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Hole In The Wall – Cartoon Network

Hole In The Wall Casting Calls
Hole In The Wall – Cartoon Network

Hole In The Wall, Cartoon Network’s zany physical challenge game show is returning for its an all new season and you can be a part of the excitement.  This is your chance to participate in televisions wildest and most challenging game show. Casting calls are being prepared now and you can submit yourself to be a contestant today. This is your chance to contort yourself all the way to the bank on the amazing Hole In The Wall.

Hole In The Wall is also sometimes referred to as “human tetris”, it tests contestants to bend and contort themselves into various crazy positions so that they can fit themselves through different shaped holes in walls moving toward them. The show tests both your body and your mind as you figure out different ways to fit through all of the various walls that are put in front of you without touching the sides. If you make it to the end of this fantastically challenging show you will be put on the amazing Wall Of Fame and receive a boatload of cash and prizes. Think of this as a huge game of Operation, but in this game you are the tweezers! In Hole In The Wall you may not be able to touch the sides but you can have the time of your life. Be the envy of your friends and family when you are chosen to compete on the most incredible game show on television today.

Auditions are starting soon for the new season and you can go here to sign up to be a contestant cartoonnetwork.com/tv_shows/promotion_landing_page/holeinthewall/casting.html Leave a comment below and tell us why you would be perfect for this amazing series and stay tuned for all of the details.

Apply today for your shot at fun, prizes and a chance to put yourself through the Hole In The Wall.

123 thoughts on “Hole In The Wall – Cartoon Network

  1. I am watching this show regularly with my family. I likes adventure games so I am intresting to play and participate in u r game's ….

  2. I like u r show its my pleasure 2 participate and play in u r hole in the wall tv game show
    plz reply me ……

  3. Hi my name is fonzo Williams and this would be awesome to do. I remember watching this show back in 2011 I would be nice to actually be on it.

    1. hello my name is Jovan i love hole in the wall like everyone else but what separates me from everyone else that just replied i have more experience i am funny definitly would be a good fit for this show i am also a male african american contact me

  4. This show is hilarious and I want to put myself up for the challenge! Me and my friends love this show and we really want to be apart of it! I love challenges and working with others!
    I hope to get the opportunity to be in this awesome show and have fun!

  5. Hello. My name is micai and i cant wait untill i try hole in the wall im so excited! Well i hope you guys will call me back so i can play in the game show.

  6. My friend and I would love to be on the show its our dream it looks so fun and would be a great apparently to just have some fun plz get back with me thx

  7. I'm john Merizier , I am 17 years old and my brothers and I would love to tryouts for hole in the wall. We are really looking forward to this , we want our dreams to come true. Please give me a call "please leave a message".

  8. HI! My name is Arabella and I have a reason on why I should be on hole in the wall! Ok, I live in Montana and my Aunt lives in California, I haven't seen her in forever but she says that if I get us on Hole in the Wall, she would come and get me and my sisters and we could spend time together. That's my main reason, I also am able to bend myself into different positions (my sister and I would watch your show and pretend the walls are coming at us and we try to "fit into " the shapes. My family are all good sports and it would mean the world to us if you say yes.

  9. Hello my name is Giovanni.I love hole in the wall it's is so funny and when they try to not go in the water.I watch it every night.I hope i get this opportunity to come on you show and have some fun.thank you for your time out of your day to read my comment!

  10. Hello im am xirea im 10 and african American i have always wanted to be a actress i can sing,dance,and act.i am the top singer and honor choir i can be a diva too i have sandy red hair and hazel eyes and my height is 5'4 but anyway yes my hair and eyes a real but anyway hope i can act bye

  11. My friend Maddy and I have been friends since we were 2 and were always looking for new adventures because we love being active and were up for new challenges. We love the show so much and we think we'd be really good contestants. Also, for our leadership class we put on a class competition that was similar to hole in the wall and it went really well!

  12. My two sons are totally hooked on the show! They watch it all the time, over and over and have been begging me to sign them up. They are energetic, happy and would be great fun to watch!
    We live in Los Angeles so are hoping we can make the auditions. 🙂

  13. I love the show so I wanted to join it it bad I watch it every day can I join. I wonder what it feels to be out on the field please pick me

  14. The Heat or Be Beat
    I think I should be on this show because my family would connect or learn how to work together and also it would be and honor to be on that show I would be scared but I think I got a chance

  15. Hi! I'm Brooklyn! I soooo want to go on the show! Email me first before deciding if I'm on it! (My mom might say no XD) my info
    Fun level (1-10):100

  16. BRING ON THE PAIN, HUMILAITION, AND FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just love Hole in the Wall.! I know i'm not the only one who wants a chance of a lifetime to be on the most exhilarating, and humialting tv shows ever.

    even though im not the only one who wants to be on the show, i believe that it would make my family closer so we could bond more. I hope someone reads this and maybe my family could be on the show!!!!!!


