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Auditions for The Conjuring 2 – Movie

Auditions for The Conjuring 2
Auditions for The Conjuring 2

In 2013 the world was introduced to the based on a true story horror film The Conjuring and it’s all too real scares are still being felt today. Now millions of fright fans across the globe can get ready for an all new set of scares and aspiring young actors can get ready for a shot at starring in it. The Conjuring 2 is coming and so are some of the most fanaticism auditions of the year. The producers and casting directors for this blockbuster thriller are accepting video submissions for open roles today. Apply now for your shot at an amazing role in this sure to be horror hit.

The Conjuring 2 will follow the continuing efforts of paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren to drive out the terrible demons that haunt the earth. This journey will find The Warrens on a quest to flush out a host of terrifying baddies stalking the home of single mother of four Peggy Hodgson. Red hot

director James Wan (Furious Seven, Saw, Dead Silence) will return to direct this new chapter along with the franchises stars Patrick Wilson (Prometheus, Young Adult, Fargo) and Oscar nominee Vera Farmiga (Down to the Bone, Safe House, Up in the Air). Casting is only just beginning and major roles are still up for grabs in this scary sensation.

The next spine-chilling horror classic is coming and you could find yourself with a major role in it. Auditions for The Conjuring 2 will be taking place very soon and submissions from up and coming actors around the world are being accepted now. Interested performers can apply today via video at the film’s official website here conjuring2casting.com. There you will find character breakdowns and casting information for the project, here you will find every audition update posted throughout the shoot so stay tuned for more news and information and leave a comment for us below and tell us what you think of this production and why you would like to audition for incredible available roles in The Conjuring 2.

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  1. I'm looking for any "extra" or "crowd filler" position. I am not seeking a speaking part, I master in emotional reaction "looks". DATA: 62 y/o White male, 5' 11" at 275 lbs. No scars or facial marks. Full head of gray hair, cut short and conservative. No physical limitations.

  2. Hi! My names Joey Kleffman and I think that I should be in this film because one, I have been acting ever since I was 5 and has gotten every main role in my school's musical or play. I do not have actual experience in front of a big camera, but I'm sure I'll get used to it. And two, if I start out in this film, I think I will go farther with my acting.
    Age: 14
    Color Hair: Brown
    Date of Birth: 25/11/03
    Place of Birth: Danville, Indiana
    Skin Color: White/tannish
    Color eyes: Brown/Hazel

  3. HELLO!
    I'm 20 years old and from Ottawa, Canada. I've always loved horror movies and have a fascination for "dark" things. I also LOVE acting, I have my own Youtube channel, I've done live video broadcasting, and have been on my local radio… ( you could say I have a passion ). I am certainly a hard worker and could prove it to you if you give me the chance. As of right now, I am a University student in Economics, but I feel like it would be my calling to reach out and give this a try! I may not have as much experience as most of the other people who are auditioning, however, I believe I stand out.
    Hair color: Black (colored)
    Body type: hour glass size 4-6
    Eyes: brown
    Skin tone: tan
    Ethnicity: Swedish/Native American

  4. Hello James Wan, I would love to act in this horror film movie!! I've been acting in my drama club at school and I go acting at community school of acting (csa) in Marion, IN. I'd love if you'd get back with me soon. Really looking forward to bring myself into this amazing film and proceed with my dream of becoming an actress! Thank you for your time.

  5. Hi my name is Isabella spring I love in Colorado and I'm 13 years old. I would LOVE the opportunity to be in this movie! I love horror movies and not only would this be great for my career , it would be a amazing way to meet new people and have a blast sharing our hobbies together.
    I'm a very active girl who has a very loving personality! I also enjoy school and I'm very hard working. I love to explore and be the curious girl I am! If you pick me you won't regret it.

    height-5 feet , 5 inches
    age- 13
    eye color- blue
    hair color – light brown
    skin color- white , pale

  6. Hi! I know I would be great for this film. I have every characteristic that you would be looking for in a male actor. I am 19 years old, and I am very dedicated and determined in everything I do. Consider me for a role and I promise that you wont be disappointed.

