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You Deserve It - ABC
From the creator of ‘Deal Or No Deal’ comes ABC’s new and exciting game show YOU DESERVE IT!  Casting is currently underway for this innovative twist on the classic trivia game show format. This is your chance to test your knowledge for an audience of millions and provide cash prizes for someone truly deserving in your life.

Hosted by Chris Harrison of ‘The Bachelor’ fame and the lovely Brooke Burns,  the show will find contestants answering a series of questions for the chance to win cash prizes for a deserving friend or family member ! Auditions and casting calls are happening soon so don’t delay. If you would like to be considered for this fantastic new show you can send an email here : deservingcasting@gmail.com with all of your contact information and a brief summary of why you’d like to compete for your deserving friend or family member. All submissions become the property of the Producer and may be used in any manner.

Are you a fun and intelligent person?  Is there someone in your life that deserves wealth and happiness ?  Do you think you have what it takes to win it for them? This is your chance to show America what you’ve got AND help someone you care about! Don’t delay, apply now for this chance of a lifetime. Tell that someone special that you love “You Deserve It”.

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  1. I have a friend with a single mom who is struggling everyday to help her family. A couple years ago her daughter nearly died of cancer and she put ever penny forward to keep her around. She spends every penny she has just to pay her bills and care for her 3 kids. She never gets to attend my friend's tennis matches because she doesn't have enough to time or money to do so. I have my heart set on helping my friend's mom because
    she is the sweetest lady I've ever met and she truly
    deserves the money. Please let me have this chance to help her, I really care about her

  2. I was raised by a single mother in a poverty stricken family. She worked 2 and sometimes 3 jobs to support my brother and I. We never went without. No matter how much she had to give up she made sure that her boys had the thugs they needed and often what they wanted. She raised us to be strong, independent and giving. Still works a full time job I this day, struggling to get by. All the while making sure if my brother or I need any help whatsoever, we get it. She is the strongest most deserving woman I have her met. She deserves a life of ease and maybe a vacation to settle her weary mind and heart.

  3. I have a friend who took care of her mother while she died of cancer about 15 years ago. For the last 10 years she has been taking care of her father until she had to put him in a care home a couple of years ago because he would fall and she was unable to pick him up. She cares for her adult son who suffered a head injury from an auto accident about 5 years ago. Her husband is going in to have heart surgery and she will be caring for him. She goes to the care home every morning or night to put her father to bed or get him up. She does all of this while working full time and has the most positvie attitude. She deserves it.

  4. I am a 49 year female who have a mother who has taken care of her mother who died last year. She is the eldest of 9 siblings and she is always trying to do for others. She has a son who is in a wheel chair. It would be great for her to have the money to pay off all of her bills.

  5. I would love to compete for my mom. She is such a giving person and has always put her goals aside to help my sisters and myself. She is a great grandma and does all she can. Right now my sister is sick and my mom has dovoted herself to taking care of her and helping with my niece. My mom does not have her own home and has never pampered herself. She went to college but never persued a career because of her devotion to her family. For once I would like to be able to give her what she deserves!

  6. I would love nothing more than to be apart of this show. My brother has done nothing but set himself back to help me all his life. For once I would love to be able to pay him back ten fold. He is a very caring and deserving person. I just want to set them up for as along as possible and give them the opportunity needed to live happily.

  7. I would love to play for my loving husband! He works hard, goes to school and find time to keep his family happy! He deserves this more than anyone I know!


  9. Our very good friend and colleague is a wonderful Kindergarten teacher at Central Elementary in Banning, Ca. He gives 150% at work, his students love him as we all do. Just this past year he was diagnosed with a rare form of Leukemia and will have to be out for the rest of the school year and probably won't be able to return. He is the bread winner of his home, he has a wonderful wife and has 3 great children. They are in great need of any financial assistance. I am asking that you consider giving his situation a chance.

  10. Hey guys, my name is Morgen Goetz. 18 years old and a red head. I live in Northern CA and am moving to L.A. next summer for my acting/modeling career. I am currently in the Donald Trump Miss USA Pageant. I have been modeling for several years and just started acting this would be an amazing experience and look forward to speaking with you.
    Height: 5'5" Weight: 106 Hair: Red Eyes: Blue Skin: White Nationality: Scottish/Irish Occupation:Model, Upcoming Actress, Miss California Contestant. Age: 18

  11. My mother deserves to have the world but I can't give her that so I would love an opportunity to help her the way she's helped me.

