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WGN’s “Outsiders” Various Roles

WGN’s Outsiders Various RolesHere is your chance to appear on a super cool show that stands out from the rest. The WGN TV series “Outsiders” is holding auditions for several non-union extra roles in the show. The series films in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The new original series shows a struggle for power and control set in the rugged and mysterious hills of modern-day Appalachia. “Outsiders” tells the story of the Farrells, a family clan who has been in rural Kentucky since before anyone can remember. They will protect their world and defend of living off the grid and above the law on their mountaintop homestead using any means necessary.  This shows setting takes place in Kentucky in 2 places. Shay Mountain, where the Farrell Clan lives, and Blackburg, the town below the mountain.

Casting directors are looking for males and females of all ages and all ethnicities for the following roles of Shay Mountain Folk. (You will need to come off very natural like you are living off of the land, not visiting barbers for haircuts, not wearing makeup, not visiting the nail salon), Men with long hair and/or beards, Men with significant facial hair (They are still over a month away from filming so you have time to start growing out your hair and your facial hair), Women long hair, no sharp/edgy haircuts/ no highlights, must look natural so try to choose one natural hair color (basic blondes, brunettes, black,reds), Kids: No braces with longer hair. They are also looking for people to play Townsfolk. They need background actors to portray small town Kentucky people, cops, company employees, construction workers, secretary types, teachers and school kids, parents, civilians, bar patrons and more.

If you haven’t yet submitted to be a part of the show, in your submission email please indicate which category you fit in the subject line of the email either Shay Mountain or Townsfolk. Your submissions should be sent to outsiderstvextras@gmail.com with your name, age, height, weight, phone number, ethnicity and your car’s make, model, color, year. Also include a clear current photo of yourself, preferably full body. The casting call states that you please do not submit photos of yourself holding a cell phone in the mirror, take the extra 5 minutes to have someone take a proper photo of you alone against a plain blank surface. If you have already worked on the show and are interested in returning as a Farrell, please email the core email if you have not already replied to their email. If you have already worked on the show as a townsfolk on the show, please send them updated information with returning townsfolk in the subject line.

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  1. Hello im Marleen I think I should be blessed and chosen for OUTSIDERS you guys would love me I know I can get into any character you guys would want me to get into im outgoing but at the same time know when to get serious . you wouldn't be disappointed chosen me. please contact and thank you. god bless

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