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Baby Daddy - ABC Family
ABC Family, the network behind such hit programs as The Secret Life of an American Teenager and Pretty Little Liars have ordered a new and exciting comedy from the writer of Hannah Montana : The Movie and Sabrina The Teenage Witch. Casting calls will begin soon in Los Angeles and New York  for series regulars and day players for this high profile new show.

The sitcom follows the exploits of  Ben Whelan, a single man in his 20’s who is left with the responsibility of caring for a child alone when his ex-girlfriend leaves her on his doorstep. With the help of his friends, family and love Ben must navigate the up’s and down’s of his unexpected parenthood.

If you’ve ever had the dream of being a star on a major cable television program on one of America’s favorite family networks this is your opportunity to show the world your talent! You can go here abcfamilyauditions.com/2011/11/abc-family-auditions-for-new-multi.html to find out more information. And be sure to leave a comment below and stay tuned for all of ABC Family’s Baby Daddy updates.

The show’s cast currently includes the talents of Cameron Dean Stewart (iCarly), Chelsea Kane (Jonas), and Derek Theler (90210) – and next it could be you.Now is your chance to be the star that you’ve always known you could be. Now is your chance to to make America laugh.

376 thoughts on “Baby Daddy – ABC Family

  1. Hey guys, my name is Morgen Goetz. 18 years old and a red head. I live in Northern CA and am moving to L.A. next summer for my acting/modeling career. I am currently in the Donald Trump Miss USA Pageant. I have been modeling for several years and just started acting this would be an amazing experience and look forward to speaking with you.
    Height: 5'5" Weight: 106 Hair: Red Eyes: Blue Skin: White Nationality: Scottish/Irish Occupation:Model, Upcoming Actress, Miss California Contestant. Age: 18

  2. My name is Angel D. Garrett. I have a very expressive, unique, passionate, creative, and comical personality all mixed in one. Ever since I was 5 years old I knew that I was destined to be on the big screen and stage. I have always been told I have "television" facial expressions and my personality will allow me to play any role I am given. I am a very focused, determined, and hard worker. I have high energy and learn quickly. I live ambitiously and it would be a GREAT pleasure to be a part of this production!
    Age: 21
    Location: Columbia, South Carolina (willing to relocate)
    Height: 5'6
    Talents: Act, Sing, Dance, Model, and Write

  3. Hi, I'm Christy Kassa. I'm 13 going on 14 years old. I live in New Orleans and soon will be in NOCCA.(New Orleans Creative Arts Center) I took ballet for 4 yrs and still going and now learning the pianoi'm african american 5'5 130lbs.. please contact me for more information. I'm talented and determined at what i do.

  4. Heyy my name is plamedi i am a very hipe and also calm person i am a 100 percent a hard worker i dance i sing i used to be a cheerleader ballet and i still dance thank you for your time 🙂

  5. My name is Katherine Sutton I am 20 years old and I want to try out for the show. I don't have any professional experience in acting but I've done a lot of plays. Im extremely good at it. I love to step out of the Box and act a part of another person. I can put my Unique taste and feel into a character it makes me feel free and alive. Please let me show you what I can do, I PROMISE YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED!!

  6. Hi! My name is Challyn Brooker. I am a fun, outgoing, loving 21 year old. My dream was to always be in the industry. I have been in theater all my life. I love to sing dance and make people laugh. I would love the opportunity to audition. I am 5'5, 120, long brown hair and green eyes! Give me a shot! : )

  7. Name: Kimberly Canzater
    Current Location: Ridgeway,SC but will travel
    Special skills or talent (music or other): None related to entertainment
    Age: 21
    Age range:18+ elderly
    Height: 5ft 6in
    Weight:160lbs for now but I'm gone lose a few!!!
    Hair length/color: My real hair length is short/medium length I'd say. But my weave is long ;0)
    Eye color: Brown
    Female Sizes:
    Blouse: large/xl depends on the cut
    Dress: idk all my dresses say is large
    Bra: 36 D cup
    Shoe: 9

  8. Name: Celeste Miner

    Current Location: Ridgeway,SC
    Special skills or talent (music or other): None related to entertainment
    Age: 15
    Age range:13-17
    Height: 5ft 4in
    Hair length/color: My hair length is long/ Dark Brown/Curly ;0)
    Eye color: Brown
    Female Sizes:
    Blouse: medium/large depends on the cut
    Dress: idk all my dresses say is medium
    Bra: B cup
    Shoe: 9

  9. Hi my name is Kaitlin, I have needed a place to begin my acting career and here looks pretty good. I am 5'3, weighing around 115 pounds, I have sandy blonde hair to the middle of my shoulder blade, and I have a very fair completion. I would love to be on ABC Family, it's a dream of mine you could say. It's my dream to be on any TV show for a matter of fact.

