Bad Girls Club – Oxygen

Bad Girls Club Casting Call

Bad Girls Club – Oxygen

Are you a bad girl and you don’t care who knows it? When you walk into the club do heads turn and all eyes fall on you? The Oxygen Network’s Bad Girls Club is looking for a new crop of 7 “Bad Girls” to live it up mansion style for three months and run wild through the big city in it’s all new season and this is your chance to be a part of it.

In 2006 the producers of MTV’s The Real World decided to shake up their formula and put seven of the baddest girls they could find under one roof and reality television has never been the same. Bad Girls Club has seen some of the most wild women of all time walk through it’s doors and this season they are ready to take it to the next level. Bad Girls club is searching the country for their most extreme cast ever. If you are a natural leader that always runs the show, the prettiest girl in the room who has the best clothes and jewelry or a girl who loves to party but hesitate to represent if things get heated the BGC wants you! if you were born a bad girl now is the time to show America that you were born to be on Bad Girls Club.

This is the show where you can be who you are – be as bad as you want to be. BGC gives you the choice, live peacefully with your “bad” roommates or be a true Bad Girl and let the chips fall where they may. So who are you going to be in the BGC? Will you go solo and try to run the show? Will you form a group to eliminate a roommate you can’t take? Leave a comment below and let us know and keep checking back for all of the up to the minute Bad Girls Club updates.

Are you ready to be the HBIC of the BGC? Casting calls are  starting soon so act now. See if you have what it takes to stand tall as the baddest girl in the Bad Girls Club!

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Leave a comment below and tells us why you should be part of the Bad Girls Club – Oxygen Audition in 2013

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  1. Julia Rose says:

    My name is Julia I am 20 years old I say I bring alot to the table ,I am a loyal person I have been through lot ,when people are fake or lie easily I do not hesitate to cut them out of my life I am also driven and unconcerned by the glare of the public eye. I can say I do and appreciate the attention with others. I love my girls night out at the club and doing normal day things. I feel like I am a bad girl and you should choose me there is never a dull moment I have a good personality very out going, funny just the whole package.

    (: Thanks !

  2. liz Bentley says:

    All u talking bout what u gonna do when u get on the bgc knowing damn well u aint gonna do s but fold up like a mat. Be real wit yoself. I hate b’s dat talk the talk but dont walk the walk. I mean im not the most truthful b in this world but I do hold my own. So stop with all that bs sayn what u gonna do cuz u aint gonna do s. If I were to get put onto the show I will ensure that I make it my business everyday that u live up to what you was sayin. Play wit it…

  3. Robin Keyes says:

    I'M Robin FROM Indiana Indianapolis Nick Name Cheetah They Call Me That Cause I Was Always Bein Fast But I'M 21 Birthday July 22nd 1993 I Ready To Be On The Bad Girls Club I Have What It Takes To Be On The Show I'M Real,pretty, classy,funny, fun And smart but also a Bad girl I smoked Before I drunk liquor Before And Still Do Ina Happy Person Until A Person Cross Me Then I Gotta Get Mean And Wanna Pop Off If Your Lookin For A Real Bad Girl I'M Who You Looking For I Gotta Alot Of Changes To Do Wit My Bad Attitude And Anger Problems Seriously But I Can Deal With 6 Other Girls Its Nothing To Me I Work With 10 Girls Or More At The Strip Club None Of You Girls Can Get To Me Lol

  4. Rameesha says:

    Hey Bgc My Mame Iss Rameesha aka (MULAN) born June 6 1993 I'm 21 yrs Old && Im A GEMINI♊️ , I'm Very Fun & Outgoing I Love To Travel & Party I'm A Bartender From The Bronx New York !!!! BXXX all day wooopp! Lol Well Anywaysss I'm A Very Easy Person To Get Along With But If You Try To Play Yourself I Will Be The B To Call u Out & Shut Their Wholeeeee S Down Don't Have Time For Fake B’s I Need To Work On My Problems ,Iam Notttt A Follower I Do Wat I Want & If You Don't Like It Do Something Me & My Girls Always The Life Of The Party I Love Bad B’s Cus I'm One Myself Please Pickkk Me To Be On The Show This Would Really Change My Life For The Better.

