Bad Girls Club – Oxygen

Bad Girls Club Casting Call

Bad Girls Club – Oxygen

Are you a bad girl and you don’t care who knows it? When you walk into the club do heads turn and all eyes fall on you? The Oxygen Network’s Bad Girls Club is looking for a new crop of 7 “Bad Girls” to live it up mansion style for three months and run wild through the big city in it’s all new season and this is your chance to be a part of it.

In 2006 the producers of MTV’s The Real World decided to shake up their formula and put seven of the baddest girls they could find under one roof and reality television has never been the same. Bad Girls Club has seen some of the most wild women of all time walk through it’s doors and this season they are ready to take it to the next level. Bad Girls club is searching the country for their most extreme cast ever. If you are a natural leader that always runs the show, the prettiest girl in the room who has the best clothes and jewelry or a girl who loves to party but hesitate to represent if things get heated the BGC wants you! if you were born a bad girl now is the time to show America that you were born to be on Bad Girls Club.

This is the show where you can be who you are – be as bad as you want to be. BGC gives you the choice, live peacefully with your “bad” roommates or be a true Bad Girl and let the chips fall where they may. So who are you going to be in the BGC? Will you go solo and try to run the show? Will you form a group to eliminate a roommate you can’t take? Leave a comment below and let us know and keep checking back for all of the up to the minute Bad Girls Club updates.

Are you ready to be the HBIC of the BGC? Casting calls are  starting soon so act now. See if you have what it takes to stand tall as the baddest girl in the Bad Girls Club!

For more information on Bad Girls Club casting you can head here or here

Leave a comment below and tells us why you should be part of the Bad Girls Club – Oxygen Audition in 2013

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  1. Dominique says:

    This Dominique they call me dc south side finnest shawdy I'm on my game 27 and gerogious people hate me cause I don't keep it 100 b I am 100 I'll take any girls man or any girls GIRL.. I'm bad n I no it an y'all can't stand NIQUE but never care an stay fly I been a GOONE since day one. Never back down from no one cause Washington dc breed me.. all day on all days..

  2. Leshairia Cunningham says:

    Wassap B’s Its Leshairia Aka Lola Bunnie I'm 21 Years Old From St.Louis Mo! I Would Rather be on the bad girls club because I had a shot one time when I applied didn't think They would call a chic! But I an it no quitter so reaching out again! But I'm a bad b because I turn my city up already why not turn the bad girls club up as well! I anit no bully but don't push me! Lol But As the saying goes you won't know bout this chica Amiga till you put her on the air to get it cracking! So What Yal Waiting For! But I need to really work on this attitude of mines instead of snatching b’s up instead of thinking it through. There's My Story You Decide!

  3. Melanie says:

    Hey Im the bad girl that your looking for im 21 and looking to have fun get drunk party and f b’s up plain and simple… i am the baddest stripper b u will ever meet. in the club heads is always turning im that b im tatted but that's just me that's a true bad b soo please bad girls club pick me i want to turn up on bad girls club im that perfect b to be on the show Pick me Please im your Bad Girl

  4. Toni King says:

    hey hey hey my name is Toni aka noni , i am from a small town called norlina in nc …. im 22 single and dont have any children… im on my turn up ish right now and ready to get out and explore the world … everyone has there problems and situations that need to be worked out but usually try to drink mine away … i was mainly raised not to start trouble but if b’s pop off i better finish that s… unfortunately i do have the mouth of a sailor but i dont really care … I am most def what you are looking for to appear on this show ….. holla back b’s…

  5. edmerandy says:

    hiii im edmerandy im 21 and im the baddest b in my eyes!! IM young full of life and i dont give a s what people think about me! Ive been through everything in life, Ive beat b’s a’s i even been to jail but i do wqanna change my life for the better but that dont mean i wont slap a hoe when she needs to be checked!

  6. tinkypink says:

    I am THE TRUE definition of a bad girl…I've started fights..I've broken noses..I've been to jail an I don't give a f!!! IMA BAD B!!!!

  7. Annette Mead says:

    Hiiii I'm Annette but I go by the name Nicole I'm a fine ass 22 yr. old with ambition and heal life. A bad girl I am not but I am She and She isn't intimated by any other bitch and if u on yo shit imma salute u baby girl ion hate on bitches but I have this personality that no bitch is better than SHE like I often get into it with people and not even know it because I just don't care we can say or shit to each other keep it moving and get this money but I love live laugh and get this money

  8. Tiny says:

    My name is tiny I'm 23 I'm from miami I have attitude like I don't give a fuck I'm a Scorpio I'm bad as fuck and I simply don't give a fuck and I don't like people

  9. Cierra says:

    Everyone Can Say They're A Bad Girl But Half Of Y'all Reasons On Here Still Doesn't Explain . A Bad Girl Is One That Don't Care What No One Says Who Isn't Easly Broken One Who Stands Alone Even Under Pressure Still Remains Bad !

