Bad Girls Club – Oxygen

Bad Girls Club Casting Call

Bad Girls Club – Oxygen

Are you a bad girl and you don’t care who knows it? When you walk into the club do heads turn and all eyes fall on you? The Oxygen Network’s Bad Girls Club is looking for a new crop of 7 “Bad Girls” to live it up mansion style for three months and run wild through the big city in it’s all new season and this is your chance to be a part of it.

In 2006 the producers of MTV’s The Real World decided to shake up their formula and put seven of the baddest girls they could find under one roof and reality television has never been the same. Bad Girls Club has seen some of the most wild women of all time walk through it’s doors and this season they are ready to take it to the next level. Bad Girls club is searching the country for their most extreme cast ever. If you are a natural leader that always runs the show, the prettiest girl in the room who has the best clothes and jewelry or a girl who loves to party but hesitate to represent if things get heated the BGC wants you! if you were born a bad girl now is the time to show America that you were born to be on Bad Girls Club.

This is the show where you can be who you are – be as bad as you want to be. BGC gives you the choice, live peacefully with your “bad” roommates or be a true Bad Girl and let the chips fall where they may. So who are you going to be in the BGC? Will you go solo and try to run the show? Will you form a group to eliminate a roommate you can’t take? Leave a comment below and let us know and keep checking back for all of the up to the minute Bad Girls Club updates.

Are you ready to be the HBIC of the BGC? Casting calls are  starting soon so act now. See if you have what it takes to stand tall as the baddest girl in the Bad Girls Club!

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Leave a comment below and tells us why you should be part of the Bad Girls Club – Oxygen Audition in 2013

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  1. Jasmine brown says:

    Hi I'm Jasmine from little country town in Virginia. I'm sweet and innocent. I have the hugest confidence level there is. I'm all about my money. Dont cross me and I won't cross you. I'm quiet but don't mistske my silence for foolishness. I'm an over all bad girl. I try to keep it, cute, simple and classy. I want to show the world that you can have that bad girl mentality but you can also keep it classy. I'm 21, college student who manages a higher end shoe store in NC.

  2. Stallion says:

    My name is Stallion and I've been trying to get on the show for a while now,I have a video on youtube auditioning and it has over 3,400 views… my channel is ceelove88 please consider me ,I wont disappoint at all!

  3. Tyesha says:

    Hey yall this Tyesha coming straight from the A. Born and raised in Atlanta Georgia. Never been a part of a crew, but I do have a couple of bad b’s I will turn up with. I am that B. I say what I want, to who I want. Have no favoritism. You can be small big, or medium I will buck. I should walk around with I Dont Give a F on my forehead. Cause I literally don't give 1. They say you only get one life to live. I'm just trying to get DRUNK, party , meet and TURN UP FOR MY CITY.

  4. Erica says:

    My name is ERICA! I Am 18yrs. Old and Im from Mississippi. Yes, I am young but I'm bout it! LOL I don't really have any anger problems nor am I always a bitch to people. I just respond to people the way they respond to me! I feel like you don't have to be mad and have anger issues just to be a bad girl! I'm a bad girl because I say what I want to say and do what needs to be done when it needs to be said & done!

  5. shakirah says:

    My name is shakirah i am 21 years old and have what it takes to audition for bgc im not the type to brag or boast i let my actions speak and everyone that knows me tells me i should audition.

  6. Jessica says:

    Hey yall this is jessica, im 21 and showing yall hoes up from benson north carolina. Yes im small town but my i don't give a f attitude speaks volumes, I'm not here to prove why im the baddest of them all because a bad b already knows theres not too much to explain i just want a chance to show the world the real me and show what it means to be a true bad girl. Get ready cause i will speak

  7. Mimi says:

    Well hello my name is Mimi I'm 24 from Atlanta ga!!! I'm very silly, I know I'm bad I know I'm hot I dont take no sh*t from nobody! I stay to my self . I don't like to fight but if I have to I will. I don't like drama . I keep it real no matter what . I don't care if nobody like me I can know you don't like me and still sit next to u or say hi! ✋ I don't fear no one but God. I can be very intimidating to females. I know what's it's like to struggle so I value and appreciate everything I have . I spoiled and stubborn.. And I tend to have anger problems but I'm trying to work on it .

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