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Bad Boys – MTV

Bad Boys - MTV
MTV is at it again with another ground breaking reality show and they are accepting submissions now.  ‘Bad Boys’  will go inside the lives of  bad boyfriends and the women and men who love them. If you are in a passionate and misunderstood relationship with a “bad” fella this is your chance to tell your story. The network that brought you the popular and insightful ‘Teen Mom’  ‘True Life’  series’ are looking to delve further into the pitfalls of male-female relationships and they could be looking for you.

Have you been with your boyfriend for at least 3 months and he sometimes doesn’t treat you right? Is he inconsiderate, rude or even at times uncaring? Does he treat friends and family and even you with a lack of respect? MTV wants to tell your story. By shedding light on this all to common behavior, the network hopes to help you and millions of viewers pursue a meaningful, healthy and loving relationship.

If you find yourself in one of these unfortunate relationships and would like to be considered for the program you can leave a comment below and send your story and info here badboys@mtv.com You may be going through some serious situations right now and MTV wants to help you solve your Bad Boy problems.

141 thoughts on “Bad Boys – MTV

  1. Hey My mame is Jonathan I'm 21 i'm From Puerto Rico , I am Latino
    I'm raised in Rochester New York I'm a cool guy I'm gay I don't believe in nobody I only trust myself I have a full-time job I love to party love to drink love to have fun I'm down for Bad Boys Club

  2. Hey mtv.! What's up BBC.! Javier Pena from Texas born an raised I'm Hispanic 24 years old 6"2 I work got my own.!
    I'm bad cause iknow I'm bad don't need any one to tell me I already know loll ? no I'm really down to earth but cross me once good luck the second time around ?

  3. Hi my name is Brandon but you can call me Mini-Kash. I am a 23 y.o Cherokee And Kemetic blend with coco brown skin, grey eyed, tatted up super bright red headed bad boy. I have 7 brothers and 1 twin sister who I love to death. I was prom king in 2009, graduated @ the age of 17 with honors. I grew up in the toughest streets of sunny San Diego, California I LOVE going on long walks, getting tipsy in the club, making music, drinking soy milk and eating watermelon. I am a super funny full of life kind of guy but I don't take no s I am truly the baddest to walk this earth! and I get money realistically you can Google I been around to just about every state shut down venues. My music is my passion and THC is my bestfriend, my face says i'm nice and sweet but don't be deceived I will leave a b egoless my attitude says f a hater and my persona says I'm the s. I take lots of pictures, be on instagram straight flexing. A lot of people hate me because I talk so much but I can back it up, I am a fighter not a punk don't let the red hair and me being 135lbs get it fd up! Period. But I do love people as persons and like to have fun laugh and live life. I need to be on this show because I'm the baddest to walk this earth!

    I am looking forward to working with you all and remember I AM THE BADDEST TO WALK THIS EARTH!

  4. What up Mtv and bad boys club i should be on show because I'm a bad boy im a Virgo but im a respect others

  5. My germar I live an alexandria La the reason why wat audition for the show is I am a good person I am an college I wat to be on this show is because it a funny show

  6. Hello, I'm Jamal Foster. I'm 20 years old..will be 21 next month. Some months ago, I ended a relationship with a guy who was disrespectful at times, he did what he wanted to and, in the end, lied about how he truly felt about me. I'm truly looking for a real love. I'm a big sweetheart but do not mind embracing my bad side which is something I'm working on! I feel like I would be the angel of the group.


  8. I am 30 and I fight if I have too I curse a lot lol and I don't care too much about peoples feelings nawl I'm kidding but I do have a attitude problem cause people really be annoying but if you cool we good but my patience says a lot sometimes it have me wondering then sometimes people deserve it but I do wanna be better and no how to walk away sometimes that would be what I really need to learn

  9. Hey my name is jeremiah and im a Taurus. Im smart and crazy and dont tale shit from nobody if its anyone u need on this show it me i need not to say no more oh yea im a open gay male

  10. Seek and you shall find…. Chicago born and raised. I have so much to offer to you guys. You won't be disappointed I'm one of a kind. Check out my IG OKTOBAH_DONELL exclusive!!!!!!!!

  11. hi my name is toni and im a bi gay male that lives in monroe,la home of duck dynasty, im spoiled and good looking and dont take drama , i love my wine red or whie. Im very outspoken an very normal, trust me you would love me on a show, bci wanna shw the world im a b but a southern guy!