  10. Monte' Kent
    From: Fort Washington, MD
    Currently: Lucama, NC

    Personal Information
    Age- 20yr (18-24)
    Height- 5'11"
    Weight- 154
    Hair Color- Black
    Eye Color- Brown
    Objective: My objective is to break into the acting industry with this all star network, crew, and director.
    Education: Four years of High School, involved in several extra curricular entertainment activities. Three years of college at North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University (communication), mainly involved in modeling and academic organizations.
    -Highly Motivated & Determined
    -Fast Learning & Flexible to any character
    -Funny (love to laugh and make others laugh)
    -Just your Above* Average 20yr old with an ongoing smile.
    Reasons: Definitely can see myself working in this sitcom as a loving young father or friend. This will be a great experience for me, I love comedy and acting with meaningful objectives. And I'm looking forward to the casting calls to be apart of this wonderful cast, crew, and network.

  11. Im 14 yrs old im fair with blk hair brown eyes i would love to audition for a part just to do wht i love just to express my self thru acting

  12. Hello my name is Quan Harleston and Im 16 years of age I'm seeking a role in this movie because,i have a lot to offer and many ideas to bring to the cast. For example my abilities,effort to work (my work ethics) personality and intelligence. I visualize myself as a team-player because when one fall i give a helping hand to uplift others work ethics. With that being said my name is Quan Harleston your new cast member. I also want to say thank you for giving me the opportunity and the time to show you my talent.


  13. Hi, my name is Chelssy C from Malaysia.
    I love to dance and act since a very early age, and wish to become an actress for years.
    Although I am a normal girl from Malaysia, I can speak fluent English.I promise that I will do my best to achieve this dream!

    Age : 16
    D.O.B : 1995/6/24
    Weight : 45kg
    Live: Malaysia
    Hair color: Black
    Eye color: Black
    Language : Mandarin, English, Cantonese, Malay.

    I hope that I can have a opportunity to achieve this dream.
    Thank You Very Much!

  14. My name is Jacob Sarvis. I am 6'1 180lbs. I am in great shape. I am Cuban/Greek and would fit in anywhere you need. I am 19 and can look 23+ with my beard and 17-20 with out. I write a lot of comedy sketches and and a rap manager. Thank you for your time.

  15. Hi! my name is Stefanie Matza and i am 13 years old! I've been dancing since i was 5 and went to dancing school for 7 years! i like hip hop, ballet or any type of dance! i am very outgoing and a fun person to be around! i love to act and have attended a nickelodeon series on Nick News with famous hot star, Linda Ellerbee. I love to be the center of attention and love to be in front of a big crowd. i do not sing, but i have many other talents. I attend school every week and i attend to get high A's or B's in every subject! I love to participate in school activities and be on school teams! i love to play sports especially soccer! i think this movie is perfect for me because im very familiar with being on camera since i was shown on television already! you can definitely count on me to memorize as many lines as you want, or not to miss one rehearsal! i live in Long-island New york, and I'm very interested to take part in this! Thank you and please contact me as soon as possible if you need anymore information about me! thank you for giving me this opportunity!

  16. Hello I'm Samantha,
    I'm Half caucasian and hispanic
    I am 16 years old
    I live in Las Vegas Nevada

    I play the Clarinet, can do some krav maga, do cake decorations, done swimming

    I have done acting classes before, been extras in short movies. I done a few plays. Been to workshops in LA.

    I would love to be part of this show, It sounds very interesting and I am very Interested.

  17. Hello!!
    My name is Alison Olson
    I have been acting, singing and
    my own version of dancing if that's
    what you want to call it, since before
    even I can remember. Acting and singing
    is my whole life. Just getting in front
    of a people whether it's one person or a
    whole entire crowd is the greatest feeling
    in the world. It's not so much getting
    famous for me, but it's knowing you have
    the opportunity to make at least one person
    smile or laugh, and that is such a wonderful
    feeling. I want to be able to show the world
    what I have to offer. I have been in theatre
    since third grade. I have sang at weddings,
    vigils, cancer awareness events, and currently a show in Florida in front of talent agents, which I receieved 6 callbacks
    from the talent agents themself. I have very well memorization skills, and a fun, easy-going personality. My activities include softball, volleyball, cheerleading, drama club, knowledge bowl, and choir. I have made high-honoroll and am treasurer of student council at my school. I am 5'4 and weigh
    135 lbs. I have brown hair with blonde in it
    but am not afraid to change it if need be.
    I live in Minnesota, but am 18 years old and
    can travel anywhere. Please consider me because I won't let you down! Thank you so much for your time!

  18. I want to be an actress (obvi) i love the outdoors, i love photography, im 14 years old, brown hair, blue eyes, im 5"3' ,im a freshman in High school, i have done a play here and there, i also took acting classes before, but i wasnt learning anything. I would love to get my foot in the door. Im also the North Carolina State Director For the Miss Amazing Pageant. The Miss AMazing pagenat recieved an teennick HALO award!

