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Bad Girls Club Casting Call

Bad Girls Club – Oxygen

Are you a bad girl and you don’t care who knows it? When you walk into the club do heads turn and all eyes fall on you? The Oxygen Network’s Bad Girls Club is looking for a new crop of 7 “Bad Girls” to live it up mansion style for three months and run wild through the big city in it’s all new season and this is your chance to be a part of it.

In 2006 the producers of MTV’s The Real World decided to shake up their formula and put seven of the baddest girls they could find under one roof and reality television has never been the same. Bad Girls Club has seen some of the most wild women of all time walk through it’s doors and this season they are ready to take it to the next level. Bad Girls club is searching the country for their most extreme cast ever. If you are a natural leader that always runs the show, the prettiest girl in the room who has the best clothes and jewelry or a girl who loves to party but hesitate to represent if things get heated the BGC wants you! if you were born a bad girl now is the time to show America that you were born to be on Bad Girls Club.

This is the show where you can be who you are – be as bad as you want to be. BGC gives you the choice, live peacefully with your “bad” roommates or be a true Bad Girl and let the chips fall where they may. So who are you going to be in the BGC? Will you go solo and try to run the show? Will you form a group to eliminate a roommate you can’t take? Leave a comment below and let us know and keep checking back for all of the up to the minute Bad Girls Club updates.

Are you ready to be the HBIC of the BGC? Casting calls are  starting soon so act now. See if you have what it takes to stand tall as the baddest girl in the Bad Girls Club!

For more information on Bad Girls Club casting you can head here or here

Leave a comment below and tells us why you should be part of the Bad Girls Club – Oxygen Audition in 2013

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  1. Mariee Vega says:

    Who is Mariee Vega…….You wanna know the truth well you cant handle the truth…..I am the sweetest person you can ever meet I am giving I am helpful I am loving I am kind but all I ask from people is dont take that s for granted I beg of you fa real I would give u a whooping you would not ever want again I would help you call the boys after I beat your a I will love to rematch if a b claimed she tripped and I will kindly let you know how YOU REALLY FD UP….. And now you know how giving, hrlpful,loving, and kind Mariee Vega is….

  2. Francesca Jordan says:

    Iim a cold hearted yellow bone. I done give a about many. Don't f with family tho but there some family members I don't f with either. N I could care less. It is wat it is..I have a bad temper but I'm truly working on it. I'm educated with a fashion merchandising degree and minor in marketing so I'm intelligent n smart so can't just tell me some bs trying get over. I'm either gone call you out or cut u off. Point blank period. Iim a makeup artist in Houston ..thrown sephora galleria and I free lance.. Woot woot. I'm Aquarius so know I'm a free spirit can't be tamed ! Call me
    Instagram: msfancy4u

  3. Twylla aka Mia says:

    So I came in as runner up last year for a show called bad girls reloaded. Basically I do what I want, say what I want, when I want, to ever I want. I only bite my tongue when I'm in a public place, unless I'm drunk. I like to remain classy but I'm definitely not a b, I'm THEE b. I have a big heart but as big as my heart is, I have an even colder shoulder and I can hate you quicker than I can like you. I don't know karate, I know crazy ask any of the people who know me. I have a gorgeous smile, a good shape but a little over weight. When people try to go in on me about that I don't get mad. I always say I can fix my weight but B you can't fix your face. My friends say I'm like snooki and Jwoww combined. I love to party. I get limos, I shop a lot, I party hard all the time. And no I don't work anymore. My man pays for it all and I dare a b to ever come on to him. Her body will never be found. Seriously!! Don't mess with my man, my money, my family, or my friends and a b can keep breathing. I love my life. I control everyone around me. My man, my family and my friends. If They Don Like It They Can Kick rocks, but they don't because even though I'm a bossy bitch I'm very loyal and my entourage can always party with me and I will protect them because they are my people. Who I choose to be apart of my inner circle always have fun with me. Like right now I'm hanging out with a few friends drinking and the show bad girls club was turned on by one of my home girls and everyone says I should try to be on the show again. So here is my comment. If you want hit me up. I can fly out to any location.