  12. Hello, I'm a 38 year old Gay black male name Kevin. I am a Virgo… Nothing else needs to be said. I'm highly Intelligent and very Outspoken. I have a sense of humor that keeps folks in stitches. Been a guest on 2 well known talk shows, Montel Williams and Jenny Jones. I have held my own in front of large audience's as while debating with the Head Secretary of HUD. I have withstood the scrutiny of many because of my size people feel I should be inferior to them. Don't let the 5'5 1/2" fool ya…

  13. Wats up my name is craig knight and I have been in a relationship for 2 years now and me in my girlfriend have big arguments in never understand were each other is coming from.i think I'm a good fit for bad boys club cause I'm bout living life to the fullest and handling my business

  14. My name is james thompson 24 year old gay black and Puerto rican guy here live in Nashville tennessee. I have an u filter mouth I tell anyone like it is boss, parents, boyfriend,ect. I am just one bad b .

  15. First and foremost I would like to take some time out to thank you for even allowing me the opportunity to be apart of something big.I'm 28 i am a music entertainer,photographer,videographer,vey good with my hands and like to work alone dont get in anyones else bizz,and hate when others get in mine and i can say i have had my share of beautiful women, bad and good relationships,and I never really think its me with the problems,but who am I to judge,Im everything this show needs and more!!


  16. Hello my name is Lennin. I am 33 years old and am in a rocky relationship with my boyfriend of 14 years AND boyfriend of 4 months. I am trying to be my own life coach and the results aren't becoming of me. I work hard to keep what I have and to get what I want. I AM THE BADDEST BAD BOY with experience in drama, arts, mess, & plenty of TEA. Girl boo!! IF I get the opportunity to show you what I can offer YA WONT BE DISAPPOINTED!! Estoy listo hombres!!!!!! I am Puertorican and Dominican with communist background. My mother was raised atheist and Father was Roman Catholic communist. I have family that is rich in ATL so fine living is new to me thru my family. I love partying and Asking what I did the night before because I get drunk and speak my mind. ENOUGH SAID!! TURN UP ATL!!!!

  17. Right now I'm an up and coming actor on YouTube. I'm a second year college student my major is communications. I'm 19 and the oldest child on ten. Me and my college friends have a TV show out called The Real Campus Life. That's airs every Wednesday at 9.I feel like I am ready for the next level. I been acting my whole life. I done a lot of plays and films in high school and college I just want to get on the big screen and show people that I am the next big thing.

  18. Hey Im Alphonso im 21YRS old and im the bronx newyork city !! lol im funny smart kind really humble crazy and can go from calm to wild i have been a fan so long of bad girls club and talk with some of the girls on social networks i know im what this show needs i have so many stories to get off my chest and i have advice and questions for these guys i never got along with most guys spite how cool iam so this should b interesting but iam going in with an open mind hope to make a friend i have been the victim and the bully always let someone hit me first in a fight except in 5 fights witch shows u im fare guess how many fights ? lmao im not a brager just saying the TRUTH i love the truth hope everyone else in the house can handle it please just show me my room

  19. I'm all this tv show want and need I don't mean to toot my on horn but I know I'm a bad boy got references to clarify it to most of these guys are all talk I'll give your show life I'm not scared of anyone I'm gone do Nd say what I want to Say as I please I been through to much in life to deal with the next person drama I'm all about my money and if I can't benefit from you I'm nit ducking with you I would be a perfect candidate for this show and I promote our won't regret it I'll be the reason the season have so many views cuz I'm real after and everybody loves me and know I'm not one to be crossed now try me if you think your bad

  20. First things first I would like to thank you for this oppertunity to redeem myself and to find myself broken relationships false hope ..my ex no longer wanting to be with me do to my bgc obssession I would be.a great candiadaye for this ..Trust me if mtv you want rstings and over the top reality tv choose me I can bring entertainment comedy and suspension 😉 give me a try if you dare

  21. So I'm really not good with relationships at all. I never can last more then five months. I really don't care about feelings or if I hurt them or not. Ppl say I need to learn how to think about other feelings but i just don't care. I'm wild I don't think when things come out of my mouth. I just say it an think about it later. I hate to express myself and tell the person I'm dating how I feel. I always get locked up for fighting and jumping ppl. I really don't take no s and I hate for someone to pick on me. That really piss me off. I'm really a beast at what I do when you tear me the wrong way IT GOES FROM 1-100 on you real quick.

