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Who’s Still Standing? – NBC Game Show

Who's Still Standing? - Game Show Auditions
Who’s Still Standing? – Game Show Auditions

Are you Ready to win up to 1 MILLION DOLLARS on NBC’s newest and craziest game show?  This is your chance to test your nerves and trivia knowledge on America’s latest high energy game show that will be watched by millions of viewers, Who’s Still Standing? This new season is starting soon and new contestants are being sought now. Casting calls for this fantastic series are being held soon and you can apply to be a contestant today. Have the time of your life and have a chance at a million dollar cash prize on Who’s Still Standing?

Who’s Still Standing ? is hosted by the hilarious star of ‘Cash Cab’ Ben Baily. It is a unique game show that has 1 main competitor facing off against 10 challengers in a fast paced game of general trivia. The main contestant chooses one of the 10 challengers in a head to head trivia battle and the loser is dropped through a trap door in the floor below them! You heard that right, no horns or sirens – just a plunge beneath the stage. The winner then  chooses another competitor to challenge until one last person is STILL STANDING with up to 1 MILLION DOLLARS in his or her hands.

This is sure to be NBC’s next mega hit game show and the producers and casting directors are looking for people just like you to be a part of it. Leave a comment below and let us know if you’re interested in being a competitor on Who’s Still Standing? and to apply to appear or for more information you can head here nbc.com/whos-still-standing. More audition news will be posted as soon as it becomes avaible son keep checking back for every update for NBC’s Who’s Still Standing?.

Test your knowledge and your courage in this amazing new game show and you could be 1 MILLION DOLLARS richer. This is the show where America finds out Who’s Still Standing?, Will it be you?

237 thoughts on “Who’s Still Standing? – NBC Game Show

  1. Since I saw the first episode of this brand new trivia show I am totally hooked it seems to be more fun the Miliionaire . I absolutely would loved to be a contestant or competitor.

  2. My name is suellen im 24 own my own home im in sales admin and a bartender! I am newley engaged and he has a 16 year old son! THIS WOULD BE PERFECT TO START OUR FAMILY!!

  3. It's truly a great and helpful piece of info. I am happy that you just shared this useful info with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.



  5. I would love to be a contestant on this show! I am a college student, scored 114 on my IQ test, trivia GURU, and I DO NOT crack under pressure! Thanks!

  6. I should be on the show more than these other people for the sheer fact that I am literate and this posting is grammatically correct! LOL I am the most anal person you've ever met and I'm a bit nuts and love games and having fun. I am super-competitive and love to win. I am also pretty smart – at least I believe so. I get told I'm smart a$$ all the time!! LOL Audition me!!!!!!!!

  7. Name: Kalia Broussard
    Age: 20
    Birthday: December 29th, 1991
    Height: 5'0
    Hair Color: Auburn
    Eye Color: Hazel/ Brown
    From: Houston, Texas
    Ethnicity: Hispanic/ Light Skinned
    Language: English

  8. My name is Kathy. I am a stay at home mom full of useless information. I know more about nothing than the average girl. I would love to be on this show!

  9. I should be a contestant because I have had it the hard way all of my life with nothing being handed to me. I raise my 11 year old daughter and my 10 year old son on my own and I am in need of a good time and a chance to get a head.

  10. I have won so much money on this show–well, in my living room, anyway. I am what a friend calls a "garbage brain" when it comes to trivia. Did you know that the world's biggest exporter of asparagus is Peru? And the guy whose comment is below mine says he's the smartest person alive, but he has 5 grammatical and spelling errors in one post! (Still, Standing, prepare, weight, mere.) So I MUST be smarter! 🙂

  11. I should be on Who's still standing so that my wife will have to admit that I am the smartest person alive. I prepair wieght & balance on aircraft for a global package delivery company. She is just a meer nurse.

  12. I would love to be on whos still standing because my family and I watch the show everytime we get the chance my daughter and I are always the ones to answer the questions. We love the show I think that it would be a great honor to be on the show and test my knowledge.