  19. Hey, I'm Daisy, 17. I live in Los Angeles and I'm very flexible with travel and time. I'm 5'2 and 130 lbs. I'm a medium brown tone, dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. I am a quick learner and easy to work with. My ears are stretched but can easily be covered, if needed. I attended a drama class for 1 year, cheer for 2 years, gymnastics for 1 year, and I speak both English and Spanish. I have a positive attitude as well as an open mind. Any role in this movie would be immensely appreciated.

  20. Hello!
    My name is Johanna van der Put, and I am a 15, soon 16, year old girl. I am half Swedish and half Dutch, but living in Sweden. I speak fluent English and fluent Swedish, and I know the basic in Spanish and Dutch.
    I am dark blonde, with green eyes, Rougly 5"4' and very lean.
    I'm not interested in this part for money or fame, I am interested in being on the big screen for my live for acting. My biggest dream is to act. Just the thought of it gets me excited.

  21. My name is Erica Ballesteros, I am 14 years of age. I have long brown hair, brown eyes, olive skin color and my height is 4'10.
    I want to be in a movie or show also my dream is to be in the entertainment business, and i can fit the part really well. Acting is my passion. i would love an opportunity to show you my talent. I have some experience with acting, i did in plays and auditions thats really it though. but i work really hard.

  22. McKenna Leitschuck
    United States

    Age: 16
    Hair: Long, blonde, curly
    Eyes: Blue
    Height: 5'6
    Weight: 115


    Theatre Roles: Cinderella- Ensemble; The Giver- Madeline; Curious Savage- Florence; The Diviners- Ensemble; Wake-Up Call- Mother; The Crucible- Mary Warren; Oliver Twist- Ensemble; Bye Bye Birdie- Deborah Sue

    Sports: JV Cheerleader, Select Softball

    Choir: Women's Choir, Concert Choir

    Awards: NSAA Academic All-State Award in Play Production, Best Newcomer of the Year for High School

    I'm ready to make a name for myself. I'll do whatever it takes. I know I'm going to be rejected a lot, but all I have to say is "bring it." 🙂

  23. Name: Katie Younger
    Age: 10
    Grade: 5th.
    Height: 4/3
    Weight: 77-80 lbs.
    Reason: I have always wanted to Act.
    I can sing and act.
    I have experience of all those things by Up With Kids. Search it: UpWithKids.com
    I am currently in the play, they teach these things.

  24. Hi
    Hair Color: Dark brown
    Eye Color: Dark Brown
    Personality: kind, smart, bubbly, always happy, pretty, tall, fun.
    Height: 5'6
    Skin Tone: fair
    In the sixth grade
    i love to act, sing, swim , read and, write.
    i love the twilight and hunger games series.
    I think u should consider picking me because i love to act. i have been in all my school plays so far such as Fiddler on the Roof, Sleeping beauty, Wizard of OZ and, Peter pan. i am very kind to everybody and, everything. i love dogs and, horses. i have 2 dogs, 2 horses and, 2 cats. But i do really hope you pick me.
    thank you

  25. Hi my name is Kaycie poole. I currently live in AppleValley, California. I am 14yrs old i am 5"1. I am willing to work with anyone put me with. I have been in production for five years and i will love to hear from you thank you so much.

  26. this show sounds like it'll be another one of my favorites when it airs, okay so i'm an 18 year old female; 5 feet 5 inches, long hair; mexican american, perfect straight teeth; i think i should be a part of this because i'm so ready to be discovered, help me get discovered; i know i can do this, thanks for taking your time to read; hope i hear from you soon.

  27. Keturah
    20 years old
    Chicago Illinois
    GreatListener HardWorker QuickLearner
    Exotic Look & Great Personality

  28. hi my name is Victoria Nicole Narvaez. i love acting and challenging myself and i know i can do anything if i put my mind to it. i am only 14 but i am definatley a hard worker. i can benefit this show because i am a very easy person to get along with and a great listener. i kn ow that if you pick me you will not be dissapointed.

  29. Hi my name is Alice I'm 14 years old and I would love to be a part of this movie. I live in East London & I have a British accent. I have brown eyes, brownish blackish shoulder length hair, I’m in the height range of 5'1 to 5'2, I’m black but not dark skinned and I have a slim figure. I love to act and don't have much experience but I have been told I have a natural talent. I can do and learn how to do a range of accents also I can play different types of roles, and think I could be good enough for the show.

    Thank you for your time, I hope you get back to me. 🙂

  30. Hello, my name is Cody but people like to call me Hester.I have blackhair and blue eyes. I'm 5'11" and tan. I've been in theatre throught high school and that's about it. I've always wanted to me an actor ever sense I can remember. I am 20 years of age and I have a 5 month old little bo and hes my whole world. Becoming an actor isn't just for me, its for his future. It would make that much easier. I will go above and beyond.

    Thank You.