  22. Hey I'm Quino. I'm 21 and live in Chicago. I love to live life to the fullest. I'm consider an a but I'm honestly not. I just speak my mind and don't sugar coat it. I don't have time for unnecessary fights but best believe the Puerto Rican side will come out if needed. I have been with my boyfriend for a couple years now even though we had a split for a little over a year because of my dumb actions. Always sticking to the past with past lovers and never letting go. That caused us to break up and my unfaithful actions as well. I'm finally at the point where I'm becoming the man he wants and I know he so much needs in his life. I stay away from temptation know and if I could just show the world that the party life and everything else is just a temporary life style and your hearts happiness is what truely matters I feel it can do great things for this generation.

  23. I'm 26 years old. Philly born n raised. Live life to the fullest.. Like what I like and do what I like!! I'm a married gay man but recently become separated !! I'm file for divorce and moving on with life.. I got two kids from my marriage which are my husband kids but I raise them as my own.. I believe I'm a bad boy because I don't take hair from no one and I same what I mean n do as I please.. I'm a very outgoing person . I'm very entertaining . I no how to make people watch.. Please consider me to be on the cast of bad boys because I'm ready to live and show these dudes what's bad is all about!!

  24. Name is lawrence I am calm cool and collective, and handle drama when it needs to be handled. I am a father of two who is just trying to make it in life as a successful man. Now when it comes to females I have no trust in them what so ever, they made me who I am now. I just love to date and have fun with them.

  25. I'm 26 years old going through a divorce with a person I been with for10 years I tried to do all I can to make him love me a butt he moved on another person an we go to the same school I'm trying to do the right thing and not hurt him or his boyfriend but some times I want to f hem up but I know I need help to get over him and get the violence out my mind I believe in being in the bad boy club bad to get the necessary skills I need to move on in my life and to be able to do the right things and I always think of beating people up all the time

  26. Hi my name is Brandon but you can call me Mini-Kash. I am a 23 y.o Cherokee And Kemetic blend with coco brown skin, grey eyed, tatted up super bright red headed bad boy. I have 7 brothers and 1 twin sister who I love to death. I was prom king in 2009, graduated @ the age of 17 with honors. I grew up in the toughest streets of sunny San Diego, California I LOVE going on long walks, getting tipsy in the club, making music, drinking soy milk and eating watermelon. I am a super funny full of life kind of guy but I don't take no s I am truly the baddest to walk this earth! and I get money realistically you can Google I been around to just about every state shut down venues. My music is my passion and THC is my bestfriend, my face says i'm nice and sweet but don't be deceived I will leave a b egoless my attitude says f a hater and my persona says I'm the s. I take lots of pictures, be on instagram straight flexing. A lot of people hate me because I talk so much but I can back it up, I am a fighter not a punk don't let the red hair and me being 135lbs get it fd up! Period. But I do love people as persons and like to have fun laugh and live life. I need to be on this show because I'm the baddest to walk this earth!
    Facebook: Mini-Kash Catlin.
    Twitter, IG, Tumblr @miniKASH

    I am looking forward to working with you all and remember I AM THE BADDEST TO WALK THIS EARTH!

  27. My name is jay im outspoken im 19 Relatiinships Blaa They Are Wat They Are dont care to much about them im my own person not to much more to say

  28. I'm jahani from the Bronx, I live my life in the' moments. I'live a gypsy lifestyle, unlike the rest of the bad boys long-term relationship not in my vocabulary. Here today, gone tomorrow. But, outside of a no flex zone. I'm a wild boy, with a sense of I REALLY dnt give a f*ck attitude. I would definitely bring WHAT bad boys club NEED!

  29. Wus up bad boys club this lavosier but I go by Trina aka black remy. I work a lot I get wut I what from boys! Am a boss b! In I which a would play me don't let the bad girl fool u.## tell u a little about me a 22 thick which out bad boys club am comeing Nashville baby!!♡♡

  30. I'm tyrec or you can call me ty I'm 21 years old I've been celibate for almost 3 1/2 years now I live in a small town in the south by the name of Lumberton which has unique talent every where but little opportunities.I heard about Bad Boys Club through social media websites & well my love life is always hard to get through because guys always try to control me but my last boyfriend is all I tend to think about he was everything to me & because of the hard break he gave me it turned my heart black as coal & I'm stuck in a trance believing all guys are the same then BBC comes along & I fell I'm perfect for a position on the show to prove guys like me are a dying breed & all guys aren't heart breakers.

