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Wild ‘N Out – MTV2

Wild 'N Out - MTV2
Wild ‘N Out – MTV2 Auditions

It’s been 5 years since it’s highly successful run on MTV but now comedy fans have to wait no more. The hilarious improv show with attitude Wild ‘N Out is back and ready to find the world’s next great comedy stars! The all new Wild ‘N Out is coming to MTV2 and the producers and casting directors are looking for the hottest up and coming comedians and models to be a part of the newest addition of one of the best comedy series of all time. Auditions for cast members and models are being held very soon and MTV2 is accepting submissions now from talented people just like you. This is your chance to kick your performing career into overdrive and make your comedy dreams come true.

Wild ‘N Out is the only show on television that gives aspiring comedy performers the chance to perform fantastic improv challenges for an audience of millions and work with amazing celebrity guest stars. Each week WNO pits two teams of talented comedians (each led by celebrities) against each other in the ultimate laugh filled showdown. The teams will compete in classic improv games with an added Wild ‘N Out flair as they battle for laughs and the title of champion of the week. The magnificent, multi-talented Nick Cannon (America’s Got Talent, Drumline, Roll Bounce) will once again be producing the series form his company’s original idea and the celebrity guests, while not yet announced, will surely please both the audience and cast alike. Imagine making your break in the television world on one of the funniest shows ever and working with some of the biggest celebrities from the world of movies, TV and music. The time for you to shine is now! Casting for WNO troop members and models is happening soon and submissions for all new stars of this incredible series are being accepted now. If you want to take your shot at comedy greatness you can send emails here WnOCasting@mtv2.com. More information will be coming soon so keep checking back for every audition update and leave a comment and tell us why you would be perfect for MTV2’s all new edition of Wild ‘N Out.

470 thoughts on “Wild ‘N Out – MTV2

  1. I have been watching wild ‘n out for a little minute an i want to be one of the girls that look pretty all the time. Wild n’out girl!! I’m perfect!!!

  2. Whats up my name is Irwin aka as ECLASS I been making my friends laugh for years and I feel I will be great for your show

  3. My name is john vaughn im from dallas Texas. I can sit here and say im funny like the rest but i rather let my actions speak in person.

  4. Well "hello,how ya doing', who am I? I'm Greg Slade & this is The Mind of Slade! " ready for a groundbreaking opportunity to become the next. Up and incoming wild n' out star!

  5. Fill like i would be a good fit for the red or black team i can crack jokes n battle im a local arist here in utah lookin to make more moves allways make people laugh when i freestyle n talk crap about situations

  6. Hello! I’ve been a fan of Nick Cannon since his days on Nickelodeon! I’ve been into comedy since I was young. I plan on showcasing my abilities on my YouTube channel this month. I would to be a Wild N Out girl, or on stage busting jokes! I’m very diverse, and enjoy putting smiles on others faces.

  7. With a great sense of humor and very unique look, I think I’d be great as a wildin our girl! I’ve watched the show for years and I think I’d fit in perfectly with the beautiful ladies! ❤️

  8. I'd love to be on wild n out my friends think I'm very funny I think of things off the top of the head all the time it's never rehearsed I love comedy I feel like I'd fit well with your cast

  9. Hi Nick! My name is Jamella and i want to be a Willing Out Girl like so bad. I've been trying for years to do a application for cast. I'm really hoping that if this is for me that I'm blessed to be on your show as a Wild Out Girl. Thank You , Jamella G 😘

  10. Writing is one thing I’m not good at but I can explain very well in person or video but it’s something that comes natural and I’ve heard it for years that I need my own tv show and how I should try out comedy I look like an actor I’m hilarious I’m funny I’m goofy this and that but I don’t brag I just be myself and it’s a talent I was blessed with and would love to be able to showcase it for the world on the best entertaining show out

  11. I am intrested in becoming one of the wild n out girls if possible are there any new auditions coming up soon my number is

  12. I watch the show all the time I have modeling experience.
    Looking at ALL the beautiful girls on the show, I Know I would fit in just right. I am a senior in college I plan to direct my own movie one day. I ran track in Hurdles number one in my region. I want to venture in this industry This modeling on WILD "N" OUT would LOOK great on MY resume

  13. I have always wanted to be a wild n out girl. I love watching the show and every time I watch it . I feel like I should be there

  14. I'm from Memphis and the perfect candidate to be a Wildin Out girl. I'm very unique and have a very energetic and joyful personality ! I've modeled for 3 years and I'm 23 years of age! No kids and love traveling. This would be a huge blessing to me.

  15. Hey I have 4 years of improv and comedian experience, with 4 years of military and work on a college degree in film.

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