  12. I have recently re connected with a girl i knew from high school. She had moved to north carolina from new york and married a guy there. He turned out to be one of the most abusive people ihave ever heard of. He mentally and physically abused them for 7 years. She was to scared to leave him becaused he threatened to kill them and her whole family if she did. but after 7 years of hell, she finally left him and moved back to new york. But after leaving everything she ever owned and a good job, she and her two little girls now struggle. with no income and little help from social services, they are lucky to have enough food on the table. I would love the oppertunity to bring them happiness. They defenatly deserve it.

  13. My aunt (and Godmother), her husband, their 35 year son and daughter, age 33 really deserve help! My aunt is a retired college professor. My cousin TJ, 35 still lives at home but has a degree in acting. My cousin Maria, 33 just got her teaching degree however, is unable to locate a job. Meanwhile, my aunt and uncle took their retirement and opened up an Orange Tree Hot Dog restaurant. They are now losing the restaurant. TJ, Maria and her husband, Billy all help out at the hogdog place. With the restaurant going down, they are not able to be paid for their work. They have teens who work there but seem to always call in to have off but are the first ones on payday begging for their checks. This has caused so much turmoil in my aunts and Maria's life. My uncle has recently crushed multiple bones in his hand. Maria is living on her child support check and her new husband can't even live with her right now for money purposes. We just lost the matriarch of our huge family, my grandmother January 7, 2011. This really took the hugest hit on my aunt, as she is the oldest of six. I know I have alot of issues of my own, being a single mom with one in college and one in high school, barely making it myself, working two jobs, as well as health issues. But, to see my aunt and family go through this is breaking my heart! PLEASE choose me to come be on this show! My aunt deserves this more than anything in the world at this time! Before it stresses her and takes her life!

  14. I have a dear friend and neighbor who found out tragically, by almost losing her beautiful daughter, Megan, that she(Megan)who is in her early 20s, has a rare clotting disorder, that causes multiple strokes, without warning. She has had thyroid problems, heart trouble,to name a few. She also has a deluge of other medical problems, with a recently repaired hole in her heart being among them. They have been to Johns Hopkins, The Mayo Clinic, and other hospitals across the nation trying to find a miracle for Megan. The doctors are at a loss and the family is financially spread way too thin. Melissa & David (Megans parents)both have been working as much as they can, but have to drive to all these hospitals(Megan cant fly with this illness)and havent been able to work steadily for months now. They are on their way to Duke University on Sunday to search for any answers to this puzzle. They would never admit it, but they need help! All the medical bills, hotels, meals, and EVERYTHING is just too much! Not to mention the emotional toll its taking on my precious friend Melissa! As if thats not enough,Megan has a twin sister Mallory. Mallory is okay for now, but her mom had her tested for the disorders Megan has, and she is right on the edge of a whole other cluster of health issues, as well! I KNOW I could never raise enough on my own to even put a small dent in their bills, but with the help of a show like YOU DESERVE IT, I could! I can ASSURE you, NO FAMILY DESERVES IT MORE THAN MELISSA & DAVID WAGGONER!! God Bless You All!

  15. First off my family is so close its unreal! Every since i can remember every holiday my mom, her sisters, her brothers,their kids, and my memaw and papa (until he passed away so now hes not with us) have celebrated every holiday together! Anyways just wanted to say a little about how close we ALL are! My aunt sheryl was diagnosed with lung cancer about 3 yrs ago. i dont know if she had part of her lung cut out first or the kemo and radiaton first… either way ahe lost part of her lung and went through i believe 6 mnths of kemo and radiation! My aunt darlene took her to little rock i believe for a week at a time for treatment1 They stayed in darlenes rv in an rv park close to the hospital. Now i want to tell you a little bit about her befor she got sick! She has two kids which are grown now, one is 21 and the other is 25! She started working at a factory called magee in pocahontas arkansas about 15 yrs ago (maybe a little longer maybe a little less) they make picture frames. Around this area you start out at minimum wage which is $7.25 an hr… 5 yrs ago it was $5.15 an hour! Anyways she made her way from the bottom to very close to the top at magee and was making pretty decent money for around here. Then she was diagnosed with lung cancer, I dont know the exact story but she got medical leave during the surgery. Had to get part of her lung cut out. And for a little while after surgery. then she went back to work. She coughs 24/7 which i cant even imagine how much that would hurt to cough somuch after surgery and radiation. anyways being at work in the heat and everything made it even worse. Not just coughing but the way she felt over all. she ended up leaving her job i dnt know if she had to or what but she left her job she lost her insurance and everything. just now got approved for her disability in December 2011. Which from what i hear doesnt pay much i think she has medicade or something to help her pay for her dr visits and medicine! But like i said im not real sure about all that we dont talk about anything like that! Just makes me sad! 🙁 She has to go for check ups every 6 months. She went last week and everything came back good! My mom said as soon as the dr read the results sheryls face just immediatly looked so relieved and happy! At the moment she doesnt have a car, she let her daughter use hers because hers broke down. So if she wants anything she just has to wait for someone to come give her a ride. Right now things are looking as good as possible except for the money situation for my aunt sheryl. It makes me nerves just thinking about being on the show because it takes awhile for the hints to click with me lol. But i honestly know just the smallest amount of money would help her and i would be glad to be the one to get it for her!!

