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Untitled Detroit Movie “White Boy Rick” – Actors

Untitled Detroit Movie “White Boy Rick” - ActorsThere is a new movie filming in Cleveland and auditions are now being held. The Untitled Detroit movie project will follow the life of “White Boy Rick”. The film is starring Matthew McConaughey. There are several background and featured roles in the new movie casting call. Based on a true story, the film is about Ricky Jr., who grew up as one of the only white kids on the mean streets of east side Detroit. At 14 years old, Rick Wershe was hired by the police as an informant. He eventually started selling drugs and in a year’s time was caught and sentenced to a prison term of life without parole. These roles will be filming in Cleveland, Ohio so local men and women are being considered.

White Boy Rick Untitled Detroit Movie Casting Call


This email is regarding The Untitled Detroit Project, starring Matthew McConaughy, a studio 8 production, produced by Sony.

We have a lot of needs for this amazing, creative project. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY, we will be discarding all submissions that do not follow exact directions. They will be immediately deleted, please triple check before sending!

Angela Boehm Casting is looking to fill the following roles:

Looking for African American roller skaters for a few scenes. We would need people who have flexible schedules and willing to put in possible long hours. Submit with the subject: Skaters (This will probably film in May)

Preferably 18 to look younger African American Male,Brendas Boyfriend. Very featured to play the boyfriend of one of our principal parts. We will see actors who are 17, but only after the 18tly have been seen. Submit with the subject: Boyfriend

Female African American. 45-55 year old neighbor with Dog. Submit with the subject: Neighbor with Dog. Having a dog is a plus here. If you do have a dog please include a photo of the dog. If not you can still submit as long as you are comfortable with dogs. No one that is allergic to dogs.

3 African American boys 7-12 years old who hear a shooting, nothing will be seen. Submit with subject: Neighbor Boys

Caucasian men, women and children all ages. Submit with subject: Gun Show (This will probably film in April, 2 days, not consecutive. Everyone will not be needed for both days.)

Heavy set African American female Pizza Cook. Submit with the subject: Pizza Cook

African American teen on bike. Let us know if you have a bike what kind. Are their logos? What color, send pic as well of bike. Age should be 13-16. Subject Teen on bike.

Its important to know this is a process. We will be going through several steps to hire people as extras. First, we approve the photos, then the AD approves, then we will schedule a video audition for 80% of our extras, most potential extras will be asked to meet with the director, then hired. So if you don’t hear back right away, you are probably going through the process, please keep yourself available if your submitting.This particular director is placing a strong emphasis on the background, he is hand selecting these actors. If you are part of this industry because of the creativity involved, this is one set you will want to be on. So when submitting please plan to be flexible and ready to be on set at any time because the director will decide who he wants in the film first, then where he wants them. This film is incredibly creative and unique, I cannot stress enough how much emphasis the director is putting on every single background artist chosen to be in this film. The possibility of upgrades and features is very VERY possible.

Some additional instructions-

When you submit pictures. Please avoid headshots. The director wants real people. Make sure they are current photos.

We can’t have well groomed, anyone interested should grow their hair out and grow sideburns!! This is a period piece. In the 80’s.

If you have a conflict with the shoot dates please list it in your submission.

We can’t have anyone with Neck Ink or sleeve tattoos.
The shoot dates are March 21-June 6th in Cleveland. They would film somewhere between those days. The exact shoot days are not yet known.

If you want to appear in the new White Boy Rick movie and fit any of the above roles you can apply by emailing angela@angelaboehmcasting.com. You must include one to three photos of yourself (no headshots and must be recent photos), your name and your phone number. Be sure to use the subject line that was listed above.

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  1. I work in correction in the psychiatric field as a NP. I do have tattoos, but not neck or full sleeve. I am very use to, and feel confident on how inmates behave, and present. I can play the part and comfortable in this setting. This would be for the GUN SHOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am Caucasian and could present any way you may need. I am 50 yo, but I think look younger.
    Thank….You. Drew

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