  7. My name is John Craig and I am 14 years old from North Little Rock, Arkansas and I have always wanted to be in a movie. I'm 5ft 2in, Brown hair, and I wear glasses. I'm athletic also. I like scary movies and I would do good in this movie. Email me if ur interested

  8. City: Carmel, IN
    Age: 16
    Hair: Medium length, Dirty blonde
    Eyes: Blue
    Height: 5' 11"
    Weight: 180
    Previous roles: Townsperson (Aladdin, Jr), Cinderellas Prince (Into The Woods, Jr), stage crew (Lost In Yonkers, Spamalot), Tommy (Barking Signals Badly During Goldwater [Indie play])
    Skills: Guitar (intermediate), accents (British, country)
    Bio: I'm an enthusiastic actor, and I give it my all to be the actor you need. I can adapt to any situation you throw at me. I work my hardest for any role I'm given to help enhance the overall experience, and I work well with others. I would love to get my first professional work under my belt, and thank you so much for your time!

  9. Hello!
    My name is Tasha Duncan. I am 17 year of age at the moment. I have always loved horror movies, having watched them since I was pretty much an infant, and I worked at a Haunted House for the season (we are the 2nd scariest in Louisville, and I was a fan favorite according to my bosses). I would love to be a part of this wonderful production mainly for the simple fact that this would be an amazing experience to be able to be a part of, even as a minor role, or even an extra.

  10. With all that I have experienced and done in my life, I fit and contribute well to most things life has to do.
    a small sample of some acting and more importantly skills and experience.


  11. Brandon Cleaver.
    "Leave it to Cleaver"
    I am a 22 year old Arkansas Tech graduate with a degree in Business Administration.
    I have served in the Army Chemical Corp for 5+ years and would love an opportunity to work hard and fit any role, from teenage tough guy to pleasantly-hardcore adult teddy bear.

  12. Hi my name is Priya and I would LOVE to be a part of this movie. I'm 11 but I'm big for my age so I could probably fake for 12-15. I have dark brown, shoulder length hair and brown eyes. I have been taking acting classes every summer and when I was little I wrote plays and movie scripts for me and my little brothers to peform. I think it would be an amazing opportunity and I hope you will consider me.

  13. My name is Hunter and I'm a great liar…
    -19 years old
    -5'11 about 6 foot
    -medium cut hair with a slick back look.
    -not in perfect shape but definitely not obese

    No prior acting experience, BUT I have a great memory and I know for damn sure I can read a few words off of a script and make them my own. Like just about everyone else on here I'm a huge horror fan but the horror business has been in a downward spiral and definitely needs a reboot. Not sure if the conjuring can do that but hey if you contact me we can give it a go!

  14. Age: 22 years old
    Height: 6'5
    Skin Tone: Dark Brown
    Eye Color: Brown
    Major:Broadcast Journalism
    School: University of Central Arkansas
    Experience: News Anchor, Sports Anchor, Editor,

    Hope to hear from you soon!

  15. The conjuring was a great movie and i would love to be in the next. i am 37 trying to break through. i am a big fan James Wan. loved the story, seen annabelle and would love to be in part 2.

  16. Hey my name is Colton I'm 18 years old. My birthday is June 21st. I'm 6'4 and I have been acting all my life. I started in a small haunted attraction when I was 7 then moved up to Kentuckys number 1 haunted attraction. After that I got invited to Halloween horror nights in Walt Disney. It's always been a dream to become a actor. I loved your first movie and always have dreamed to be in a horror movie! I have 17.4 k followers on Instagram due to my acting and singing. If you want to check it out to learn more about me

  17. My name is Adam Meyer and I would love to be a part of The Conjuring 2. I am 28 years old and I have been acting since high school. I have been a main role is some musicals and plays, but also a main character in a Web series. I am easy and fun to work with. You won't be disappointed to have me on set.