  16. I want to win money for my sister. She always puts every body else before herself. She has 3 wonderful girls, a difficult marriage and has battled breast cancer and won. She and I are very close. I would like nothing more than to win her a ton of money!!! Please give me the chance.

  17. Hello my name is obiamaka agu. I am 21 years old. easy to work with and extremely daring. I watch a lot of movies and often dream of being one of those actors that I admire. I haven't been featured in anything major just a fun high school romeo and juliet play. I am a fast learner and excellent memorization skills. I can talk all day but I say get in touch with me and I will show you how good I am.

    Height: 5"8
    Eye color: Brown
    Weight: 145
    Hair color: Dark brown
    Race: African American

  18. I'll make this short and sweet. I will be an actress in the future and would love this opportunity, but I'm still in 12th grade, till then remember my name, you'll be hearing it a lot in the future, promise, and I keep them.

  19. I would like to start by saying hie as you can read my name is Alexzandra McFarlane im 14 years old and a freshaman in High School.
    I dont know if im old enough but the reason im doing this……..you must read this alot some kid trying to go on the show for there mother the same old same old. But the reason im trying to this is because i know the economys bad and so my mom is in a tight situation. Shes in a about 50000 debt and the reality of the problem hadnt hit me till a while ago. My mom can barely pay the bills. And to make matters even worse my sisters in college and my sister before her was in college. My mom says the only way I could go to college is to get some type of scholarship. My moms been thru so much in her life she used to work on a farm,and for her to make it this far…….im not asking im begging please pick me so i can take this and many more problems of her shoulders theres more to this story than you know.Please….Thank You.

  20. Iwill be playing for me, Im the smartest man on the planet, the cleverest, the most outgoing, the greatest just like Ali. Who couldnt want money with the way this ecomomy is right now. As a voter in this united states im embarrassed at this government for getting us in this mess. having said that, i still love this government. I am 70 years old now and still sharp as a tack. I actually hold the record for the numbar of political loses in this town, I have lost 10 races from mayor to city treasurer to council. little known fact Licoln lost 9 political races, so im in pretty good company i guess. I will run one more time in nov. and that will be my last. put me on the show and rating will go thru the ceiling. thanks for reading this. Darryl

  21. My dad seen this and wanted to do it for his wife well my mummy because she as done so much for our family and as always been there for us and we really want to show her how much she means to us and how much we love her and my dad would like to go away for a break just the two of them and have a good time and win some prizes for her and well just surpise her and see her face please let me know what you think

  22. Hello my name is Melanie Mixon, I am from Brooklyn New York. I am 22 years old I am in college full time, I attend the Art Institute of Philadelphia. I would like to try and win money for my mother Mary Mckenzie. I believe she deserves this because my mother is a very generous person. She helps take care of everyone even children who arent related to her . When my best friend got put out of her home my mother let her live with us and shes been helping her she encouraged her to go to college and now she in school getting good grades. Shes always taking people in when they need help. She feeds the boys in my neighborhood when their hungry because she believes you should never deny anyone a meal no matter who it is. She even took in my brothers girlfriend when she had no where to go and even shes in college now. My mother came into some money a while back and she shared with just about everyone in my family even with some of the people she doesnt really get along with. My mother helps take care of alot of people and i know it becomes a burden sometimes because shes doing it by herself even though she doesnt let it show i know it does. I think if i win this money it will help her so much. Sometimes i get sad because i know shes doing this alone and no one is helping her i look for jobs but i can never find anything that doesnt interfere with my school schedule. If you give me the opurtunity to try and win some money for her i would be so grateful because she definitely deserves it i could never put into words how grateful i am to have someone like her in my life.

