance to change my life!

  34. I don't mean to be insensitive, but I read many of your stories! I am sad by the number of people that feel so helpless in their weight and health. But, you have all seen the show and know you can do it-even if they never pick you for a season. It starts by chosing to make some better choices tomorrow and using all the wonderful tools around you. Find a group to work out with, find an online source of help, take a cooking class-get a team or competition going with your friends, family, co-workers. You have the power to make yourself into whomever you want to be.
    I weighted 230 at my heaviest and now weigh 140. I lost all the weight on my own. I am not trying to lessen the struggle or your own difficulties, I just mean to empower you all. Believe in yourselves, as if Jillian, Bob or the skinny versions of yourselves were with you pushing you to your best!

    Good luck, people!

  35. I am 42 yrs old and in jan had a stroke, I ended up having a brain anorysm. I was not able 2 do much but i need 2 get healthy i eat healthy but can not lose the weight my son is 16 and is also overweight we both need this so that we can have healthy lives. I am so concerned especially about my son i want him to have a full productive life please help!!!!!!!

  36. About 2 years ago I gave birth of my daughter an for the last six months I find it hard to shed the weight I'm 33 years old an weight 250lbs. I thought it was goona be easy after my daughter's 1 st birth day but it hasn't. So Please help me!

  37. Please help my Mom!!!! She is 56 years old and has a lot to live for. Unfortunately, she is killing herself due to obesity, diabetes, and other health problems. She has a 10 year old daughter and 4 grandkids with 1 on the way. She just does not have the motivation to do it on her own. She has said many times that her hearts desire is to be a contestant on The Biggest Loser. Please help my mom get her life back so my 2 sisters and I along with her husband and grandkids doesn't lose her. She is 5' and weighs 215 lbs. It would be mean the world to her to be considered as a contestant, especially since she has no idea that I am writing you on her behalf. Thank you so much!!!

  38. Ineed to lose 100lbs and I've had two total knee replacement and a bad back and or hips they say there;s no hope for me but I'm not willing to except it. I think the biggest loser can help me. Right now I don't have someone to come with me but I will find someone. I believe there was a request on my e-mail address and I accidently deleted it if this was so please send me another chance to try. Thank you. Sincerly Rose Miller. Patiently looking forward tp hearing from ypu all.

  39. im a 27 year old single mother of a autistic son who has so much energy and i cant keep up. im ready to bable to chase him and play wth him and not get tired after a couple of mins. i have watched this show along time and i know the motovation and team strargy would relly motivate me and keep me on track. ive tried dieting but nothing have happened. i give up on myself quick but i know hving a coach and the support of the other people would reaaly help me. i find myself being depressed alot not wanting to do anything cause im so unhappy with the way i look. i want to loose atleast 85 to 90lbs. please help me.

  40. im 27 n hve been struggling wth this wait along time tried alot of diffrent diets but nothing has worked. very lazy need motivation i know i can do it with the help.need to lose 80 lbs are more

  41. this is my lifes story. i have been runner up
    to winners, this time i want to be a winner.
    i am a wife of 27 years with two beautiful daughters. i need to lose approx 100 lbs i'm embarrassed by my appearance so i shy away from family functions and school functions. i
    also want to be a positive role model for my
    daughters 17 and 9 years old. i am a former flight attendant for a major airline and decided to become a stay at home mom 6 years ago. i'm very active with my church and i have faith that even though the casting calls
    have closed if it's meant for me to be a participant on the biggest loser GOD will open this door. i live in so much sadness even though my faith says i should be joyful.
    please help me i'm tired of being disgusted and unloving of myself. how can i expect my husband to love me if i don't love myself my marriage is TREADING on THIN ICE. 100 LBS IS ABOUT TO BREAK IT. GOD BLESS this family.

  42. I am a 63 year old energetic grandma who loves to romp and play with my 4 grands, the youngest is 3 and the oldest is 16. I am 5'2, 260 lbs and needless to say, I am not too energetic these days of late. My body has attacked my energy and it is winning. I want to regain control of my body and live an energetic life again with these young grands. My mind is rapidly moving all the time, but my body can't keep up. HELP ME get back to what my grands deserve. They see old pictures and they say that they want that grandma. HELP ME give her back to them.

  43. My partner and I need to lose more than 150 lbs a piece. Tired of jiggling when we walk.
    Starting to get health complications and need to lose the weight are else! Tired of getting those looks that can kill from people and our tongues are getting tired of sticking out at them so please, please help us. Cindy Almond and Sharon Hathaway

  44. I like many Americans, am struggling with obestiy, I am 30 years old and weigh over 300lbs,I hear from people all the times you have a beautiful face leaving me sadden because my body consist of fat and cellulite. I recently finished my degree in Criminal Justice hoping to become a police officer, but I can't currently even take the physical test because I won't pass due to my weight. My weight has kept me from visiting the dentist and doctor due to embrassement The major reason behind me applying for the biggest loser is, my son just the other day asked me, if adults lie, i said I don't, he said mommy I'm not trying to be mean, but you lied. My son became very ill, and needed a heart transplant, he became so ill doctors didn't think he was going to make it, I promised him at that time that I would get in shape if he pulled through, and HE DID. He has been healthy with his new heart for almost four years and now,.3
    //U9 he reminded me of my promise, I OWE TH

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