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Audition for Project Runway Junior – Reality TV

Audition for Project Runway Junior
Audition for Project Runway Junior

The creators of televisions definitive fashion design competition series are changing the game and the way we look at fashion forever. Project Runway Junior is set to find the next generation of fashion trendsetters and submissions are being accepted online now.

Project Runway Junior will be taking all of the amazing creativity, fashion and fun that made the original series a hit with millions of fans around the globe and molding it to showcase the best young aspiring fashion design talents the world has to offer. The best of the best fabric visionaries will be chosen to compete in an incredible series of design challenges engineered to find out who has what it takes to be the next fashion tastemaker. Each week another challenger will fall until one final contestant stands and is named Project Runway Junior winner and given a chance to share their very own clothing line creations with the world.

Submissions for open spots in the all new season of Project Runway Junior are being accepted now from up and coming fashion artists aged 14 to 17. Interested talent are being asked to send application packets containing two recent photos of yourself (include one close-up and one full body shot), a file containing 3 to 10 photos of your best design work. Perspective contestants must also submit a 3 to 5 minute introduction video that features you giving your name, age, location, and your personal fashion philosophy,a testimonial about your history with fashion and design, what your tastes are and your goals for the future and a look at your three best completed designs from all angles. All videos should be linked through Vimeo or YouTube and sent by email to projectrunwayjr@gmail.com or via the official PRJ application page here mysticartpictures.com/new-look/now_casting_details.php?nc_id=118. Stay tuned for more audition information right here and leave a message in the space below and tell us what you think of this incredible reality TV opportunity and why you want to apply for a spot on Project Runway Junior.

Project Runway Junior is here! Apply today and show the world your passion for fashion!

10 thoughts on “Audition for Project Runway Junior – Reality TV

  1. I am very interested in this competition because fashion designing is my passion. and i have a wide spread of imagination that i can use to this competition . and I also working as a designer.
    hair color: black
    date of birth:January 09,2001
    age: 17
    i am waiting for your response..

  2. I really wantd to aplly I have great taste and I love to experiment and try new things but uncertainly I'm under age but don't forget me I will be there as soon as I make 14 years old you will see me and I will slay every day!!

  3. Name: Hawaii Jackson
    Age: 15
    Experiences: Model, Make clothes, Do hair, Make jewelry, and a 3.5 student in Detroit public schools.
    I'm hoping to be on project runway because I been drawing and making fashions ever since I was 5 years old and I got a passion for fashion.

  4. i'm age 10

    birthday:oct 8

    Expierence: school plays,school dance team,school quire

    i love fashion. i've been watching projects run way since i was 4. i'm Firce, Confident, optimistic, ambitious,bright,out spoken my style urban, boho, show stoping, i have a loud vioce sometimes, all around unique

    pleaaaaaaasssseeeee let me be on the show you wont regret it

  5. Hello, I'd love to be a contestant on Project Runway Junior because I have sewn for 3 years almost 4 and have made dresses and a two piece outfit and some little things like that at home. I am currently working on a gorgeous evening gown/prom dress. I have went to competitions and modeled my outfit to a panel of judges. I took home silver at my first one. I am 16 years old and in high school. I have taken Clothing I, II, and am currently in a 2 hour, all year round class called Fashion Merchandising. I am also am a 2 year member of FCCLA at my high school and take pride in my creations. I'd love to compete on this show, thank you for your time.

  6. Hellow good day! I would like to audit as an actress I love to act. And I want to show my talent what I had to all the people around the world.
    And I want to express my self to have a confident.
    Thank you very much. more power GODBLESS

  7. I am 18 years old. Ecuadorian and Native American. Live in the United States. Have dark brown/ black hair and brown/ yellow eyes. I wear a size 0-1 depending on the fabric of the clothing. I was raised mostly in Ohio and Indiana but I have been here and there also. My bd is 11/27/1997. Born in Dayton, Ohio. Soon to be Mrs. Nadeau! The reason I want to break into this industry is because my passion is makeup, hair, and fashion. Ever since I was a little girl I would walk like I was a model on a Catwalk. And lately people have been complimenting my "glowing aura" and "model-shaped body" etc. After getting asked if I was a model then being repeatedly told to become one, I almost want to do it.

  8. I'm very talented fun outgoing determined to make it in the Hollywood spot like I'm 11 years old and I'm awesome you would love to have me on your show and I love your show is well

  9. Hair:brown.
    Birth date:jan. 8
    Expierence:school plays and YouTube channel
    Piano recitals
    Why I should be here:I sing good,and I've got more talent in my little finger than a whole body of talent and I loveeeee to act I will be a sassy peep on this show ok and ill admit it my voice is loudddd!!!!!!

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