  31. I have been in a relationship for 10.5 yrs and.it's.been an emotional roller coaster.. Love was truly blind for me… I'm interested in sharing my story. Feel free to contact me.

  32. Hey, my name is Delesia but i go by Lucky or Lee. I am a 26 yr old dominate lesbian woman.Im from Chicago IL. I feel i should be considered for Bad Boys Club because in a room full of boys "i am that boi"! Ive been known as a player, gay and straight women love me. Mayb thats why i always have relationship problems. Im cool, laid back, funny but my attitude can be fd up if you take me there. I love to dress & drink. Sometimes i probably drink to much lol i kno i need to calm it down beause i become a completely different person. I Know i ama woman but i feel like i would make the perfect canidate. Having a house full of boys then a masculine lrsbian woman on the show to show them what exactly real is would bring waay more viewers…just think about it!

  33. I'm Jabary (Jay) 24 years young Full time college student with the mentality of a "BOSS". I work hard but also PLAY HARD! im on some grown sh**. Educated in both areas book smart and street smart what a combnation right? Im down to earth but also very blunt about my feelings towards any likes, dislikes, etc. Ive been in a relationship for almost a year with a dude on and off. You want drama ill give you drama.

  34. Hey My Name Is Carnell But Some Call Me Baebae or Ceejay. I'm A Senior In High-school. I'm 18 I'm A Native Of Orlando Florida Born And Raised. I'm Self Driven And My Moto Of A Badboy Is You Don't Have To Say You're Bad Your Action Should Speak For You. I Said Bad Boys Not Ratchets Boys Some Tend To Get That Mixed Up. And Honestly That's Why I Think I'll Be A Great Cast For This New Audition #BBC

  35. My name is Eric, I'm 20 years of age ,I consider myself a bad boy cause I set my own rules, I'm beautiful so why follow anyone else's.I would love to see what this show has to offer and enjoy the experience.

  36. Hey MTV what's up my name is Maricko Thomas B.K.A Rico. I'm 5'7, 162,and 29 yrs old I'm currently enrolled in online school one more year until graduation. I've currently been in a three and half year realationship that was rocky from the beginning.Even though I know we love each other we just can't be in the same room for to long without a fight breaking out. Even though it seems like we are still together we're each with other people but are constantly drawn back to each other. Rhrough the breakups to makeups, and fights I still love him. I just feel like he doesn't hear me I need help.

  37. Hello my name is Lawrence Waller but I go by Kham Boo. I am currently 23 years old 6'2" and have two jobs. My ex boyfriend and I have been going through back and forth for the past year about being together but he has another lover and is constantly telling me he wants to be with me. We argue fight and even put each on our call block list to end up back on the phone seeing each and spending intimate time together. So MTV I don't know if I should continue this love affair or just give it up. My heart can't let him go but my mind knows better.

  38. Hi my name is Ivan Aguilar. Currently live in the nation capitol where most of the people would wish to live. Unfortunately only unique and talented people work and live here in Washington DC. I am 23 years old which I have had the most amazing wonderful mean moments of my life. I kind of sort of consider my self a bad boy but mostly I consider my self karma . If karma doesn't get there when I think it should be then I make it happen. I don't think that would consider my self a bad boy?! Would it?!

    Well I hope I can make it to the auditions so I would show my funny, unique, talented and my bad side. I am ready for anything that comes a long the way.

    I am pump and ready of anything .