  10. Mieshanicole says:

    I AM the true definition of a bad girl I'm 23 I'm from Houston Texas I make my own rules I do what I want I don't take s from no b I run s I'm blunt I'm outgoing and I love having fun … But HOWEVER I'm friendly as f I love pretty b’s I'm somewhat gay like I literally love bad b’s LMFAO people been telling me that I should audition for bad girls club for almost three years so here I am this show is made for me. in high school I was the s starter but honestly I really am not … I'm just a very big intimidation I'm little as hell females always hating on me like I'm that b I'm ready to turn up and have fun but learn and progress as I go along hope you guys email me …..

  11. Corrin says:

    My name is Corrin I'm 23..and nobody gets the best of me. I'm a thick plus size girl with a plus size personality. I have brass knuckles on my neck..I love to party and I take the center stage with everyone..even tho I'm a plus size girl don't mean your man ain't blowing me up. Recently single and ready to turn the f up..but if a b wanna step up to the queen..she better be ready for a royal beat down!!

  12. Latayia says:

    Bad girl? Everybody keeps SAYING how bad they are, I'm about action not words! I'm 24 from Baltimore, MD and I'm trying to do better, and be better! I'm about action and I'm ready to be apart of the Bad Girls Club family!

  13. Porsha says:

    I'm a 23 year old levian from a small city who will have you confused as hell. You see me and hear my voice and think I'm so sweet and intelligent and ppl try to take advantage of me like I'm stupid. But I peep game real well and I'm not afraid to snatch a h. I may not be the best fighter but if I have NEVER backed down from any b or dude. And if I get my a beat I'll still be talking haha. TO KNOW ME IS TO LOVE ME AND B’S JUST LOVE TO HATE ME. Probably because they're jealous. Story of my life xoxoxo

  14. Jelly says:

    I'm DEFINITELY a bad girl I once a appeared On JUDGE ALEX FOR SUING A FAKE PRODUCER don't give a f what the next female as to say about me I'm thick in the waist pretty in the face ..I love to party bug don't say nothing that jelly don't like cause then u in trouble I never bite my tongue I'm very outspoken I'm 23 and I'm doin me no matter what anybody say to me cause its all about me I always the most hated I guess they are very intimidating and I definitely will get my point across believe that. Goin out having fun cause u only live once so I turn up everyday like it's my temper is nothing to play with but as long as JELLY name don't come out nobody mouth about nothing. They love to hate me cause they man looking my way lol. All I'm asking is to let me show the world how a REAL BAD GIRL LOOKS!!!!!!!$$$$! I'm very excited about this pick me if u want a real SHOW cause iam the PARTY everybody loves JELLY BABY I'm a rapper from st.louis baby u won't be disappointed

  15. LaTeasha says:

    Everyone said they a bad b but want really make some one a bad girl?I don't smoke n I don't drink I don't jump ppl I don't take s from ppl but I just wanna see if I get along with other girls that would make me a better person

  16. michelle says:

    I can tell you one thang what a baddie wants a baddie gets.So if one of yall gotta problem with me step up and do something about it.Also I ain't got time for no fake b’s and if you disrespect me I give the same thing that you gave me but worse.If you don't have a problem with me I don't have a problem with you.And if a b say s behind my back we (me and you) gonna have some problems.I can be nice to but if you get on my bad side it ain't gone be pretty.

  17. evelyn says:

    I'm a bad b n erbody got the same line I'm on mfz head like I auditioned before and producers was spooked lol

  18. Paris says:

    I'm the true definition of a bad girl , I turn heads when I walk in the door I'm quiet but don't get it twisted. , I'm not afraid to go of if you come at me the wrong way . Partyin is my lifestyle , I'm the HBIC ! what I want yea I get it ! Everybody loves me except the occasional jealous one , I keep it 100! #turnup #therealeastbadgirl

  19. Candi Cole says:

    I define the true definition of a bad girl…knows how to turn up and brings life to a party and enjoy turning another city upside down doesn't take foolery from nobody…This comes natural to me a true head turner an a lion at heart I don't do it for fame craziness is my every day life

  20. Leslie Harris says:

    Hello world…..My name is Leslie Leeann….I'm 28 born and raised in Texas….And it all has been said!!!!!!!!!

  21. Mari says:

    Give me 6 days with these b’s and I'll run s!.. #1 manipulator TORONTO!! These b’s ain't ready for us!!

  22. Shamain charles says:

    My name is shamain but everyone knows me as Maymay brown! I'm 21, I'm from pittsburgh pa, I DO NOT F AROUND WITH HELP!!!!! I'm a video girl/hairstylist/ party girl/man stealer so the say!!! I'm hotkamodity Lol the girl everyone's wondering what she's going to do next?? Listen I live everyday like theirs no tomorrow!! With noregrets!!

  23. Shawna says:

    I should be on the bad girls club,cause I'm the real definition of what a "bad girl" is, most of these b’s think talking like a tramp is a bad girl, no, a bad girl proves herself by the strength in her heart, to push through, even when thing at bad, holding your ground and demanding respect, not taking s from anyone but always pick and chops your battles. Little s ain't worth the bs.