  4. mistie higgins says:

    I am the girl in my town that everyone hates and is scared of. Just the way I look causes the others to look at me with their eyes and hate an me just because the way I look. I do whatever I want when I want. I get into a lot of fights to keep my respect and also get into fights because of my son. If anyone disrespects him I go off. I don't have no girlfriends because I just do not trust them. Every one that I have they stabbed me in the bak.

  5. Alanna Rubiano says:

    I don't think there is one right definition of a BAD GIRL because there are unlimited possibilities, but I do know that I consider myself one. I'm a California girl born and raised. I may sound young, but I've lived a hectic life and I had to grow up at a very young age, but I aint complaining it made me the very head strong, independent and outspoken woman I am today. I know I don't have to get loud or physical for people to know not to mess with me but if your willing to mess with the bull expect to get the horns because it takes a lot to piss me off. My mother always taught me to treat others the way you'd like to be treated.
    xoxoxo Alanna

  6. Ranisha says:

    I'm so ready to go let's hurry up!

  7. Alexis Amos says:

    Bad Girl??? I would give them life, with no parole! Why wouldn't I want to be a bad girl??? I'm a 21 year old young lady, straight country girl from Jackson, Mississippi.I use to be a member of Dancing Dolls dance team (DD4L!!) before i graduated from high school. Hair,make-up,and dancing is my life. I'm the sweetest southern belle until you drag me to the point to where i will make you wish you were never born, and tell you god bless you when I'm done with that ASS! It takes a lot to get me there,and when I'm there it's no turning around.I'm not a judgmental person,and I'm not coming there to fight. I just want to show who i am.

    —Kissed and sealed by Lexii

  8. Rachelle says:

    I would love to be a part of bad girls club. Im a 22 yr old EMT from VA. I love to party! And have a good time. Constantly turnin heads everywhere I go. I don't think fighting makes u a bad girl. Don't get me wrong if it comes to it I'll definitely get into it. People always test me because my looks. But quickly get a reality check. I've never had a lot of female friends. They either hatin or they love me. I'm a very nice person once u get to know me just don't get on my bad side. I keep it real at all times. I don't care what anyone thinks or has to say I'm always gonna speak my mind. Anyway, this would be an awesome experience for me so please let me know when casting calls are.

  9. Tequila says:

    am Tequila! I live in Springfield, MA as a supervisor at a call center. No matter where I am, I have to have to fun. I love to go out, dance,cruise, drink. And I could live off of sautéed shrimp. Did I mention my name is Tequila? What makes me a "bad girl" is the fact that I have had a very troubled past including foster care, however it definitely does not show. I strive to do better in life each day. I follow my own trail with beliefs, and style. No day is ever the same. I represent so many women and girls out there and I would love to let them see that your past does not define you. I am living, smiling and of course beautiful

  10. Ranisha Davis says:

    Btw I'm single nd no kids so I'm soooo READY!!

  11. Ranisha Davis says:

    I'm a bad girl all day. Im from a small town thats turnt up 25-8 (805) The Patch known as Bakersfield. I play b’s have them feeling dumb. My mind is too grown for most. I'm 21 les bi honest ;). I'm ready to turn the bad girl house upside down and change the whole BGC game. I speak my mind I do not care who you are I got a problem with you I'm going to say something. I have NO weakness… only kryptonite. I am THEE life of the party I love to have fun I love to smile and joke around but you get on my wrong side trust and believe I'll show you how I feel and all comes down we can get in the gloves. I only mess with the baddest of the bad. I'm a gemini so yes I have a flip side. I can go 0 to 100 in .2 seconds. If you ready to get your ratings up and get the show on the map I'm right here and I'm ready.