  18. Hi my name is perrell I'm African American I'm huge fan of (The Conjuring)the amazing production will bring my skills to the team and help bring the film to life I will be honor to be part of this movie. I think this movie is some every one need to know about. I know thousand of people sent u their take on the movie or about them self the an how they act all u need to do is taka change.

  19. I'm 5-10 hazel eyes eyes brown hair 240 pounds I'm an actor I've been acting since I was a kid from church plays to drama club did that 2000-2004 to plays at church camp I'm currently doing theatre at the madison public library as well as puppet shows I'm looking to make a transition into film I'm a big time movie geek loved the first conjuring movie and I would love a chance to become part of the 2nd one even if it's a small part il even play a victim or a ghost.

  20. My name is Jenna and I am a 13 yr old girl from Alberta Canada, I can easily pass for a younger child. or an older teen 7-15 would not be a far stretch! I have always had a ravenous interest in movies and movie making.

    I have played one of the main charters in a number of school plays and I am planning on attending the Performing Arts Academy. I would love to be able to make the arts my career in the future as I have always had a passion for it.

    I am not a star stuck person and can be very professional even when others are not and I would love an opportunity to do whatever role needed to learn and gain experience behind and/or in front of the camera.

    I would be like to speak to someone about how I could successfully become involved in the process in even the smallest degree!

    I am currently an honor student and have been for the last 7 years. My GPS is 92.20 and I take schooling very seriously. I can memorize lines in a matter of minutes. I am 5 foot and I have medium length brown hair, and brown eye's. I currently weigh 89 pounds. I can provide you with a head shot if you require one or an interview if need be. I have been a fan of scary movies for a few years now.

    I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

  21. Hello I'm Sasha I'm 11 I have red hair its colored but looks natural I can fake cry etc I could play as a 9 year old to a 13. I really enjoyed the conjuring its one of my favorites. I have a bit of acting experience from making short skits in school or with friends. I hope you will send me a email saying if I could make a part or not.

  22. Hi I am 13 years old I graduated from an acting Modeling School a few years ago and I'm looking for my first roll.

  23. Hey my name is Annly Perez I'm 12 years old and I live in louisville ky, i love acting and i've been very passionate about it since I was little. I've acted in many places here in Louisville in a Spanish theater and in Cuba my birth place so yeah I speak 2 languages and I think I'm very talented. I love scary movies and actually I've seen conjuring and if I would be picked to do the second part I would be honored. i'm very dramatic witch is very good I think for a scary movie , hahaha. I really hope you pick me I want to be something important and acting is the right thing. Thank you

  24. I am 13 and I have been trying to find a role in Disney movies and well it didn't work out.I think I should get that role because I love scary movies I make all A's and B's.To me it's not about becoming famous. It's about doing something I want to do and take a different role.I believe that I can do it even though I am overlooked.So I would be honored to play a role.

  25. I can cry on cue, I scream like nobody's business,I love scary movies;I am actually hard to scare but I can act as if I am TERRIFIED!!!! I am 11 yrs old going, very photogenic. I am looking to scratch off at least one item from my bucket list: BE IN SCARY MOVIE!!

  26. Hi I am an inspiring Singer/actress and I hope that you would consider me it's been a dream if mine to be a performer for a very long time also, I'm 20 years old and absolutely loved the first Conjuring movie.

  27. My name is Jozey Zettel. I live in Wisconsin, and I am fourteen years of age. I have always been a fan of scary movies and want to make it in the big acting world. I would love for the opportunity to be in this film. I would act for any age. Thank you for your time.

  28. Hello, I am seventeen currently but on the eighteen of this month I'll be turning eighteen, acting is a huge passion of mine and I've acted in a few plays, I'm looking for a role in a movie or show to help get myself out there so I can hopefully follow my dream of acting. Horror movies are my favorite genre of movie and honestly I would love to have my first role be in a horror movie.