  5. Aquasia says:

    Name aquasia im a bad girl cause I do me ,but at the end of the day I have problems that sometimes effect me make me flash o u t .but I'm still pretty …. hahaha #mauhhhhhhhhhh

  6. Marcie Parson says:

    I should be on BGC because I am that b to f with… I am talented. Haven't been discovered… S is fed up… I am 34.. Y'all missing out on us… B’s in the thirties… Y'all got s for in the twenties and forties… Don't diss me.. F the cast… I want to direct some s…talented…. Don't miss out on me…
    P. S. Don't cheat ya'self… treat ya'self

  7. J'Essence Gardner says:

    My name is J'Essence ! ( Pronounced JAE – ESSENCE ) . Nickname Jae ! Born and raised in North Carolina , on April 18 , 1997 ! So yes I'm young & don't reach the age requirements YET ! BGC has been a all time want for me since middle school ! So , even though I'm 17 now I plan on sumbitting anything I feel neccessary so that I can hopefully mark my place when I turn 21 . Just a few things about myself , I'm not easily fooled . Imma smart girl , both books and just by overall reading people . Ima chill person so I'm not the type to provoke conflict , but I want tolerate any disrespect . I'm funny , and just overall like to have FUN ! I'd be the one to trying amuse everyone during any dull moment . But even with all the care & love may have for people you'd be suprised with how many ppl I have to deal w in my life who do dislike me ! But I'm never phased , never jealous , and forever unbothered . I'm pretty , and that's one thing can't noone disagree on . But I'm not self centered . I try my best to establish a relationship w ppl , because I believe in new friendships new people .. But with all the people that has walked out my life cutting people off is a HABIT , & have no problem doing so . So, yea just a little summary about me ! & plan to hear from many many more times ! I love OXYGEN & really hope someone sees this ! J'Essence is a hard name to forget !!

  8. Jasmine says:

    My name is Jasmine I'm from Philadelphia. Ima bad girl I love drama and always keeping it real. I'm funny and very out going.

  9. Xenia says:

    Hey BCG My name is Xenia. Im 20 Im from Philadelphia Pa.I have three siblings two sisters one brother 16
    21,& 22. Im jamican. And hatian. Im really not your club type of girl but will turn up if its on the agenda (im not a party popper). I like sports And fun activities that dont really involves. Drinking all the time. I come from a crazy back ground that sometimes effect me as a loving and caring person. Meaning i become negative. And shut down.
    I love growing and becoming a woman. And I know this experience will make me a better person. Sharing my story. Will make others adapt me
    Hope Ill be The next HBIC on BCG

  10. Tiffany says:

    Hi y'all I'm Tiffany. I am from Sacramento CA.
    I am the definition of a cali bad b. I look like Barbie but smoke like Marley. I party like crazy. I fight girls who wanna start or just because. I get cray and loud. I love to have fun at the same tone. I can be your beautiful friend or your #1 enemy u can choose which side. I am a cancerian so ya know Im def a beast and I'm polish watch out. I have an amazing story on y I should be a bad girl. ! I need to figure out why stupid people piss me off y am I so hot headed . Most of the girls y'all choose r for fame not that they r bad or need help. Half r bullies (pathetic ) . I speak what's on my mind no matter if I'll get jumped I'll hold my own. I have been locked up for some things mainly putting hands on somebody (man or girl) I'm crazzzy. I've assaulted peace officers. I just don't give a. I AM THE BADDEST B LIKE MARILYN MONROE. BTW I LOOK LIKE HER TOO: +)

  11. Tyieshia Gardner says:

    Hi my name is tyieshia but everybody call me tete I'm from Chicago born and raise from englewood I I'm 23 years old got a sister 22 years old we love party kick iT Have energetic intelligent down earth chick cool laid back got a good personality until b’s pull it with. Shit if they say hey to us first then we say hey back we would not have worry about no b’s pull it at all we came to party have fun turn up the crowd run the Bgc house like it our home if u pick me I will be so happy because I wanted to be on the bad girl house cause I got so many issue problem