  31. Hello, im Rachel im from kansas. I am 14 years old. I have been in many plays for my town theatre. I am 5'5 i have long curly auburn hair and blue eyes. I am on the dance team, dance line, and in a local studio. We go to compitions all over the country. I love to act, dance, and play the piano and flute. I would love to be on this show. I am versatile and can be ready anytime. i have also gotten singing roles in the plays so i could also sing. i have a bubbly personality too. Well i hope you respond to this. i love to act and would love to be on this show. Please contact me if you think i could even be an extra for something. Thank You, Rachel Keenan

  32. I am Shaquira Niles and I would love to be apart of this show, I am good at acting, but I have not done it professionally yet. I am 17, light brown eyes, 5'5, African-American and a hard worker

  33. Hi my name is Royce Rivard and I am 12 yrs old. I stand 4'10" and have a thin build. I have brown hair and eyes and wear glasses. I play a nerd best. I am not athletic but more the studious, brainiac actor. I have been on Murdoch Mysteries and am shooting a film later this month for 4 days about a Valentine's Day good deed gone awry. I have Aspergers Syndrome, high functioning autism, which makes me more intelligent than my peers but also makes me more interested in learning than in sports. I enjoy languages, math and sciences, reading and memorizing books and movies. I had Car movie memorized after the second showing. I am also involved in Public Speaking and have cometed for the past 3 years. This year will be my fourth. I have made it to the regionals once so far.

    My dream in life is to appear on a hit tv show or movie, save my moniws from my acting so that when I am older I can buy a news channel and do the news, weather and sports daily.

    I have trained with Brian Levy and Ron Leach in Toronto and have just completed their Master Acting classes on polishing my performances. I speak clearly and am not afraid of the camera. I do well on instruction and can give what the director wants to see. If you could forward me some sides, I can prepare them and submit the tape for you to review. Thank you.

  34. Hi my name is Megan Lafferty and I think I would do great in a show like this. I have no professional experience but I am involved in theatre and have starred in many productions. I am 14 years old but I look at lot older than I am. I work well with others and I have so much passion for acting.
    Height-5-3 1/2

  35. ABC Family,
    My name is Matt King and I'm 22 years old. I am also a twin. I have always dreamed about making it big one day. I am currently sign with a modeling agency Directions USA. I am a drama coach and competed in many competitions. So if you are looking for a 6"1", 160 fit guy, that is also able to show range. contact me.
    you have a good one.

  36. Im amanda
    im 5'5
    100 percent ethiopian
    18yrs old
    wavy (natural) hair

    now before you stop reading this, because it may seem like another boring audtion. I would like you to know i just need one chance, i promise when you meet me and see how talented i am you will relize im perfect for the part. ihave a beautiful smile, long natural wavy hair (because im ethipoian i have wavy hair not super curly)and been told i should model. My goal isnt to brag, but obviously you cant see me. my dream is tv i live and breath modeling acting, and making the world a better place. I can do this, and all i ask is for one meeting and you will see. I just need someone to give me a chance. i live in a small town, and ive been told many times i will not make it big anywhere. Let me prove to them their wrong. im clever, witty, funny, out going, in no way shy. thank you so much for this oppertunity

  37. Hi, I am Melena Trujillo and am 11 years old. I have long dark brown hair with brown eyes. I have glasses but can see well without them. I love soccer, ballet, football, and dancing. I can dance, act, and model.I am smart, interesting, outgoing, funny, nice, and have a right amount of attitude.My personality is amazing and you would think i am pretty cool. To star in a movie would be amazing.I have always wanted to act and it is my dream to be an actress. Please make that dream come true. Please email me soon.Also can you have the movie be made in Oahu Hawaii if i do get to be in the movie.P.S i listen well and can memorize lines well.
    Name:Melena Trujillo
    Birthday:July 20 2000
    Role:any is fine just needs to be a big part
    Race:Mexican American

  38. heyyyy my name is Faith McKinnell iam 14 i look about 16 17 i love acting it is acc my life the stage and fliming areas are my second home i have a fun bubbly personlity but iam serious when i have to be iu love meeting new people and working with them i can work in a team and by myself i picking performing arts double award for my GCSE because i want acting to be a main part of my life acting is something i love but also something iam good at i have self confidence and iam very unigue i have brown hair iam ,5,5 and my weight is average i have blue greening eyes iam white this would be a dream come true this what i want i willgive 110 % and i am perpared to do anything
    i can speak clearly
    stay in character
    i can show a range of emotions
    i have self confidence
    i can show emotions by doing body movements
    i always have a smile on my face
    i always do my best
    i have faith in myself
    iam unique
    i will make a sucess
    schedule availability
    willingness to give the part my all

    even if i was an extra because you have to start somewhere iam also very mature and can follow directions i listen carefully and do whta iam told i express my opinion and i never let people down i love making people laugh and entertaining them i feel like this is for me i will not let you down thanks for all your time and please get back to me i posted something else like this and i went on to look and it was gone so i wrote to you again so thanks and best of luck its your decision xx

  39. Hi my name is Yehuwdiyth and I am 17 years old. However, this comment is basically for both me and my band/brother and sisters. Age ranges from 17-13. We would love to get a chance to be casts or extras in the sitcom “Baby Daddy.” When it comes to the camera, were very comfortable around it because we have performed in live venues with over 60 to 100 people. We live and Miami, FL, however, we have seen all of the United States so were use to traveling. Also we love acting and we get along fine with other people and people usually like us, so were different and new. It would really be awesome/great if we could get the chance to get discover and that's either through our acting or performing skills.