  29. Name- Kyle
    Age- 21
    Gender- male
    Height- -188cm
    Weight- 85kg
    Eyes- green
    Hair- brown
    The reason I think this would be great for me is I've always been the person to make you laugh, be serious when needed and an overall great leader/person. I've always been very interested in acting and production. It's very intriguing. I also think it would be pretty cool to act in a horror movie. I want a chance to put my self out there and show people what I can do, bring out the talent inside. I've wanted an opportunity like this to do that. I'm very athletic and have taken a various variety of drama/acting classes but have never actually gone through with it and apply for auditions. I watch all these movies and shows on tv saying to myself " that could very well be me!" Now that I've found all these I'm not going to stop until I get the chance to show you what I got. Thanks for looking and inquiring my application. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kyle K.

  30. I'm 14 years old, but can play ages a few years either side. I have been in many plays, including Sweeney Todd, so I have the ideas of the horror genre. I have also been an extra in two to shows, so I have enough experience. I also, love the film and would love the chance to take part in such an amazing experience

  31. Hello, I am 22 years old, a full time college student that graduates in May of this year. I'm also a NAIA college athlete, I have played soccer since I was six years old. I really love horror movies, the conjuring is actually one of my favorites. Me and my fiancé love anything that can give us a good scare and the conjuring is for sure own of those. I have never acted before but I think it would be an awesome experience and something completely different from what I am use to.

  32. Hi I hope to act in this movie. I act ages 10 to 13
    I love scary movies and I hope you pick me
    thank you for your time.

  33. Hello! My name is Araya, and I am VERY interested in this role. I am 15 years old, I live in Colorado, and I am a huge fan of horror movies, and especially the Conjuring. I have seen it multiple times, and I would love to see The Conjuring 2 multiple times with myself being casted! I am very excited and greatful for this amazing opportunity. Please give me a chance and consider me as a possible cast member in this amazing movie! Thank you so much!

  34. Hi my name is Angelina here are a few things about me that I hope will persuade you to choose me to act in this film:
    I can act from ages 10 to 15
    I have been acting since I was 4
    I am 5 foot 3 inches
    I am a strawberry blonde
    I have light brown eyes
    I would love to have a role in this film

  35. My name is NOlAN and I am a 13 yr old boy who can easily pass for a much younger child. 7-10 would not be a far stretch! I think the benefit of that would be a more mature and focused actor than someone truely that age. I have always had a raveneous interest in movies and movie making. I have made many ameture skits and written plays/monologues since I could write!!!
    I am currently attending the Performing Arts Academy in AZ and plan to get a degree in Movie Arts and make a carreer out of my passion. I would love an opptertunity to do whatever role needed to learn and experience behind and/or in front of the camera. I also do many voices and accents. I would be like to speak to someone about how I could successfully become involved n the process in even the smallest degree! Thank you for your time. Nolan

  36. I would love to be apart of this film because I have wanted to be an actress for a while now. Something about it makes me feel so excited. I would love to be an extra in this movie to add to my experience.

  37. Age:14
    Skin color:white
    Hair color Dirty blonde
    Hair Type:Curly
    Talent:sings and plays trumpet
    To be a part of the making of this movie would not only be an amazing opportunity but could also open more options for an acting career.I don't have much experience,but I do have some.I am an extremely hard worker.I make average grades(A's and B's).
    Thank You!

  38. Name:Tegan Brown
    Eye color:Hazel
    Hair Color:Dirty Blonde
    Hair Type:Extremely Curly
    I play trumpet in the pryor Junior High band and sing alto in thier choir.I am very active in sports like soccer.I recycle and J am Alison an office aid.I have very god grades

  39. I am 14 years old and I took acting lessons way back when I was around 8 years old for 1-2 years. I love scary movies and I see this movie as a fun and great way to start up my acting career
    – Size 0-2
    – 14 years old
    – Chocolate brown curly to medium curly hair
    – 5,5- 5,6 feet tall
    – About 108 pounds

  40. Hi my name is Colette Zimmerman I am 18 years old. I should be castes in this movie cause one i can act, lol, I (I studied it for a long time and took acting lessons) two I love scary movies, they're my favorite I watch them all the time I know how they work I know what scares the people. I have good ideas. and would be a great addition to this movie. Please contact me and let me be in this awesome new movie.