    Best regards

    Ivan the terrible 🙂

  39. I'm Anthony . I'm 28, I have my own everything I speak however I want I do what I want… So if I don't like it I say it… My mouth is unfilter so it is what it is… No need to keep going back and forth abt it

  40. Hi I'm Brandon and I think I should be a cast on this show because I'm a small town guy that has been through a lot. I was raised by a single mother and always wanted to make a way for my family. I've learned from the streets. Fighting and being pretty all in one is who I am. I'm a gay guy and love being who I am. I know that I would be a great part of this show. I live for the drama and all of life lessons. Once again I'll be a great cast for your show. Coming from saluda south carolina. I love the south and ima bring the heat for us. It's nothing like a country boy. Ima ex stripper and model. I handle mines at all times. I make my own rules. Know that

  41. Yall think yall bad when I was in the room thus bad boy gets and demands all respect iam a philly boy from south philly a d north philly and things I do and say and idc who u are iam and and will always be the bad boys yall ain't really or really bad

  42. Ima real. I speak my mind when its right and don't really care if got problems. Im chill but if you o.c we cant kick it..f with me MTV real bad boy right here stamp

  43. Wassup this your boi Rj love in the atlanta 30 years of ago a true bad boy aboout that life in about watt i say am about am 5'7 140 short hair toned body a true as fuck bad boy bi seuaxl dude that dont give a fuck watt the next person say…. i would love to be a bad boy….BEEN ONE SINCE I WAS 18

  44. I think I should be picked on the show because I'm real and I'm the type of brother that like order now I'm not perfect but at the same time the love thing is full of bs so if I believe that something ain't right I'm going straight deal with it with no hesitation and I speak my mind no matter what either you take it or leave it but you going hear what I got to say I'm very popular and loved by many but also some people get things twisted I'm not a player but game can't be played on me because I feel like I created the game so I tell my lover make sure your cards right before playing the game because I hold all wild cards and A's!! I'll make the show hot believe me when I say!!

  45. What's up , my name is allen ; I'am bad boy because when I step in the room everyone is feeling some type of way , everyone wanna be on the team and I'm classy but dnt let the good looks fool you , I'm the reason why yo dude mad and trying to get at me on tha low #bi #gay #happy I'm sleepy with you and your man lol

  46. Whats up its ya boy nellz…my story is complicated i'm not in a relationship but I most definitely was with a boy who you can call bad all around. For three years I been this boy back bone was there for him when he was locked up worked so he can be stable and took time to be the perfect boyfriend barely went out never cheated but I was very insecure based off his actions. He cheated non stop never wanted to spend time with me always made other plans that interfered with our own. My story with this boy, cuz he's not a man, is indescribable I can write a novel but our relationship ended this year but we keep contact never on a good note because he's full of the same lies. I'm a bad boy because my attitude is ridiculous I cant stand bull and if im good to you I expect it in return I dont sugar coat nothing if I have a problem I address it quick ask my ex.I dont play esp games so dealing with my relationship thats just part off it but if chosen i'm telling it all

  47. What's up names Shadow people call me, I have a man that don't know what he gots I'm afraid of what might happen he has commitment issues, I'm Out Spoken 100% Real I don't hold my tongue for anybody don't f with me , some say I'm a lunatic, mostly friendly, very quiet and observant put me on the damn cast for the bad boys club tv show plz

  48. Hay,

    My name is Maurice,

    Im 24. Live in SOUTH CAROLINA, i have my own. I work like a mf to maintain it too. No kids, or girl… Because i like dudes but f*** that im a party fanatic and a go getter! Noone can tell me what to do because im the final say so in my life. More of a loner and when in larg crowds i tend to act stand of ish. Ima lil man but got a big mouth with alot to back it up. I never made friends iver night and usually after a while i dnt like ppl anyway. I stay in my lane quiet and reserved until i meed to chime in and turn up. bad boy life is what i live by nature so i dont even realize when im doin somthing devilish. To the core bad mouth, with the attitude amd hands to match…

  49. Hi I'm mookie, I'm 20 years old. I'm a down to earth person and I love having fun. I don't take nobody's s and that's just how it goes, try and cross me if you want, I'm a bad boy because I do what I want and honestly give two about what anyone has to say,,,bottom line is I'm a real bad boy and what's a bad boys club without me? Lol

  50. Wussup , my name is john but I go by Jai, I was born and raised in Atlanta Ga! I'm a slender build 6-2 brown skin 22 yr old Scorpio and beautiful women is all I'm about I was blessed with that "Gift of Gab" sooo women can't help but love me lol.Hell men choose on ya boy too but I'm straight so I just take the compliments and keep it movin. My problem is I love multiple women but I have a girlfriend which whom I share a beautiful two yr old little girl with! And because of my player ways she can not trust me so every time I go somewhere she's not invited Drama is all I can say I'm a bad boy cus I want my cake and I wanna eat it too, and I always get my way. Soon as I see it's not going my way I'll go as far as I have too and do whatever I have to do in order to get what I want.From lies to cheating, to fighting and manipulating if it results in me winning I'm all for it. Cast me please!!!