    Yehuwdah age: 13 (top one) 5'7 dark brown eyes, hair color black, and weighs 100 pounds.
    Beyth-Shan age: 19 (three o clock) 5'6 dark brown eyes, hair color black, and weighs 98 pounds.
    Yehuwdiyth age: 17 (six o clock) 5'9 dark brown eyes, hair color black, and weighs 115 pounds.
    Kebar age: 15 (nine o clock) 5'8 dark brown eyes, hair color black, and weighs 114 pounds.

  40. Hello, I am Avery Verhelle. I would be perfect for this show. I Love to act and i have some videos on youtube of my acting skills. you can check them out if you would like. If you ever get a chance, email me and i cant send you a link. I Have been trying very hard to chase my dream of becoming an actress. I know there are many, many, other young girls trying to get the same career as me, but I want you to know if you choose me for this you wont be let down. please email me if you are interested. i have alot more that i can tell you in a one-on-one interview. please consider me.

  41. Acting is a talent I've always knew I had , I think if you gave me an audition I would be perfect , I just need a chance one chance to show you Casting Directors and Hollywood I can be so good at something and blow your minds I am a young black 18 vibrant female and I really just want one shot

  42. Hello, my name is Alaysia. I'm now 16 yrs of age and would love to jump into the world of acting. Acting to me, is an art and a free one at that. I love meeting new and exciting people through what I love to do. I would like to make this big dream of mine a reality.

    I'm 5'6, African American with medium length natural hair, 140lbs. I can play the alto sax and I'm a very good artist. I can also speak Japanese. My friends often tell me I'm Asian on the inside.
    I wait to hear back from you.

  43. Dear whom may concern, My name is Chanel grant i am from the UK,London. im not gonna lie have no proper experiance only a few school plays im am 20 years old i know how to act around children as i have a 2 year old i know all the emotions with having a child and baby daddy so i know i would be able to play whatever part given well. hope i geta chance to prove that as there are not many oppertunities in the uk . Thank you

  44. This sounds exactly like the type of sitcom I would watch! I have no experience of professional acting, however, I do believe that this can often be a benefit; a diamond in the rough. I know I have the skills required to be part of this show. I'm 28 (although look young for my age!). I work hard, work well others and have the ability to adapt to every situation presented to me.

  45. Hi!!! My name is Emily Marie Washington, and I believe that I would be PERFECT for this. I have tons of undiscovered talents such as acting, singing, and dancing. I'm known for my gorgeous brown eyes, my smile, my clear voice, and my incredible ability to sing. People even go up to me when I'm out and tell me that I should model or be on television. Right now, I'm currently 14 years old, and ever since I was a toddler, I'v always wanted to be a star. It has been my biggest dream to be on the big screen in front of millions of people. I've had professional experience, and I've been a large number of different kinds of productions ever since Kindergarden. Besides my ability to act, sing, and dance, I also love to write. I feel that the world needs to see what I have to offer as a professional actress. I'm currently 5'6, and I'm an African American with rich cocoa brown skin and gorgeous brown eyes I get comments about every day. I'm 160 pounds, and I have beautiful dark hair that's medium length. I've always wanted to be in a popular TV show on ABC family, and I'd do anything to be in "Baby Daddy". ABC family is one of my favorite channels, and it would mean the world to me if I participated in this show. I'd be perfect for any main part or side part, and I'm also great at memorizing scripts and really acting the part. Thank you for your time and I can't wait to show you my true talent!! 🙂
    Love, Emily Washington

  46. Hey! Im Danielle Alexiou. I'm 15 years old, about 5 foot 7 and wiegh 117 lbs. I'm Greek and look like it. I have brown curly hair, dark brown eyes and an athletic build. I've wanted to act since I was small but I don't know much about it. I've got a tiny bit of experience doing small plays and do public speaking things a few times a year. So I'm not incredibly experienced but you've gotta start somewhere right? Id love a chance to be in this film– to have a big part, small part, extra– anything to just get me started in this business.

  47. Hey! Im Avery and I'm 13 goin on 14! I have so much experiAnce on acting and I would live to play the sassy teenager of the show! I think the plot line is great and I wanna help make It Hit ! I'm motivated, dedicated, and hopefull! I have always wAnted to chase my dream but never had the opportunity. Now this is my chance. To help make a better living for me and my family, please consider?