  12. Judah says:

    Why wouldn't anyone! I'm small and have an innocent look but don't let my smallness fool you I will flip out on you in less then a second . I'm BEAUTIFUL who wouldn't want to see or be me. I love men and women who ever attracts me just does, what can I say I love having the best of both worlds. Also, I'm the TURNUP QUEEN there's no fun if liquor isn't involved. Liquor is my BestFriend . I'm the life of every party and I get every party started , besides all the fun I speak my mind so if you don't like what I have to say you can simply be dismissed :)

  13. Mercedes says:

    my name is Mercedes better known as Mimi. im from Cincinnati but im living in Birmingham Alabama. im a true b and will put anybody in there place. I stand up for myself and know how to have fun. I love to dance and party so choose me and you will not regret it at all because I am who I say I am.

  14. shakira says:

    Yall ready for bad or nah

  15. Alexandra munoz says:

    I'm Alexandra . I'm a bad b . I own my open company which makes me not basic I don't put up with bull – I can see right through girls ! I've been on my own since 15 I have a sugar daddy that's worth 28 million and a boy friend at the sane time . I have no sortie and am a boss b that runs s . I model I'm a nurse and all this makes b’s hate the s out of me I really want to meet girls I. An be friends with and try to get a long with …

  16. Imani Wallace says:

    I'm Imani Wallace and I'm a 20 year old from Arlington, Texas. I don't take shit from nobody. I can come off as this sweet girl who you can get along with but once you piss me off, it's over. I won't shutup or sit down until I feel like it and I dare you to try and hold some type of authority over me.

  17. liethia Rude girl..... says:

    I'm just Gonna introduce Me…..
    I'm liethia Rude Girl…..Hollla at me I show you what makes me a Bad Girl!!!! Contact me I've gotten an amazing story for you. Contact me I'm the perfect candidate for this me!!!!!!!pick me rude Jude crude on YouTube…..

  18. Annastasha says:

    Hello hi I'm Annastasha you can call me Anna I'm 25 I'm mixed with Jamaican so u must know I'm crazy as F* an don't take s from anyone. But yes I'm pretty most B* hate me because they can't take me but that's because they Never get to know me I'm sweet an kind also bipolar lol I can't help it I'm a Scorpio. yes I'm very freaky an I loveeeeee to party also I have major trust issues so if u f* me over once u will never get close enough again I don't care what u do to try to make it up but I feel as though u guys should choose me I promise I will keep America entertained I love being the center of attention but I do want to come on the show to work on my anger problems I go 0 to 100 to quick I swear I can't help it I really don't know when it's going to happen an it scares me sometimes so I would love the experience also the help

  19. lashey says:

    my names lashey Monique aka billy I am the david ruffen of b’s like , wen I go out literally eyes on me as if im kim k like the way I dress talk and keep myself together girls hate that they find any reason to start drama with me lol I once had a girl I didn't know write me and say her bf was looking at my pictures and that if he writes me don't pay himno mind lol that's just a little taste of what silly broads bring up when it comes to me , I always been a leader since I was a little girl I used to always be the leader and like me and my friends would play destinys child I would always be b cause like duh I was born a leader lol it is what it is when it comes to me I can be a doll or I can turn into a b you thought never exsited lol im one of a kind I have a couple clones that walk around like me my time to be on here should have been , im everything that this show needs I promise im such a goofy fun loving person and hold my own females don't realize words are words they shouldn't get you mad unless they relate to you or your hustle im all about life experiences and this my dear would be the greatest of all time !!!

  20. Glitter B says:

    Biiiiiiihhhhhh IM GLITTER B KNOWLES I don't need to BE on BGC….. It's TIME FOR ME to completely TAKE OVER! I'm not A bad girl IM THEEEEE BAD GIRL by allllll definitions with a genius twist! I can Sit with The PRETTIEST fight with the BADDEST grind with the HARDEST && still converse in the most diverse dialect with the most educated individuals in ANY ROOM!
    I AM HER && I should DEFINITELY be on BGC14

  21. Kayla says:

    My Name Is Kayla I'm From Chicago I Love To Dance & Drink And Have Fun Yall Should Choose Me Because I'm all About Fun & Will I Walk In That Bgc House I'm All Ready The Baddest Pick Me :)

  22. Jasmine Conner says:

    Hi My Name Is Jasmine I go by Jaszi I'm from Selma, Alabama and I'm here to tell you that I'm a Bad Girl. I don't take BS whatsoever But I'm cool I like to turn up and if you touch my Chinese Food you will be dealt with.