  51. Y'all MF's thirsty as h and stop lyin about keeping it real…..if y'all choose me then dats great but if not then oh well life most definately goes on.

  52. I'm Dennis I'm 28 5'9 135 pounds of pure bad boy. Work hard play harder attitude and temper out this world. I would tell u y I'm a bad boy but it needs no introduction. Bit just to let all of u know fighting and arguing. Don't make u bad. If u wanna c the real definition of a bad boy choose me for the show.but don't let the kindness fool u this Aries. Is as bad as a bad boy come

  53. Hey MTV Bad Boys My Name Kayle And I Go By The Name Kayle I Will Love The Opportunity Too Give MTV What A Bad Boy Like Me Is Im Very Dominant At Sometimes An I Can Be Very Territorial Sometimes Am A Person Who Have Different Personalities At Certain Situation. i Have A Plenty Different Relationship Due My Lack Of Tolerance. I Love To Party In hometown MIAMI FL… I Drink An Get Wild And Have A Great Time In MIAMI'S CLUBS I Myself Feel Like I'm The King My Very Own King I Dont Have Many Friends Because I'm Mostly Devine Partially Am Just One Of A Kind….Im Into Fashion Im Dancer And I Make Music Am A Rapper Living The Life In Miami Fl MTV Am Just That Bad Boy You Need

  54. Wats gud everyone my name is tye im 24 from long island ny !!! Im very outspoken i tell it like it is i dont hold back my words for no one !!!! I think i wojld be a fantastic fit for this show one because ive never been on television two im an awesome energetic person to be around i love to always have fun and not care wat other people think and three beingg on this show my opening up other opportunities to meet new people and other jo. Opportunities !!!! Dont make the wrongg choice make sure u cast me on the next season !!!!!!

  55. Basically being a bad boy isn't all about who can fight or dress good. Its about how you carry yourself. but I know imam bad boy because I don't take anything from nobody, bad boys don't TALK AND ARGUE they take action….I do what I want when I want.. I really get everything I want. why cause im spoiled? and BADBOY !

  56. Hi. I am Raheen and I am living the life of a gay man. I seriously think that this tv show should be versatile and diverse. I would love to show why I am a bad boy because I keep it straight up with people.

  57. I'm Dennis I'm 28 and I would like to be on bad boys club. I work hard I got swagg and a attitude and temper I need to work on. I'm from Camden New Jersey and I am a bad boy. I been in a relationship for a Ur and 2 months but my attitude is not helping it. I feel

  58. Imma bad boy cuz I left home at 16 got my own place by 17 & made a career by 19. CANT NOBODY do what I've done. I get what I want when I want go where I want and I'll be damn if someone STOP ME! I'm The Baddest.. Invite me to your show I promise you won't regret it!

  59. Atl in here…. Got that personality either you like it or don't… I think sometimes I'm too honest and have no filter, but it might just be the Aries in me …. I'm a true rebel I do and feel what I want…. Oh don't forget I'm a dope artist I tell stories in my music… What y'all knw about the struggle… Learned long time ago that your a one mans team everybody else is a fan of some sort

  60. My name is Christopher but they call me CJ , i was raised in the country .. I really would lov to be on your show , i was always underestimate for being so little but at 20 years old i have matured and wanna meet new ppl and more bad boys like myself..

  61. Instagram @WillFlip

    21, me and my boyfriend would make this show if Yu want some real bad boys from Atlantic city NJ & North Jersey we are your boys. We have no filter, do and whatever whenever we want. Definition of no fu*ks givin. We have been talking about a Bad boys Club forever its so funny that there is actually going to be a show now. . When you are ready for your stars of the show. Email men;p

  62. wassup,

    i am no longer in my relationship. i lossed someone who was very good to me because at one time in my life i was involved with someone who treated me bad. i never healed from that experience and it caused me to become the bad guy. as a result i lossed a good man. i am learning more every day how to be a better man.


  63. Hey, I am a goal oriented driven person when it comes to working and taking care of my self. I believe in work hard and party harder. I am very opinionated and strong minded but still easy to get along with. I am about making myself happy and enjoying life.

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