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Treasure Hunters for Reality TV

Treasure Hunters for Reality TVHave you always wanted to be on TV?  A new reality television series is searching for couples, family members and friends who are treasure hunters and adventure seekers!  The Discovery Channel is now accepting submissions for the new series.  If you have a story or mystery of adventure that you are ready to tell, check out the new audition notice and sign up!

Reality TV Show Casting Call

Do you seek adventure? Are you and your family, group of friends or spouse going on an epic journey that you think would make great TV? Are you connected to a story or a mystery that needs to be told? Or do you have insider information about something amazing waiting to be discovered?

Treasures, ancient relics, family mysteries, new beginnings… A TV production company is looking to follow awe-inspiring quests for a major cable network. If you or anyone you know is on a journey that fits the description above, please send your name, location, story, recent pictures, and any other details you think are important to: castinganomaly@gmail.com

We look forward to hearing from you!

3 thoughts on “Treasure Hunters for Reality TV

  1. The adventure I would love to go on..Put me in haunted locations, by myself and see if I could survive the night! This has been my dream. I've survived crohn's disease and I'm a suicide survivor (actively promoting awareness). Betcha cant scare me!

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