  12. Tatyana says:

    This show is wild I mean everyone can be bad b’s not just 7 people, like ima bad b and I'm 22

  13. Milani rose says:

    My name is Milani Rose, I'am 23, mixed with black and white ,NO KIDS!! I am an Exotic dancer located in Atlanta georgia. I model and sing as my hobby i just love the life! moneys nothing . I've been in multiple music videos for different artist actually since I've moved to Atlanta within the first THREE MONTHS I've done a video with rich homie quan && Columbia BT , Kcamp , and a movie for the Migos . I am BY FAR THE BADDEST !!! POINT BLANK PERIOD ! I like to have fun and I turn TF up !! I only f wit BAD B’S so if u a ugly broad u can't sit with me! I don't play games so if someone try and play me in that house wit some bull I will not hesitate to drag a b quick like! Trust! U want a "BAD GIRL"? Put my a on there OXYGEN will never be the same!!!! Check for me

  14. Francesca says:

    H town. Already. I'm current makeup artist at sephora in the galleria . Woot woot. and have a degree. I know I'm perfect for the show I'm a Aquarius so I'm very free spirit. Y'all selected me before the timing wasn't right I'm loud as he'll but so blunt you can smoke me.. I working on my patience but you will catch my goofy ass rolling my eyes as someone walks away. Lol. I'm 5'2. Curvy body and indulging smile but still humble. I speak my mind but still remain humble. Take a chance n u won't regret it. Drama is entertainment

  15. Francesca says:

    I would like to be on bgc13 because I feel like I can attract viewers for many different reasons. I am a current makeup artist at sephora Galleria in houston tx. I have a degree in fashion merchandising and a minor in marketing. I grew up with out my father so I'm very independent n strong headed. I don't trust many but that usually because people have motives. I working on my patience but most people say I'm so blunt you can smoke my truth lol. O yeah I'm goofy as he'll. ,my friends same I'm naturally witty and silly as he'll

  16. Megan says:

    In all honest F all these females commenting on why they should be apart of the Bgc. I'm straight of Memphis we keep 3hunna (Memphis slang). I'm ruthless & I'll bring you all the rating & keep people watching. Your never experience another southern until you experience Diorofmemphis (Me) on your show….

  17. Maulou says:

    Time to bring a philly/African chick to
    'the Bad Girls Up.'

  18. Chevelle Thomas says:

    My name is Chevelle Thomas better know as "Chevy". I am 23 years of age. I am orginally from Kingston Jamaica but currently reside in South Florida. I would be a great fit for reality tv as I tune in to so much of it that I ran my own website by the name of I've been a fan of the bad girls club franchise long enough to know what makes good reality tv, and that is "Drama". Drama is what keeps the television audience coming back week after week. Nevertheless, aside from what makes good tv, is a bad girl who is confident in who she is. One who understands that a bad girl is not always heard but seen. One who is not easily influenced but knows when to take advice and constructive criticism. One who doesn't feel obligated to fight with her words because her intellect has a mighty blow. One who has nothing to prove because she has already validated herself. One who doesn't feel that she needs to belong because it has always been more fun standing out. I am the epitome of everything that I've described. I have been the best dressed girl in high school to Homecoming Queen in College and at times has been the odd ball. I am very adaptable and can fit in with any crowd but will not put on a face or change my core to belong and there is a major difference.

  19. Tink says:

    Whats good BGC!!! I WAS MADE FOR THIS! Im the type you call nice nasty.. my bad girl ways are self explanatory. Im 28, nobody respects me at first because I look like I'm 21, so occasionally, I beat up friends, fight with customers and get fired, and I am known for running in your crib ready to settle a life's experience has given me tough skin so instead of crying,I express my anger through my hands or I party and get online and make some money on webcam. I want the world to know who the baddest is on the next BGC. life sucks, then you die..but not before I get on BGC :-) IG tinker_fukdbell can't wait!

  20. Kali says:

    Im 21 from cocoa beach fl. Love to party and have a good time. Down for whatever and always stand up for myself. Don't get confused, I can be so nice but once you cross me there will be problems. If you embarrass me or disrespect me I won't be afraid to let you know. A real bad girl doesn't need to gossip she just gets to the issue. If you can't do that you're weak and need a following. I'm not a girl who needs anyone

  21. Carmen Rodriguez says:

    I am 24 years old. I'm independent and I don't take nobodies s. I'm a leader never a follow. I've always been the type to do whatever I feel like doing and I don't care what anyone else thinks. Everyone is always cool with me since I so outgoing. I love wen so leaving with 6 of them would be like a fat kid at an all you can eat buffet. I'm young an living my life to the fullest and I don't care what anybody thinks of it. Your either with me or your not trust an believe I ain't stressing it. And you know this man!