  41. I'm Charlee Bell I am born and r a used in Akansas. I just turned 17 I have short brown hair and light blue eyes, around 199-200 pounds. I'm funny, smart, outgoing, pretty and I'm a junior email me for more information

  42. Hello
    I am the fan of Horror movies since I was a child. I love the feeling of being creeped by it and feeling scared. It's orgasmic for me, lol !
    I recently performed a few horror numbers last Oct, 2015. People commented that I should be in a movie where I being possessed by the darkness. They saw me differently and was in awe of my characteristic- horrored ways.
    So with that being said, I would love to be a part of your production. I love "The Conjuring" . One of the most scared-clapped movie ever.

  43. Hi my name is Makenzie Hamilton and I would love a role. I have been acting for 3 year and did some acting when I was younger. I love acting and how it allows you to be whoever you want to be. I would love to bring the story to life.

  44. I am a tall 5'9 female that looks like a college student but I am only 15 years old.
    Love to act but have never been on the big screen. I have a great scared face long skinny legs and beautiful green eyes! I am your girl!! Pick me!!

  45. Hi I'm 15 years old and from Seattle Washington. I've always been a fan of horror movies and acting and I've never really had a chance to audition for one before. But I have been in plenty of mystery/thriller plays before and I know how to role with what ever is thrown my way. I may not have as much experience as most of the other people who are auditioning but in a way that makes stand out in a positive light because I'm not stuck in my ways yet.
    Hair color: dyed red (willing to dye it any color)
    Body type: hour glass size 6-8
    Eyes: Green
    Skin tone: Very pale

  46. Hi, I'm Maria. I have been trained in acting since I was five years old, and I'm trying to expand my horizons and try out for more roles. Here's a bit about me:
    •I am 16 years old
    •I have long blonde hair (with red tips)
    •I am 5'2, I'm 100 pounds
    •I have silver eyes
    •i live in columbus ohio
    •I am a junior at the Arts and College Preparatory Academy


  47. I feel like the underdog needs a chance and that's exactlywhat i am. Big fan of the first film and would love to be part if the next chapter x

  48. I have lived some very interesting occurrences I'd like to prove they can and do happen and would like to work around and with the Warrens' powerful first movie I can only imagine how intense this one will be.

  49. Hello my name is Samia. I'm 16 Years old And From Germany. I spend one year abroad in Ecuador, so i speak english And spanish perfect. Since i'm little my dream was it always to be an actress, but i live in a really small town, so it was always hard to realise my dream. Now i'm older with more life experience, because of my exchangeyear, and i would travel anywhere to follow my dream.
    I'm a young attractive woman. I have Brown hair And really clear green eyes. I have a skinny figure, but not too skinny. I'm confident And a happy person. Theater was one of my best school subject. It Also was always a dream And a wish of mine to play in a scary Movie, cause i do love acting And scare people. I need a chance, an open door.. To START realising my dream.

  50. I would like to get this part because it would be my first time acting but not only that, I LOVE THE CONJURING. I believe that it is just absolutely amazing how you can use a camera and people to instill so much fear in people.
    Height: 5 feet, 2 inches
    Age: 12 years old
    Date of birth: April 4,2003
    Place of residence: Olive Branch, MS
    Skin color: Brown
    Color eyes: Dark Drown
    Color hair: Dark Drown

  51. Hello my name is Alexandra. I have been part of The Acting League in Hollywood, and John Casablanca in Houston TX. I would love to be in this movie because I am great in acting and love it too. It is my passion. I have some experience. This movie will help me move forward too. I am young for my height, but that is helpful in acting. I know two languages, English and Spanish. I am Hispanic. I live in California. If you pick me you won't regret it!