    Height 5'1
    Weight 99 pounds
    Hair color brown
    Dyed color deep dark red
    Eye color hazel

    Please consider,
    Avery Allmond

  48. I am 27 year old mother of 1 and 1 on the way. I have been acting since I was a little girl. I would love to have the opportunity to put my skills on the big screen and be an inspiration to other young women. I love to sing, dance, act and travel the world. I believe that God will answer my prayer that I have been praying for years and thats to be in the entertainment industry doing what I am most passionate about. Hope that you would give me the opportunity to show you my skills, I promise I won't let you down.

  49. Hello My name is Danelle Stewart; I am 16 years old, 5'7. I live in a little town in Arizona. I have 4 years of experience in acting 5 in dancing. I feel that I still need practice but, even the littist things could help me keep building my career. I know there was once I time you guys were just trying to do everyrhing you can to show people your talents. I can't really tell you anything different from what everyone else is telling you. But I can say that I am just a high school student that wants to keep doing things that I love and acting just so happens to be one:)

  50. Hi ! Im Angelica. My full name is Angelica Louis Garcia. Im from kansas city ,Kansas. I am 11 years old. My birthday is on August 17 , 2000. I am mexican. I have one brother. I am very creative, fun, funny, outgoing, shy at some points and loud ! I would love to be on this show because I love to act, sing, dance and have fun !! I have brown eyes and brown hair. I am 5'4 . I weigh about 103 pounds. I am in the 6th grade. My inspirations are The ICONic Boyz , Demi Lovato, Drake , Prince Royce and Matt Hunter ! My hair is naturaly curly but I straighten it most of the time. My hero was my great grandma but sadly she died of Brain Cancer. It slowed me down a little bit but, my family and friends helped me through it. My passion is to dance and sing But my DREAM is to Act ! I will not let you down. I hope you will contact me. Please and Thank you !

  51. My stats—
    name: Desiree Ann Gullett
    Occupation: new stay at home mom/ hairstylist
    Height: 5″6
    Weight: 110
    Bra: 34B
    Waist: 26
    Hips: 34
    Shoe: 5.5
    Hair length: past shoulder
    Hair color: chocolate
    Eyes: blue

  52. I am only 17 yrs old with big shoes to fill. I would be the perfect canidicate for this position because I to have a 10month year old so I know how to act around babies. I am the perfect actress if you just give me the chance. I am very out-going,warm,nice,and friendly and also smart. I graduated from school early so school would not get in my way of this opportunity. Pls give me an email or anything …Thanks ABC !

  53. Hey there! My name is Mariah Payne, I am 17 years old, and a senior in High School! Woot Woot, that's always exciting! But, I actually love being in school and being in that enviorment of people. If I could tell you a background about myself is that I love dancing and music I listen to it all the time and dancing is just what I love to do!! How I could explain myself is that I could say I am like a piece of gum, lol. This is because When you chew on a piece it eventually loses it's flavor, and you need a new piece — maybe even a new flavor! But, with me– I'm hoping you would never! I'm full of surprises and I always put other's first, and I just love to have fun, and if you asked other's what they would say about me, that would tell you that I am confident, that I stay humble and I'm always determinated and always motivated to do something. They would tell you that I am also always positive. I just feel like everyone should always have a positive outlook on everything, no matter what! A physical description of me, is that I am 5'4, and 113 pounds. I can't tell you much on my hair, because I always change it up but it's usually light brown or a dark brown. I hhave brown eyes, that sometimes lkightens pretty bright. I have dimples, and People tell me all the time, that I have the most beautiful smile they have ever seen (aww) and that it makes their day. No, they make my day, but if this was true, I would hope it would make your day, and everyday will just be a fun day on set and fun! I hope you take me into consideration for this role :] I'm hoping to capture hearts, and although I dont always see how im funny, im told that I am. If this is true im hoping that whenever humor is needed I could somehow incorporate that on or off set, just to see my cast mate family smile, and the enviorment around me, happy. Please, think of taking me into consideratioln! Bye and thanks for your time! ) I will not disappoint!

  54. Hello ABC Family,

    My name is Bernel Davis and as of December 2011 I am 11 years old. I live in Slidell, Louisiana. I was born May 22nd, 2000. I have black close-cropped hair, Dark Brown eyes and light brown skin. I am African-American.

    I have a sparkling smile and a bubbly personality. I love to make people laugh, and am generally liked by everyone at my school. I am very kind, and I like to spend my free time going over scripts, riding my bike or helping cleaning up the planet. I enjoy writing music and scripts, reading a nice book, or playing video games.