  22. elisha says:

    Hi my name is Elisha 22 yrs old and im a mother of two babies a 2yr old boy and a 2 month baby girl but if u look at my kids and say something wrong bout them imma beat your ass. I love to hang out and party but if you make me mad the whole fucking world is going to I can be your friend but if u don't do wat I say will u know the a nice person to get to know until the horns come out I been called the devil daughter many times who cares lol pick me I will set the house up:-)

  23. Lashawn says:

    Im straight out of htwn Texas…. Y'all need to let me get up on bgc ASAP so I can rep my city like it should be….we ion play all DAT bs them other so called htown b’s be on bgc talkin….hit me up asap I'll show OXYGEN BADGIRLS CLUB WHAT ITS REALLY LIKE…..y'all gone call me show&tell h-town show stopper!!!

  24. Briesha Kossie says:

    I'm Esha born and raised in Houston,TX. I will most defiantly put on for my city. I'm a show stopper the party never starts until me and my girls walk in. I love to party but I make sure I put my money first. Can't party and be broke! I'm not perfect, I have personal issues that I will love to start working on before it gets out of hand. I notice my faults and want to be able;e to overcome them. A bad girl is not all about fighting and arguing its about who will be able to make a change and become a much better bad girl. Keep me updated on the auditions you wont regret it

  25. Macy says:

    I'm the baddest b you will ever meet. I don't give a f who is watching ! I have no girlfriends because girls hate me and I don't give a f! Everyone watch out Macy is coming your way!!!!!!

  26. Yolanda says:

    Well, I shouldbe on Bad Girls Club because I am a Bad Girl. I recently got out of the Army . I'm from Arkansas but Killeen, Tx is where I'm mostly known. I demand my respect, come correct or don't come at all… Don't come for me if I didn't send for your a**. I'm as nice as can be but when I'm tested I go from 0 to 100 in .2 seconds. I have no problem popping a chick or guy in the face. My hands speak for themselves. Currently I travel doing car shows mainly the DUB shows showing off my truck and showing guys that girls do it bigger and better. I hold my own everything I have is because I but my a** for it. Thats what makes me a Bad Girl.

  27. Taylor Pritr says:

    I want to get on season 13 I can assure you I need this experience … I shake shit up. Don't take s, have a temper like no other I'm a WEST VIRGINIA born and raised girl. I've not seen one WV girl on there yet I think id be the perfect one for you all. I'm a small girl but a firecracker !!! I love to party, dance.(I use to be a dancer)
    I'm all about makin money & being a BADDDD B! ;) please get back with me I've wanted to be a part of a bad girls season for so long! So please!
    Thanks . Xoxo – Taylor

  28. kortni says:

    I should be on the bad girls club because I don't give a f*** you want a bad girl I'm sure you weren't but I'm not scared of no b I have never had a girlfriend girls don't like me they jump meeting in a fight me they just don't like me so I know I can be the next bad girl pick me I'll show you the bad girls club without forget haven't Eve I'll be the last girl standing standing but enough said ..I wanna show you :*

  29. Porsha Barber says:

    I should be on the next season of Bad Girls Club because I'm 22 I've been through plenty of tragic bs in my life but I don't let any of it control me, I walk my own path and make my own rules I am a true leader and this is why I should be on the next season. So pick me :)

  30. shenita says:

    im a bad girl because yall never really had a Chicago aka chiraq girl really in bgc that is cute know how to fight now how to have fun I like to party dress in I been on the bill cunnigham show jerry springer a scene in llhl I love to argue in fight because im short in thick a lot of b’s hate that im from the subrubs but I grew up in the city most of my life living Chicago nothing but competition to see who dress better who have the most money cars girls boys etc every weekend if you not out hea trying make your name ring you a nobody I pary everyday all day I love fat men with lil because they spoiled you this a little about me I love to travel I been to Houston Miami Atlanta Florida Missouri St Louis etc I love to drink I get drunk in black I never knew you can exactly forget s intil you drink but I hope I be your next bgc girl because it time bring a real b from the chi on your television screen