  23. Why do I deserve it, well let's see. Two total knee replacements weight loss surgery that's not doing well and two liver trans plants. I've spent over two years of my life in the hospital,missed birthdays,christmass a super bowl and my daughters high school graduation not to mention more stitces than a new suit let me prove to you I deserve it..

  24. Wow do I deserve it for the past 12 years I,ve been pretty sick with two total knee replcements,weight loss surgery, and two liver transplants,lifes not been great.I've missed countless birthdays,weddings, the super bowl twice,and my daughters high shcool graduation. I have more stitches in me than a new suit. I have no regrets just would like to make some of that back up time with my family, so yes I believe I deserve it.

  25. yes.. The Spencer's, Mclemore's and chad chung YOU DESERVE IT… For my son Rodney who deserves a break from hardship.

  26. I would love to play for my sister Kerry. At 35 she is a widower and single mom of my amazing 3 year old nephew. He was born in 2008 with a form of Muscular Dystrophy. Two years later he lost his daddy to cancer. My sister recently lost her job because of time missed in the office due to Ronan's care. My parents are not available to help her as much because our dad is in the hospital awaiting a heart transplant. I would love to win some money and give everyone some peace of mind. Please.

  27. Hi if I had this Opportunity I would give the money to my mother because she did so much for me my sisters & my brother and their kids all by herself. I would love to give her everything she gave me and much more!

  28. I would love to play for my mom because she defiantly deserves it! She has always been the strongest and most giving person I know. In 2009 we lost my dad to lung cancer after only a 5 month battle. They had been married for 29 years and together they were always supportive of myself and my sister. In 2010 my husband and I both had lost our jobs and I was(am)a full time college student so we moved in with my momma. She opened her door and her wallet to help us. She gave me gas money to get back and forth to school, she helped purchase school clothes for my son and to many other things to mention. She is without question she the most unselfish person I have ever known and and while no amount of money will ever convey how much I love and appreciate all she has done it would be a good start. I would like to be a contestant on this show because my mom deserves it!!

  29. I grew up with five brothers and sister. Our mom has been a single parent for most of our lives and worked very hard to provide for us. We were poor but somehow mom always made our birthdays and holidays special and rewarding. Not only was she "mom" but she was also was our dad, taking us on outings on weekends teaching us how to fish,swim,get involved in sports, went to the drive-in, and much more and with six kids it wasn't easy. Because of us kids she never had anything for herself. Now she's retired and because two of us lost our jobs due to the resession mom is still helping us financially and is still going without so she can help. I often daydream about winning the lottery so I can suprise her with more money then she could spend. For many years I've watched her go through advertisements from retailers pointing out what she would get for herself if she had the money. Mom is 74 and her health is failing so being able to get on "You Deserve It" I can make mom's last years vertually fulfilling,stress free,and fun "cause" she really deserves it. To get the opportunity to make money for her in a fun and exciting way is what the show is all about and I would very much like to be apart of the fun and dream making,not only for mom but for the viewers that enjoy watching people be rewarded for their selflessness,thoughfulness,caring,and dedication.

  30. I would love to play for a group of people I've never even met in person; mainly 3 pastors of churches in Wa, Ghana when poverty is extreme. I'd love to see them get money to put down a well, get electricity, and build a worship center for the college students. Then they could build a youth hostel to rent rooms to the college students to provide incomes for their families and their ministries. They have been dedicated to their work and people for 30 years and this would improve their way of life for hundreds of people who have only known poverty their entire lives. I'd love to see construction done before my missonary friend, Nancy is unable to return. She had to retire due to health reasons.

  31. I would honored to be able to play for my best friend Joan. Both Joan and her husband have always been hard workers until Bill, her husband, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He is self-employed, so has no income at this time. Despite her full time job, and many baby-sitting side-jobs, Joan is in financial straights. They are in desperate need of some financial assistance. The hospital bills are piling up and she has no means to pay them due to mounting medication bills..Please, please, allow me to help them!!