    I think I should be a part of this project because I can act with great skill and could bring something new to any project. Acting on a TV show is a dream to me and I enjoy it. I also think I would be great for this project because I love to sing and act. I am very versatile, as I would be able to act in either film, television, or theatre. I also have all of these other outstanding qualities:
    – the ability to show a varied range of emotions
    – vulnerability
    – willingness to give the part my all
    – the ability to take direction well
    – a could have a match for the part your are casting
    – schedule availability
    – good interaction with other people
    – my easy ability to work with because I co-operate and try my hardest at all times
    – my comfort in front of an audience
    – my unexpected but accurate emotions in a reading
    – me not giving the same performance every time
    – I attend professional acting classes. Therefore I have a lot of skill and experience in acting
    – I am always told I have a good personality and likeability
    – I can also stay in character.
    – I have starred in a few local plays.

    I thank you for your time. I hope the project succeeds whether my application is accepted or not. I hope you find who your studio is looking for!

  55. Hi as you can see my name is jermeria, I am 15yrs old. It would be an great experience for myself to be apart of this show. Even though i have no acting experience beside theatre at school, I believe I would be an good character in this new coming show. It would be a honor even if I'm an extra at first because I know I can be successful at anything I do and work myself up, plus dreams take time and hard work. Thanks for your time and please contact me about your thought of myself being apart of this show.

  56. Hi i'm Danielle Hall and i'm 13 years old. I Live In London.I was born May 19th 1998.I have Dark Brown medium length hair, Dark Brown eyes and light brown skin. I am also Black Caribbean (Jamaican). I love to sing, dance and act. I Do Dancing with pineapple studios and and Television and film Acting with pineapple performing arts. I learn jazz, hip hop, break-dance and street-dance. I have a 3 year modeling contract with talent-management ( UK modeling agency ). I love to perform and would be very grateful if you could try to get me a part in any of your films. Thank You For Your time Hope The Show Goes WELL Weather You accept Me or not.
    I Think I should be on this show because i can dance and act and could bring something new to television. Acting on a TV show is a dream to me and i enjoy it.i also think i would be great on this show because have these things
    – the ability to show range of emotions
    – vulnerability
    – willingness to give the part their my all
    – ability to take direction well
    – a could have a match for the part your are casting
    – schedule availability
    – good interaction with other people both
    – i'm easy to work with because i co-operate and try my hardest at all times
    – comfortable in front of an audience
    – unexpected but accurate emotions in a reading
    – not giving the same performance every time
    – i attend professional acting and dancing classes. Therefore have the ability to act and dance.
    – I am always told i have a good personality and likability
    * I can also stay in character.

    Thank You For Your Time. Hope You Find Who Your Looking For!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. **READ**
    Hello! My name is Courtney Pendley. My passion is acting – always has been. I have training and experience under my belt. I'm currently enrolled at John Casablanca in Tulsa, OK. I have been to EXPO in Dallas, TX with CW Production (Carrie Wolf Productions) I take acting classes with Aaron Jackson,who was on Saved By The Bell and California Dreams. I also worked with Colin Martin, who was on the TV show Lost. I have also had the privilege to work with Summer Abate which is a model. I'm 5'2" about 95 lbs. Brown hair, brown eyes. I'm a determined, confident person that knows she has what it takes to become the next big thing with your help! I'm easy going and take instruction well. I would appreciate it greatly if you would contact me! Thank you! You won't be disappointed!

  58. I doubt that you would read this, considering all other comment, but here i am, i'm almost 14,5'5 and consider myself a good actress. I fight for what i want, and never give up, i'm nice, funny and and have the biggest personality out there. Hope You choose me, and good look to all the others auditioning. (:

  59. My name is Sasha and i am 12 years-old. I am from england and i now live in florida. i have long curly brown hair and freckles. i can play the drums and i have had lessons on the guitar. i love to act but i don't sing. i have tried to learn some of the dance moves of 'shake it up' on D.C.. thank you. i have been told i am good and i know that i am good at remembering lines

  60. ABC Family,
    My name is Audrey Blaire Connors, and I am just about to turn 20 in less than a month and have experience and could play a great Penny with a crush on a best friend, for I have been in that situation plenty of times. I have been watching your TV shows ever since I can remember and have always been and out going girl. I went to a School of the Arts for three years and there I majored in Theatre and took many other music, dance, and art classes as well. I am very well rounded, throughout high school I was mainly into sports because our theatre department was not that great. I am full of energy and can put a smile on anyones face! I am currently a sophomore at Clemson University and am double majoring in Human Nutrition and Psychology to someday be a Diagnostician if I cannot find a was to pursue my dream of acting and possibly modeling. My friends have always told me to try and get out there and model or just apply so I am. I will not give up on this dream. I have been through many rough times, including divorce, and two brain surgeries and I have overcome them with my high spirits and through inspiration of others. There is a group of my friends (Harley Boys) that are currently trying to pursue a music career and I have been in there video Casey Anthony, it may be terrible and too soon for something like that to be made but it was made within an hour and was just something we decided to do because we were bored. I have a lot of ideas and time I would be willing to put into this dream all I need is an audition or a chance to get out there. My dad always told me I could never be a model because I was too short but I believe models and actors can be anyone, and I think I can grab anyones attention with first my eyes and keep them interested with my smile and giggly, sparkling, yet sarcastically inclined personality. To get this would be an honor and I will be so blessed. Shows like Kyle XY, Greek, Pretty Little Liars, Switched at Birth, Secret Life, Make it or Break It, Gilmore Girls, Nine Lives, What I Like About you, Full house, Melissa & Joey and I cannot wait for Jane by Design to premiere! I feel I would fit into the ABC family simply because my initials are ABC, I see that as a sign. I have confidence that you will not be disappointed if you just give me an audition for anything, especially the role of Penny in Baby Daddy!