  31. Pink Woodson says:

    Hello, My Name Is Pinky! And I'am the true definition of a bad Gurl!!!!! Just turned 27, high Class! And I wanna, be on the show for Accomplishment? My Problem is I cnt get along with girls! So I wanna see if I can!!! I love people! I cnt seem to keep Friendships! I wanna, work on that! And shyness! Thanks;( Yours Truely pinky! True Bad Gurl! I hate bully's to!!! What makes me bad is me! Not nobody else!!!! Being myself n my own leader! Not a follower! Most bitches are! Grossss! My favorite bad girl is blue!!!!

  32. Shae says:

    When is the next audition in 2015 & where is the locations ?

  33. Akeema Burno says:

    My name is Akeema I'm a 24year old bad girl. A bad girl is not all about being the loudest a bad girl to me is a dependent woman who handles hers and stands up for herself. I love to dance,drink,and party,I'm cool until someone crosses me then I have to check them.I have trust issues I don't really trust anyone except myself. If I am chosen to be on the bad girls club it will help me learn how to live and be around females.

  34. BarbieWhoBad says:

    I should be on this show bc ive been put on probation for referring to my sons principal as a B, i went to jail bc i threatended to send some for her to suck so she could get her mf mind right, yeah i couldve and shouldve chosen better vocabulary but certainly as the person on the clock she shouldnt have been behaving like familiar disturbance looks like me doin my job, telling some truth and her not doing her job reflected what i hot in some trouble yet free she hate her career and life and sad part she couldnt conquer the title b like a bad girl woulda and turned it into Boss# ImaBossAB #WhoBad #Bwhosad not #AMJ

  35. lesa says:

    when is the next audition for 2015?

  36. Tashaniqueka Carter says:


  37. Keisha says:

    I need to be on here

    Please please pleaseu

  38. Janell says:

    put it like this.

    I'm 27 years old im a single mother of a 8 year old and a four year old. I was born and raised in the GHETTO and no that doesn't make me BAD. I dont consider myself a BAD GIRL, "No baby i'm a BAD WOMAN. I may not have a fancy car or live in an lavish home but what I am is a survivor. I grew up in a single parent home with 2 younger siblings we didn't have the best life neither of our father's were around but i made sure we survived I got my first job when i was 14 to help my mom do what our dead beat dads wouldn't. I don't have the best job but my kids are well taken care of my son is on the honor roll heading to the fourth grade and my daughter will be entering kindergarten this fall and is already reading on a 3rd grade level. I don't have the best of anything but my kids have the best of everything because i grew up fighting, cursing, drinking, and not caring because no one else did. and also i still party like a rock star, drink like a fish, and will knock a B*tch out like Layla Ali I still have a functioning household and my kids aren't lacking. Webbie said it best she got her own house, own car, she take care of her kids and don't need a ***** for sh*t NOW DATS A BAD B*TCH!!!!!!! yall lil girls better get with the program cause I'm bringing the "BAD" to BGC and you can bet ya a** on that. you can either run with it or get ran the f*ck over IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE TO ME……..

  39. charrisse says:

    If your looking for a REAL BAAAD GIRL contact me!!!

  40. Chastiny says:

    Bad Girl or Nahh? Yes I'm one of Houston's baddest girls of them all. why? I dont take no bs from no female and i speak reality no fantasy on this end. I'm loyal and a woman to my word, but don't let the looks fool you because if you rub me the wrong way I WILL POP OFF.. no hesitation. I keep it cute, classy and stay in my lane. Piss me off? It's a wrap.. I only speak facts!!!

    Follow a trail of Bad Bit** IG: @thick_diine
    Twitter: @mshills90210
    Facebook: @Chastiny Wyche

    mad or nah?

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