  32. I have been a single parent for 10 years and my only daughter who is now 12, forever will be my world. I have worked paycheck to paycheck my whole life raising her, but have nothing saved for her. My biggest fear is she will not have enough money to continue her educational pursuit to go to college! I would love to play for her and have any winnings go directly to a savings/college fund for my baby 🙂

  33. I would love the chance to play for my oldelst sibling, to call him my brother is an UNDERSTATEMENT, he has been a father to me all my life. Our family hasn't had an easy life, but then again who's has, but my brother has been the stone that has kept my Grandmother, who raised all of us, and my sisters and I together. He recently bought a house, and got his hours cut at work and is strugling to pay his bills and mortgage. Out of the kindness of his heart he took me in to his home, and helped me get in school and graduate. My brother is the most kind, caring, and loving person I know. He has sacraficed a lot in his life, to make sure that his sisters had what they needed. PLEASE GIVE ME THIS CHANCE TO HELP MY BROTHER LIKE HE HAS HELPED HIS FAMILY!!!!

  34. Hi my name is Valerie Lewis I come from a small town in ca. Called Hanford, I'm writing this for my aunt an uncle the Camarillo family they have have a 10 year old daughter name caley who suffers with the deseas CF ( cystic fibrosis ) a hereditary disease of the exocrine glands characterized by breathing difficulties, infections, an fibrosis.. She is a very bright little girl who gets very good grades, an leaves day by day by not letting this disease get her down… But there comes a times when there is a little down fall.. She takes lots of medication an is in an out of the hospital alot lately.. My aunt an uncle try there best in money wise to do there best if what they have. But also having two other kids it's very hard… Caley has been followed on twitter an has a video on UTUBE under caley camrillo… I want to get on the game show to give back to them an give a helping hand to there family…

  35. I would love to play for my dad! He is the best person in the world!! Hes tyring to support all of us in our family which is a lot. It's me(20), my fiance(21), our baby(3 months) my sister(22) my brother(15) and my mother. He is the only one of my parents that is working and money is extremely tight. Which is expected with a house of so many people! I'm getting married in April and even though my parents couldn't afford my dad agreed to buy my wedding dress which was almost $900. He does his best to pay our cell phone bills and our insurance when we cant. He lets us all live in his house rent free which several people tell him he is crazy for that, but he knows we cant afford to be on our own! He always does what he can to help us out. I would love this chance to win money for him so maybe he could stop stressing so much. He has several hospital bills from previous surgeries. Hes fought skin cancer, had one knee surgery, and has another one coming up that he is trying to figure out how to hide it from his work so he wont have to take off since he cant afford too. my mom has several hospital bills from have seizures, kidney stones all the time, dentist bills, and several other things. They have expensive car insurance since they just had to add my little brother to it. On top of all of that he is still trying to help pay for my wedding besides the $900 wedding dress. I know everyone has their own story but it would just be nice to let my dad have a day off from stressing!!

  36. My mother raised myself and my brother as basically a single parent. In 1999, our family was exposed to toxic black mold. During that time, she fought for the health of my brother and myself when she was the one that was exposed the worst. She had to retire due to her illness and also severe back problems. Four years ago she got shingles that went up her spine to the lining of her brain. It has taken her all of this time to recuperate. My mother has to have extensive back surgery at the end of January. During all of this time, my mother always has put my brother and myself first. I would love the opportunity to tell her how much my brother and myself have appreciated her unselfishness and love.