  24. Tenisha says:

    Wazzam my name is Tenisha Walker im 22 and im from Atlanta,Ga. Im simply a bad girl cause i daid i am. No explanation needed.. Good day

  25. LaShay says:

    I'm 20 and I turn 21 next year june 1st so it'd be nice to know if I was still eligible and get some information and no offense but this ad here makes girls think JUST cause they're cute, they bad …. wrongg when this show first started THOSE were true bad girl's, we've lost the definition.. a bad girl is a BOSS, dont give a f what anyone thinks and can and will handle their own and survive in any situation.. A bad girl NEVER follows… at the most they support but their leaders. I have a lot of people who love me and attempt to follow what im doin but as for friends a real bad girl has no room for a lot of people in their life, trust me theres too much going on.. I have a couple friends trying out and they are gorgeous women and are "bad" appearance wise and yeah so am I, I guess but my friend convinced me I need to try out because she said "Shay, You are a REAL bad girl." And I want to bring a REAL bad girl to the production, the everything bad girl package… by simply being myself..

  26. Vicky B says:

    Im Vicky 22 years old,very independent since my teens due to what I been through in the past, I'm fun exciting love to go out.. I'm the type that can drink myself into a stupor and still get up the next day ready for more i know that I'm a bad b and that i can do, say, and get anything i want..a girl can be ten times better looking just by her attitude.i Walk the halls with my head up, chest forward, shoulders back, looking straight ahead like i have a purpose. I Smile and accept compliments but i aready knew that i looked I always got my guards up.. I don't trust no b or soul I'm just a Badd b that's trained to go.. I'm with what ever. Im what the people want to see in there tv screen ..Need I say more?

  27. Mariah says:

    I know i got what it takes to be on the show none of the girls would even be on my level i get rude and loud and will fight if anyone tries me i dont take bullshitting ass females i gotta bad temper yes;) i think im a famous boxer in another world and a ninja in the next world lol bottom line though me miss mariah would be perfect for the show

  28. Lexsus Gordon says:

    Since I've been 17 I've been classifying myself as a bad girl. Hey my name is Lexus but I go by the name Sadonte. I currently live in Orlando Florida and I'm 22 years old. I'm very loving caring funny outspoken and wild. I'm a true Scorpio so you know what that means. I dont really want to say that I have a bad attitude but when I get mad I'm a totally different person. Only because I hate stupidity, I hate girls who think they are better than everyone and I can point out a phony from a mile away. No one and I mean no one can tell me what to do because I'm my own boss.

  29. Courtney Tatem says:

    I am 23 years old from New Jersey. I am at true bad girl. I don't no mess from anyone. I am quick to jump and I have a bad temper. I don't let anyone stand in my way. If I don't care for someone I let it be known. I can't stand thirsty females that crave attention all the time. But overall I am down to earth

  30. Sarah says:

    Wats Up, I'm Sarah And I'm 21! I Stand at 5ft With a Mouth Like a Sailor… No Doubt I'm a Bad Girl. I Have a Bad Attitude With Quick Temper. Need I say More!
    I Have a beautiful daughter and i Will love To
    rk on myself so i can become a BETTER Mother/Woman I Also Need Learn How To Open Up begin to Trust again So Me and my Boyfriend can move forward and

  31. Mya Smith says:

    Hold up wait a minute…. Im the baddest bad girl straight out of long island. I'm that chick, I do whatever I want. Females hate me because I keep it 100,000 with everybody. I'm the baddest that they come!! Cast me for the next season. #turnupqueen #immabadgirl

  32. Sierra McBounds says:


  33. Isabella Montoya says:

    I think i'm the baddest b, I don't give a f what a b says I'll beat the s out of her. I would love to be on the show.

  34. Fatima says:

    The reason why I should become a cast member of the bad girls club is because I am THE BAD GIRL OF BOTH WORLDS

  35. Jessica Rawls says:

    I feel I would be a great candidate for this show I am definitely a bad girl. I been through the worst of things in my life and still remain strong I don't take bull from nobody I am my own person I'm a leader and not a follower. Working with a life coach throughout my younger years due to my bad attitude has not really changed me the way I wanna be but I know by being on this show around other bad girls will be an eye opener to other attitudes and my impulsive reactions. I feel I would make the season worth watching due to my interesting outgoing and outspoken attitude. Also The best personality you will ever see.

  36. Markyea Jackson says:

    Hey, my name is Markyea Jackson. I'm 22 years old from Seattle, WA. I'm one of those team light skin pretty girls lol. I don't follow the leader.. I am the leader ! Ha. I can get pretty crazy. Im a Taurus so I take no s from no one ! The minute I see red flags I'm on it. I don't care what people think of me. My Instagram and twitter can show you a little more about me.. My @ name is; xomsjackson

  37. Aniqua says:

    Hey I am the baddest. .. im such a leader..everybody loves me… I mean look me up on fb. GmbPrincess ceo… I got my own team its called gmb .. we get money an all kind of ways. . Im valid where ever I go… females are intimadated by me.. im not no fighter i have other females do my dirty work everyone want to role with me im it.. . Its just my style an I live out loud an ppl just wanna be down… im 22 years young. True deff of bad animal.. IT. ..I have videos on my page u can definitely see my energy my demeanor. .. my style..I sit back an run my show…

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