  13. I would love to be a contestant on "Who's Still Standing" and think I could go all the way. I'm great at solving puzzles and pretty good at trivia as well. My wife and I have a lot of debt with a house and student loans so we could use the money more now than ever.

  14. I definitely want to be on this show! I have great talent..a great memory..and heck I am just plan fun. I watch the show every Monday night and I am ready to "Keep Standing" ha and win some cash for my family. I could really use the money due to some recent family issues.

  15. I think I should be on this show because I know all of your answers! I watch this show and play our own "in home" challenge and I have to admit – I am pretty good at trivia! I think I have what it takes to make it to 1 Million Dollars. I am a stay at home mom/co owner of a business. I have three boys all under 2. I love trivia games – my favorite wii game is smarty pants. I am a dean's list early college graduate and worked as Director of Human Resources for a local hospital at the age of 22 – right upon completetion of college! Pick me! I've got lots to offer!!!

  16. I am an unemployed senior IT person with a good full grasp of useless knowledge, great personality, wicked sense of humor that would love to challenge others on this show. I never got a shot at Deal or No Deal even though I am expert at selecting numbers between 1 and 26 one at a time! I am also able to stand in a fairly small area, rotate to face a person and even answer questions!

  17. I am a game show GEEK! I grew up when there were so many game shows, and I watched them all (most of them in black and white!) I am a veteran of 3 game shows-The Price is RIght (moderate success)-Supermarket Sweep (didn't win)-and Let's Make a Deal (great success!). Who's Still Standing is my next conquest.

  18. Simply because I am the Queen of Trivia! Love the show, would ove to be a contestant so can fially give up that Million Dollars!

  19. My father just had a severe heart attack and he has been working his entire life for us children. He has raised four of us and the fifth is almost out of high school with little to no help from the mothers'. My father has never taken a real vacation and doesn't really own anything of value. I would love the opportunity to win the million so I would be able to give my father the rest and relaxation he definitely needs.

    Thank You!

  20. I have a large amount of trivial information in a number of areas and am witty and very personable. I am not a rocket scientist (by choice) but I have a lot of general knowledge. I was too busy learning things to become a college graduate but I am an avid reader and I have learned a lot from that. Plus my wife thinks I'm handsome and I have always wanted to be on a trivia TV game show.

  21. I really love this show. I watch every episode with my husband. We always talk about how great I would be on it. I am a stay at home mother of 4, with one on the way. If I could have a shot at being a contestant I would be a big highlight in my world. Hopefully I get a shot THANKS:)

  22. I've been watching this show since its started! 🙂 love it!
    I am an aid at a center for developmental disabled individuals. We are always learning random facts and quizzing eachother on knowledge. If I were a contestant and won any money I would use some of it to help with findings for a sensory room inoir center for our individuals. As a bonus im sure our clients would get a kick out of seeing one of their aids on television! Hopefully im considered!
    Thank you!! 🙂

  23. This is the first game show that has caught my interest since The Gong Show! Do I have to wear pants when I'm a contestant?

  24. I LOVE watching this show! I'd love to give it a good effort! But I think I'd even have fun NOT being good at it and getting dropped!! Wheeeeeeee!

  25. I am fun, bright, bubbly, cute, happy & full of laughter and love love love to watch this show!!! Plus I live in the boonies and would love a trip to the big city! And if I win it would help me with my university costs! Please? Pretty please? Thanks for considering me!! 🙂

  26. Hi I am from San Diego, Ca and i love game shows. I am always yelling out the answers. My Grandma thinks im crazy!!! My Grandpa passed away recently, so i moved in with my Grandma to take care of her.I would love to win some money to take her on a special vacation.

  27. I would love to be a contestant on the show first off because to have the chance to win a million dollars also because im a trivia junkie i live for that stuff like alot of my friends call me to get answers for their questions so i know if i got on the show i would have a great shot at winning the million bucks so i pray that you let me on the show

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