  23. Shirnise says:

    Hey I go by Nene im from San Antonio Texas im me love men and women.I'm the true definition of a bad girl. I'm that b I'll be your friend I'll hold you down but cross me and it will be your last. I'm the black sheep of my family do I like it no but no one said life is fair so I deal with it. I'm the oldest child of 4 girls and 3 boys I have custody of 4 of my younger sibilings my mom got sick and I stepped up and picked up the slack. One thing people who know me know about me is I don't play about my money and I don't play about my siblings. I'm a hot head love love love to party. I think I should be chosen so I can show these girls the true definition of a bad girl.

  24. Latesia says:

    I'm Miss.Jazzy From Macon,Ga….
    Alot Of B’s Pretend 2 Be Bad 4 The Cameras…. But All I Have 2 Say Is Aint Nobody Checking Like Nike…. Meaning B Dont Press Your Luck Or You Will Get Fd Up!!!!
    Miss.Jazzy Gon Xtra Stupid Need I Say More!!!!

  25. Brionna says:

    I'm Brionna from Bpt Ct !!!! I know you all will love me on the shows cause i am everything and more ! Can't nobody say nothing and it's no checking me ! put me on this show and y'all will see what a REAL BAD GIRL IS !!

  26. Kennasa Maeberry says:

    Hello…..I'm Kennasa from Houston tx I'm a down to earth chick but once you cross me I'm your worst nightmare that will come try so stay out of my lane or you will regret you ever meet me…So I feel that I should be picked because I will rock this show

  27. CiiCii says:

    My name is CiiCii I'm 24 years old and my Cousins name is Fufu and she's 26. Just like twins apply we're applying together. We have seen the chicks yu put on yur show and yeah some of them are bad and I give them respect for it but the most of them ain't s. We're nice to everyone when we first meet them and give them the opportunity to show us who they are. But the moment they show some sign of shadyness or fake behavior then there on our list. We have no hair on our tongue, which means we speak our mind and are very opinionated and don't take s from no one !!! We drink, shake our a and have a good time. We're flirts and we're young and pretty and we have the personality that all the guys are attracted to which makes all the insecure b’s hate !! What can we do we were born this way. Lmao. So putting us in this house would be the best decision yu have ever made. It's all about the ratings baby, and the ratings are gonna be through the roof !! So let's get it !!

  28. Jackira Alexander says:

    I'm a true bad girl cuz I hustle hard!! Two jobs as a waitress and a daycare assistant, as well as a college student. And by night I'm a ciroc girl!!! I love kicking it with my b’s getting drunk and fighting b’s and/or taking their men!! I'm not a killer but don't push me.. I'm from a boring town called Springfield il but I promise I'll be the most exciting bad girl you've seen thus far!!

  29. melissa webster says:

    im monroe i feel i should be picked for bad girls club because i can bring something different to the table im very unique with my look and style

  30. LaSonia Johnson says:

    I'm Lasonia from the Boot known as Louisiana but raised in Arkansas. I love having fun but when it boils down to it I am very hated because when I speak its hurts whoever feelings n but when I dress B’s be hating it because they man try to hills but it they feelings hurt… I feel I would be a good pick because I am that b, I can be an Angel or I can be your worst nightmare…

  31. Tiana says:

    Heeeeyyy my name is tiana from New York and yu shoul choose me. Hello like im fun confident cute and a twerkaholic. I love to party have fun and live life to the fullest. Every one always loves me. Put me on and i bet yu that yu would never want to take me off. Msz.twerkzit831 on YouTube check it out i have red shorts on its time to turn up!! #turn down for wat

  32. Rayia says:

    Im Rayia .. im from Houston,TX !! im so outgoing and free spirit ! i love going out to have eyes all on me and i love dancing .

    Yall should def choose me , you will not regret it !!

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