    This was not meant to boast or brag but I just wanted to give you a brief description of why I could be a great choice for any role. I was always told in art school, "there are no small parts, only small actors."

  61. Hi ABC! My name is Colleen Conway and i'm from Maui, Hawaii. I am 5'1" and have strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes, and freckles, I would definitely stand out on a set! I would love to have the opportunity to act on the show Jessie. I am 17 years old, about to graduate high school, and am in the process of figuring the next few years of my life out. I love the positive, fun environments portrayed in ABC shows and I would love to be a part of one, even a small part! I love having fun and playing silly roles but I also enjoy serious roles and intense scenes. My other hobbies include playing the piano, playing soccer, student government, working with kids, skiing, speaking in a british accent, watching old movies, and hanging out with my family. If I could compare myself to another teen star,I would say that i'm similar to Ariana Grande. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope to hear from you soon!

  62. Hi! I'm Briana, but people call me Brii or Bubbles. I'm VERY bubbly and I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I'm 5'6 and 14, but Ilook older. I love to sing and act. Modeling is fun too. It's been a dream of mine since I was at least 3 to be on a TV show. Thanks<3

  63. I'm 17 and have a lot of stage experience. I am trained in acting, singing and can play several instruments. I could submit a resume with my experience and training but i would love an opportunity to show you! I can promise you won't be disappointed. Please let me know if you need to see headshots and a resume.
    Thank you

  64. Hello! My name is Larissa Brown and I am 11 years old and have a deep passion for acting and modeling. I have a deep pasion for acting and modeling and can see my self doing them for the rest of my life. I am can be serious or I can be really fun and creative and I would love for you to give me a chance at doing what I love THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR TIME!!!

  65. hola mi nombre es yair trejo marcelo , para mi trabajar con ustedes es mi mas grande sueño mostrar al mundo entero mi gran telento que tengo que corre por mis venas ese talento que tengo y poder mostrarlo , tengo 16 años de edad soy de Perú , mi sueño es formar parte de Disney chanel , soy un chico extrovertido y muy desenvuelto , actuó desde pequeño en obras y la oportunidad que ustedes publican es para mí es una gran oportunidad , bueno yo tendría que ser la estrella porque me considero capaz de hacer todo los retos que me vengas y que me dan y soy muy cómico muchas gracias

  66. Helloo, I'm Alissa! I'm 5'2 and thirteen. I've been singing since the age of 3, danced for about 2-3 years, and have been in three plays. (I was the lead in one play) I was also selected for a talent search 3 years ago but sadly was busy, which is why I wasn't able to. Singing, dancing, and acting has been my dream since I was a very little girl soo I hope and pray you'll pick me. Thank youu(=

  67. I am 12 years old, male, 5'10 and weigh 215 lb. and my dream is to be an actor. I have taken after school drama classes and been in one school play. I played a guard in the play snow white. Please consider me, but I understand if you can't because of all of the comments. Thank you very much for your time. P.S. if u want a picture, email me and i will email you a picture of myself.

  68. Hey there! 🙂 My names Savannah and I'm 16. I love I love acting. I can be any personality you want me to be. I am a hard worker! That is a guarantee. I am about 5'2 and I have brown curly hair and blue eyes. This would be a once in a lifetime chance that I would be honored to have if you give me the chance

  69. Hi there my name is Lorraine Guerra im 13 turning 14 but i dont look my age because im so tall. Im really good at acting,singing,modeling,playing the drums,Im currently in a play called Anne Frank i play Mrs.VannDann. I sing alot at my school and church i also take singing lessons.I play the drums a little i just started but im pretty good.I always wanted to be on tv ever since i was little im just waiting for someone to give me that chance please help my dreams come true-Love Lorraine

  70. I have a 6 month old beautiful baby girl. Blonde hair, blue eyes.. your all American baby! Ava Grace has the perfect personality, babbles, coos and smiles A LOT! America will love her and so will you!

  71. You wouldn't be disappointed in my hilarious, handsome 3 year old lil guy, Hagen! He keeps everyone laughing and I am always told how beautiful he is!

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