  37. I would like to play for my sisters Frances (and Jan), Fran will be 63 on February 1st, 2012. She has always taken care of us, she was second to the oldest of 10 children, we lost our dad in 1969, my youngest sister was 9 months old, she has downs-syndrome, the rest of us ranged in age of 5 years to 18, my mom was 45. Fran and her husband Harold (who was under her total care, due to having been in a car accident when he was 11 years old and was paralized from the waist down)they gave up their home and personal lives, moved in immediately and from that day forward help our mom (who never remarried) raise us and put us through school, all of us graduating. Due to my mom waiting to receive my dad's war widow pension to come through we survived solely on Harold's disability ($230.00) per month, we didn't have Food Stamps at that time and times were hard, Fran got a job as a nurse aide to bring in more money at a local nursing home, as my mom went into a deep depression, which additionally left Fran to care totally for us, and our baby sister which she still does today (Jan is now 42). Our mom did come out of her depression and due to her limited schooling got a couple of housecleaning jobs to help (she finally got a very small pension) but was frugal and while we didn't have a lot we were happy. Fran and Harold continued to help take care of and was total caretakers for my baby sister "Jan". We lost our mom on January 29th 1985 (Fran was 35), on the same day I had my youngest son, I had him that morning, mom died that afternoon, the end and the beginning. Our mom was not only Fran's mom, but her best friend and confidant, she was devasted, to add to paid and worry my mother hadn't left a will so the house Fran and Harold helped her to pay for was up in the air, they couldn't use it as collateral for a loan for upkeep so it had continued to delapidate (Fran became Jan's legal guardian). I want you to know none of us were financially able to help, or we would have. Then in 1996 we lost our oldest sister in March and we lost Harold in August(he had always taken care of Jan while Fran worked, she loved him so much) our world has ended again as did my boys' (4 of them) he was like our dad and their grandfather (Fran and Wanda were extremely close as well), at this point Jan wouldn't stay at their house at all, it was so delapidated too, they moved in with us, she and Harold had helped us to raise our boys from the day they were born and after moving in continued to help us, including being full time employed, she worked up until May of this year, Fran is now a Med-Aide but lost her job due to fraud of the new owner of the Nursing Home where she had worked 30 plus years, all previous owners had let her bring Jan to work with her, she was a volunteer and looked forward to going to work each day, it was her home away from home, everyone, residents and employees were family, and loved one another dearly, family members once again lost to both Fran and Jan. We rent a house in town, but it makes me sick that she helped to pay off a home and it has fallen in literally, it is in a wonderful area but sadly gone. She can't get the help she needs for her diabetes, she is on unemployment as of May and draws a small social security check, as does my baby sister, but as of May her unemployment will run out (she is job hunting) but her health has deteriorated to the point that I know for a fact she won't be able to hold a job any longer. I would like to firstly, get her medical attention she so badly needs and can't get, as well as pay off her bills and secure her and Jan a home. As for love they will never be in want, and necessities no matter what, we like many other people will do what we can, getting the necessary medital help is difficult, as I stated earlier she and Jan still live with my husband and I in a home we all rent, but if I could just get the money to pay off her bills she would focus more on her health. If we lose her or Jan we are lost, help us keep them as long as possible. I will be forever grateful, Sheila

  38. Nicole is my 27 yr. old daughter. She has blessed me with four beautiful grandchildren, Makayla 8, Macy 7, Michael "Bub" 6 and Natalyn 1. Aug. 27, 2005 Nicole evacuated from her St. Bernard Parish home that was given to her by her grandmother. Nicole evacuated with her two oldest girls and was scheduled for a c-section for Bub. Just like many others that evacuated she left with only a few changes of clothes. Aug. 29, 2005 is when we learned that the entire parish was flooded with up to 20 plus feet of water. It wasn't until 2 weeks later that she was able to return to her home and find that it was a total loss and would have to be torn down. For over a year she fought with FEMA and finally receieved money where she used for a down payment and land in Slidell, LA. This is where they have lived since then. This is the only home her children know and love. This is where she thought she would raise her children. With many financial set backs my daughter and grandkids will no longer have that trailer that has been there home. The bank has given them until Jan. 4, 2012 to move out. They will be moving into a camper that her mom, Amy, has in her backyard. I would love to be on the show and win my daughter and grandkids enough money so they can be in a home with no worries ever again.

  39. I would love the opportunity to help my parents. They have had their share of troubles the last two years. After my father had a stroke he has worked very hard at overcoming his memory loss problems so that he could continue to work to help my mom financially. This year my oldest sister has had a stroke and my parents have been trying to help her the best that they can. My parents should be retiring but unfortunately they both have to work to make ends meet. I would love this opportunity to give them something that would be so greatly appreciated!!

  40. I will like to play for my 26yr old darughter she is the most kind hearted person I know for her to be her age she been threw so much she has 2 girls one who is a critical type 1 diabetic an she go threw so much stuff with her lil girl… everyday its something she just take as it come. No matter wat she struggle so much that she just never give up I want to give her an her lil girls a break from hard life…. her lil girl is such a tooper she takes up to 10 shots a day an this lil girl jus smiles no matter wat she go threw. No matter how bad her condition gets her mom be so down she do everything in her power to keep her mom smiling I think she deserve happy her an her kids

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