  17. Hi I am 12 years old abnd a huge fan of hole in the wall. If
    I actually had the oppurtunity to be on the show then all of my dreams will come true. I would be honored to be on the show. Itis my favorite show abd i watch it on Netflix everyday. I was so happy when i found out that it was coming back. I would love to be on the show with my brother and dad. Thank you for the oppurtunity and please put me on the show.

  18. height approx 5' 2"
    weight approgender gir 96 lbs
    gender girl
    age 12
    hey peeps me, my brother,9, and our mom want to be on Hole in the Wall we have been watching this show for years and we all get a kick out of it. email me for other info.

  19. I watch the show all the time and I scream at the tv because they couldnt make it through but I could because im short and every time I watch the show I say that I really want to be on it and this could possibly be my chance

    I even saw then very first show when it came on

  20. Show US the Hole in the Waaallllllll !!!

    Looks like sooo much FUN!
    Bring on the imposiWall!

    My only problem is which of my 4 kids will come with me 😉

  21. Hey:)
    I'm a mother to a very outgoing 8 year old girl Isabelle. Isabelle, her cousin Brianna, and I would love to be on the show! We love the show and always have a good laugh watching it! It would be an amazing experience for them! Something that they will remember forever:)

  22. hi im trinity13 byears old and me my sister zoe who is 11 and my mom would blow the compitition out the water and would love to be on the show

  23. I am really wanting to be on Hole In the Wall but i am wanting to know where you go to audition. Do you have any info on that.

  24. Hi! My name is Catherine Allen. My girls and I would love to be on Hole in the Wall!! It is our favorite show!! We really hope to be considered because we are up for fun, ready for a challenge and ready to test how athletic we are!! I am 37, in good shape and always ready for a challenge— esp. those holes that require tutus, etc.!! My girls are 8 and 6– they are looking to just have fun! It would be great to be on it– mainly to just have a good time, laugh and see if we can make it through the Hole in the Wall!

  25. hi my name is Emily I am 12 years old I would love to be on the whole in the wall tv show I would go on the tv show with my sister sophie and my dad gary my sister is 14 and my dad is 57 I have been watching this show for a really long time now and always thaught that it would be a fun thing to do I am a very flexible person but I am not sure that I could fit throw some of these wacky poses my sister has been on the j lenole show and we have also been on the elen show so we have telivison experience.i am a very out going funny person we are all athletic and very tall my sister is 6'0 I am 5'4 and my dad is 6'2. my mom works in the intertanement indestrie and I hope you chose me love emily

  26. My name is Ryan & I'm 11 years old…except I'm pretty short so people say I look like I'm 8. I'm a hilarious kid with a great personality! My brother Justin, who is the class clown in his class, is 8 (and he looks it). We would love the chance to be on this great show! I think the audience would love our personalities!! Please give us a chance!!!!

  27. Hey, I am Maisah. I am 7-years-old and really excited about hole in the wall!! I am trying to become a contestant. At my school, I am the second tallest in my class. I hope that one day I will be on the show.

    Happy and excited and can't wait much longer!!

  28. hi, i'm daniela perez, im 15yrs old, i would like to be on the show with my brother and sister they are between the age of 18 and 12. Me and my brother know how to swim. We would love to compete for fun.

  29. Hello! I am a single mother of a 12 year old boy and a 10 yr old girl! We love to swim! My children watch this show ALL of the time! WE ARE AWESOME TOGETHER!! and would love the opportunity to DOMINATE on your show THE HOLE IN THE WALL!

  30. Our names our Taylor, Terry, and Paris. We can all swim. We LOVE HOLE IN THE WALL!! And would like to get a chance to be on the show. Taylor is 13, Terry is 16 and Paris is 8!!! Hope you choose us !!!!

  31. Hi, I would like to be a part of hole in the wall, #1 it's my favorite show! I watch it everyday! #2 I'm small so I can fit through the wall easily! #3 I'm a great swimmer! #4 I'm VERYYYY competitive #5 I have been on tv before so I won't be that nervous #6 when someone says/does something to me that's rude, I become EVEN MORE competitive! #7 I know how to have fun! #8 I've ALWAYS wanted to be on your show! #9 I'm light so if I need to be picked up to match the shape it will be Easier #10 I'm in it to win it!!!
    Info about me:
    Height -4"11
    Weight -73lb
    hair -brown
    Eyes -Brown
    Age -11 goin on 12
    Info about older brother:
    Height -5"10
    Weight -130lb
    hair -black
    Eyes -Brown
    Age -18
    Info about little brother:
    Height -48in
    Weight -54lb
    hair -brown.
    Eyes -Brown
    Age -7

  32. I don't know if it is to late but its is me my sister and my dad I am good because im flixable and skinny my dad is skinny and athletic and my sister is supper skinny athletic and a good sport.

  33. Celia Cota 11 and Camilla Evans 12.we are very athletic and flexible we are up for any challenge. we have another friend named Aidan. we all know what to do watching this show all the time. we all would be very happy to be on your show.

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