    Height: 5 feet, 2 inches
    Age: 12 years old
    Date of birth: October 14,2002
    Place of birth: Sna Diego, California
    Skin color: Olive, tan
    Color eyes: brown
    Color hair: brown

  52. My name is Michelle, I have brown eyes with medium brown hair. I’m 5’1 and 13 years old turning 14 in December. I would like to play Margaret. In my opinion I find horror movies very interesting and I love to watch them. Margaret’s personality is something I fit into and strongly will show my emotions. Just letting you know I would love to be in a horror movie especially this one! Thank you so much

  53. Hi my name is Anthony and from Paramount, California and am 21 years old. I want to start off by saying the conjuring was such a great movie and it had a lot of creepy scenes and it even made me cover my eyes which I don't really do in horror movies but this one made me. But anyways it was a amazing movie and one of the best movies I have ever seen in my life. Everything in the movie was perfect like how the characters looked and how the makeup was. But the most important thing that made the movie such a terrific movie was the story. But anyways the reasons why I would love to be part of this movie is because I am a huge fan of horror movies and I have been liking them since I was a little kid. I'm willing to do or play as any character even if I needed to act possessed. But please give me this opportunity to audition for this movie I won't disappoint you. I have no acting experience but I know I could play any role of the movie if you could just give me a chance. I really want to change my life around by becoming a actor. I know there a lot of people that probably say what I'm saying in order to get a audition but I am not of those persons.But I promise I won't be one of those people. I absolutely will try my hardest to play as any role that is given to me. If I get this opportunity to act in this movie I want to keep acting in more movies such as horror, thriller, suspense, drama,and action. If you are interested in me being in this project please email me. I promise you won't regret this. Thanks…………

  54. in very interested in playing a role in this movie! I am a 31 year old attractive female long blonde hair blue eyes and have a fresh face,voice and personality to bring to the big screens! I've never been on the of screen but I have written, directed and starred in many school plays and shows as well as entertains stage experience. Please contact me if interested! I can send photos.

  55. Heck yes, would love to be in this movie !! I am a 15 year old, who is active in 3 sports, achieving all A's and enjoys acting . I'm just a small town boy, but would love a chance to act on the big screen . My mom is a scary movie lover, she would just die !

  56. I love scary movies and I love acting.The conjuring is one of my best movies and I watch it all the time.Evey time I watch The conjuring I always wish to be init. Acting is a big part of my life because I love it so much.My dream is to become an actor and it would mean the world to me to act in the movies. I live in London and I have hazel eyes and mid length hair I am 5ft and 13 years old.

  57. I am a 15 year old girl who is in love with acting! I have been doing drama for many years including drama classes, acting lessons, school shows and bringing a play to a reginal drama festival! I have handled memorizing pages of lines and work good with dramatic and scary work I would love to get a part in a movie that would be able to show my talents! I am fully dedicated to acting!

  58. Looking for an opportunity to get started in my acting career. All I need is an open door.

  59. I am a 32 year old attractive white female, born american citizen. I have partictipated in drama classes, small local plays, musical theatre, chorus, bellydancing and bands. I am currently in a rock cover band. I have great stage presence and I can put on any face necessary for a gig. I am willing to change my appearance and i can cry on a dime. I have committed my life to music and entertaining. I have no children and have not gotten married so i can be ready at anytime for work. I am dedicated to what I do and would travel anywhere. confident

  60. I'm a MAJOR fan of (The Conjuring) my favorite scary movie till this day, I been in stage plays my hole life. When I first saw the movie, I saw myself playing one of the roles and help make history for the film. When or if you guys audition for any roles I would love to be apart of this amazing production and bring my skills to the team and help bring the film to life.

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